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David knew Patrick watched porn.

Early on in their relationship, when Patrick was still wanting to take things slow, David asked him what he did when he was alone; what he liked to do. One of those questions was whether or not he watched it.

"Yeah. Sometimes." Patrick said, looking at him nervously. "Do you?"

David chuckled. "Yes. It's a little hard at the motel though."

"Yeah it's not easy with Ray around. I can never have the sound on."

Knowing porn was something Patrick enjoyed by himself, David wondered whether it'd be something he may be interested in watching together. It was certainly something David was interested in, watching porn with his business major, mid-range-denim wearing boyfriend. Seeing what he may like. What they could explore together. Knowing they wouldn't have a way to watch while Patrick was at Ray's, David didn't bother bringing it up. It wasn't until Patrick had moved into his apartment and David accidentally walked in on him one afternoon, cock in hand and laptop frantically shut, that it came up.

"Sorry." Patrick said, relieved from his slight panic. "Still think it'll be Ray."

"Do you want me to come back? Sorry I'm a little early, I had to get away from the motel." David didn't want to interrupt him if he just wanted alone time. He understood the need for that.

"No, stay."


"Yeah. Join me." Patrick patted the space next to him. David quickly removed his clothes and got on the bed, his cock quickly hardening too.

"What are you watching?"

"Gay porn."

David smiled. "Well I figured that, but what kind?"

"Um, just two men? Anal. Blowjobs. You know." Patrick motioned, before starting the video again. David got the sense that Patrick hadn't deviated much from the gay section of porn yet. He briefly wondered if it was because he was probably new to this. If he hadn't ventured outside of that not because he didn't want to, but because he just hadn't got there yet. Pushing that thought aside, David settled in closer to Patrick and started stroking himself as the two men groaned loudly on screen. It wasn't long before they were both coming over themselves, panting into each other's mouths as they kissed through the aftershocks.

"I think we should do more of that." David said, once he'd regained his breath.

"What? Watch more porn together?"

"Yeah. That was so hot."

"I'd like that." Patrick pulled David in for a kiss. "Next time you pick the video, yeah?"


A few months later and David and Patrick had successfully incorporated porn into their sex life. They still had sex without porn a lot, but about once a week, they settled down in front of the laptop and had a browse. They started with the "gay" section before deviating a little further afield. So far Patrick had been quite receptive to nearly everything they watched. David was enjoying teaching him how much one can learn about themselves through watching others have sex. Patrick seemed to be quite the receptive student, eager to try anything David suggested. Sometimes they watched it for foreplay, other times during sex, and sometimes, like tonight, they sat side by side with the laptop on coffee table.

David still had his cock in hand, while Patrick was next to him wiping come off himself. It wasn't usual for Patrick to come this quickly, but they were watching a threesome video, a category they'd found to be one of Patrick's favorites, so it didn't entirely surprise him. With the towel now thrown to the side, Patrick moved closer to David.

"What do you want to watch next?" Patrick ran a hand over David's nipples as the video on screen finished. "What's been really getting you off lately?"

A video came to David's mind immediately, but he knew it wasn't something Patrick would be into. David saved porn that wasn't gay porn for when he was by himself. It was never something he thought he'd watch with him, but Patrick did ask what had been really getting him off lately.

"I'm not sure you'd like it?" David stroked his cock slowly as he watched Patrick play with his chest hair. Patrick may be done but he didn't have to sit here and watch straight porn with him.

"Doesn't matter." Patrick replied immediately, taking David by surprise. "I've come, this is just for you." Patrick's words went straight to David's cock. This is just for you. A swoop went low through David's gut as Patrick planted a slow kiss on his cheek before trailing his lips along his jaw. "Pick whatever you want." Patrick paused, and obviously sensing his hesitation, continued. "Pick porn with women, I don't mind."

"Really?" David replied, hesitant.

"Yep." Patrick said, finally sitting back as David grabbed the laptop. "Anything. I just want to see you get off."

A jolt went up David's spine.

"Unless you don't want to?"

Of course he did. He had his boyfriend, his very gay boyfriend, voluntarily wanting to watch porn with women in it, a sex he had no sexual attraction for but was very much aware David did, just because David wanted to? Just because he wanted to see him come? He didn't have to think twice about that.

David slowly typed in the name of the video, bringing it up in full screen and placing the laptop on the coffee table. The video was one David had discovered recently. It was a male and female couple, fucking on a bed. There wasn't anything particularly special about the video, but he knew it made him come quickly. He wasn't really sure why he liked it right now. He found his taste in porn when it came to gender varied a lot and he supposed he just happened to really be into this at the moment. David expected Patrick to sit further back when the video started so he could watch. But he only got closer when the opening title hit the screen.

