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Every second around you I gay panic

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Hannah has been suffering for quite a while now and it pains the people around her. Why wouldn’t it? To see this usually confident, snarky, and rebellious girl turn into a heart-eyed simp whenever a certain someone passes by was…agonizing.


It started earlier this school year, the exact first day where everyone introduced themselves including the new students. One of the said students was the reason for their problem.




The female who wears a black hoodie over her uniform all the time.


Mary was introverted, tending to stay quiet in her seat while observing everyone. Sometimes she’d be chatting in a group chat named somewhere along the lines of ‘Mary, the kitties and a dragon’, which nobody understood the meaning of.


Now, Hannah was still suffering. Because why? Well, their art teacher just gave them a project that they’ll have to partner up for. Conveniently, the number of students in their class was even so no one would be left out.


Still, it pained the female to watch her crush look around for someone to approach her. Mary did try to approach someone, but those people already had their chosen partners.


That moment, Hannah decided to bold.




…Her voice cracked, embarrassing.


“Hello,” for all the monotony in that simple reply, Hannah thought it was the most beautiful song she’s ever heard.


Hannah coughed, steeling herself, “would you like to partner up with me?”


And she mentally cries, ‘ohmyfuckIsoundedlikeIwasaskingherout’.


Mary visibly perks up at this and beams at her, voice betraying the excitement she felt inside because of the monotony, “Yes.”


There went Hannah’s remaining sanity freezes in place at the sheer brightness of the smile pointed at her.


Maybe this was the reason the girl always wore hoodies. She was too blinding and pure to be exposed to the world.


God, she wanted to keep all of that to herself.



At the side, Jack, the simp’s twin, could only facepalm at her sister’s shenanigans.



Hannah has another problem. Now, it was in the form of the apartment she lives in because everyone knows that she doesn’t clean. Jack does that. She does too. But it's once in a blue moon when her brother forces her to help.


Now, she and Mary were on their way to her apartment. Why? To the project of course! Nothing else, sadly.


She didn’t even know how everything ended up like this. All she knows was that she was lost at the symphony of Mary’s voice and mindlessly agreed to everything the other said.


She purses her lips and opens her phone.


The cleaning saint



I already have a bad feeling about this


Clean the house for me.




I’ll clean every Sunday this month I swear!

It’s the end of the month

Next month?


I love you <333


And that was that.


They passed by a store a while later. Hannah looks over it and grabs Mary’s hand, marching towards the place.


“Hmm?” Mary shoots her a look of confusion.


Hannah simply smiles and says, “Let’s buy snacks. There’s a chance we’ll get hungry while doing the project.”


Mary purses her lips, shyly fiddling with her fingers. “I don’t have money.”


“It’s fine, I can buy them for you.”


A lie. Hannah was as broke as a high school senior could be. In addition, Jack was the one in charge of managing the money they receive from their parents who care not one bit about what happens to the both of them. But well, it's Mary, and she’s a simp as much as she denies it.


Just before she could open the door, she notices Mary’s shoes were untied. She crouches down and fastens it quickly before anyone could scold them for stopping in front of the door.


“Ah! Thank you…” Mary bows before her eyes lightened up at the sight of her favorite snack. She immediately runs to get a pack or two and turns towards Hannah, eyes wide and pleading.


Hannah short circuits because adorable. Cute. Sweet. Endearing. Lovely. WHY IS SHE SO- SO- LIKE THIS? The world was cruel to her poor poor heart.


“I’ll pay you back I swear!” Mary said after misunderstanding Hannah’s silence. Hannah still doesn’t reply, “Uh, how about tomorrow? We could finish our artwork while having lunch together at the café near the school.”


A date? Is she asking me for a date? Or is this completely platonic? How do girl friendships work again??




She called my name om-




“Yes?” She turned towards the girl, her brain still not processing things as she had already grabbed the snack and was paying the counter.


“You just cut lines.”


“Oh,” she blinks before realizing the long line of angry moms looking at her. “Sorry!” she grabs the snacks and walks straight to the back of the line.


