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Bittersweet (So Sweet)

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You didn’t expect it.

Actually you never had expected that in the hell hole your life had become after the Entity decided to put you in things would turn out like this. The change in your boring routine that had become the trials. On a common day, after work, you were returning to your home to see the new MV from No Spin and the flamboyance of the leader and the idol you have been stanning in the past months since you’d discovered his music.

But then the Entity has other plans for you by taking you from your boring life. And make it fuelled by adrenaline and the deadreful feeling of being hunting until daylight or when there’s enough generators working to make the exit to open and successfully win the trials and get better commodities to your long and unplanned stay on this… realm.

Fortunately for you there are more people, survivors, as they call themselves, there to give all the advice they can think of to get better. As also, without any better options, some sights are good for sore eyes, like Jake Park and Leon Kennedy. Jake because you’d a thing for Koreans since you started to listen to k-pop many years ago and Leon because he got strength enough to release you from the hook without his arms shaking in restraint.

However they aren’t him. The slightly big eyes, the unblemished and milky white skin with the current lavender and undercut hair and all the poise of someone oozes and demands attention. They aren’t and never will be like your k-pop idol.


As the weeks pass you get the hang of the trials. How to walk, crouch down, and slow your steps to get to the generators, to take advantage of the opportunities when the killer’s attention was on someone else, how to unhook safely a fellow survivor, how to divert yourself from the killer and escape safely. Most of the time would work and other you would be caught like a sack of potatoes on their shoulders to the inevitable pain of the hook piercing through the flesh and letting you hang by the space of the clavicle and the outer part of your ribs. It was really painful and you would get dizzy all the time you stayed there. Sometimes you would use your hands and do some force to unhook yourself and others moving would even bring more pain.

It would be also in those moments that you'd feel the displeasure to feel their bodies, or more like shoulders and the curve of their arms and the grip of their hands on the back of your thighs while they would hold you to get to the hook. The most unpleasant ones would be the grotesque and monstrous ones, which are ninety percent of the rooster of killers in the trials. The other ten percent, that are those which have a more actual human like form and wouldn’t be instantly disgusted would be Ghostface, the two men and women that form The Legion and The Huntress. For you two of them stood out, which would be Ghostface and the male with the smiley mask and tattoos on his neck from The Legion.

Why are these two particular? - Some would ask. You would not elaborate because the memories of it are kind of… embarrassing.

The first one would be with the one from The Legion, named Frank Morrison. Lately you’d found a particular luck to always being able to escape from his chase (you bet that are all of the lessons of martial arts and self-defense that both Leon and Jill Valentine had given to all the survivors and the many hours you would spend in self-training on your cot had given things you didn’t had on your past life). You pretty much like almost water running down from his hands.

You were too overconfident…

At one trial he’d get you from the scruff of the sweater you were using at that moment while you repaired a generator further away from the main area of the realm. You were confident that the color of your clothes would blend in in the midst of the tall grass and mud of the Backwater Swamp. The terror radar, or it was called your increasing heart beat was running rampant as you still kept yourself working between cables and metal of the insides of the machine, maybe he would pass by and go somewhere else but you were wrong.

Once he put you on his shoulder you started to wiggle, and wiggle a lot. Thankfully where you were is far away from the hooks, which got you enough time to break free from his hold. - “You little shit.” - His voice is slightly lighter, if you compare with the sounds he emits while breathing, he sounds young.

As you run while hearing the quick steps of your pursuer, your mind starts to run a mile per minute. Should you use everything you had learned and trained to stop the killer long enough so the others can work to your and theirs’s escape?

You should. And there’s no turning back. The worst of it would be the giang hunt knife on his hand digging your guts, actually and the pain that will come. It isn’t like you would die, though.

You make a sharp turn into a tree, sensing that the man had also followed. Then you crouch, to quickly rise and grab at the wrist of the hand which is holding the knife. You settle your grasp at the very base of his hand, locking your fingers tight so he couldn’t move his weapon. You saw his other hand moving, in which you grab in the same way as the first.

You hear the gasp of surprise of having you, a survivor, facing him directly instead of running away. After he hisses. - “What are you doing?”

