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The Cutest Idol's Outfit

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In what was soon to become a tradition, Yuu was at Kasumi's house for a sleepover. They had just worked out plans for Kasumi's latest fan club event, and as she put it, "It's time for Kasumin's Cutie-Sleep, Yuu-senpai."

And so now Yuu was changing into her own pajamas, pointedly resisting the urge to ask about the muttering coming from the bedroom. Kasumi didn't like to talk about her own routine, and Yuu knew better than to keep prying, even if she really wanted to know more. Still, she waited until Kasumi had finished talking to herself before opening the door to the bedroom. Kasumi was standing by the mirror, having just finished her self-pep talk, and the main lights are off, leaving only the fairy lights kasumi placed around the room to light it up.

As Yuu got closer, she took note of the yellow pajamas that Kasumi wore. She had worn them before, the last few times Yuu had slept over, and that one time they had a training camp at school. They were certainly cute, and fit kasumi to a T, both in style and in physical fit. Still, Yuu couldn't help but wonder, "Why do you only wear that one set?"

When she realized Kasumi was staring at her, she sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck. "I mean, it's really cute, but I've only ever seen you wear that one."

"Because it's the only set I've needed since elementary", Kasumi says, looking down at her pajamas. "Kasumin has always been adorably cute, and small..." Her head remained hung as she finished speaking.

Now that she's pointed out how old her pajamas are, Yuu can see just how threadbare they are in places, with tiny patches here and there, carefully picked to match the vibrant yellow of the pajamas.

"Woah, that's so cool!" Kasumi jerks her head up, startled, as Yuu grabs her hands, her eyes sparkling. "You must really love them if you keep patching it up! The fact that you've taken care of them for so long means they have tons of memories!"

Kasumi remains lost for words, but the warmth coming from Yuu's hands melts its way into her, and she cracks a small grin.

"Of course I keep them patched up Yuu-senpai. They're so cute, they're a perfect match for cute, little Kasumin! No other pajamas would be good enough."

Practically vibrating with excitement at learning something new about the cutest idol, Yuu launches herself in a hug at Kasumi, thankfully landing them on the edge of the bed behind her. "You're the cutest, Kasumi!" she gets out between nuzzles into her cheeks.

Embarrassed and excited at Yuu's affection and praise, Kasumi wiggles deeper into the comforter, and Yuu follows her, not letting her escape the cuddle.

"C'mon Senpai, it's past time for Kasumin's Cutie-Sleep, get off." Happy, but annoyed, she shoves Yuu off of her onto the bed space next to her. Yuu simply grabs a pillow, takes hold her hand again, and grins at her, before closing her eyes.

"Goodnight, Kasumi."

With a small blush lit by the fairy lights strung in her room, Kasumi whispers, "Goodnight, Yuu-senpai. And, uhm, thank you." A small squeeze from Yuu's hand acknowledges her words. With that, she reaches out to turn off the fairy lights with her free hand, and curls into Yuu, her warmth and soft grip lulling her into her best night's sleep yet.