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An Instant Attraction

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“You want me to go to America?” Allan asked as he ashed his cigarette on the ground. 

“They want a representative, and as you know the criminal background of the accused well it makes sense for you to go.” Ingrid explained, pulling her coat tighter to her body to combat the chill. 

The team had just wrapped up yet another case. DCI Ingrid Dahl requested Sergeant Fischer stay behind. At first Allan was worried, trying to wrack his brain for any incidents that would cause him to be reprimanded by his superior. Worry turned to annoyance at the proposal of him going to the USA for a couple of days to help the Manhattan DA office build their case on an accused criminal who Allan had many dealings with in the past. 

“Last time going to America was suggested to me it was for an FBI training course I was then told I was too ‘unstable’ to go on.” Allan frowned, still bitter about that opportunity being ripped from his grasp. He kicked the toe of his shoe against the pavement where they stood outside the mobile police office that served as their main hub. 

Ingrid sighed and folded her arms in response. She had an expression on her face that Allan knew all too well. This wasn’t a request, it was a demand.

“This is not protocol!” Allan groaned. He took a drag of his cigarette, making sure to blow the smoke away from his boss.

“It is incredibly unusual, yes, but it’s a bit of an unusual circumstance all over.” Ingrid told him. “Look, Allan, I've been told this is happening. I don’t want to be a man down but higher up say so.”

“Why can’t I just call them?”

“Well, they also want someone in our department to attend a conference in New York too. The two coincide well.”

“You really owe me Ingrid!” Allan threw his smoke on the concrete, stomping it with great force. He had to sit in on a lecture as well as talking to a bunch of lawyers, this was not what he signed up for. La Cour better not have too much fun catching suspects without him. 

“Think of it as a holiday you’re getting paid for.” She gave him a small sheepish smile.

Allan walked away, rummaging around in the pocket of his leather jacket for his car keys.

“You leave this Monday!” Ingrid shouted at his back. He held a hand up in acknowledgement. Allan grumbled to himself all the way home.


Allan was jetlagged. The two coffees he had consumed since he woke up barely helped. He was now drinking his third cup as the assistant DA explained what they needed from Allan.

They were two hours into the meeting when a knock on the door interrupted them.

The woman Allan was with told whoever it was to come in. The heavy door cracked open to reveal a man in a fine suit. He was sauve and well-put together. His brown hair pushed back slightly (nowhere near as slicked back as Allan’s), the softness of his locks indicated if it was left to grow any longer gentle curls would form. 

The man spoke to the assistant DA with a confident tone, enquiring about the progress of the case. Allan tuned out the conversation. He was quite awestruck. Moreover he couldn’t decide if he desired to kiss that man’s soft lips or the freshly shaven jawline. Allan fiddled with the pen in front of him to distract himself from those thoughts. 

The blue eyes turned to Allan, they went from serious to intrigued at the sight of the Danish man. Allan gave him his most charming smile.

“Nolan Price. I'm the Executive Assistant District Attorney,” Nolan held out a hand. Allan grasped it tightly, relishing in the firm grip being returned. 

“Allan Fischer.” 

“I know, it's a pleasure to meet you.” Nolan smiled back and then pulled away. “I’ll let you both get on then.”


Allan was returning his visitor badge at the reception desk when a figure appeared next to him. He turned to see Nolan. Allan noted the dark overcoat and briefcase ensemble looked good on him.

“Sergeant Fischer.” Nolan addressed Allan formally. 

Allan pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and fiddled with one, placing it between his lips. It mostly served as a distraction from the wave of intensity he felt at having this beautiful man call him that. Allan was caught off-guard. That had never ever been a thing before.

“Just Allan.” He mumbled with a cigarette in his mouth and walked outside.

“Allan.” Nolan repeated his name softly. “I wanted to take you out to dinner.”

Allan’s brown eyes were wide and he only just managed to catch the cigarette which fell from his gaping mouth.

“As a thank you of course, for your cooperation.” Nolan explained with a sly smile. It was a flimsy excuse, they both knew it. 

Allan nervously ran his tongue over his bottom lip, then bit it with sharp teeth, “Dinner would be…nice.”

It sounded lame to Allan but Nolan's cerulean eyes lit up and he raised an eyebrow, “I would be so bold as to say I think it will be very nice.”

The man handed Allan a piece of paper with a time and restaurant name on it. 

“I took the liberty of making a reservation.” There was a nervousness to Nolan's voice, understanding that it was presumptuous but he did not want to miss his opportunity to get to know the handsome man with the sharp cheekbones and plush lips that he hadn’t stopped thinking about all afternoon. 

For once in his life Allan Fischer didn’t quite know what to say. He was blushing. He never blushed, not like this. 

“I’ll see you there.” Allan nodded quickly and finally lit his much needed cigarette. 

“See you later, Allan.” Nolan gave him one last smile with a twinkle in his eye, then turned on his heel.

Allan watched Nolan until he was lost to the bustling crowd. A grin appeared on his face, perhaps this trip wouldn’t be so bad after all.