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The minute she stepped out onto the sidewalk, a dangerously cold wind whipped her in the face, making her wince. 

“Shit,” Carol hissed under her breath.

“A little chilly,” Therese muttered as she eased out from behind the store’s entrance door with a few shopping bags hanging on her arm. 

“A little? Darling, you make me sound like such a wuss. I’m already feeling my toes fall off.”

“It’s because those shoes aren’t good for the winter weather,” Therese retorted, pointing at Carol’s designer heels.

“Cheeky,” Carol smirked, before pulling out her phone, “come, let’s stand somewhere warmer than this. I’m just checking our schedule.”

“If it’s easier we can find somewhere on the road for lunch instead of eating now. I’m not that hungry anyways,” Therese shrugged.

“I’m afraid that won’t work, dearest. Look,” Carol turned her phone so Therese could see the screen, which had bolded letters on a red background stating IMMEDIATE SNOWSTORM IN YOUR AREA. 

“Oh, no,” Therese sighed. “Right now?”

“You know how quick the weather turns around here,” Carol said, bummed that their plans would be offset by at least a day or two now. “We should go back to the hotel before the snow starts.”

“But we already checked out this morning. I can’t imagine they’ll have room anymore!” Therese was hurrying after Carol, the blonde’s long legs already leading to the parking lot.

Carol opened Therese’s car door for her with a smile, “Nothing a bit of charm won’t fix.”

When arriving at the hotel that they had spent the last two nights in, Carol made sure her curls were windswept but still in place, and her coat was fashionably hanging off her shoulder. They narrowly escaped another bout of cold air and a thick fall of flurries when they got inside.

The lobby was packed, people yelling on the phone about canceled flights, canceled buses, and missing holiday celebrations. By luck, one of the desk attendants was just switching with a colleague from break, and Carol went in for the kill. The man was a stout brown-haired man with thick glasses, who had helped the two women check out just that morning.

“Hi again,” Carol said, her voice thick with weariness, as if she just trudged through meters of snow. Therese kept her face as neutral and stoic as possible, but inside she was giddy with amusement as Carol worked her magic.

“Oh, h-hello again, Mrs. Aird,” he greeted, “what can I do for you?”

“We’d like a room. I realize we checked out this morning, but with the weather changing we would both really enjoy staying another night or two at your lovely hotel.”

“I’m afraid your room from before has already been booked for incoming guests, and it’s rather busy so I can’t guarantee...”

Carol let out a heavy sigh, alerting him with a start, and he rapidly began typing on his monitor.

“... But I’m sure I can find something for you. It... it may be small.”

“That’s alright,” Therese chimed in, seeing how nervous he got under Carol’s piercing stare. She had that effect on everyone, but even more when she wanted to have that effect. Her shoulders were squared and firmly in place but her jaw was relaxed and playful as she waited for him to finish.

“Anything with a bed will work,” she said, before flashing a dazzling smile.

Sure enough, not thirty seconds later there was a key with a room number pressed in Therese’s hands and a staff member bringing their luggage up to their floor.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Therese said timidly as she pushed the keycard into the lock. Carol was just behind her, her voice soft in her ear.

“Do what?”

Therese’s cheeks flushed a bit, not wanting to answer before they were alone. Carol gave a tip to the porter who nodded his thanks and scurried out of the room.

It was at that moment they both realized there was only one bed.

“When he said small, I didn’t realize he meant...” Therese trailed off.

“We’ll be fine, sweetheart. You’ve shared plenty of beds with your girlfriends in the past, haven’t you?”

“Yes but not...” Therese couldn’t finish her sentence as Carol shrugged off her coat and walked into the bathroom, saying something about wanting to freshen up. ...not any girlfriends like that.

“I much prefer a clean hotel bed than whatever dinky motel we may have gotten stranded at during the storm.”

“We’ve stayed at plenty of motels this past week, you’ve never once complained.”

