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There's just something about waking up feeling more tired than you had been before heading to bed. Briefly, Hoseok wonders if he caught a bug from somewhere. He makes a mental note to take some meds with him to work in case it becomes an issue.


Once he had sluggishly freshened up, he heads down to their kitchen to see if there's any breakfast or he needs to whip something up. They're not a very traditional pack so the alphas tend to cook for everyone when they can for lunch and dinner but most often for breakfast it's each wolf to themselves.


He finds some French toast kept aside for him today though -probably made by Yoongi, who favors western style breakfasts- and enjoys them with a cup of  orange juice.  Someone has already filled his travel mug with iced americano so he picks it up along with his bag and goes to head out, once he was done.


The living room is already filled with conversation this early. He's not surprised, it's a Saturday after all, when most of them tend to have the day off. Hoseok however, has to help a few of his students finalize the choreo for their upcoming showcase.


He stands near the entryway to the living room and watches the scene in front of him with a soft smile. Jin is trying to do something on his phone but is halted by Jimin dozing off on his right shoulder, Taehyung pulling on his left wrist demanding attention and Jungkook sitting near his legs and laughing as he holds them hostage while the struggle happens.


Their pack's oldest alpha is complaining a mile an hour, calling them disrespectful brats whom he should let starve but Hoseok can see the small smile threatening to escape. Hoseok wants to head over and have the alpha scent him so that he could leave but hesitates. They seemed to be having fun and he didn't want to bother them.


While he dithers there, trying to decide, he hears his name being called by his pack alpha. He shifts his eyes towards the noise and sees Yoongi standing by the kitchen, a hoodie on and looking tired. He waves him over and heads into the kitchen. Hoseok goes towards him.


The alpha gives him a once over  and blinks at him slowly. "Heading to work already?".


Hoseok nods.


"Want me to scent you?" he asks.


Hoseok hesitates before nodding again. "Sure, hyung". He does want to be scented by Jin today but since the others are busy teasing him, being scented by Yoongi is fine too.


"I was with Joon and kind of smell like him, is that okay or do you want me to wash up first?" the older asks as he walks closer to him.


Hoseok smiles. Yoongi is such a good pack alpha. He knows not all omegas like having other scents on them, especially from an omega in heat. But Hoseok likes Namjoon's scent on him just fine, heat or no heat. "It's okay hyung, just scent me".


As the pack alpha scents him, Hoseok asks how Namjoon is doing. Yoongi hums under his breath. "Much better. Last day yesterday. He's nesting like crazy in there today though, I left to get some juice", he says and smiles at the end.


Pack alphas always have a hard time when their pack omegas are in heat but it's especially tiring when they're mated.  Yoongi and Joon has been mated for 5 years already and Namjoon has always had long heats -something that hasn't changed after their mating- which tires both him and his alpha mate.


Hoseok almost preens in content once he's saturated in Yoongi's (and a healthy dose of Namjoon's) scent. He feels so safe and content already.


"Thanks hyung. For the scenting. And the breakfast. And the coffee", he says as he rubs his chin on the shorter alpha's head.


Yoongi grunts, turning his head away in what Hoseok knows as shyness. "S'nothing. Why were you just standing there so long anyways. All you have to do is ask".


Hoseok freezes but quickly breaks into a wide smile. "It's okay, Jin hyung was busy. And besides, I like your scent hyung!".


His alpha sighs again but ruffles his hair fondly. "Keep lying to yourself kid."


To which Hoseok huffs back "I'm literally only a year younger than you, grandpa".


Yoongi passes by him with his bottles of juice as Hoseok fixes his mussed hair and decides to keep quiet when the alpha tells him again, "just ask him, Hobi".



The dance lesson is brutal. There's a particularly tricky part of the choreo that his students were having issues grasping and he had to help them for hours at end with it. By the time it was all sorted, he could barely stand, debating if he should just take a nap in the dance studio before heading home.


He decides against it in the end. The lesson already ran much later than it was supposed to and while none of them have a curfew, he knows Yoongi will feel much more at ease once all the pack members were home. The pack alpha never shows it but they all know he's always a bit more on edge when one of them were in heat, his protective instincts amped up.


He's the only instructor in the studio today so he makes sure the studio is locked up securely before taking the late night train home.


During the ride, he realizes that he didn't notice while teaching but he feels the same weird sick feeling he had that morning. He chalks it up to loneliness as all of Yoongi's and Namjoon's scent has been washed off by sweat. He smells just of himself and soap.


Hobi has always been tactile and loved to both scent and be scented even as a kid so not smelling the comforting smell of pack on him always makes him a bit upset.


Once home, the huge sigh of relief he lets out brings their pack beta out to check. "Hobi hyung is home!" He yells out to the rest of the house and bounces over to him, taking his bag and the travel mug from him.


Hoseok pulls Jungkook into a hug and scents him. "Hi bun".  Jungkook laughs and moves away when Hoseok scents his neck because he's a bit ticklish there.


The youngest of the pack is excited as he tells him about the movie they have lined up, almost hopping around in his excitement, complaining that Hoseok took long and they've been waiting for more than an hour.


Hoseok already feels much better just being home. He lets the little one follow him around as he goes to wash his hands and grabs a bottle of beer to go with his dinner- "I made ramen hyung! It's sooooo good! Jiminie hyung and Taehyung hyungie almost finished it but I kept plenty aside for you!"- then heads over to the living room to join the rest of the pack for their movie night.


There's a big nest on the floor - courtesy of Namjoon probably- and all of them are already settled in. He sits on the couch first to finish his dinner after they all greet him.  The lights are turned off and the movie that plays illuminates his bowl.


The ramen is just as good as Jungkook claimed and usually he has no issues finishing it off but today, he finds himself picking a bit listlessly halfway through it, not really feeling that hungry. He debates passing it off to the younger members of the pack but decides against it. He didn't have much of lunch today either, it won't be healthy to eat so less especially after such a tiring day.


He manages to finish it 40 minutes into the movie. It's some sort of action flick that doesn't really hold his interest, making his eyes droop sleepily at the screen. He turns his attention to his pack sprawled around. Yoongi and Namjoon are sitting towards the side, huddled together, Joon clearly still a bit clingy at the tail end of  his heat. The other omegas of the pack, Jimin and Tae are busy cuddling Jungkook despite his protests.


Jin is sitting up, leaning against the three seater, looking extra cozy in an oversized sweater and munching on some of his favourite jellies. Before the thought could even register, he's sliding down from his seat, onto the pile of comforters and straight onto the older alpha's lap. Jin makes a surprised sound and looks down at him with a smile. "Tired today Hobi?".


