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A fresh take

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Emma got a call in the middle of the night. She grumbled when she woke up and picked up without checking the caller ID. "What do you want?".

"Emma, it's Graham, I need backup, I'm on my way! Get ready and I'll explain everything in the car!"

"Okay, see you later!". She got up and dressed fast and quietly, not wanting to awaken her roommate and sneaked out of the loft. When she arrived downstairs, she noticed that Graham was already waiting in his car. She rushed towards it, got in and Graham hit the gas.

"A guy is missing!", he said. "John Doe woke up and he must have gotten out of the hospital. We need to find him!"

They drove towards the hospital and checked for clues, but came up empty. Emma's phone rang again, the mayor… She picked up, "Hello?"

"Emma!", it was Henry's voice. "Mom's in the bathroom. Gotta make it quick! She got a call from the hospital that the guy woke up! Told ya it would work!"

"Yeah kid, we're kind off in the middle in looking for him. He's nowhere to be found! What are you doing up?"

Emma heard Henry panicking, but then… "I woke up earlier and tried to fall asleep again by reading a bit and then I heard mom's phone ring. Troll bridge? You have to check Troll bridge… Prince Charming…". He got quiet but then he whispered quite fast and barely understandable, "Gotta go, mom's coming out! Check the bridge!".

Emma frowned, that was a weird call. But she knew Henry was going to be quite smug about it, because she noticed the door. Knowing better, she asked Graham where the door lead to.

"The woods, why?"

"If he got out of his bed, that's the first door he saw, so my guess is, that he'll be out there!"

Graham nodded, asked her to wait and got some flash lights out of the cruiser. When looking for tracks, they noticed them leading more and more towards the bridge. However, they also noticed that the guy must have been weak, there where a lot of broken branches on the track. And then they also started to find drops of blood and bloody branches, deducing he must have gotten himself injured.

Eventually the track lead to troll bridge, but they saw nothing on the bridge itself, so they started looing around. "Emma!", Graham yelled. She rushed towards him and saw him drag a man out of the water. She hoped he was still alive and she immediately called an ambulance.

The moment they where back in the hospital, it was early in the morning. So she headed to Granny's while Graham went back to the station for the paperwork. She wasn't on duty yet, he reasoned. And she had nothing against a hot coco with cinnamon and a bearclaw.

When she arrived in Granny's and took a seat, Ruby asked her for a favor. She used the opportunity to tell her that a friend of her, Ashley, was going to give birth. But the father wants nothing to do with it and she herself can't help her. Emma promised to look into it. Ruby stood up, "Chocolate milk with cinnamon and a bearclaw, right?". Emma grinned and nodded thankfully, partly relieved her order was on it's way and partly because she experienced some kind of feeling she didn't had before. Not in Boston and not since her experience with the foster care system.

Regina however, she panicked, she truly panicked! Wondering what triggered the guy to wake up when she got the call in the middle of the night from doctor Whale. He also mentioned that he was missing, so he had called the Sheriff. Then it clicked, Emma was going to be needed here also, but that woman… Everything had starting to change since she arrived. The clock on the tower had started ticking again and now Charming had woke up! She threw her phone aside and headed towards the shower. Hoping that the water would wash away all her sorrows. Spoiler alert, it didn't…

She did some breathing exercises she had learned in the past, way before Storybrooke. But she wanted to scream out in frustration an hit something, instead she gritted her teeth. Because Henry, she didn't wanted to wake up her sweet boy. She had no idea for how long she was standing in the shower, but the thought of Henry brought her mind back to the present. And then she swore, she could hear the sound of his voice above the sound of the water. She shut down the water flow and listened for any signs that he might have woken up. But she detected no such thing. She turned the shower back on and started washing herself quickly.

When she was ready and stepped out of the bathroom, she searched for her phone. Reasoning that it was foolish not to have taken it to the bathroom. She checked her messages and call log if she had missed a possible update. And then she saw it, she pursed her lips when she saw the outgoing call to the deputy. So she hadn't imagined hearing the voice of her son. She checked Henry's room and stood in the doorway, he was lying in his bed, already sound asleep again. Then she noticed his book, that Goddamn book that had started it all! She wanted to run towards it and tear all the pages out or worse, she could just burn it. And then she realized that by doing that, she would hurt him so bad and she would turn out to be everything she didn't wanted to be. So she left Henry's doorway, headed towards the kitchen and made herself some coffee.

A few hours had passed and the sun had started coming up. She was in the middle of making another dose of caffeine when Whale called her a second time to inform her that the John Doe was found an brought back in the hospital. He was unconscious, but stable. She decided to set things in motion for when he regained consciousness and put the phone down. She leaned with both arms on the counter and sighed heavily, dreading everything that was about to come her way. Today was going to be a long day…

In the diner, Emma was enjoying her coco when Mary Margaret entered for her breakfast. She made her order and took a seat at Emma's table. "You're alright?".