- “Stopping you.” - You reply back at the slightly muffled voice coming behind the mask.

He scoffs at you. - “Let’s see how much you can handle it.” - With a grunt he pushes you back and you reply back by putting enough force to stop him, which almost wasn’t enough. You wonder if the Entity gives the Killers strength enough to carry an adult man on their shoulders.

Grunts and curses are heard in the area, the sound of generators fully repaired far distant on your and his mind because of the struggle at the battle of strength of you both, moving around the area until one of you surrender. At one point you feel your back hitting the bark of a tree, the chuckle of triumph coming from the man at your front. - “What are you gonna do now, little shit?”

You feel sweat run down your back, some strands of hair glued to sweaty neck as you look around to think of something to back the man away. You look down and see that you both were standing in an area which is miraculously dry. Thinking quickly you look back at the smiley mask and chuckle at him. - “Little shit it’s you. You’re breaking a sweat to even hold me down.” - Put one of your feet on the tree behind you and push yourself off, successfully moving a few steps. The killer pushes back,in which you use the momentum to let his own movement and force to the job and bring him right back at you, making him almost lose balance. You twirl them both, now making the male’s back hit the tree.

Sensing his disorientation you hit the hand which is holding the knife strongly. Once, twice, three times and then with a gasp of pain as he releases the weapon. You'd had enough thought in kicking as far as you could the knife until the male got his wits and started to push back against you. - “You’ll pay for that, little shit.” - He puts more force into pushing you away from him, in which you move your body to get closer, one of your legs getting in the middle of his.

More scuffle ensues, your leg moving in the meantime where it is until the man at your front groans. You feel him stiffen in your hold, and then you realize a certain hardness against your thigh. Your eyes widen and you quickly move your head down, trying to see through the darkness of the surroundings the shape of what you think it is. Clearly you couldn’t see but you moved your thigh just to make sure. And nope, no, it wasn’t another knife. Coldness washed over your spine, and after warm up, your cheeks got on fire despite the humid and slightly cold weather from the place. The man at your hold is almost holding his breath, which is getting faster by the minute.

What an awkward situation you are; you holding the killer in place with all your might while buying some time to your allies while said killer is sporting a hard-on against your thigh.

The sound of a fully repaired generator not so far from where you two are. You already felt his body tensing to move but you put pressure on your hands and on your thigh to keep the man in place, a strangled noise coming from under the mask. - “Move, little shit.”

- “I’m not.” - You put pressure on his member, in which you feel bones and tendons on his wrists moving as fingers are closing and opening on themselves, at the closeness you could hear his breathing getting faster under his mask. - “You’re the little shit here, getting hard while in this hellhole, with blood on your hands and the want to kill people.” - You presse your thigh harder on his member, the man shivers on your hold.

- “Fuck.” - The killer hits the back of his head onto the bark of the tree, and then you realize that the hood of his jacket had fallen off, showing the black undercut and the bleached blonde short hair in a disarray on top of his head. He started to move his hips slowly against your thigh, face raised to the sky, showing the expanse of his tattooed neck. You keep your thigh firm against the now moving flesh, hearing the sounds that the other makes, the want to take off his mask and see what has under growing tenfold.

Should you do it? Sate your curiosity and see who’s this person? Should you be doing such a thing, a thing that you only dreamed of doing with some boys and the k-pop idol you’ve been stanning lately?

It’s for the sake of yourself and the survivors. To just walk away from here unscatched and feeling less pain than should be expected. Not for the sake of your horny mind and body…

Who are you kidding. Maybe you’ve a penchant for bad boys, no wonder you’re into Hak Ji-Woon. The leader of NO SPIN always exuded the bad boy vibes and dominance. But since fate decided to not let you even go to one show and see the man in flesh and bones you’ll have to be satisfied with what your current prediction gives.

But still… a killer? Did you need to get that low?

Bad, bad conscience.


Observing him attentively you release his left hand, yours going slowly between his legs until your fingers reach the hardened flesh. They touch the covered member through the material of his pants, rubbing up and down. You see his face moving down, probably looking at what you’re doing. Your other hand moves to his other one, fingers moving on his palm until you pass them through the space of his own fingers and lock his limb there, so he can’t move it.