“You left your money!” She hears the person at the counter and Mary shout but by that time, she was too embarrassed to turn back.



After all the grocery drama, she mentally notes to double the months she’ll be cleaning every Sunday because her twin was amazing. I mean? Who else had the talent to transform their shithole of an apartment into this?


It was nothing short of a miracle.


She subtly glanced at Mary, once again thankful for her twin who was the reason for Mary’s amazed face. She grins, “Come in.”


Mary nods and takes a seat down on the floor, reaching just enough on the coffee table. Hannah notices this, grabbing a pillow and gently giving it to Mary who looks at her, confused.


“You can sit on it, the floor’s cold and hard.”


Mary follows even though there was an extremely soft carpet that was neither cold nor hard. She concludes that Hannah isn’t as much of a harsh, rude, female as the rumors she always hears in school.


They take out the supplies they bought from the store on the way. The project was something around the lines of 'draw each other on the same piece of paper'. It’s supposed to help them learn how to adjust to each other’s artistic style or something. None of them listened to what their teacher said. Especially Hannah. She spent the whole class staring at Mary.


Like they planned it already, the planning went on smoothly. Mary would be the first to draw Hannah and the blonde was all the happier to just sit and stare at Mary.


The sore back was worth all the staring she did. The way Mary looks at her, taking in her features and turning to the canvas. She was lowkey jealous of the canvas for stealing Mary’s attention, but she didn’t show it. She also winked while Mary was focusing on her, making the girl flush and immediately turn back to the canvas, her face still decorated with a pretty shade of red.


Once she noticed that Mary was moving slowly in fatigue, she asks, “Are you done?” She knew Mary wasn’t done. Yet she needed some kind of excuse to hide her worry.


Mary shakes her head, “Not yet, I could use a break though.”


Hannah chuckles, “you can eat some food, I’ll draw you while you’re eating.”


Mary cooks some noodles and starts to eat, occasionally blushing when she looks up and sees Hannah painting her with a smile on her face. Hannah, on the other hand, is short-circuiting again because now she had a clear view of Mary who was shining too brightly. Or was it that there’s no curtains to block out the sunset behind her. It formed a halo, guys, a halo. Mary is an angel, the sky confirmed it.


Mary chugs down a cup of water and coughs a bit. She fidgets a bit after, “Uhm…”


Hannah looks at her from the canvas, giving all her attention to Mary who was pursing her lips.


“Can I use the restroom?” she asks.


Hannah gave her a surprised face, “oh sure? The one in the kitchen is currently unavailable thought. You can use the one in my room.”


They both stand up with Hannah leading Mary to her bedroom. Hannah opens the door and-

-gets greeted by piles and piles of dirty laundry- oh my fu- is that her underwear?


She slams it shut before cursing and awkwardly smiling at Mary.


“Hmm?” Mary tilts her head, wondering what the problem was. She hadn’t seen the room situation. ‘Phew’


Hannah keeps on shining a fake smile before turning around and reaching for Jack’s room, “nevermind that. We can use the one on my brother’s ro-”

-she slams the door shut before Mary could peak.


Fuck you, Jack,’ she curses. ‘I’m not helping you with any household chores EVER.


She pinches the bridge of her nose. “Mary,” she starts as the female turned to her, confused. “Is it alright if you use the one down the hallway? No one usually uses it so it’s clean. You just have to go straight then turn to the first right. Don’t talk to the other apartment owners though.”


Mary nods and rushes outside the apartment. Hannah sighs, mentally apologizing to Mary for the inconvenience before slamming the door open. She seethes, “why are you guys here?!”


The group- her group of friends smiles at her, the one coming from a certain redhead being extra annoying. The redhead keeps smiling, “We were here in case you took advantage of someone extremely innocent.”


She throws the pillow straight to his face. It hits him straight to the head, good. She’s soon greeted by a vengeful bombardment of pillows sent from everyone in their friend group other than the redhead.


She sighs in fond annoyance under the mountain of pillows.


“You are so annoying.”


To which the redhead replies with a flip of his hair, “I know.”