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The Ultimate Detective and The Ultimate Hope Gaiden: Kirumi's Career Counseling

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*Knock Knock*

Makoto looked up from the papers on his desk and called “Come in.”  He smiled as the door opened and Kirumi entered the office, closing the door behind her.  “Ah, Tojo-chan.”

Kirumi bowed politely and greeted “Good morning, Headmaster Naegi.  I’m here for my career counseling appointment.”

Makoto nodded and gestured to the empty chair with his hand.  “Please, make yourself comfortable.”  Kirumi nodded and walked over to the chair, sitting down in it and folding her hands in her lap.  “So, have you put any consideration into what you wish to do once you graduate from Hope’s Peak Academy?”

Kirumi nodded.  “I come from a long line of maids, Headmaster.  My mother was a maid, and she taught me the skills needed to become a maid.  I cannot think of any other career path for me to take.  After all, what other careers could I possibly consider that would allow me to fulfill other people’s requests and make them happy?”

Makoto nodded understandingly.  “Tojo-chan, it’s great that you already have a clear and defined motivation for your career.  That being said, it doesn’t hurt to branch out and consider multiple options.”

At that moment, Makoto reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph.  He slid it over to Kirumi, allowing her to pick it up.  As she held it to her eyes, her brow furrowed in curiosity at the tall, white-haired man depicted in it.

“That man was a colleague of mine many years ago.  His name was Kyosuke Munakata.”

“Munakata…”  Kirumi’s eyes widened.  “Wasn’t he one of the leaders of the Future Foundation?”

Makoto nodded.  “Yes, but more importantly, he attended Hope’s Peak as the Ultimate Student Council President, back when the Ultimate talent system was still in effect.  I never had the pleasure to know him when he was a student, but he was ambitious, charismatic, and he wanted to make his mark on the world.  When I look at you, Tojo-chan, I see a lot of the same qualities that I saw in him.”

“…Why are you telling me this, Headmaster?”

“Because I think that following in his footsteps could help you to branch out your career options, while staying true to your core motivation.”

Kirumi’s brow furrowed in confusion.  “But…how can getting involved in politics, school or otherwise, help to enhance my skills as a maid?  My goal is to fulfill others’ requests and satisfy them with my service.  Politics is…filled with strife and disagreements.  If I branched out into becoming a politician, I’d have just as many people disapproving of me as those who approve of me.  And then they wouldn’t want me to fulfill their requests.”

Makoto nodded understandingly.  “It’s true, politics is a very divisive career field.  It’ll be downright impossible to make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try.  But Tojo-chan…”  Makoto smiled knowingly.  “That’s true in life too.  No matter what career you end up taking, you’ll never be able to please everyone.  The best you can do is your best.”

Kirumi pursed her lips as she contemplated Makoto’s words.  “I see…so you think I should step into public service?”

“I think…I think that as long as you’re in school, you should take every opportunity to see what you like and what you don’t.  You may find you like something more than you initially thought.  I can give you advice, but only you can decide your future.”  As Kirumi nodded, Makoto continued “As a matter of fact, I believe there’s an opportunity for you to dip your toe in the proverbial waters and see if public service is for you.”

“What do you mean?”  Kirumi asked, perplexed.

“Student Council elections are coming up, and given your skillset and selfless devotion, I think you’d make a good candidate for President.”

“…Student Council President?”  Kirumi cocked her head as she contemplated the suggestion.  Could a mere maid really serve as an effective Student Council President?

“Well, it’s only a suggestion; take it or leave it as you will.”

Kirumi nodded appreciatively as she stood up and bowed.  “Thank you for your counsel, Headmaster.  I will take this advice into consideration.”

“Alright, then.  Have a good day, Tojo-chan.”

Kirumi nodded before she turned around and walked out the door, intrigued by Makoto’s words.  Student Council President…

“Student Council President?”

Kirumi nodded at the blue-haired detective and confirmed “That’s correct.  Apparently the headmaster recommended that I run in this year’s school election.”

“Are you gonna do it, Tojo-chan?”

Kirumi couldn’t help but smile at Kiki’s enthusiastic grin before she confessed “I…haven’t decided yet.  Your father makes some valid arguments, I have to admit.  But the point still stands, I’m a maid, not a politician.  I simply do my best to fulfill everyone’s requests-”

“And that’s why you’d be so good at it!”  Kirumi flinched at Kiki’s outburst as the young girl exclaimed “You’d take all our feelings into account, and you’d do everything in your power to make sure everyone’s needs and wants would be met!  You’d be the perfect fit for the position, Tojo-chan!”

“You…you think so?”

“Totally!”  Kiki cheered gleefully.  “I can’t think of a better candidate than you.”

Touched by Kiki’s faith in her, Kirumi mused “Thank you, but still…I’d have to run a campaign, establish a party platform, write speeches to win votes…”

“We can help you with that, right, Shuichi?”

“Oh, well…I guess we could try.”  Shuichi muttered before he smiled and nodded.  “Sure, I’m not much of a campaigner, but I can try to devise an electoral strategy for you.”

“And I can do my best to help you write speeches!”  Kiki volunteered.

“Gonta will help too!”  Gonta grinned as he offered “Gonta can help you to put up campaign posters!”

“Well, if we’re going to do this, I can design the posters and pamphlets.”  Tsumugi smiled and confessed “Cosplays are more my thing, but I can transfer those basic art skills to design your paraphernalia.”

“So…”  Kirumi asked hesitantly.  “You guys…want me to run…?”  Seeing her friends nod, Kirumi closed her eyes as her lips stretched into the smallest smile.  “Very well.  If all of you believe I should, then I shall do my best to fulfill your request.”  She pursed her lips as she opened her eyes.  “In that case, we’re going to have to get to work.  I need to come up with a platform to win over voters.  So tell me…what are some things you wish the school did better?”

“Well…this wasn’t the victory I had in mind…”  Kirumi sighed as she sat at the head of the table, waiting for the teacher/advisor and the remaining student council members to show up for their first meeting.

As it turned out, her friends’ assistance wasn’t even necessary for Kirumi to win her election.  Once the aspiring maid officially announced that she was running, the incumbent third-year student had been all too happy to retire.

I still can’t believe my predecessor didn’t even try to fight for their position…  Kirumi clenched her fist as she mused I suppose it just goes to show that they lacked the devotion required for this position.

With the seat now open, Kirumi had hoped that it would spur a competitive election and force her to prove her selfless devotion to the rest of the student body.  Unfortunately, Kiki’s support proved powerful enough to scare away any other competitors.

I suppose having the headmaster’s daughter endorse your campaign would as good as secure your victory, even if that wasn’t her intention.  Whether she meant to or not, she essentially made this the easiest election in the school’s history, most likely.

Rather than let the ease of her election discourage her, Kirumi decided to let the disappointing circumstances motivate her.  A fire blazed in her eyes as she narrowed her eyes in determination.

Still, this means I now have a mandate to represent the student body of Hope’s Peak Academy!  I’ll prove I earned every single vote by selflessly devoting myself to bettering the lives of every student so that they may reach their full potential!  It is already a maid’s sworn duty to ensure their clients can grow into the best versions of themselves, and I will do the same for my fellow students, one request at a time!

At that moment, the teacher and the rest of the student council filed in and took their seats.  After a moment, the teacher smiled and stood up, the students following suit as they raised their right hands.

“Let us commence with the swearing in before the Student Council President calls the meeting to order.”