“That’s because we hadn’t been snowed in. Motels aren’t that fun anymore after you’re there for more than one day, trust me.”

The wind was howling the whole night through. Carol pushed the curtain aside and the sky was thick with snow. Therese could barely see the building lights from across the streets. 

Carol visibly shivered before yanking it shut, walking over to her side of the bed and getting in under the covers. “It’s much too cold to get out of bed.”

In response, Therese diligently tip-toed over to the heating system and turned it up two degrees. When she turned around she saw Carol looking  at her with that knowing gaze.

“I didn’t ask you to do that,” she observed. 

“Well, you were complaining about the cold, weren't you?”

“Yes alright, you got me there.”

Therese wandered over to the TV and dresser, tugging open the drawers in hopes of finding something interesting. All there was, of course, was a remote and a dusty Bible.

“Therese, darling, you’re shivering. Come to bed.”

Come to bed. The words circled through Therese’s brain at a mad pace and she carried the TV remote back to the bed, as if that would give her any purchase before she would surely fall off the face of the earth from the enticing timbre of Carol’s voice.

“Want to watch something?” Therese offered.

“If I see another episode of Say Yes to the Dress here I will throw myself out the window.” Well, that was certainly an answer.

Carol held up the covers for Therese to slide under. They were starting to get warm and cozy, but not quite yet. Therese left her nightstand lamp on as she listened to the wind. Carol pulled out a book. 

“Bloody nightlights, can’t see a thing,” Carol muttered, putting on her reading glasses. Therese chuckled in contentment, though a shiver still ran through her body. Carol eyed her from above her book.

“You’re still cold.”

I really don’t think this is from the cold anymore, Therese thought to herself. 

Carol held her book to the side and gently beckoned Therese to her side, an open invitation to come closer.

Share body heat, overcome the cold, survive the winter nights together, Therese’s brain was spiralling with all the cliché winter romance tropes, telling herself it never worked out like it did in her books and movies, but somehow her body still moved forward to settle against Carol’s side, warm and inviting.

Almost on instinct, Carol pulled Therese to rest her head right by the crook of her neck before opening her book again, no words exchanged between the two of them.

Therese continued to squirm uncomfortably, willing her body to at least try to relax in this moment, but Carol’s hand that was running through her hair was now cupping the back of her neck and stroking her thumb along the tense muscles.

Stealing a glance up at the blonde, she seemed entirely focused on her book, but the light pitter-patter of her heartbeat under Therese’s ear suggested otherwise. 

“Is it good?” Therese asked after a few silent moments. Carol’s hand stilled.

“Hm? Oh, sure. I had this book sitting in my bookcase for ages. I’m finally reading it.”

“What’s it about?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure yet. It seems quite boring.”

Therese giggled, “Then why would you read it?”

Carol didn’t answer. Therese dared to look up at her again and saw her eyes flickering back and forth across the page, too quickly to prove that she was actually reading the words.  

Her neck was stiff, and she swallowed  heavily. Therese caught the sight of  tensing muscles and how they seemed to jump under her skin. Without thinking, she leaned closer and softly pressed a kiss there.

The hand on the back of her neck tightened, and a slow exhale escaped Carol’s lungs. Therese tried to pull away and apologize as regret flooded her thoughts, but couldn’t. Suddenly it wasn’t so cold anymore.

“Carol...” Therese whispered, wondering if the woman had gone into cardiac arrest from the sudden touch. But a low groan slipped past the blonde’s lips and her pulse jumped underneath Therese’s lips at the sound of her name.

“Dearest,” her voice was thick with restraint. “If I were you I’d be very careful about your next decision.”

Her other hand holding up her book had become as stiff as a board, white-knuckled. Therese noticed the other on her neck was trembling and barely brushing the little hairs on back of her neck that were now standing up.

There was no suitable word to describe what drove Therese to her next decision. Maybe the cold made her bolder. Maybe the romantic winter air during the holiday season made her do things that the old summer Therese wouldn’t.

