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A fresh take

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"Are you Emma Swan?"

"Yes?" It sounded more like a question then as an actual answer. But it seemed to be enough.

"I'm Henry!", he smiled.

A little kid, who knew who she was. How did he know her name? What did he do here? How did he even get in the building? Before she could even answer the questions that where popping up in her head, the kid had already sneaked inside. That little shit...

She went back inside the appartement, her eyes following Henry's every move. From the point where he dropped his bag, went to the fridge and took the orange juice. Only to drink straight out of the carton. "I'm thirsty! And as your guest, you should offer me something to drink! Which you didn't, so I did it myself!", he grinned. 

Emma frowned and a tid bit more aggressive then she meant, she blurted "What are you even doing here? Where are your parents? Shouldn't you be at home at this time of day?"

Henry didn't appear to be intimidated. "I'm your son! And I took a bus here, trying to find you! 10 years ago you gave me up for adoption, now here I am!"

All kinds of things went through Emma's mind, but the best thing she could be now was practical and logical, she decided. So when she wanted to call the police, so the kid could be brought back to his home, she didn't expected to be blackmailed in driving him back there personally. 

When she reached the town line of Storybrooke, she somehow felt her life would never be the same again. She tried reasoning that out of her mind, but the feeling itself remained. At the sight of the mansion, she felt herself getting smaller inside. Like she was a pawn that didn't really matter. So when she stepped out of her car, the environment felt like a new territory that could bite her in the ass or stab her in the back at any time. While walking towards the front door of the mansion, she felt unsafe and not at ease, with every step she took.

All of a sudden the frontdoor opened, a stunning brunette ran outside towards Henry. Worried, tear stained and suddenly catching the sight of her. But when Henry yelled "I found my real mom!", that look on the women's face became one that could kill if it had bullets. So the "Hi!" that rolled out over Emma her lips, was a hesitating one. The woman, who seemed to be Henry's adoptive mother, was not only stunning but also had a dangerous energy surrounding her. Emma felt like a prey, looking in the eyes of a predator, right before the kill.

So when the brunette invited her in, Emma concluded that this was the 'kill'. She wasn't wrong... It was killing for her self- esteem. 

Regina, she learned, had a way with making people comply and wasn't used to not getting what she wanted. So when Emma met her for the second time, behind bars, she found out she kind off enjoyed ruffling Regina's feathers. Emma was also a rebel by nature, so somehow it felt like the right to do! Much to Regina's irritation.

But right now, since Henry was missing again, they needed to find him. Fast! As a bailsbondsperson Emma knew exactly how to fasten the process. Regina seemed impressed and at the same time she also refused to show it. 

The sherrif didn't hide the fact that he was impressed. Graham decided then and there he was going to hire the blonde as his deputy. Whether or not Regina was happy about it. He only saw a glimpse of the blonde woman the day before, but now he knew she had it in herself to take on the job. He needed help anyway! But making her stay was going to be something else entirely, he was sure!