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Something I can turn to, somebody I can kiss

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Chan came home to what could only be described as chaos.


It was Sunday and he had woken up at 7 and the rest of the kids were taking a break and were sleeping.


So he had decided to do what he did in these rare moments of peace and go for a run, maybe walk around Han river for a while, click some pretty pictures if he could and then come back picking up breakfast on the way, hoping to surprise his members with pancakes and cheesecake(Han Jisung).


What he hadn’t expected was to walk into the middle of what looked like a turf war involving nerf guns, water guns and what looked like pieces of fruit and vegetables.


Jisung was crouched behind the kitchen counters aiming oranges at hyunjin’s head who had turned the living room table to use it as a shield and was now aiming balloons filled with… whipped cream? Shaving cream ? Chan had no clue.


Changbin was most likely still sleeping, considering Chan couldn’t hear his roars but the two maknaes were chasing eachother around slipping on the floor which looked like it had been flooded, while Felix was shooting whoever he could find with nerf bullets.


And it just so happened that Felix spotting the latest target, yelled “ENEMY SPOTTED!” at the top of his lungs, firing a bullet at chan that hit him right in the middle of his forehead.


“STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE ALL DOING RIGHT NOW!” Chan finally yelled, after he had gotten over his disbelief, causing everyone to freeze.


“I told you not to leave the kids alone,” Minho replied calmly, from where he was perched on top of a bookshelf, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


“And as the second eldest it’s your job to keep them in line when I’m not around,” chan sighed.


“And Minho, we have discussed this before, you HAVE cats, YOU are NOT a cat so stop climbing the goddamn bookshelfs and cabinets please? How do you even get up there ?!”


Minho just giggled and gracefully jumped down dragging Seungmin and hyunjin off eachother by their hoods. Jeongin and Felix had run off the moment Felix shot Chan, so it was safe to say they wouldn’t be causing anymore trouble (at least for now).


“I have called maintenance. They will be up to do something about the water in a while. I got these two. You take that one,” Minho said gesturing towards Sungie who was still crouched behind the kitchen counter.


“You left the toughest for me,” chan huffed, but couldn’t fight the smile that was already starting to appear as it always did whenever he saw the squirrel-like boy.


“Your boyfriend, your responsibility. I’m out.”


And with that Minho dragged Minnie and jin away, kicking jin in the process.


Meanwhile, jisung had been trying to escape to their room where their other boyfriend was still sleeping but froze when he heard “Not so fast little demon.”


Chan picked Jisung up and sat him on the kitchen counter, trapping him between his arms.


“Baby, what have I told you about throwing fruits or for that matter anything at Jinnie?” Chan asked Jisung, trying for once in his life not to give into the other’s bambi eyes.


“Not to do so,” Jisung pouted.

“And what did you say to that?”

“I said I won’t… unless he deserves it.”


And with that Jisung stuck out his tongue and licked Chan’s nose, who like always had gravitated too close to the other boy without realising it and made a run to where changbin was sleeping after ducking under latter’s arm.


“Han Jisung you get your cute rebellious butt back here,” chan said yelling and chasing after him.


He walked into the room with the intention of (lovingly) scolding Jisung but was melted by the sight in front of him. Jisung had cocooned himself in changbin’s blankets and deposited himself in the now awake boy’s lap, who was cooing at his younger boyfriend.


“Binnie hyung, help channie hyung is being mean to me,” Jisung whined.


Changbin looked at his other boyfriend who was leaning on the doorframe, trying to contain his laughter.


“Oh am I being mean Sung? Fine, I’ll leave,” chan said giving an over-dramatic sigh, hiding his smile.


“No no come back here,” Jisung said making grabby hands at Chan.

“Why sung?”

“Want cuddles from hyungs.”


Chan laughed, joining his boyfriends in bed as he and bin squished sungie in between them, covering his giggling face in kisses.

“Perfect Sunday morning, huh?” Bin asked, kissing chan’s hand as he spooned sung.


“Perfect.” Chan said pecking his lips, as jisung snuggled into his chest.


And then he realised that he had forgotten about the pancakes.


Oh well.