- “What are you doing?” - He says in a strain and breathing fast, his free hand going to your back and fisting the material of your sweater, his hips moving non-stop against your thigh and now hand.

- “Said already, distracting you.” - The sound of another generator being repaired sounds through the area but the man at your front it’s now apparently too distracted to even think about that. The fist which is on your back you further closer to him, to the point your torso is glued to him. Now you could feel his chest moving against yours, and from what you’re feeling, they are firm.

Getting bolder, your fingers opened the button of his pants and pushed the zipper down enough to free him. When your fingers touched the tip, his entire body shivered, making him release a deep sigh and groan. - “I do pretty much this type of distraction.” - He says, the hand that was on your back moves to his mask, raising it up to the mask and pushing it up and off his face. Thankfully what meets you aren’t grotesque or distorted humanoid features but yes a set of astoundly pretty light green eyes, sharp jaw, slightly full lips and an aquiline nose. And young, really young.

Your brain froze in that moment together with your hand, which made you wonder if you’re touching an underaged boy. - “How older are you?”

One of his eyebrows raises. - “Why are you asking?”

- “I'm no pedophile.” - You move your hand quickly away from his flesh, slightly disgusted at herself if you have been touching a boy all of this time.

He had the guts to laugh at your statement, which made you frown at him. He stops and the smile returns to his face. - “No need to worry, little shit. Having 20 years of age is very, very legal.” - His hand goes to the nape of your neck and pushes your face really close to his. - “So keep going, otherwise I’ll stop this right now, kill all of our allies, impossiliting of you getting out and then I’ll have all the time in the world to do whatever I want with you.” - You feel disgusted and worried at hearing that. Being at the mercy of a psycho for an indefinite amount of time wouldn’t be nice, doesn’t matter how young or even easy to the eyes this person is, or the only options of sexual relief you could have in this messed life you’re in now.

- “Whatever.” - You use the hand that was holding his own to grab at his hair and move his head up, baring his tattooed neck to you. Your mouth descends to the junction in which his jaw meets his throat, soon the salty taste of sweat and nothing else meets your tongue when your lips and teeth close in the patch of skin. You’re thankful it was just sweat. Your other hand boldy grabs at his member and starts to tease and pump the flesh.

You close your eyes, your mind going to more depraved areas, imagining that the neck was milky white. That the slightly loud sounds coming from the throat would be a little deeper. That the body you’re practically leaning upon would be taller, that would be older. Your imagination goes wild, to the point that your mind makes you believe that is Ji-Woon at your grasp and no one else. Your touches become aggressive, until one point the body in your holds shivers and the young man groans louder than before. You feel a hot and viscous liquid spurting on your hand, which makes you pop out of dreamland and face the reality that you’re in.

You just made a killer cum in your hand in a trial.


The other gasps made you quickly move away from him and out of his reach, the alarm of the door of exit blaring through the area made you whip your read quickly to the only source of freedom. Quickly you clean your head from the white milky fluid on the bark of the very tree the killer was, give a last look to his disheveled state and run to escape.

That night, when you returned to your cot and after a nice shower, you were writhing on the sheets of your bed with two fingers deep inside your womanhood as your other hand was pinching your nipples or your clit. Eyes closed as you imagined that your fingers were your idol’s large ones, that would be his mouth running over your skin, that the heavy cotton sheets providing warmth was his body above you. With a strangled gasp you came. Minutes later you would open your eyes and visualize the raw wood which holds the roof of your residence, completely disappointed and frustrated.


The second time it was with Ghostface.

The killer at first seems to be clumsy and full of energy, but you knew that it was purely a façade to make the survivors believe that they would stand great chances against him. The male was actually very cunning when he wanted to be.

That’s why you made a turn and decided to flip through a gap when said killer grabbed you by the arm, to after hawl you to hold you on his shoulder.

Then the wiggle time started, and you were lucky because you both weren't near any hooks, a big thanks from Meg had sabotaged the hooks while they were working on the generator nearby.

Apparently at your wiggling and his worry to get you in a hook he didn’t see a tree branch protruding from the forest floor, making him lose his balance and fall on his back. You followed suit, but falling above him, face first on his chest. Your nose hurts a little from hitting the muscled front of the man however your knees are aching.