Hoseok refuses to admit that his nickname coming from the alpha's mouth sends a warm feeling down his spine. He refuses.


He mumbles out something that must sound like a yes to Jin because the older simply starts carding the fingers of his free hand through Hobi's hair. It feels nice. Jin is warm, and soft and gentle. He makes a sound at the back of his throat and lets sleep bring him under.


That is, until some snickering from the other side makes the alpha shush them, much louder than he thinks the oldest was going for which makes his eyes snap open in attention.


The younger ones are definitely snickering at him and he doesn't mean to but snaps at them for breaking him out of the soft bubble he had been in. ''What?"


Tae and Jimin, with their chubby cheeks splitting wide in a teasing grin answer him together while still holding Jungkook hostage between them, "You were purring!".


The denial is swift and easy. "I was not". He didn't purr,  especially not when he was lying on his favorite alpha's lap. No.


"Yes!", the two omegas tell him. More than happy to break Hoseok's fragile sense of security.


He looks towards Jin, and the man offers him a soft smile. A smile that hit the nail on the head.


Oh god. He had been purring.


Hoseok never purrs. Has never done so. Purring is the sign of an omega's ultimate content and affection.


The other younger omegas who know this very well, starts teasing him about it, making him flush and gets his head off Jin's lap in a panic.


He looks at the alpha, but Jin doesn't say anything. He still has that stupid adorable soft smile on his face.


Hoseok on the other hand can feel the panic building. He's not supposed to know. The older alpha is not supposed to know.


He feels a whine building up deep in his chest, his packmates' teasing, done with no malice, doing nothing to quell it.


The sound of Jungkook's yell however, finally snaps him out of it. The youngest of the pack stands up and gives a sound of triumph,  having managed to finally escape from his hyungs' determined clutches.


Jimin and Tae make appropriately dramatic sounds of despair. Tae tries to drag the beta down by his ankle. "Nooo, come back my personalized heater".


Jungkook sticks his tongue out at him in reply. "No way! You two are too clingy and I just took a shower. I don't want to sweat and be gross again". He does a small hop over Jin's long legs to plop down next to Hoseok.


Taking the chance, he crawls his way to Yoongi and Namjoon instead. Namjoon peeks at him over the blanket they're both bundled in and makes space between them.


Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook are distracted with their bickering which makes him glad because when Joon scents his neck and throws the blanket over them, hiding him from view, he finally lets out a small whine.


He feels Namjoon tighten his hold and after a moment, feels Yoongi adjust his head so that it's on the alpha's chest. He's letting out small, quiet, comforting rumbles that pushes away the lingering feelings of panic from his head.


He doesn't look at Jin again after that. Doesn't look at anyone. He doesn't know when or how, but eventually he falls asleep between the pack alpha and the head omega.

Jin is the entire reason their pack exists. Which is weird, because Namjoon, Yoongi and him have known each other longer than they have known Jin but the thought had never crossed their minds.


Yoongi and Namjoon only met a few months before they met Hoseok. They were both way too hot-headed and always butted heads. Hoseok sometimes served as a buffer between them, sometimes joined the fighting. He has no idea why they still decided to be roommates.


They met Jin a while after. He was like a phantom who floated in and out of their shitty apartment whenever he wanted to. Sometimes Hoseok would find him bundled up from head to toe on their couch. Many times, this is followed by him screaming in surprise.


Jin was quiet and didn't really speak to them a lot. Hoseok  could count on one hand the times they've had a conversation longer than ten minutes.


Yoongi and him got along like fire though, both spending time just sitting together and doing nothing.


Just looking at them sometimes drove Hoseok up the wall. He wasn't used to doing nothing. He always had to keep moving. Always has to be doing something.


Then, one day Jin captured him.


He had been doing an assignment that was giving him a rough time and heard the oldest alpha march in and out of their apartment with a serious look on his face. There were lots of clanging and muffled whisper-screams that Hoseok chose to ignore.


Until of course, a shadow blocked what little light he had, squirreled away towards one corner of their living room with his laptop plugged into the socket.


Hoseok is 82 percent sure he didn't hiss at the alpha. Maybe 75 percent. It was a tough time. He's pretty sure he had been up for 72 hours straight at that point, his memory was shoddy at best.


What happens next though, was something that Hoseok cherishes to this day.


Jin insisted that Hobi had to definitely come see this one thing on the roof. Absolutely most definitely. It was urgent and it was calling Hoseok's name.


Eventually, he had let his hyung tug him by his sleeve up the stairs. Hoseok had wondered if Jin had rescued a rabid stray dog and expects all of them to share custody of it now. His sleep deprived brain was making calculations on how much ramen they'll have to survive on in order to feed it.


When Jin weirdly stays behind him, Hoseok sighs and opens the door; ready for his fate as a rabid dog dad.



"Hyung, what... what's all this?".


Jin laughs nervously. "Well, you know. You've just been working so hard lately so."


He gestures towards what he's been working on. There's a picnic mat topped by a fluffy comforter and a blanket. Fairy lights are stringed around, giving a soft warm glow. There's a meat grill and beer. A laptop is on the comforter, screen bright.


"I thought you could use a break", he finishes softly.


Hoseok was speechless. He just gapes there like a fish out of water. When he realizes that the alpha is fidgeting and is letting out slightly embarrassed pheromones, he snaps out of it.


"This looks really nice, hyung".


The older man smiles at him. He tugs Hoseok by the hand towards the comforter.


Once they've ditched their slippers and settled in, Hoseok lets out a yelp when Jin tugs on his arm to make him lie down. The alpha follows suit and reaches to his right for something. The fairy lights turn off and he points up.


"The stars are beautiful tonight".


Indeed they were. It was a bit cloudy, but they were thin and sparse enough to see the shining little space rocks.


There's a bit of struggle to get comfortable, Jin had way too much of a broad shoulder and they had to do a bit of wiggling to make sure neither of them were lying on the cold floor. But once settled, Hoseok realized how nice this actually was.


It's been so long since he's taken a break for himself. Even longer since he's taken any time to look at the stars.


There's a lovely breeze blowing through. It's not too cold, but he feels the alpha tuck the blanket around them both. Hoseok feels the tension in his shoulders disappearing with the chill.


They spend some time star-gazing quietly. Eventually, they move to start grilling the meat Jin had prepared.


Breaking into the beer with soft music playing from the laptop, Hoseok learns more about the alpha that he hasn't been that close with.


He learns that Seokjin wasn't as quiet as he had thought to be. He could talk a mile a minute when he wanted to.


He learns that the alpha gets cold easily, laughing as he shoves his cold toes under Hoseok's calves and makes him screech in surprise.


Hoseok learns that Jin loves cooking and makes the alpha promise him to make something for him to try.


