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Eternal Family

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Druig liked the library, it has internet and is a nice place to sit down and do homework and also is a place where his little sister enjoys as much as him so it is a winning situation for the both of them. He sighed, today he did not feel like doing his homework on Friday but he knew well that he would not have a better opportunity during the weekend, with a new sigh he resigned himself and continued with his homework he still had a very good hour to try to finish as many as possible.

At fifteen Druig had more responsibilities than the average boy, since the death of his mother two years ago he became responsible for his younger sister, Sprite now six years completely depended on him, his father had no interest in them and he only paid attention to them to throw some money in their direction to feed them or when he needed to vent his fury. Druig always tried to be his father's punching bag and distract him into forgetting that Sprite existed, most of the time it worked but not always.

He sighed again before closing the notebook, giving in to the idea of finishing his homework. He checked his watch and started packing his things into his backpack. One of the reasons they went to the library every Friday was because it offered activities in the children's area and it was a way to keep Sprite busy while he concentrated, or tried, on her homework.

Sprite was waiting for him sitting on one of the sofas in the children's area with a book in her hands, since she had learned to read months ago she had discovered how much she enjoyed choosing a book and reading it by herself.

"Ready to go?" He asked her as he sat down next to her "what are you reading?"

"It's about some crayons that don't want to color anymore" she explained shrugging her shoulders "it's silly"

"And if it's silly why are you reading it?"

"Because it's funny"

Druig shook his head several times as he let her finish her book, Sprite hated leaving any reading halfway through. It didn't take more than a few minutes before the girl announced that she had finished reading and put the book back in her place.

"What activity did you do today?" he asked as he helped her put on her coat

"They read a book 'Pippi Longsomething'" Sprite wasn't very good at paying attention if the story didn't interest her.

"Isn't it about the freckled girl in the long stockings?"

"I think so" she shrugged "I prefer when they read Dr. Seuss"

"I thought you hated the cat in the hat"

"I learned to appreciate it"

Druig let out a laugh looking at her sister without being able to believe her words, she was only six years old and sometimes she spoke as if she were many years older. He was so distracted looking at the girl that he didn't notice the moment he nearly bumped into someone on his way out of the library.

"I'm sorry" he rushed to apologize to the girl in front of him. The girl looked at him with a small apologetic smile before starting to make some movements with her hands, finally making him realize that she was using sign language. "Could you repeat that?" he spoke to her hoping she could read her lips.

The girl smiled and nodded, repeating the same movements but in a slower way. He was not an expert in ASL, he had taken a course but he had not continued to practice but he still had a bit of knowledge to be able to understand that she was just trying to tell him that there was no problem.

"Have a nice day" he smiled at the girl as she waved goodbye to him.

"Why didn't she say anything?" Sprite asked when they were at the bus stop.

"She's probably deaf and that's why she uses sign language to communicate" He explained with a shrug.

"And how do you learn to do those signs?"

"Studying and practicing"

"You do not study"

"I used to do it"

Sprite snorted but she didn't say anything else. The walk home was done in silence, they had an established routine and coming home was something that neither of them enjoyed doing.

"Go to the room" Druig ordered as soon as they entered and noticed that her father was in front of the television surrounded by beers "I don't want you to go out at all, do you hear me?" Sprite nodded and ran towards her room, closing the door silently.

"Finally you show up!" His father had turned to look at him "Get me some beers from the fridge, quickly"
Druig said nothing and did as her father ordered, handing her two beers moments later. The man accepted the drink without looking at him.
"I left food in the fridge for you two, warm it up and feed your sister and don't bother me, I'm busy"

Still keeping silent, the teenager took care of heating the food that the man had brought, it was normal for his father to come home with food from some fast food restaurant and have Druig heat it up and feed his sister with it, they very rarely ate anything prepared at home and the only times they did was because the eldest wasn't home and Druig had to figure out how to feed him and Sprite.

"Thanks for the food" He said as soon as he had heated everything up, he didn't like to thank the man for remembering to spend a few dollars on them but he knew the consequences of not acknowledging the "effort" his father made for them .

He walked into their room without saying anything and it wasn't until he had locked the door that Sprite came out from under the bed. They ate in silence, used to not making any noise when his father was watching a game, it was better not to attract his attention.

Sprite climbed to the top bunk without saying anything, it could be considered a good day when Sprite felt calm enough to sleep in her own bed. Neither of them was a very sound sleeper so Druig tried to make as little noise as possible while he took things out of his backpack to try and finish his homework.