- “Motherfucker.” - You grit at the bruises already forming on your limbs, cleaning your hands at your pants after checking your knees, thankfully they’re just bruised and not bleeding. You once again sit where you are until you hear someone gasping under you. You stiffen at it, your eyes moving downwards, until you see that the killer itself is lying under you.

You were about to move when the man gasped, and you felt a protuberance at your butt. You move your hips a little bit and his gasp gets a little louder, his hand moving fast to your hips holding you in place. - “Girl, you shouldn’t be moving like that.”

Your hands moved to the large ones still on your hips, gripping his wrists. - “You’re the one that shouldn’t be in this state while in a trial. I didn't know some of you are sick enough to get hard while making people bleed.” - You made the most disgusted face, bile rising up your throat.

- “And yet you’re bold enough to get off someone in this situation, aren't you?” - His words made you stop and cold sweat washed over. Did that boy babbled what happened in that trial weeks ago? - “And by your reaction it’s true what I heard.”

- “What?” - You question him in confusion.

Even with your hand relatively holding down his wrist he moved his own hand to his face, pushing off his head the hood of his outfit and shedding off his mask. Like with The Legion this killer is devoid of monstrous or grotesque deformities. And pretty much like that young killer, this one has beauty in his own way. - “The Morrison boy could keep his trap shut about having a survivor give a handjob to him.” - He chuckled at that, the deeper voice clear to hear. - “You know how is these younger people these days, they like to share and comment about their sex lives like it is a trophy to be exposed. I just happened to pass by and happened to listen to what these four were saying.”

By looking at this one appears to be in his middle thirties, almost forties at best. Dark, almost black hair, angular nose, sharp jaw, dark eyes and a 5 o’clock shadow for stubble on his face. His hair is bigger, almost in the size of Jake’s but less flat. Chocolate eyes look back at you and the most lazy smirk you’d seen on his face. You frowned at the face, sensing something familiar at his features, until it clicks in. - “You’re that journalist that is always making reports of murders which has been missing years ago.”

He snickered, his hand now returning to the side of your hips. - “Yup, Jed Olsen, at your pleasure. And they were looking after me? How cute.” - In an instant he pulls you closer, making you gasp as he sits on the grass floor. - “If they know I’m the very murderer from all of that news they would have a field day.” - You move your hands quickly to his shoulders, so you can stop his closeness. - “But here I’m in this kind of paradise which satiates my thirst for killing.” - His hand goes to your butt and he squeezes it tight, making you gasp. - “And thankfully I can also give in to my thirst for more libidinous acts.”

- “As if I’ll let it happen…”

He grabs the tactical knife fastly, which was forgotten on the floor, and wields it against your throat. - “Do you want me to dig that knife deeper into your chest and execute a memento mori on you?” - You swallow dry, the cold bit of the sharp metal against your skin. - “Or you can also get other things deep inside you but it’s far more pleasurable than my knife. Right. Down. There.” - At each of these three words he made a thrust up on you, hitting directly at your clothed womanhood and making you whimper at the suddenness and tingles of it. And damn, the guy is strong. - “So, what will be?”

This situation again. And you’ll be pleasing yourself againby the thoughts of a person you’ll never see again, it may be through a screen or in the audience of one of his shows…

There’s also the trial. The thing has been so messy because Ghostface, the cunning man making it impossible to get the repair done, not even talk about the amount of times you'd have to unhook someone...

Fuck it.

You grab his nape and bring his face and upper body against yours, gluing herself to him. Your legs lock tight around his waist and ribcage and then you push your hips against his erection, the man releases a mix of a chuckle and hiss. - “Good choice.” - He held your hips with one hand while he dropped the knife on the grass and unfastened his pants with his now free hand. Pulling out his member, he stroked twice to bring your hips to press on it. - “Now make me come, take off shorts and pants.”

- “No.”

- “No?” - He frowned. - “How do you think you’ll make me come?”

- “I still can use my hands and my hips.” - You thrusted harshly against his member, feeling his fingers digging on your skin. - “Like that.”

