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Nice To Meet Ya

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Makkari tried to open her eyes for more than two seconds. But there was just too much pain. She could actually feel the anesthesia run through her veins. She tried to fight it and stay awake. But her eyes closed again. And she gave up.  


After what it felt like ages later, she finally opened her eyes. The pain was still there. But the drugs felt more subtle. She was in a hospital room that had two beds. Hers and some other girl. There were flowers, balloons and “Get better soon” cards all over the place. The room could easily have been mistaken for a gift shop. And Makkari thought that her new roommate must have had a lot of friends. 


Minutes later, a nurse came by and saw that Makkari was awake. The nurse, a big old lady who seemed to be about to finish her shift and didn’t want to work more than what was absolutely necessary, checked on Makkari’s vital signs and then left without even looking at her.


Makkari had always been, as his brother Kingo called her: a girlboss. Which meant that she was never worried about anything. Because there was not a single thing in the world that she couldn’t handle. She was the most confident woman to be around. She always had the answer to all the questions. And obviously, was always one step ahead. But not today. 


Today she was scared and worried. And wanted someone to hug her and tell her that everything was going to be okay. But in the room there was only her and the girl on the next bed. She felt lonely and trapped between all this hospital crap.  And the worst thing was the questions she had on her mind. “What happened? Why am I here?”

Then, the nurse came back and Makkari saw a needle. And she knew what that meant. She tried to sign… “ please don’t…please, please, please.. Don’t” She begged and cried but the nurse put the anesthesia back in her veins and before she knew it. She was asleep again.