He learns the songs he likes, the songs he dislikes, that he loves pink, that he once heard Yoongi baby-talking to a puppy and thought he was hallucinating.


Hoseok learns that Jin knows how to play the guitar. That he knows how to sing. That he has performed in his college before.


He learns what the alpha's favourite snacks are (jellies) and what his favourite anime is. He also learns that SpongeBob is not an anime.


He learns that Jin think's Hoseok is one of the coolest person his has met. Learns that he has always wanted to talk to him more but felt too shy to approach him because he didn't know what to talk about.


He learns that the alpha has attended his dance performances before, quietly cheering with Yoongi and Namjoon. He learns that Jin has been there when neither of them could make it too.


He learns that once, Jin had dragged all of his friends to a dance competition he had joined and made them vote for him. Though he quickly promises that they all loved him immediately anyways. He learns that Jin got more upset than he had been when he only got second place (the other guy wasn't even that good Hoseok-ah! That competition was rigged!).


Hoseok learns and learns and learns.


The stars were beautiful that night.


But Jin's face as he throws his head back in a big laugh when he tries to feed Hoseok and accidentally drops it on his chest is, he thinks, more beautiful.


After that night, Hoseok finds himself in the company of Jin more often than not. Sometimes just them together; watching a movie, having dinner, studying or cracking a couple of beers. Sometimes with Yoongi or Namjoon. Sometimes with Yoongi and Namjoon.


One day, after Yoongi comes out of his room where he had locked himself in for his rut, with his hair sticking out everywhere and looking like a sleep deprived zombie, Jin makes them all lunch and tells them he wants them all to officially become pack.


As Yoongi and  him choked on their noodles, Namjoon just hummed in thought.


Two months later and they had submitted all the necessary documents and the government officially gave them their pack license.


Which meant they spent even more time together than usual. Making the effort to be a somewhat functioning pack.


This, of course, meant Hoseok saw more of Jin and learns even more details about him.


He learns that Jin is funny. He makes jokes so effortlessly that it has him wheezing in no time, lying down and slapping a hand on the floor to make him stop so that he could breathe.


He learns about how responsible and caring he is, when they all finally move in together and Jin brings with him both of his sugar gliders. He gently soothes Hoseok when one day he decides he wants to hold one of them. Hoseok's hand is trembling slightly and he's afraid he's going to drop her but Jin is there, telling him he's doing great and saying not to worry, he's there to catch her if she jumps or falls.


He learns how much he underestimated the love Jin is capable of when he finds him sobbing inconsolably when they passed away. Unsure on how to deal with their grieving friend who they had never seen cry before, they had simply cuddled him between them, offering their silent comfort.


He learns how fast Jin is at halli galli, both him and Namjoon sulking with their red hands clutched to their chest in defeat while Yoongi laughs at them and praises Jin while he tells them they should have known better than challenging a guy who held a PhD in halli galli.


He learns that Jin's ears turns red at the slightest of attention and he turns quiet and shy when someone genuinely praises him.


He learns that he's an incorrigible flirt, making Hoseok flustered with offhand pick-up lines-


If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.


Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda only one for me!


Did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re hot.


-his wide shoulders shaking in mirth after saying them out loud.


He learns the slightly crooked curves of Jin's fingers, the uneven cuts of Jin's bangs, the soft humming and swaying he does as he cooks, his warm scent, his one soft smile that pops out his dimples.


He learns.


And learns.


And learns.


Then, one day.


He falls.

Hoseok jolts awake with a start.


His sleep-adled mind takes a moment to realize why he woke up.


He was feeling overheated, sweat plastering his shirt to his back, his hair limp over his forehead.


There's a hand holding him in place.


Namjoon is on his left, clutching at his waist and sleeping soundly. His mouth is open and he's breathing heavily against Hoseok's neck. Yoongi is on his right, curled into a tiny ball with his hand tucked between his legs, a habit all of them find absolutely adorable. The alpha is not touching him but is close enough that Hoseok can feel the heat from him.


They must have brought him here after the movie; he remembers falling asleep on their alpha's chest.


He feels a trickle of sweat run down his spine and grimaces. There's no way he's going to able to sleep again. Not while feeling gross and sweaty. He moves as slowly as he can and does a shimmy to move out from under Joon's arm. It takes him a moment. Once he's out, he watches as Joon's hand clenches at the empty space, looking for something and whining in his sleep.


He stifles a laugh when instinctively, Yoongi unfurls and rolls himself forward, tucking himself into Namjoon's chest. Yoongi is so whipped. The omega in turn purrs in content.


Refusing to think about what he himself had done while lying on Jin's lap yesterday, he bolts to his own room.


Once showered and feeling clean -though he still felt uncomfortably heated and sluggish- he heads down to make breakfast for himself. Maybe something light; his stomach seems a bit unsettled today. He's thinking about what he could make for the others when a sound from the living room makes him pop his head around the entrance to check.


While Yoongi and Namjoon had decided to drag themselves and him to bed, it appears that the rest called it a day and decided to crash as they were. Jin being  at the center of the puppy pile, he had the 3 menaces draped over him like blankets. It was a cute and pretty common sight in their household as Yoongi could only take certain amount of skin on skin contact before his left eye started twitching and you can see thoughts of murder in his eyes. The younger pack members were way too clingy for the pack alpha but Jin was completely fine with them and often became their somewhat voluntary body pillow.


Hoseok immediately realizes that something is wrong when he sees the three ducklings sweating profusely with discomfort on their sleeping faces. He takes a tentative sniff and clutches his nose, breathing through his mouth.




Somehow all three of them were in heat. It was pretty common for Jimin and Taehyung to share heats as they were pretty much attached at the hip, but Jungkook too? Due to the overwhelming number of omegas in the pack, the beta most often had heats instead of ruts due to the proximity alone. But he had never had them at this time of the month.


He goes inside and opens up all the windows to let the stifling air filled with heat pheromones out. None of them stir at the sound but he sees Taehyung whine and bury his face into the crook of the alpha's neck.


There's a sour feeling at the back of his throat at the sight but he dismisses it and runs upstairs. As bad as he feels waking Yoongi up, he needs the alpha to check if something is wrong with the young ones.


He didn't even have to bother saying anything though. He must've been more worried than he thought he was because he opens the door to find Yoongi himself reaching for it, his eyes red, alert.


"What's wrong Hobi? I can smell you from all the way here."


It's much easier to breathe up here and he takes a lungful of clean air. "It's the pups, they're all in heat".


Yoongi is as surprised as he is. "All three? Even Jungkook?".


Hoseok nods in answer. "They were fine yesterday though. They already smell pretty strong. I didn't smell anything wrong but I wanted you to check, just in case. I didn't want to stay there too long".