"Yeah, just had a long morning. I need to be in the station in an hour.", Emma didn't mention on purpose that coma guy woke up from his slumber, trying not to worry the pixie haired woman in front of her. At the same time she realized that it probably would be in vain, since news seemed to travel fast in Storybrooke. But she didn't wanted to talk about it to anyone before she had heard an update from Graham. The both of them ate in comfortable silence until they both had to leave for work.

When Emma entered the station, Graham told her nothing much had changed and the paperwork had already been done. So there wasn't much left to do but to wait for something to do. By the time it was noon, the phone rang to inform them that the guy was in a conscious state again, so they headed towards the hospital to interrogate him.

At the hospital Emma noticed that Regina was also present. Graham took it upon him to talk to the John Doe, so Emma approached Regina and noticed that the mayor looked quite tense. "Hey", the blonde said.

"Hey!", Regina sighed while crossing her arms and looking away from the blonde.

Emma frowned, "Is everything alright?".

Regina threw her a death stare and grumbled, "Does it look like it?".

Emma chose to ignore the mayor's scare tactics and explained what happened during the search and that they where happy that they where able to find the guy alive. Emma noticed the mayor looking at her face like she was searching something. She suspected that the mayor knew about Henry's nightly call, since it was her phone he had used to make it. But she chose not to mention it till the brunette mentioned it herself. Then a realization crept in, "Did you had any sleep at all?".

The mayor flinched and drawled out, "Concerned about me, Miss Swan?". When Regina noticed that the blonde was frowning and stared disapprovingly, she knew the deputy saw through the façade. Which only seemed to anger her, the blonde woman was on the root of it all as a matter of fact. So she grumbled, "I'm his emergency contact in case anything happens, so I made the necessary searches and calls". Before she could continue, Catherine stormed in and rushed towards comaguy, "DAVID!". She sobbed and explained that she was his wife and that he got missing after she thought he had left the town. Graham left the room to let the both of them have their moment, accompanying his deputy. This seemed to make the major feel more on edge.

But only a matter of seconds later, Mary Margaret and Henry also entered the hospital. The school teacher looked genuinely happy that the guy woke up. But then her face fell, suspecting that the woman aside him, was his wife.

Emma felt quite confused by all what was happening, so she asked Regina for more information. The mayor sneered, "That's his wife. While you were out looking for him, I did some extensive research and I contacted her to inform her that he was here and woke up earlier today.". Her eyes widened when she noticed Henry and she directed her towards the schoolteacher, "What is my son doing here, instead of being in school!", the major yelled more then asking. She stepped towards Henry and took his hand, "Let me accompany you back to school, where you belong!", she sneered while she casted a scathing look at Mary Margaret for tagging him along.

After Henry and Regina had left the hospital, Emma took it upon her to inform Mary Margaret, meanwhile Graham had entered the room again to interrogate the married couple. Mary Margaret looked wistfully towards Catherine and David (apparently), when Catherine came out of the room to thank her for reading to her husband. Emma noticed Catherine accentuating 'my husband' while she was thanking the schoolteacher and she also didn't fail to notice David staring towards Mary Margaret. Emma groaned, realizing what this could mean. That moment, Graham approached her by saying that he received another call. Emma hoped it was an excuse to be able to leave right away. But it wasn't, there had been an explosion at the mine and they needed to check it out.

As soon as they arrived at the mine, they cleared the perimeter and started closing off the area with police tape. That moment, the mayor arrived. Emma cursed inwardly, that woman was already in a bad mood, she didn't particularly look forward to a confrontation with her. But she seemed to head her way, since Graham had disappeared out of sight. That coward!

"Madam Major!", Emma said as a way of greeting her.

"What the Hell has happened now?", the brunette screamed.

"Explosion in the mine, we're lucky there aren't any casualties, no one was inside at the time. All entrances are sealed.", Emma summarized calmly, hoping it would calm down the major.

Regina eyed the blonde shortly and since she had no reply to that, she pursed her lips and told Emma to continue her work. She turned around to leave, but Emma grabbed her arm. "Nothing bad has happened, it 'll be alright!", the blonde tried to reassure the mayor. "I'll talk you trough it tonight. If you want?", Emma smiled, still trying to reassure her.

"No!", Regina said. Still trying to cope with the fact that the blonde was the cause of all of this. Her and that book had changed everything. She needed some distance, but failed finding the words to explain and instead she said, "I need some time to be alone, feel free to pick up Henry from school if you want. But bring him back to me on a decent hour tonight.".

Emma nodded, eager to spend some time with Henry. "I will, don't worry! When do you want him back?"

Regina gritted through her teeth, "Nine thirty at the latest!", being angered that the blonde didn't knew Henry's time for going to sleep. She really needed to vent, she needed to do something. The day has gotten so mich worse and she has had enough of it. So she turned bruskly and left. Leaving the deputy speechless.

Henry was glad to see that Emma was the one picking him up from school, since he knew Regina was probably still quite angry at him being at the hospital around noon with Mary Margaret. The teacher herself was nowhere to be seen, so Emma guessed she might be at the loft already. Emma took Henry for a walk at the beach and while they where walking Henry kept talking about the curse and that Mary Margareth and David where destined to be together. Emma sighed, but decided to listen to him. She wasn't a firm believer in the curse. And Henry must've picked it up, because as soon as he noticed her attention slipping away, he switched subject, asking about her day.