She pressed her lips firmly to the pulse point, and one hand snaked across Carol’s waist before wrapping around and brushing her chilled fingertips underneath her sleeping blouse, touching the soft skin of her back.

A sharp gasp escaped Carol at the feeling of Therese’s nimble fingers. The book fell out of her hand down onto the floor and dug into Therese’s scalp, pulling at the tresses in surprise.

Slowly, Therese pushed herself up and over Carol’s trembling form, straddling her waist and brushing her hands over the soft expanse of her abdomen.

“Therese...” Carol began, fingers gripping Therese’s hips in awe. She could barely breathe as two wide, green, doe-like eyes looked down at her, hair falling into her face.

“Am I doing it right?”

Carol blinked for a moment, before chuckling softly, “Yes, dear. Entirely yes.”

Therese leaned down and kissed her jaw, frightened to kiss her mouth despite the fact that her hands were now brushing the underside of Carol’s breasts. Instead, Carol took the lead, turning her head and capturing Therese’s lips with a soft moan. 

Therese’s fingers were teasing, unsure, touching but not commanding. Carol took her hands off of the brunette and undid her buttons herself, letting the top  fall open for Therese to peel back. As Therese marvelled at Carol underneath her, the blonde undid Therese’s top as well, seeing creamy white skin shining beautifully with a thin layer of sweat. Her mouth watered, but couldn’t do anything before Therese pounced again.

Soft lips reconnected with Carol’s skin, this time at the swell of her breasts just as the top fell to the sides. Carol’s back arched as a warm, wet mouth brushed down over her nipple and back up again.

“Therese,” she tried again. “Darling, are you sure?”

A meek nod against her chest wasn’t enough, so she forced Therese’s face up to look her in the eyes, and asked again, “Are you sure?”

Therese nodded, muttering a yes so quick that Carol almost missed it, before lips wrapped around her nipple and sucked.

Carol let out a choked cry this time, hips bucking. Her sweet road-trip partner, who could barely look at women’s lingerie and undergarments at the store was now worrying her teeth around her nipple until pleasure bloomed in her belly. 

“Oh, please, Therese,” Carol whispered. “I need more.”

A hand brushed over the front of her pants, edging to the place between her legs, “Here?”

“Yes! Yes, dear girl, just there. Please.”

Therese was startled to hear Carol beginning to beg. The way she writhed was intoxicating enough, but her voice reduced to a raggedy whimper was a whole aphrodisiac on its own. 

She slowly, experimentally, pushed her fingers past the waistband, feeling how aroused Carol already was. She felt soft curls before meeting hot, wet skin, and Carol bit down on her hand at the feeling.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” Carol murmured from behind her knuckles.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Therese replied, curving her fingers up so they brushed against the hood of Carol’s clit, which was throbbing under her touch.

“Oh, darling, you won’t,” Carol whined. “I’ve given birth to a child, if I can handle that, I can handle you.”

“Is that so?” Therese’s mind sparked with an idea. Her hand stopped, fingers cupping and pressing against Carol’s opening, with her palm flat against her clit.

“Therese?” Carol opened her eyes, looking up at the brunette, unnerved by how much she was trembling, and how much Therese was not.

“Beg,” Therese timidly requested, almost as if she didn’t know how to be in control.

“Oh, Therese,” Carol gasped, deliriously drawing out the z in her name.

“Beg,” she spoke again, pressing her palm a little deeper.

Ah- please, dearest. Please keep going.”

Therese slowly pushed her hand around in circles against the skin. 

“Yes, oh, darling. That feels wonderful. Don’t stop. It-- God, you’re doing so well.”

Drunk on Carol’s response, Therese prodded with two fingertips, meeting no resistance and sliding in without effort. The blonde hissed at the intrusion, breathing heavily as her senses noticed nothing but Therese’s tender fingers inside of her.

Therese began by moving them in and out, not knowing what else to do, or what Carol wanted. Noticing her slackening pace and focus, Carol tapped Therese’s lips with two fingers, which she obediently opened.