Although Jin is an alpha, as pack alpha, Yoongi was more attuned to the rest of them and could sniff out even the smallest thing that was wrong. He'll know if the sudden heats were normal or not once he takes a sniff of them.


He pats Hoseok on his shoulder. "It's okay, must just be a coincidence. Isn't Jimin's heat around the corner anyways?"


The oldest omega nods in agreement. "Yeah, it explains Taehyung but JK too?".


Yoongi shrugs lightly. "They've been spending so much time together lately that I don't find it that surprising if they've accidentally triggered each other's heat. Namjoon hanging about outside his room more often this time probably didn't help the matter. I'm slightly more worried about you though".


Hoseok blinks at the alpha in surprise. "Me? Why are you worried about me?"


Yoongi flicks him on the forehead. "You idiot, I thought you knew". Yoongi sniffs lightly at him. "You've been in pre-heat for a couple of days now".


Comically, Hoseok tries to sniff himself. " But I'm on suppressants!  That's impossible!".


"Haven't you been on the combination pills for 8 months already? The doctor probably prescribed you birth control instead. You can't take the suppressants longer than 8 months consecutively remember?", Yoongi tells him with a raised eyebrow.


Hoseok tries to remember the last time he went to pick up his prescription. He doesn't remember if  the pharmacist told him anything but he does remember that he hasn't actually been paying that much attention this month to much of anything except for his dance lessons.




It does explain why he's been feeling weird for the past few days though. He can't believe he completely forgot to keep track of this.


"You'll probably go into full heat soon enough, I can already smell it on you.  I'll go and sort the brats out but you better be prepared to be out of commission soon. It's going to hit you hard. Cancel your classes and any other appointments you have, Hobi", the alpha advises as he passes him to go downstairs.


Hoseok sighs and goes to do as the alpha said. He checks his meds as he shoots off emails to the relevant people and finds out that just like Yoongi said, he's been given birth control instead of the suppressants he usually takes. He hits himself with the pill box. Heats after using suppressants usually hits him hard.


Omegas all experience heat differently. Namjoon has the longest heat amongst them all. Jimin the shortest. All 3 youngest barely experience any pre-heat symptoms before it hits them like a truck. His always builds up much slower than the rest of his pack. He has a few days of pre-heat before it hits him out of nowhere in full. He already feels more sluggish than when he woke up, a bit too warm and cramps are starting in small twinges. He's in for a ride.


Once he was done taking care of all his appointments, he goes downstairs again to cook breakfast like he originally intended to. He's halfway through plating the warm soup he made when he feels the dizziness hit.


It's so strong that he finds himself losing the grip on the bowl and ladle in his hands, unable to do anything as everything tilts dangerously. The ladle falls first,  the metal making a loud sound against the tile. Before the bowl follows though, he feels an arm around his waist and the bowl removed from his lax hand by another.


He smells a very familiar scent. The last scent he wants to be close to at this moment. He thinks he makes a sound of protest but is unsure as everything is still swimming in front of his eyes.


He feels his head resting on a solid chest and takes a lungful more of the wonderful scent before he feels himself being gently seated on a chair. He feels fingers running through his hair and then hands cupping his face.  Eventually he could make out sounds again. "-ou okay Hobi?"


He blinks down and sees that Jin is kneeling between his legs, his face twisted in concern. His feels thumbs on either side of face, rubbing soothingly.


He croaks out a "yes" and clears his throat, surreptitiously moving his face out of Jin's hold as he did so. "I'm okay, hyung".


Jin moves away and stands up. Hoseok fights the urge to pull him back by the shirt because the alpha is moving away and taking his scent with him! He tells his omega brain to shut up.


"You should be resting, Hobi. You could've hurt yourself badly. Yoongi told me you were going well into full heat. It's a good thing I came over when I did", the broad-shouldered man said as he picks up the ladle and cleans the spill on the floor. He then places all the plated bowls onto the tray Hoseok had put out with the spoons. "I'm going to go put these in the living room and come back. You stay put okay?".


Hoseok wants to preen at the concern in the alpha's voice. Strong alpha cares about you.


His heat-brain is seriously the worst. It always makes him so needy. But Hoseok knows he's just fooling himself. He's never felt this urge around any other alpha before. There has always only been one.


Despite what the oldest told him, when he went out with the food, Hoseok followed behind anyways.


He sees that Yoongi had already been at work, the nest from yesterday topped with a slick-absorbent comforter instead.  There's a pile of clothes in the corner; the pajamas Jimin, Tae and Jungkook had been wearing last night. The two omegas and the beta were in more comfortable clothes; shorts, t-shirts and probably  slick-absorbent underwear too because they looked dry despite the strong smell of slick in the air. The air was a bit colder to soothe the heatwaves they were going through.


It seemed like Jungkook was already further into his heat than the other two. Jimin and Taehyung were slowly drinking the soup once Yoongi had helped them sit up and placed the bowl into their hands. The youngest of the pack however was making pitiful sounds, hands shaking and barely strong enough to be lifted from his sides.


Jin coos at him. "Poor baby. It's really bad huh? It's okay, hyung's got you". He sits besides the beta and helps him up to sit comfortably against the couch with a pillow behind his back. He starts spoon-feeding the youngest while praising him for doing so well, the beta in heat making whiny happy sounds  when he bares his neck and Jin scents him obligingly.


There's that sour taste behind his throat again. His heart beats rapidly in his chest and Hoseok feels this sudden urge to stomp over there and pull Jin away from the beta. I want him to look at me like that.


When Jin notices him hovering near the entrance, he waves at him with the spoon. "Go ahead and rest, Hoseok. I'll take care of them".


Logically, logically, he knows that the alpha means to say taking care of the situation in a general way. But Hoseok is in heat and all he can hear from what Jin said is that the alpha is rejecting him. That he's choosing the other omegas and the beta of the pack. That despite Hoseok being the oldest omega and thus being the most fertile and first in line for the alphas in the pack to pick, he's being rejected.


He feels slick run down his thighs. He feels a sorrowful whine coming up his throat. His eyes well up in tears.


Alpha doesn't want you. You're not enough for alpha. They are better.


For once, Hoseok agrees with his heat-brain. It was right. Jin was amazing. Perfect. He's a wonderful alpha with the loveliest scent and the kindest heart. He was strong and capable. He needed omegas like Jimin who was pretty and smart and like Taehyung who was kind and brilliant. He needed a beta like Jungkook who was strong and cute and cooked well. Jin didn't need omega Hobi.  Omega Hobi is needy and useless, he couldn't even do a simple job like plating food without help. No wonder the alpha rejected him, he was pathetic. He doesn't deserve Jin's affection and care. He doesn't deserve the alpha. The younger and better omegas and beta deserve him more.


