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We Keep All the Party in this Room All Night

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"I could totally take him", Hoseok says as he squints to see his future mate.


His trusty sidekick bodyguard, Jungkook, cocks his head. "In a fight?".


Hoseok hums in answer. Jungkook blinks rapidly. "Hyung, you meant in a fight right?"


Hoseok waves at him absently and strolls away, saying he's going to find a better vantage point and leaves Jungkook behind; who tries hard to scrub the  conversation from his poor innocent mind.

Kim Seokjin.


Heir to the throne. Beloved alpha of his kingdom. Hoseok's soon to be betrothed.


Hoseok tried not to fidget in his heavy robes. It's so itchy; he's not used to wearing so many layers of clothing. Traditions are a pain. And not the fun kind, he think sulkily.


His father and Kim Seokjin's mother are busy discussing the arrangements for the wedding. He already knows he's going to hate it. At least he could look forward to meeting the people during their procession through the crowd to receive their blessings. That he would enjoy.


He loves talking to the people in his kingdom, they're always so lovely. He couldn't say the same for the nobles who he'd have to fake a smile for and pretend he's grateful that they showed their greedy faces to his ceremony. He's been in court long enough to know who would truly be happy for him and who wouldn't.


He scratches his ankle under the table, grateful the sleeves are hiding the action when he feels a gentle tap on his shoulder.


It's Kim Seokjin's older brother; the alpha who had rejected the throne and chose to remain in the shadows. Hoseok nods his head in a small bow and gets one back. He leans closer and whispers to him, "This is so boring, isn't it?". 


The omega tries to hide his smile and nods. Seokjin is in his line of sight and he sees him straighten up, looking right at them both with curious eyes.


The alpha continues "Once they start they won't stop for hours. Do you want to get out of here, Hoseok-ssi?"


Hoseok starts to nod before he stops himself. What a commotion it would start if he is seen out alone with his future mate's brother. Unfortunately. the other alpha is already headed towards the other side of the table where both the rulers were sitting and whispered to them. 


Both rulers look at him and Hoseok could feel sweat trickle down the back of his neck; his father is going to kill him. They whisper back to the prince and he comes back to his side, grinning.


"Okay, you are off the hook. They have approved for you to escape to your room".


There's no 'we' included in what he said. Hoseok lets out a relived sigh. The other alpha laughs. "I know. Getting out of these clothes is the best feeling ever". He lets out his own longing sigh. "I will have to wait longer for that though".


Taking the chance he's been given, Hoseok stands up and bows to him. "Thank you". The alpha waves at him "Don't worry about it. I'll see you at the wedding or the next meeting; whichever comes first".


Hoseok takes graceful steps until he passes the door and when it closes behind him, he lifts up his robes and runs towards his chambers as fast as possible.

He's managed to change into his more comfortable loose shirt and pants combo when there's a knock on his door and Jungkook's voice filters in, sounding awkward. "Uh, Prince Hoseok, there's someone here to see you".


Thinking it must be his mother or sister, he tells Jungkook to let them in. He's in the middle of punching his outer robe into submission to fold it neatly when a completely strange voice filled with amusement addresses him. "What has that robe ever done to you?"


The omega turns around sharply. It's him. Kim Seokjin; standing there with a small shy smile. "What are you doing here?", he asks in surprise.


The alpha's smile drops and looks toward the door. "Uh, my brother told me you wanted to speak to me?".


"No, I didn't".


"Oh". The alpha shuffles in place.


There's something amusing about how awkward the alpha was being. Hoseok has only seen him from afar until now, so he takes the opportunity to really take in he other man in front of him.


He's absolutely stunning. Warm but sharp eyes, plush lips, fluffy hair. His shoulders are so broad, he knew this from seeing him from afar but closer, it was even more majesticHe wonders how strong he is under those clothes. Hoseok likes strong. 


He figures that he has nothing to lose. They're already going to mated. Might as well get to know the alpha really well.


"It's alright. We could still talk. I'm Jung Hoseok" he says as he extends a hand towards him.


This is a test of course. He knows there are still people out there who believes that omegas and betas are supposed to act in certain ways when they're around alphas. His own kingdom is way too smart for ridiculous notions like that. But if he's going to marry this man, then he needs to know that he will be respected and accepted as he is.


The alpha doesn't even blink before taking his hand.


Test One: pass.


"Kim Seokjin. Nice to officially meet you". His grip is firm and his hand are large enough to cover his completely.  Hoseok does his best not to stare.

A few hours later, Kim Seokjin leaves when one of his own bodyguard tells him his parents have asked for him.


He watches from the entrance to his chamber as the alpha leaves after kissing his hand like some kind of fairytale prince.


"He's so quiet and awkward and shy. We barely managed to get to know each other, I don't know how we're going to have sex". he sighs longingly.


Jungkook side-eyes him and shrugs. "I mean, you don't have to".


Hoseok turns on his heels and waves a hand in the air, a determined look on his face, "Oh I'm definitely going to".


Jungkook sighs into the night air.  He wonders if it's still too late to become a farmer.