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Supernatural Collective

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So they had agreed to entertain the idea of being these. . .fake copies of themselves. Had gone around exploring each house and being startled at who was in said place.

First of all, fake!Dean was married to fake!Sister Jo. fake!Sam was married to fake!Ruby. Dean felt a bile of disgust rise in him at the idea of his little brother taking to the bitch who hurt him, Sam also expressing visceral discomfort.

And as they were chatting, fake!Cas comes through the door, grinning bright. His eyes were blue but not glowing. His smile was a sight to see but Cas didn't smile that big and innocent like. He was more into grimacing and frowning, tilting his head like a puppy when confused.

"I'm sorry, what?" Sam asked, startled.

"Oh, yeah, me and Jensen have a signed marriage license, remember?" The man winks, although he looks slightly disheartened as if realizing the two men in front of them were extremely different from who he knew.

"O-Oh. Uhm yeah. Yeah I remember," Dean stuttered, trying to be as convincing as possible.

How the hell was he and fake!Cas married? His face got impossibly red and Sam's snort told him that the two men could tell.

"I'll leave you to it," Sam excused himself making Dean swear under his breath.

Misha sauntered over and eyed him up and down, humming. 

"You're not Jensen, are you?" He finally spoke quietly, Dean shaking his head guiltily.

"My name's Dean."

"Actually, Dean Winchester," Misha muttered, heart clenching in his throat.

Did that mean that Jensen and Jared were— He shook his head. He couldn't think about that right now. Season 6. Just get through this and you'll be fine, Misha. They'll come back to ya.

"Uhm, yeah. So uh. My life's a TV show?" Dean questioned, mortified at the implications (if only Misha could tell him about Chuck).

"Oh, buddy, yeah," Misha said, thinking about the gay trenchcoat-wearing Angel who loved the person in front of him.

"So you know everything," Dean mumbled.

"I know your past, present, and future," Misha joked, trying to lighten the mood.

And so they talked. When Sam came back, he found the two of them relaxed, as if they'd been friends for a long time. And for the first time in awhile, he saw Dean smile.