Hoseok forces himself to turn around and head to his room. He thinks he hears Yoongi call out his name but he doesn't care. He just wants to go hide in his nest., away from everything. He wants to feel safe and protected.


Alone, without an alpha, his heat-brain supplies.


Alone, without his alpha,  his heart agrees sadly.

Hoseok feels a gentle hand in his hair. He whines and pushes his head into it, asking for more. He can smell the alpha in his room.


It's the wrong one. It's not the alpha that he wants. But, that's okay. It's his pack alpha. And his pack alpha's hand feels really nice in his hair. Feels better rubbing his back in circles.


Pack alpha softly calls out to him and he answers.


He blinks a few times to clear the haze in his eyes. He wants to burrow further into his nest. He wants to get away from everything. He wants to feel safe. Nest is safe. But pack alpha is saying something to him. He must respect the pack alpha.


It takes a while longer but eventually, his head feels clearer. He peeks his head out of his nest to see Yoongi sitting next to him, still rubbing his back gently.


"Hi, business partner. How are you feeling?", he smiles at Hoseok.


It's a joke just between them. When they had been in a fight once, in public, someone had asked if Yoongi was his packmate and Hoseok, angry and annoyed had yelled out that he was just his business partner instead. And Yoongi had never let him live that down.


"Like a very toasted marshmallow. Rough on the outside, all squishy and liquidy inside", he tells the alpha earnestly.


Yoongi's chuckle rumbles pleasantly. "Need some water?".


Hoseok nods and sits up to take the bottle from Yoongi. He head feels a bit more clearer now that he's taken care of one of his heat needs; nesting. He manages to drink without any help from the alpha.


"You okay?", Yoongi asks once he's done with the bottle.


It's a loaded question. Yoongi's not just asking about now but about what happened before. He had definitely noticed.


Embarrassment colours the back of his neck.


"Heat-brain was being stupid. I'm okay now" mumbles back, picking at invisible lint in his nest.


"You're okay for now you mean", the alpha replies. "I saw you looking at Jin hyung. Saw what happened. When are you going to ask him Hobi?".


His silence is reply enough.


The alpha sighs. "Do you think you can stand some cuddling and scenting from him at least?".


Hoseok nods. "Yes, I probably can. Scenting sounds nice. Makes me feel safe".


Yoongi ruffles his hair. "Well he's in the kitchen now, if you want to ask. Take a blanket and go".


Hoseok sighs. He doesn't want to but... it'll probably help.


Instead of a blanket, he tugs at the hoodie Yoongi is wearing as he stands up and the alpha easily takes it off and passes it to him. Hoseok puts it on, pulls up the hood and tugs the string until it's tight around his head.  Yoongi snorts and laughs at him as he pushes him out of the room.

Jin is, like Yoongi told him, in the kitchen. He's wrapping up a tray of fruits he had already cut and prepared.


Hoseok shuffles awkwardly in his house slippers as he waits for the other to notice him first. He had easily agreed to what Yoongi said but he's not sure on how to ask for it exactly.


He had never asked the older alpha for things like these during his heat before. He'd always wanted to but his needs had never been strong enough to ask for the alpha specifically for help. He'd usually burrow into his nest and cuddle with Jungkook or Jimin.


Something feels different this time though and there's a pull from deep within his core. He wants the alpha this time. But how does he tell that to the alpha in question?


Jin looks up once he's done wrapping the tray and acknowledged him. "Hobi, you look a little bit better already. How are you feeling".


Hoseok decides to be a little bit honest at least. "Less in heat haze right now, hyung. But achy all over. I was wondering, maybe we could-". before he finishes what he was about to say though, someone else barges into the kitchen in a hurry.


"Jin-hyuuuuung, when are you coming baaaaack?". It's Jimin, and he clings to Jin's back like a koala as the other man puts the tray in the fridge. When he turns around, Jin lifts Jimin up higher and the omega wraps his legs around his waist. The younger omega notices him and gives him a bright smile.


"Hobi hyung! I heard you got your heat too. Sucks right? I can't even sleep right now and want to be cuddled but Taehyung and Jungkook are feeling even more miserable then me and they don't want to so I came to ask Jin hyung instead!".


Now, Hoseok loves Jimin. Loves him. They always cuddle together and Jimin always notices when he's feeling down first and always remembers to get him his favourite chocolate when he goes grocery shopping and helps out at the dance studio a lot and he's just so sweet.


But right now, he sees Jimin's legs around Jin, sees the alpha's hands holding his thick thighs securely and he wants nothing more than to bare his teeth at the younger omega and pull him off. Wants to say give me back my alpha.


But here's the thing. Jin is not his alpha. And Hoseok loves Jimin despite what his stupid heat-brain thinks. Jimin is smiling but he can see the strain around it, the tiredness in his eyes. His head is sadly drooped over Jin's shoulder, his adorable chubby cheeks flushed in heat. Hoseok wants to wrap him up in his blanket, scent him until he smells only of Hoseok and keep him safe and sound.


Apparently, his heat-brain can't decide between coddling him and fighting him. Honestly at this point, he's just so tired of his weird instincts. He is however, aware of his status as the oldest omega. He's the protector of the pack and there is no way in hell is anyone in their pack suffering when he could do something about it.


"Looks like Jin hyung is done, so you can get all the cuddling you want and sleep it off okay?", he tells him softly. Jimin gives him a rather tired but happy smile in reply.


"Off to the nest we go, Jin hyung!" he says and points towards the living room. Jin looks at Hoseok for a moment and he can't tell what the look on his face is. He nods his head towards the living room and the alpha nods once, carrying their cute omega on his back to the nest.


Once Jin puts Jimin down and sits down on the floor, he's immediately climbed onto by Taehyung. He settles on his lap and rubs his face on Jin's shirt, then promptly falls asleep on him. Jimin wiggles a hand between their bellies and settles down on Jin's side. Jungkook, who had been sprawled half on the nest and half on the cold floor, rolls a couple of times until he reaches Jin and throws both his legs over Jin's before curling up and snoring lightly.


The scene in front of him is tempting. Everything looks soft and warm and he wants to worm himself in between them and go to sleep surrounded by pack but clearly, there's not much space to work with. Jin is only one person after all. And there's already an exasperated smile on his face as he adjusts Taehyung's head so that his chin doesn't dig into him.