She told him about what happened after he had left the hospital witv his mom, that Graham interviewed the couple. And that David probably must be home right now. But she didn't knew for sure, because they had a call to go to the mine, because of an explosion. This seemed to have caught his attention, because all of a sudden he was fantasising about what he thought could be or even live in the mines. She sniggered about how wild his fantasy could get, but didn't realise this was all a very realistic possibity in the little boy's mind. After the walk, they drove to Granny's for dinner. She ordered a burger and fries for him and grilled cheese and fries for her. Both had a soda to accompany their meal. And before they knew it was time to go to the mayoral mansion. Time surely flies when having fun.

The major didn't went to city hall after she had left the mines, but she chose to go to the mansion instead. She stormed inside and immediately went upstairs, to Henry's room. She needed to see the book, right now! As soon as she found it, she took it downstairs, to her study. She poored herself a glass of whisky for liquid courage and sat down behind the desk, with the book looming in front of her.

Seconds however became minutes and minutes soon became hours. And she still hadn't opened the book, but she had refilled her whisky glass a few times. She was disgusted by her weakness and threw her glass against the mirror on the wall in frustration and anger. She decided to put the book back in Henry's room, since she hadn't looked into it anyway and she didn't wanted him knowing that she had tried. She did it all really slowly, since she felt the effect the alcohol had on her. But she succeeded in her alcohol induced actions.

By the time the bell rang, she just barely made it downstairs. She opened the door silently and the deputy must've smelled the alcohol on her, since she grabbed her arm and asked to take a seat on the couch and that she would be tucking Henry in.

Emma came back downstairs to a sleeping major in the living room. This was a sight for sore eyes, she sniggered, the major looked so relaxed. And cute, Emma bit her lip, trying to hide her grin. She decided to carry the cute sleeping woman to her bed, she didn't wanted her to sleep in the sofa. It was uncomfortable for the brunette and she for sure didn't wanted Henry to find Regina hungover in the morning. She went upstairs, carrying the brunette bridal style. When she entered the master bedroom, she layed her down on the bed softly, took off Regina's shoes, covered her with a blanket and gave her a sweet kiss goodnight while cupping her cheek. She stood up, got out of the bedroom, closed the door and silently snuck out of the house, shutting the frontdoor behind her quietly.

Since she wasn't that tired, she went to Granny's. She also wasn't particulary in the mood to be confronted by a lovesick Mary Margaret. Emma wondered if the woman realised that she was pining over the guy that she barely knew. She read to him, but only once! She decided to file it for later, when she entered Granny's and took a seat in the booth in the back of the restaurant. She noticed Graham was playing darts and had a few beers already. He wasn't in a very pleasant mood, so she stood back up and as soon as he noticed she was getting ready to leave, he said, "Emma, what can I get you?"

Emma shugged, "Nothing!". And opened the door. In the crner of her eye she saw a dart hit the doorframe, very close to her head. She snapped, "What the Hell! You could've hit me!".

Graham winced, realising that was true, but he never had missed before and he made sure to tell her that.

Emma went outside and started to speedwalk in the direction of the loft. But soon she heard someone running behind her. "Emma, why are you upset?", Graham yelled, trying to ask her.

She yelled back, "I am not upset!".

"If that where true, you'd be at the bar with me having a drink and not running away.", he said while trying to keep up with the blonde.

"It's none of my business, really. You' re just drunk and annoying!"

"I wanna talk to you.", he whined. "I like you!".

"Well, your bad judgment is your problem, not mine.", she said. She really needed to talk to Regina, she needed to know what it was that they were having. She was taken and she kind of hated it that the sheriff didn't seemed to realise that.

"Dammit!", he cursed. "I didn't want you to look at me the way you are now.".

Emma frowned, "Why do you care how I look at you?".

"Because...", he fell silent and suddenly looked quite determined.

Now the blonde was worried, what the Hell was going on? "What?".

Graham grabbed her face and kissed her. But soon he had some flashbacks from a life he didn't knew and didn't understand.

"What the hell was that?", Emma yelled after she pushed him away.

He uttered. "Did you see that?". Still trying to understand what had just happened to him.

"How much have you been drinking?". Emma felt so angry. He really shouldn't have done that! "That was way over the line!"

"I'm sorry. I just...", he stammered.

"What?" Emma said, "You what?"

"I need to feel something.", he told her while he looked like a sad puppy.

"Listen to me, Graham.", Emma said determined, "You are drunk and full of regret. I get it. But whatever it is you are looking to feel, I can tell you one thing. You're not getting it with me!". She turned around, "Goodnight, Graham". And she walked away fast and determined, to the loft. While Graham stumbled in the direction of the sheriff's department, trying to get some sleep and understanding what had just happened to him.

In a car, that was strategically parked, a certain reporter was grinning very smug and feeling quite content about himself. He held his camera like it was the most precious thing he owned and headed towards the daily mirror headquarters, to print out the foto's he took earlier from the sheriff and his deputy in the highest quality as he possibly could.