- “I’ve a better idea.” - He pushes you to the floor and you feel anxiety growing tenfold, your breathing getting faster. WIll he try to take you by force? Not wanting to give chances for him to do that you use your hands to move away from him. However he grabs both of your ankles, making you slide on your back and once again your hips meet his. Then he brings up your legs against his torso, hugging them.You feel something warm poking between your thighs, your eyes quickly looking there and seeing the tip of his member appearing. He settles himself, hugs your legs and starts to move.

The man started slowly, the thick member rubbing against your covered entrance for some moments until the man started to make more sounds, his hips moving faster. At a particular thrust he opens your legs suddenly and, by your wrists, pulls you against him. His arms circle around your waist and shoulders, locking you tight on him. A gasp comes from all the manhandling, using your hands on his shoulders to make some space but, unfortunately, you’re caught off guard and the man is strong. - “The hell are you doing?”

- “Now is your time to do some work. Make it worthy enough that I don’t feel inclined to just return to the killing.” - He gives a slap to your ass and you jump out of it. - “Now start to move, my dear.”

You screamed internally, wanting to just slap the man and run for escape but you remembered how hard the trial has been until now. Huffing, you grab at his hair from the back of his head and pull on it, making him reveal the expanse of his neck. You start a strong pace with your hips, purposely getting the other out of guard. Your lips go to his neck, sucking strongly on the area. You didn’t give him the chance to do something, hugging his body tight so he couldn’t move properly. Like with before, it didn’t take too long for the man to gasp and the rubbing his member is receiving.

Also it didn't take too long for him to cum, which makes you wonder if he got hard way before that.


When the pressure of his arms got none-existent and he breathed hard, with his eyes closed, you took the chance to move off him and go to the further generator you could find. Which you didn’t need to do because the last one had been generated and the sound of the lever that opens the gate resonated around the area. You pushed your legs further, finally getting at the handle and pulling it down. Your heart beating furiously as the slow tempo of The Heartbeat turned faster, the slow progress of the gates opening taking the area and making you even more anxious..

Finally the blaring sound and screeching of rusty metal on the rail of the gates are like music to your ears. You quickly released the lever as The Heartbeat got louder. You'd have enough time to move and run to the direction of the vastness of the scapeland at your front as you feel the air pressure changing behind you. You didn’t look back, not wanting to make eye contact with another killer you’d to engage in sexual acts so just the other survivors could win one of thew many trials they would face today.

Later that night, once again you were on your bed, fingers deep inside your womanhood as you thought once again about the lavender-haired you’ll never meet in your life.

At that moment you never thought how wrong you were.


Another day, another of the many trials you’d passed. Completely exhausted, just wanting to sleep. It was like that until the dark mist and the claws of the Entity, revealing a person. A new survivor. And this one you had to get closer to understands that your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

That she is… - “Lee Yun-Jin.” - You said the name out loud, which made the woman in question quickly look at you, sharp eyes meeting yours.

Hell, the manager of NO SPIN is right there on your front, which means that something might have happened to her there. Or even to the group.

- “How do you know my name?” - The impeccable English comes from the Korean woman.

- “I’m a fan of NO SPIN!” - You go to her front and bow. - “Thanks for all the hard work you’d put on NO SPIN. They’re really awesome.” - You rise from your bow state and look at her with a smile.

What meets you back is a sigh, and a tint of sadness. - “가난한 소녀... “

- “What did you say?” - You didn’t understand one bit of what she had said.

The woman looked back at you with distress in her eyes. - “NO SPIN is dead, girl. Victims of a fire that has been started by disjoined cables in the studio… All of the members were caught there, Ji-Woon was the only one that survived it.” - Your heart stops for some moments as the dreadful feeling of knowing that all of those cute and full of life men were dead. You look around, your heart starting to beat fast as you realize that you’ll never be able to hear their voices singing or even see them dance again.

