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Dove 🕊

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Being a housewife is hard especially when you’re the one who is in charge of the hotpot dinner. Usually it’s easy for you to go into the kitchen and start cooking that you had in mind. But today you were totally not up to it, you had no idea what to cook for the dinner. Which is bad because you need to get it done within 4 hours before the guests arrive. Everyone else that you work with was like super busy trying to clean up and get ready for the dinner. “Ughh why today of all fuvking days” Thoma walks in after hearing you say that. “Hey yn, are you okay?” You turn around startled a little, and a little embarrassed. “Oh uh y-yea, I-I’m fine” you gave a nervous smile. “You know you don’t have lie to me” he said stepping closer to you. “W-what do you mean? I’m fine” now he was a few inches away from you looking down on you a little “Yn, stop with the bullshit and tell me what’s wrong. Clearly something is bothering you.” “I don’t know what to cook for the dinner, everything that I have cooked for the kamisato’s just came out off the top of my head! But know I just don’t know!” Was trying so hard to keep it together but when it comes to you and Thoma together in a room you just melt. “Woah woah, hey it’s okay. I’m sure we can whip something up for the side dish’s? Everything is going to be okay Yn we have about 4 hours and 16 minutes. I’ll help you, okay?” “ Y-you’ll do that? For me? B-but what about your house keeping?” “ I already finished that hours ago. I don’t mind helping you out”

{Time skip already done cooking a few things}

"Hey I wanted to thank you again for helping me earlier" you say as you finished cleaning the dishes. "It's all good, yn" he was about to take his leave, you quickly dried off your hands and gently grabbed his arms to stop him. He turned around and faced you looking confused. "But it's not fair for you to help me out, and not letting me do any favor for you..." you said as you were looking him into the eyes. Thoma takes a step closer to you. You can feel his breath on you. “Any favor?” He questioned with a smirk on his face. “Yes, I’ll be glad t-to help you with anything” you said with slight stutter getting all flushed and aroused more now that he’s directly in your personal space as he turned you and backed you into the kitchen door. “Hm, does that mean I get to taste you, mark you, and possibly do some unholy things to you?” He says is low voice that makes you even more aroused so much that you want to pounce on him with everything he just said. “Y-yes” that’s all that took for thoma as he press his lips against yours and shoving his tongue down your throat you couldn’t help but moan into it.

“Mmmm, you like that? Fuck if you keep that up, I’ll have to tear your clothes off, bet you would like hm dove?” He says against your lips. He moves and pays attention to your neck, kissing, biting, marking you as his. He then move his hands up and massage your pecs and breast. “Ah, ah t-thoma… p-please” he stops kissing your neck “please what? What are you asking for hm?” He lets out a sharp growl when he palms you through your pants, finding out how aroused you are for him “ p-please f-fuck mee” you whined out “Fuckkk, how can I say no to you”