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Fault Lines

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Elliot was led into the warehouse by Angela. She’d already disarmed him and was currently holding it to his head as they walked in. His eyes immediately scanned the room searching for her. His heart dropped to the floor when he finally found her. Her head was tilted to the side and her long hair had fallen in front of her shoulders, partially obscuring her face. He could tell her eyes were closed but the steady rise and fall of her chest assured him she was breathing. Her legs were secured to the chair and her arms were behind her back. He knew she must be incredibly uncomfortable having been in that position for multiple hours.

It was around 3pm when he’d gotten the call that her car had been dumped and her phone had been turned off. Both the SVU and OC teams had immediately jumped into action. Protective details were ordered for Elliot’s entire family. His kids and his mother were all gathered at his place with multiple squad cars on the block and officers guarding the door. Rollins and Fin had rushed to Noah’s school to verify he was still there. From what Elliot knew, they weren’t telling him that Liv had gone missing. Instead, they’d gotten hold of Olivia’s sitter and had her take Noah to her place with a police escort. They weren’t sure when Wheatley had gotten ahold of Olivia so they’d sent CSU to her apartment just in case.

He’d been in the middle of the chaos at OC headquarters when he got a call from an unknown number. He made an excuse about Eli calling to check in and stepped outside, knowing whose voice would be waiting on the other end. Bell had looked at him suspiciously but didn’t follow. He wondered how far behind they would be in tracking his movements. He’d have to stall until then. He’d do whatever it took to keep her alive.

“Glad you could make it, Elliot. I hope you behaved yourself on the car ride with my wife,” Wheatley jeered.

“Ex-wife. What did you do to her?” Elliot seethed.

“Semantics. I think we both know how flimsy those titles can be. I prefer to say ‘one true love of my life’. Speaking of, your’s is just coming to. You see, I’m a true gentleman. She’s here. Unharmed as promised.”

Elliot watched as Olivia began stirring, her eyes fluttering open. She blinked rapidly as she looked around again and he could see it on her face when she must’ve realized the nightmare was not over. Finally, after a moment, her eyes found his. He wanted to run to her, to tell her it was okay and that he’d get them out of this. He wanted to ask if she was okay, if she was hurt. He wanted to know if the same memories were flashing in her mind as they were in his.

Olivia tied up in the recording studio with Merritt Rook. Her screams echoing off the walls as he stood powerless.

Gitano lunging at her with a knife. Her lying on the floor of the train station holding her bloody neck.

Rojas with his gun against her forehead. Their bodies crumpled to the ground as he ran towards her.

Was she seeing Gitano’s gun to his head right now? Him lying in her arms unconscious after Saul Piccard head-butted him so hard he went blind? Or did she see him tied up in the crime lab with Stuckey waving the gun around? Or was it him lying on the concrete bleeding out from Bushido’s bullets?

His mind races with the questions he knows she can’t answer now. Instead, he mouthes the only thing he can say.

I’m sorry.

He sees her eyes welling up as shakes her head and subsequently turns it away from him.

She’s right.

They don’t have time for this. They might not have much time left at all. But if they want to make it out alive, they need to hold it together.

“You have me now. Let her go. Let’s settle this between us,” Elliot says, trying to not let it sound like the desperate plea it is.

“That’s very heroic of you. But you know what they say: two is company, three is a crowd and four is a party. And I think our’s is just getting started. Would you agree, Angela?”

Elliot was so focused on Olivia and Wheatley’s proximity to her, he’d almost forgotten Angela was also there behind him holding his weapon.

“I think you’re right, my love,” she cooed, sauntering over towards Wheatley and pulling him into a lavish kiss.

They were really laying it on thick.

“You want your revenge, Wheatley? Well, I’m standing right here. Why don’t you stop hiding behind your pawns, hiding behind your wife, and face me. You go after my family, my kid, my mother because you don’t have the balls to take me on yourself,” Elliot goads.

“You just make it so easy, Elliot. You see, I don’t even have to hurt you directly to cause you the kind of pain I want you to feel. You have so much blood on yours hand because of your failures. To protect. To take responsibility. You let your wife die for you. I could have had Olivia join her when I had her car run off the road, but I figured I’d let you squirm a little more. Then, your poor son. Traumatized. His father bedding his mother’s murderer. Driving him to the edge. And that innocent, young girl I had to have killed just to make it all come together. How does it feel, Elliot, knowing they’re dead because of you? And now, knowing Olivia’s blood might soon be on you, literally.”

Elliot’s body physically jerks at the notion, at the images forming in his mind. He pushes through them to find his words again.

“You had them killed, Wheatley. That’s on you, not me.”

“You were too busy running around, trying to chase after my shadow. Chasing after my wife. Leaving Olivia all alone. Neglected. Vulnerable.”

“I have no doubt she could beat the living crap out of you. But you don’t like fighting fair, do you? You like to sit back and pull the strings while you let your minions do the dirty work.”

“I was trying to keep things even. You took something from my Angela. I took your wife. But you just couldn’t let it be. So, you went after her. And I understand the appeal, believe me. You and I are alike in more ways than you think. We both have excellent taste in women,” Wheatley jabbed as he strolled over to Olivia and grazed her cheek with his knuckle.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!” Elliot growled as he moved to step towards them

“Uh uh uh,” Wheatley admonished, pulling a gun from his waist and holding it to Olivia’s head which stopped Elliot dead in his tracks.

“Let’s not do anything too hasty, now, Detective. We both want vengeance. We both value loyalty above all else. And you caused my lovely wife to stray away from me.”

“I didn’t cause anything. She was practically running into my arms. Running away from you. She was so desperate for attention, for someone to love her, she fell for the man she thought killed her son,” Elliot countered.

“And you, Elliot? You were so willingly to give her that? What had it been, weeks after I had your wife blown to pieces and you were so ready to jump into bed with mine? What does that say about you?” Wheatley sneered as he moved towards Elliot.

They were standing inches from each other now, chests puffed out and rage both rolling off their bodies. Elliot briefly looked over Wheatley’s shoulder to Olivia’s terrified gaze. He gave her the slightest nod to reassure her before leaning in to whisper into Wheatley’s ear.

“I don’t know about me. But it says that your wife is a quick fuck. She’ll spread her legs for just about any guy who comes along that isn’t you. I could tell how lonely she was and I knew from the start I could use her to get to you. I just didn’t know how easy she’d make it.”

“You fucking bastard. I was in love with you!” Angela shouted from behind as Elliot felt the cold metal of the gun press against the back of his forehead.

Elliot took one last look at Olivia before whispering, “I’m sorry, Liv. I love you.”

Then, it all happened in a blur. Wheatley was pulling his gun up and Elliot quietly said a prayer in his head, accepting that these were his final moments. A gunshot rang out and Elliot braced himself, waiting to feel the pain before he’d hopefully slip into oblivion.

But, it didn’t come or maybe his brain was protecting him from feeling it. Another gunshot followed almost immediately after and Wheatley crumpled on top of him, sending their bodies crashing down to the floor.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ELLLIOTTTTTT!!!!” Olivia screamed.