There's a feeling in his chest when he looks at the alpha. It's a rare feeling for Hoseok. Or at least, it used to be, until he started noticing that the attention of his favourite alpha was never really on him. That he was always needed elsewhere. Wanted by someone else and Hoseok was never really the center of his attention. It was okay though, Hoseok had taught himself a long time ago that Jin wasn't just his. He was the pack's too. But it didn't stop Hoseok from feeling it anyways. Jealousy.


What a funny feeling, he thinks.


He doesn't notice the eyes following his every move until he disappeared from sight.

Hoseok is ready to dig a hole, bury himself in it and just die in there when there's a knock on his door a few hours later. He's barely able to invite the person in because there's just so much pain. He bites into his blanket to muffle his cry of hurt.


There's someone kneeling on the bed,  touching the back of their hand to his forehead. It's not until he feels a chest behind him does he realize, he knows who that is. The broad chest is unmistakable, the scent even more.


But he couldn't bring himself to feel any elation in knowing.


"Where does it hurt, baby?", the soft voice asks.


Hoseok grits his teeth through another wave of pain. "T-tummy hurts".  He feels tears well up at the end of the short sentence and he curls into himself to stop the cramps.


The warmth behind him leaves and comes back. There's a hand nudging his away from his belly and Hoseok makes a noise of protest.


"Shhhh, it's okay. Let alpha help, sweetheart".


The term of endearment curls around him like a warm blanket. The hand tugs his away from his stomach again and Hoseok clutches at one, manages to grip the fingers. The other hand puts something against his stomach and the omega shudders in sudden relief.


A hot water bottle.


As the cramps slowly eases under the warmth, Hoseok wonders why he hadn't done this first and spared himself all the pain.


"Poor thing, you must've been suffering for so long".  The omega nods  in answer and grips the fingers tighter.


"Ease down, love. Let me hold your hand properly".


Hoseok lets his palm fall open loosely and feels the warm hand take his. Feels a kiss on his knuckles. One on his forehead.


Feels a finger on his belly, slight crooked.


Free of pain for now, he tiredly dozes.

Hoseok wakes up face down on a solid chest. He takes a moment to rubs his face on it because holy shit, the scent!


Then it hits him.


Holy shit, the scent.


He wonders if he could just smother himself right then and there.


It's Jin.


He's lying down. On Jin. On his chest.


There's a hum from the alpha that runs pleasantly down his spine and makes his toes curl. He braves the battlefield and peeks up through his bangs. Finds warm eyes looking right back at him.


"Jin hyung".


The alpha hums again. "Yes, sweetheart?"




Has there been a world record for the fastest spontaneous human combustion yet? If no, then Hoseok would really like to create that record right now.


A gurgle is all that comes out of him in reply. Jin laughs underneath him.


"What is it Hobi?"


Honestly, Hoseok wants him to stop. Right now (not really). He sounds so soft and loving when he says his name.


And it's not the kind of loving he sounds with the rest of the pack. Hoseok knows. He's an expert when it comes  to most things related to Jin.


Jin's heartbeat is steady underneath his chin. One of his hand is curled low at his back, holding him in place. It's warm through his thin t-shirt. The other is holding his phone, one earphone is in his ear while the other one hangs lose around his neck.


There are a lot of questions running through his mind right now. He chooses one. "What time is it?".


Jin looks at his phone. "A little over 2 am. Are you hungry?".


He's not. He says yes anyways.


"Do you want to go downstairs or should I bring something up, baby?"


His heat-brain is ready to call it a day and die out of joy right there. Alpha wants to take care of his omega.


Before he does something he might regret, Hoseok moves away from his nest (and Jin). "Downstairs, I don't want crumbs in my nest, hyung".


Jin chuckles at him and obliges. Hoseok notices that he puts his phone on the bedside table before he leads the way.


He hits his nose on the back of Jin's ridiculously broad back right in front of the stairs. As he rubs his nose and asks why he stopped, Jin squats down a bit. "Hop on", he says.


Hoseok looks at him like he just asked for his first-born child. "What?! No!".


His hyung whines at him back. And then arms himself with his deadly puppy eyes. That Hoseok is absolutely weak against. "Come on, Hobi. You were in pain just a while ago. Let alpha take care of you".


Hoseok shakes his head. "I can walk fine, hyung".


The alpha just stares at him pleadingly until Hoseok throws his hands up in defeat. "Fine, oh my god!. Fine."


The embarrassment is worth the huge grin he receives from the other man.


As he gets carried down the stairs and into the kitchen, he could understand why the young ones always bully the oldest to do this for them. It's nice. Jin's shoulders are wide enough to rest his head on comfortably and his waist is small enough that there's no strain when he wraps his legs around him. The strong grip on his thighs are a plus but that's just his horniness talking.


Jin puts him down gently on the kitchen counter. "Yoongi made some kalguksu, you want it or should I make something else for you?".


Hoseok swings his legs idly, "Kalguksu is fine. Where is Yoongi hyung anyways?".


Jin snorts as he pops a bowl into the microwave. "Being held hostage by little terrors. It's his turn finally.".


The omega smiles at the amusement dancing in the alpha's eyes. There's a whirring sound as the microwave starts up.


He plays with the hem of shirt and asks the million dollar question. "About..just now. Why were you in my room?."


Jin comes and stands next to him, arms folded. "I actually wanted to talk to you about something but you were in pain. I wanted to help"


"You wanted to talk? About what?"


Jin shrugs. "About what happened before, when Jimin interrupted us in the kitchen. You were about to ask me something. And then about why you looked sad in the living room. And...I wanted to ask you something else, something very important. But I wanted to wait until you were lucid".


There's a loose string on the hem of Jin's shirt. Hoseok tugs on it, doesn't look at the alpha's face. "I'm lucid now".


He hears the alpha take in a deep breath. He hesitates a moment before he lets it out through his mouth. Hoseok feels gentle fingers in his chin, lifting his face up. When he looks at the other man, his face is serious but there's nervousness there.


"Hobi, would you let me take care of you during your heat? Not as a alpha in the pack but as your alpha."


The microwave beeps.


Hoseok inhales sharply. Did he just hear that right? "What".


The alpha hesitates, the fingers on his chins slightly slipping away. He ears are red as tomatoes. "I-I want to take care of you during your heat. And after. I...I would like to court you. I would like to be yours, if you'd let me".


He must have been quiet for  longer than he thinks because Jin's face is as red as his ears and he moves away from him. "Sorry, uh-forget I asked. Sorry".


"Wait no, stop. Jin hyung come back here", he demands. The alpha faces him again, moves a bit closer but just out of Hoseok's reach. Which wouldn't do if you asked him so he puts out his hand towards the other man.


Jin doesn't hesitate to take it, he almost does it on instinct and it makes Hoseok smile.


"Ask me again, alpha".