“Don’t just move them,” Carol whispered, eyes blown and bright in the dim light. She slid two fingers into Therese’s mouth, before turning and curling them up to press against the roof of her mouth. “Like this.”

Now it was Therese’s turn to moan, but she did as was asked, curling her fingers, finding the front walls with the pads of her fingertips and pushing and pulling against the texture there.

“Oh, fuck!” Carol’s hand fell out of Therese’s mouth, collapsing by her side as her eyes rolled back. 

Therese grinned, slightly pleased with herself, continuing with a quickening pace. Carol’s hips moved in tandem with Therese’s hand, one hand grabbing at the sheets, the other at Therese’s arm that was supporting her upright.

The pace wasn’t enough to bring her to orgasm, and Carol desperately pushed her hand down to rub at her clit, needing the extra touch to be able to come. Therese may not have had a lot of sex in her life, but she knew what that meant, and she pulled Carol’s hand out, halting her motions. Carol’s shriek of disdain at the loss of contact made Therese huff with laughter.

Therese removed Carol’s undergarments entirely. She also took her own top off, but just before Carol could hum in pleasure at the sight of her nudity anymore than she already was, she wormed her way down to settle her head between her legs, and gave a soft lick against the wet skin, tasting the flavour that was already coating her fingers. 

Carol’s legs locked and her head tossed back and forth on the pillow. She wanted so much to flip Therese over and ride her pretty mouth, but she wanted to let her young lover play, for now.

Therese returned her fingers to her now favourite spot for them, curling and rubbing inside Carol in a way that made her shake. Then her lips wrapped around her pink clit that seemed to just be begging for attention. 

Carol grabbed the pillow behind her head and pushed her face in it so she could let out a louder gasp than before. Therese tried licking faster, the way she saw Carol touching herself, but the blonde grabbed her head.

“No no no no, darling, no. Just-- just suck. With your lips. That’s it, just like that... oh, fuck.”

Therese hollowed out her cheeks, sucking repeatedly at the little bud with her fingers matching the pace. Her wrist was starting to get sore, but Carol looked so beautiful on the bed with her legs spread like this that she couldn’t stop until she came. 

It didn’t take much longer. Carol clenched purposefully around Therese’s fingers and focused as much on the feeling in her clit and inside that she only needed one glance down at those green eyes before things seemed to explode from within. 

Therese was fascinated by Carol’s form shaking and jerking, and ended up pulling away too soon. Carol, gasping at the sudden loss, put her fingers back into place and rubbed her clit until she had gone through her whole orgasm, which lasted longer than Therese had expected.

Mesmerized, her fingers were still inside her by the time Carol had relaxed. The blonde chuckled and gently pulled them out before cleaning off the juices with her mouth.

Everything was warm and sticky and wonderful and the whole room seemed to exist in a daze of sex and satisfaction. Carol got Therese out of her pants and hugged her close, kissing her ferociously. 

“You’re quite a minx, aren’t you?” Carol said once she had caught her breath again. Therese’s mouth had been wet with her orgasm and deliciously warm, and she almost couldn’t make herself stop. The cold air around them had dissipated now that the heating was turned up again, and suddenly Carol felt like she was in a sauna.

So Therese, once again, got up to turn the heating down, and hurried back into bed before the cold caught up with her. Carol was spread over the sheets like a goddess of some sorts, sated, eyes now heavy with sleep.

“If I weren’t so exhausted from the cold today, I’d say let’s go for round two,” Carol muttered. Therese laughed, still electrified from her ability to make Carol come. She didn’t think she had it in her to relax enough for Carol to touch her now.

Carol wrapped her up in a hug, pulling the blankets up over the two of them and languidly kissing Therese as they laid side by side. Her hands ran over Therese’s waist and back, slightly tickling her.

“Tomorrow night, all this is mine,” she whispered. Therese beamed up at her, snuggling closer.

“It already is.”