- “Oh god…” - You feel your throat constrict as your eyes start to water. - “I hope Ji-Woon is okay…”

- “Well, that is what makes the turning point in all of this.” - The Korean woman says with disgust in her voice, making you raise your eyes to look at her. - “When the firefighters arrived he was there, his body covered in soot while he cried as he looked at the door which was his deceased his bandmates. We all thought he was trying to save them but didn’t have enough strength to be able to save them. Then he decided to continue his career in solo activities, as the stage name ‘The Trickster’, I encouraged him, helped him.” - She looked to the surroundings of the realm they are, her eyes distant. - “The signals that something was wrong with Ji-Woon were there, I was seeing it but didn’t give too much attention at the time. I was worried about the director’s board wanting to fire him, not after so much work I and he had put in to keep the fans happy and the studio profitable. We’re in the conference room, waiting for the small show the Trickster was supposed to make for the directors to keep him in the market but it was a well planned trap.” - Her arms curl around herself, the still unfocused eyes now looking to the floor. - “A sweet smell and then I felt dizzy, without strength, fainting. After I woke up to see myself chained up to a cheer while he… he… he just killedeveryone inside the room, laughing and pleased with it.” - Then she returns to look at your face. - “I was the last one alive and probably would be dead by now if that dark mist didn’t engulf me and bring me here.” - At the finality of her speech you blink, trying to process what she revealed. You didn’t think it could be worse.

Your heart is breaking little by little.

- “So this Ji-Woon guy is the new killer, then.” - Someone questions, your mind still processing the shocking news, dizzy that the idol you were stanning is a psychopath, a killer, that murdered a lot of people, including his colleagues and possibily his band members.

You didn’t listen to it, feeling the unstoppable tears bubbling on your eyes, devastated by what you’d learned. You walked fast to your cot, the door closed and locked behind you as you cried for the idols you’ll never see or hear again. With your body tired and eyes puffy you wondered how you would react if the killer is The Trickster.

You did get the answer a few days later, when The Heartbeat radar started to act and the sound you are hearing is very different from the other killers. Not wanting to be pulled by the scruff of a killer you don’t exactly know who is, you decided to get away in the protections of one wall. The hole on it provides enough vision to see who’s the person.

And damn, you never thought that your heart would beat this fast in a short period, because there he is. In all of his bright colors' glory. The milky-white skin encasing toned muscles that are blissfully being shown by the open yellow coat. The way he walks and looks around is the same from what you remember. The permanent smile showing perfect white teeth, the dark hair now painted in a lavender color, his eyes encased in what seems to be yellow colored lenses, they seem almost glowing on the dimness of the area.

But them the neon colored bat, the neo pink-blue blade and blood on his heads made you remind that you shouldn’t be drooling over him, that he’s a killer and he wouldn’t hesitate to hook you just for the fun to see you in pain (as so Yun-Jin had said).

Would he?

There’s only one way to find out. It’s risky but well, being carried by your bias wouldn’t be bad.

Damn, the hell are you thinking? Putting yourself in danger just to get closer to a killer???

Fuck it.

Slowly and silently as you could you moved from your spot and went to the closest cabinet you could find. Then you opened it while making loud sounds purposely. You hear coming from his direction, a more excited version from the ones he would make from the videos you saw of his live shows, making your heart beat faster on your chest and the feelings of butterflies on your stomach.

You shouldn’t be feeling like this but after many months spending and thinking of the very man are making the logical parts of your body rather illogical.

Heavy steps are heard from outside until it stops on the front of the cabinet you’re hiding in, until it suddenly opens and reveals the presence of the man you’ve been wishing to meet for so long. - "찾았다!" - The ever present smile on his face as the small chuckle that comes from his lips. He digs the blade of his bat on the shelf of blades near your head as his free hands go to the lapel of your jacket. A move you saw so many times killers that you know how to deflect it.

So when you feel his hands touching the fabric your hand quickly goes to his wrist, holding in the same way you did with The Legion, pushing it back off you. You see him frown and then his other hand going to you, in which you replicate the move. His eyes widened a little bit after he frowned even more. - “무엇? 어떻게 했니?”

You don’t understand one bit of what he’d said, but by his facial features it’s clearly shown the surprise he has in seeing you fighting back. You gave a chuckle and smiled at him. - “Didn’t see that coming, did you?” - You push against him, making him give a few steps back until he realizes what’s happening, however it was enough to make you get out of the cabinet.