Running his hand across David's chest, Patrick tweaked each nipple before making his way south and softly nudging David's hand out of the way. "This ok?"

He nodded, letting Patrick take over. David leant forward and skipped through the video a bit, finding the part that he liked the most. If Patrick was going to jerk him off to this, he knew he wasn't going to last long. With his eyes fixed on the screen, he watched as the woman started sucking the man's cock.

"She's so sexy, isn't she?" David sucked in a breath as Patrick's hot breath hit his ear. His words took David by surprise. Patrick wasn't just going to jerk him off to this. He was apparently going to jerk and talk him off to this.

"I bet you'd love her between your legs, sucking your cock."

If he didn't know Patrick was unapologetically gay, he'd almost believe he believed his own words with the conviction in his voice. David bucked up into Patricks fist. "Yesss." He hissed as Patrick quickened his pace. The woman was licking around the head now, saliva running down the man's cock as she took him in her mouth again. Patrick took one look at the screen before removing his hand from David and placing his finger in his mouth, sucking pointedly. David was transfixed on Patrick's finger, moving in and out in time with the woman blowing the man on screen, just seen out of the corner of his eye.

Pulling his finger out of his mouth slowly, saliva pooled at the tip, Patrick dragged it up David's cock and around the head. Almost like the woman herself had run her tongue over him, leaving a glistening trail in her wake. He'd been trying to keep his eyes focused on the video, but he couldn't help himself anymore. He needed to kiss Patrick. Turning his head to capture his lips, Patrick met him eagerly, tongues desperately searching for each other immediately as Patrick kept a firm grip on his cock. A long, deep kiss later and David pulled back. "Fuck, Patrick."

"Yeah? You like this?"

"Yes, so much. How are you liking this?"

"I'm liking you." Patrick muttered. "I love watching you like this. Watching you get off to what makes you feel good."

David moaned, almost in time with the woman on screen, as Patrick's hand quickened it's pace. His free hand reached up and pinched David's more sensitive nipple, making him yelp, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Placing his fingers on David's chin, Patrick directed his attention back to the laptop screen. The couple in the video had moved so the man was lying on the bed as the woman straddled him, sinking down onto his cock with a groan.

"You'd love her riding you David, wouldn't you?" Patrick said, without hesitation.

"Yeah." David replied breathily as he continued to watch. Patrick seemed so calm saying all this out loud.

"Look at her, her perfect ass bouncing. She looks so good, David."

David couldn't help but shut his eyes for a moment as the words washed over him. He was still in disbelief hearing those words come out of his husband's mouth. Hearing him say "she" instead of "he". Knowing that Patrick wasn't finding her attractive in the traditional sense, but that he knew David was and that that was attractive in itself. That it didn't matter to Patrick that he was talking him off to porn that he isn't into, he just wants to watch David come. Knowing that was pushing David so close to the edge, his hips bucking into Patricks fist as the sounds of the couple on screen got louder.

"Her tight..." Patrick gave David's cock a squeeze. "...pussy, squeezing around your cock as she rides you." Patrick slowed his hand, squeezing David's cock slowly, once, twice, three times, before resuming stroking again. "She'd be so wet, David. So messy. She'd be dripping all over your cock."

David shut his eyes for a moment, Patrick's words dripping in his ear as he pictured the woman on top of him, bouncing as she rode his cock. Knowing that Patrick was actively encouraging it made it all the more hotter. His eyes burst open to see Patrick, staring at him lovingly, his eyes wide as he watched. With one loud moan David came, spurting all over himself and Patricks fist, his cries drowning out any sounds from the laptop.

"Fuck." David's head hit the back of the couch, breathless.

"Yeah?" Patrick chuckled, taking a lick at his hand before grabbing the towel and wiping David down.

"Yeah. That was so hot."

"I'm glad." Patrick smiled, cuddling into him.

"I can't-" David started, still breathless, giving himself a moment before starting again. "I can't believe that."

"Believe what?"

"You? This. That." David motioned to the laptop.

"If you haven't noticed…" David felt Patrick's hard cock nudge his hip. "It wasn't exactly a chore." Patrick smiled.

David's mouth dropped. "What? How? But you just? What's that's from?"

"You. You know how much I like watching you. Doesn't matter what was on the screen." Staring unblinkingly at Patrick as he got the towel, Patrick wiped David down. He had the immediate urge to cuddle him, to soak in his embrace for a while. But, Patrick did have a hard cock, and he had just jerked David off to porn he wanted to watch. It'd be a shame to not do the same for him.

"Hmm. Guess it's your turn now." David passed the laptop to Patrick. "So what's been getting you off lately?"