The oldest alpha straightens up at that and the determination comes back. "I would like to be your mate, if you'd want me".


Hoseok tugs him by the hand he's holding and Jin follows, easy. "Yes. To both. To spending my heat with you and to make you my mate. No take backs". He kisses him then, a gentle press of lips.


Jin's laugh is light and easy against his mouth. "No take backs", he agrees as he kisses him once more, a harder press, proof of his conviction.


The microwave beeps at them again and they both flinch in surprise. Hoseok lets Jin's hand slip from his as he goes to take out the now heated food.


He serves it up for Hoseok on the table and the omega lets him carry him to the chair. Once he's seated and drags the bowl of noodles closer to him, Jin settles down on the chair opposite of him.


Hoseok is tempted to hold his hand across the table but there's warm broth and noodles right in front of him. So he digs into it first, hungrier than he actually realized he was.


The silence is comfortable between them, the alpha just watching him eat with content on his face. 


Alpha is happy he provided for you.


He's halfway through the bowl when he remembers something. "Hyung, you need to ask Yoongi hyung first, about the courting".


Jin's ears turn red again and he groans. "Don't remind me. I already did. Just now. It was so weird!".


Hoseok laughs at him. The alpha lightly kicks his shin under the table. "Don't laugh brat. He was trying to be all intimidating and pack alpha like. Honestly, I'm not sure which one of us were more embarrassed."


"Did he say yes?".


Jin scoffs and rolls his eyes. "Of course he did. Still made me wait through all his threats though, the little asshole."


Hoseok slurps up the last stray noodle. "He's a good pack alpha. You chose right".


There's a soft look in Jin's eyes as he looks towards the direction of the living room. "Yeah, he is. He takes good care of all of us.".


Jin had been adamant when they had been filling up their official application forms to make Yoongi the head alpha instead of going by age like it's usually done. "Have you seen me? This pretty face can't handle that much stress you punks. Yoongi can deal with it", he'd said and that had been that. Namjoon and Hoseok had just shrugged and signed the forms. Yoongi had stood no chance against them and complained about it for months but still took the time to do everything he could to take care of them. "His heart is bigger than his dick, which just so you know, is really big", he remembers Namjoon telling him with his eyes full of love after a particularly horny bout of heat he'd gone through. A detail which Hoseok could never scrub out of his mind but was sweet in a way he supposes.



They peeked into the living room and snickered quietly when they saw Yoongi being cuddled to death by the three youngest of the pack. Yoongi heard them and narrowed his eyes at them from afar, sending silent threats. He still rubs Jungkook's back and makes a gentle sound when the beta lets out a pained whine from where he's settled on Yoongi's lap though.


They waved at him to leave when Yoongi caught his eyes. Jin was already heading towards the stairs. 


Are you okay?, his eyes seemed to ask. Hoseok gave him a thumbs up and a finger heart before nodding. He sees the small smile on the alpha's face and waves at him again before following Jin upstairs.



The late night dinner had been nice but already Hoseok feels the tiredness weighing him down. Feels the heat creeping back up. He makes appropriate groaning sounds as he climbs back into his nest. He's very proud of it for something that was done in haste. It's not too big but it's deep enough that he could disappear out of sight if he wanted. He expectantly looks up at Jin who's standing at the side of the bed, stretching. The alpha frowns at him when Hoseok pouts and huffs as he dramatically drops back into the nest when the alpha doesn't say anything.


He kneels on the nest, "what's wrong, Hobi?".


Hoseok just huffs back at him in answer and stares at him. The alpha, confused, looks around to find out the cause of the omega's discontent. It hits him when the younger huffs again and tries to burrow deeper into the blankets. Jin smiles and follows him in, burrowing right next to him as he places a hand over the omega's small waist. He rubs at his stomach and watches as the other's face blush as he says, "Good job on the nest, baby. It's so lovely".


"Thank you, alpha", he says happily.


Jin nuzzles into Hoseok's hair before he pulls the omega so that he's lying down on his chest. Hoseok meets his eyes. "You need to tell me when you need something love. Ask if you want something. How can I help if I don't know what you want?".


Hoseok sighs in understanding. "Sorry, I just-it's hard", he confesses.


Jin rubs his back. "Before, when you saw me helping Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. You wanted something didn't you?".


Hoseok nods. "I wanted you to-to hold me and scent me. To take care of me. Like you did for them. But...I didn't know how to ask", he adds the last one quietly.


Jin cups the omega's face in his hands again. "From now on, if you need anything, anything, from alpha, you have to ask okay? Tell me and I'll give it to you. I want to give you everything, baby. You're so good, so lovely. Such an amazing omega. Alpha wants to give you everything".


Hoseok preens under the praises. Alpha thinks omega is amazing.


"Is that a yes, baby?" Jin prods and waits until the other man nods.


The alpha could tell that Hoseok if falling back into the haze of heat again, he could smell it in the air. He wants to make sure that the omega understood that he shouldn't be hiding his needs. He feels upset when he remembers how sad Hoseok had looked in the living room a few hours ago. The yearning in his eyes as his tiny fists flexed at his sides, which Jin is sure the younger hadn't even noticed he had done.


He picks up one of Hoseok's hand and kisses the fingers, the knuckles, the palm. He brings the delicate and pretty wrist to his lips and kisses his pulse point. The omega freezes in surprise. "Pretty hands. Prettiest omega. I'm so lucky. Luckiest alpha" he says as he trails kisses down the arm.


Hoseok whines at him and Jin cuts it off as he presses a soft kiss to his lips. The omega chases after him when pulls away. He turns sideways and gently places the omega on his back and hovers over him. Hoseok makes a questioning sound up at him and Jin nudges at Hoseok's chin with his nose, asking for access.


The oldest omega lets out an understanding "oh" before baring his neck to the alpha and brings both his hands up to curl around Jin's shoulders.


Jin leans down and takes a long and deep inhale of Hoseok's scent. God, he smelled amazing. Jin had always liked how warm and sweet Hoseok's scent was. He doesn't know what sunlight smells like but he thinks that Hoseok's scent probably comes the closest to it.


He takes the time to slowly and thoroughly scent him until Hoseok smells more like him than himself. He kisses him under the chin and nips at his scent gland playfully, making the omega glare at him in warning.


He chuckles and settles down gently on top of the omega, keeping him underneath protectively. 


"My beautiful sunflower. My lovely omega", he says, heart bursting with love.


Hoseok hums underneath him in agreement and rubs his smalls hands over his back in soothing circles.


My alpha. Only mine



They had spent three days of Hoseok's heat simply cuddling and scenting each other. Jin did his best to soothe the omega through his painful cramps and helped him clean up when he started dripping slick more and more as his heat fully settled in.


