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Yet Another Griddle Origin Story

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Aiglamene felt an insistent tug on her robe. Looking down, she saw a small child almost completely swallowed by black robes.

"What's her name?" said the child, pointing at another child, who was currently whacking a stalagmite with an old chair leg.

"Gideon, Reverend Daughter," said Aiglamene.

The child nodded gravely, before toddling off towards the other child. Upon arrival, she threw her hands up in the air and said imperiously, "pway wif me!"

"No," said Gideon, and stuck her tongue out.

Stomping her foot, Harrow shouted, "Gi-de- Gwiddwe!!"

"That's not my name!" yelled Gideon.

"It is now," replied Harrow, sticking her own tongue out.

Shrieking and laughter soon echoed from amongst the forest of stalagmites as two small black figures raced between them.

For once, Aiglamene smiled.