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To the Three Moons and Back

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Hello, these are the rules to my oneshot requests! Here I’ll list my Do’s and Dont’s, along with anything extra. This will also be where you can request for pieces, so please comment suggestions if you want me to write something! I’ll respond with either a 🌕 or a 🌑 depending on if I’ll do it or not, and elaborate on anything/ask questions if I need to.


• Fluff involving any character I listed
• Hurt/comfort involving any character I listed
• Gender neutral, feminine or masculine pronouns/body parts for reader on request (the default is gender neutral)
• AU’s, including college AU’s, high school AU’s, modern AU’s, medieval AU’s, etc.


• NSFW with of-age characters. I am a bit nervous to do so since I am new to writing, however if you suggest a scenario I really like I may write it, so feel free to suggest away
• Angst, I am not a very angsty person so I don’t know how well I could write this, however again if an idea really inspires me I may write it
• Describing the character with certain physical features on request (making them a defined race, body type, ect). I am trying to include everyone in these fics so I might not if you ask, but you can always ask
• Multiple chapters for scenarios. If I absolutely love a scenario that was suggested I might, however I most likely won’t with most.
• Write for characters not listed here. It depends on if I know the character that well or not, but I’m always willing to give it a shot if you want to see a omeshot with a certain NPC or whoever


• No NSFW of minors, so excluding Diona, Qiqi, Sayu, Klee, Fischl, Bennet, Barbara, Xiangling, Xingqui, Chongyun, and Razor (apologies if I forgot any). I know most characters do not have confirmed ages, however this is just a personal preference! I will still do SFW fics with these characters however, writing the reader as underage as well.
• No characters from other fandoms.
• No, I will not write the reader as underage if they are with an adult character.
• I will not write incest, rape, or anything like that. As a new writer I do not feel ready to handle these subjects with grace, nor do I particularly desire to write them.
• Write the reader with certain names. The reader will always be called Y/N or something else neutral.

Characters I’ll write for (“maybe” does not mean I won’t, it just means I don’t know their character as well so I am a tad wary):
Scaramouche (Maybe)
Xiao (Maybe)
Albedo (Maybe)
Baizhu (Maybe)
Ayato (Maybe)
Aether (Maybe)
Dainsleif (Maybe)
Itto (Maybe)
Gorou (Maybe)
Bennet (SFW only)
Razor (Maybe, SFW only)
Chongyun (SFW only)
Xingqui (Maybe, SFW only)
Dottore (Maybe)

Yanfei (Maybe)
Lumine (Maybe)
Hu Tao (Maybe)
Raiden Shogun
Amber (Maybe)
Kujou Sara
Yae Miko
Fischl (SFW only)
Keqing (Maybe)
Xinyan (Maybe)
Yun Jin (Maybe)
Sucrose (Maybe)
Noelle (Maybe)
Barbara (SFW only)
Xiangling (SFW only)
La Signora

I apologize if I forgot anyone!

This may be added to in the future, and it may not. However, I would always recommend reading this again before suggesting something!

Thank you!