And then today, Hoseok had made a frustrated sound before pushing Jin flat on his back, straddling him with his hands on the his chest as he had ground his hardening cock on the alpha's thigh, panting in need. Jin had placed his hands on the omega's small waist, swallowing heavily when he realized how much bigger his hands look on the other. He had helped Hoseok gently rub himself back and forth on his thigh, slightly lifting it up to give him a better angle. 


Hoseok had made a strangled sound and pushed down even more on him, moving his hips back and forth in need until he finally moaned loudly as he found his release and collapsed on top of the alpha. Jin had held him close, kissing the top of his head and telling him what a good job he did. Once Hoseok had started to move, they had both stripped down and cuddled together naked in the nest.


A while later, when Hoseok had started rutting against his hips, Jin had captured his mouth in a hot kiss and gripped the omega's cock, slowly bringing him to another orgasm between them as they continued to make out, stroking himself to completion too.


Apparently it's one of those heats this time. Or maybe not. Maybe Hoseok is just taking what he wants like what Jin asked him to. He was more than happy to oblige. 


They had settled down again after that, Jin having cleaned Hoseok up with a warm towel and got him water to make sure he kept hydrated.


Hours later, right after Namjoon had knocked on their door, telling them dinner is ready if they wanted to have it, Hoseok had stopped him from getting up from the nest. Pulled him down by the neck into a biting kiss. Jin had gasped in surprise at the intensity of it and Hoseok had nipped at his bottom lip and licked it. His eyes were clear and sharp, when he gripped the back of Jin's neck. "I want you to fuck me. Make me feel good alpha", he said as he made a point of it by rolling his hips up onto Jin.


"Okay", he had kissed back, licking into the omega's mouth. "Okay".


Hoseok had been pliant under him, body arching into Jin's hands as he told the alpha exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it. Hearing all the filthy things from the sweet omega's mouth had made him stifle a needy whine of his own into the other's neck. The omega had laughed at him, and had brought up one of the alpha's hand to his mouth, taking his fingers in and mimicking what he would like to do to the alpha's cock.


There had been no going down for dinner after that.


Jin had taken his sweet time stretching Hoseok out, getting drunk on the omega's pleading for more, more, more.  The omega had been loose already, dripping with slick but still he had gone on and dragged an orgasm out of him with just his fingers.


Then he slowly guided himself into the willing omega, nipping at his collarbones to distract him while he adjusted to his girth.


"S-so big, alpha", Hoseok said breathlessly.


"Shhhh, you're doing great, love. You're taking me so well", Jin whispers into Hoseok's neck who in turns clenches around him and whines.


Jin chokes on his saliva at the feeling. The omega feels amazing around his cock, warm and wet. They stay that way for a minute, Hoseok clenching around him and Jin holding him tightly, trying not to thrust deeper.


When Hoseok moves his hips and shifts to cross his ankles behind Jin's back, he pulls out a bit and pushes back in gently. They slowly build up the pace until Jin pulls his cock out in full and thrusts up into the omega's heat in harder thrusts, gasping into Hoseok's neck.


The omega moans in pleasure, moves his hips up to take the alpha in deeper. He's so close, so, so close.


"W-want it faster alpha, please".


Jin groans and shifts up, pushing his lover's legs apart and onto his chest more as he grips his the back of it. He's going to leave bruises on them from how tightly he's gripping them but he looks forward to them. They would look so beautiful against Hoseok's skin.


He changes his pace; faster thrusts, only pulling out a little bit. "Fuck, fuck".


Hoseok whines in agreement, biting on one of his wrist, trying to muffle the noises he's making. Jin's pace has him moving up and down the nest slightly, the bed creaking.


Jin let's go of his legs but makes sure they're secure around him before he bends down and nips at Hoseok's ear. "Are you close, baby? I can feel it in the way you clench around me".


Hoseok let's out a high pitched moan at a particularly hard and deep thrust and nods.


"Okay, you're doing so good. Let alpha take care of you. Want alpha to touch you, baby?".


Hoseok shakes his head and gasps into the alpha's neck. "Want-wanna' come like this. Just like this".


Jin grips both his hands in his and pins them next to his head. "Okay, let alpha help" and he aims his thrusts at the omega's prostate, making him shudder in sensitivity.


Hoseok feels him deep inside him and all his heat-brain could think about is how well he's being bred, about how much he needs the alpha's cum in him. He clenches against the alpha and arches against him. Trying to drag the alpha into an orgasm.


The pleasure build and builds until Hoseok cums with a jolt, his whole body tensing. As he goes limp and loosens up, the alpha continues to gently thrust into him again and Hoseok whines at the feeling.


All he hears is all the praises Jin is pressing into his skin. "So good, so good. So tight, omega feels so amazing. Taking me so well. What a good omega".


Hoseok purrs. Good omega, I'm a good omega. Good for alpha.


Then he feels the alpha bite into his collarbone to muffle his shout, holding him in place as he turns rigid against him, cumming inside. Hoseok feels the warm bursts of liquid inside him and feels at peace. He has his alpha right where he needs him; on him, inside him.


The alpha's hips stutter a few times as he continues to fill the omega up. When he slowly pulls out once he's done, he nearly folds over at the sight of Hoseok's hole dripping slick and his cum, trying to clench to keep all the cum in. He trails his fingers over the dripping liquid, catches them and stuffs them back in gently, wanting his omega to hold all of him inside. He can't wait until his rut hits. Then, he can knot him, plug his omega up and pump him full of his seed and none of it will drip out. None of it will be wasted and his omega will hold it all in until it catches.


Once his alpha-brain is satisfied, he lies down next to Hoseok, and kisses him on his cheeks, nose and forehead. Kisses him everywhere he could reach until the omega swats at him tiredly.


"Good? Feeling better love?" he asks.


Hoseok clears his throat and grins at him tiredly. "Yeah. Feels fantastic. A+ hyung. I can finally scar Namjoon forever in revenge".


Jin's ears turns red. "Please do not tell Namjoon. He will tell Yoongi and then I will have to see him daily knowing that I debauched one if his omegas right under his nose".


"Debauched really well", Hoseok teases him and Jin just whines in complaint into his chest. "Okay, okay. I won't tell him. I'll wait when your rut hits. A detailed description of your knot will work better".


"Hoseok!", the alpha looks at him with a pout that he couldn't help but kiss off.


A knock at their door interrupts them. "Dinner for you both is on the table, heat it up on the stove".


It's Yoongi. They hear him do his old man shuffle for a few steps before he stops.


"I do not want to hear about anyone's knot from Namjoon, please".


Both of them stifle their horrified giggles into each other's neck as they hear him shuffle away faster after that.