And then the fight of strengths starts, he was by no means weak, and you knew by the way he would sometimes give pig-back rides or carry the other bandmates. As also the display of abs at your very front is another signal. But you also aren’t weak either. Your smiles widen when you see the look of surprise, and after changes to a smirk. You push, he pushes, you both move around until at one point he effectively backs you into a wall, and you remember that his bat is still on that cabinet, so he couldn’t hit at this dance. His blades would be another story, tho.

- “Never thought that prays would want to play too, or even could get strong enough to push back.” - The accented English coming from his lips is tantalizing. - “But you can, and I like it. Makes the catch more thrilling!” - The lazy smile returns to his face.

You raise an eyebrow at him, excitement bubbling tenfold at his closeness. - “‘If you catch me. Remember that I caught you first.” - You let the force he was using to push you and gravity do their work, making the man stumble directly to you. He released a gasp, his hands smacking against the stone as your own are still holding his wrists, you raise your head a little bit to look at once again at his surprise, not holding back the giggle that escaped from your mouth. - “Gotcha!”

His head moved downwards, and you felt his breath fanning on your temples. It smelled of mint, making you wonder if the Entity gives the killers mints if they desire. You’re thankful that he still didn’t have blood on his clothes, a perfumed scent coming from the skin of his neck and collarbones. Fuck, he smells good. - “Yeah, so what now?” - The lazy smirk returned.

You lean your head back and look at his eyes. - “I’ve something to show you.” - Still holding his wrists you take his right hand and move it towards your waist, where your charms are attached to your belt, making his fingers touch a very specific one. It was a NO SPIN custom flashlight, the ones that the public uses on the shows, in miniature size. He frowned after his eyes widened at it, probably recognizing what it was. A smile, far different from the psychotic one, is upon his face, his features had softened a little bit.

His fingers touched it diligently, rubbing the facets of the small pendant. - “So you’re a fan of NO SPIN.”

- “Yes, for a year.” - He raises his eyes, they lock on your face and you feel embarrassment going to your face. - “I don’t know how long I’m here, the nights and days mingle seamlessly.”

- “The NO SPIN tragedy, as the reporters had called it, was seven months ago. I’ve been doing solo work since then.” - His eyes return to the charm, turning it around as the luminous facets shine at the light of the ambience. Then the yellow irises flicker to your (e/c) ones. - “But I think you know this already.”

- “Yeah, your manager… I mean, your ex-manager already told the survivors the whole story.”

His eyes flicker back to the pendant, apparently deep in thought. - “Do you fear me?”

Bad eyes, bad eyes, addicted to your eyes

I can't get no sleep at night

Body's happy, is beating out of me

Just a little more is all I need

Now that is the million dollar question, isn't it? Should you tell the truth or lie? Probably the truth would be the best because there’s nothing to lose and you weren’t stupid enough to fall on his games if he decided to play them.

Or so you hoped. - “Well, at first, when Ms. Lee told all of the story I did feel fear, as well as disappointment…” - He frowned at it but you continued. - “You were my favorite out of the others.” - His eyes widened a little bit at that. - “But then it toned down after I learned what you did. Now you’re receiving your punishment, after all the sole purpose of the killers and survivors here is to please this so-called Entity, otherwise things will be taken from you, even your life.” - You release his other hand, then take the charm of your belt and put the thing on his palm. - “Here, take this as a memento of things you did have but you decided to be too full of yourself.” - There, you said everything had been bubbling up on your chest since the day you learned everything.

The sound of a repaired generator runs around the area, and that is your cue to leave. With a big sigh you give a once over to him. - “I’ve admired you someday but I’m so disappointed at what you’ve become.” - And with that you leave, running as fast as you could until you reach the gates. Contrary to what you thought The Trickster would do, there’s no blades flying in your direction or the psychotic giggling following your trail. Once you pass the threshold of freedom, you dare to look behind and see the killer himself holding the charm you gave between his fingers, his yellow eyes glued to your direction, and a sinister smile on his face. The chills that suddenly run on your spine quickly were muted away when the fire teleportation of the Entity engulfed you to bring you back to the Survivors' area.

Once safe, you decided to go straight away to your cot. The survivors who were in the same trial as you made questions, where you were, and you simply said that you were distracting the killer so they could repair the generators in peace. At least, by their expressions, they bought your little white lie.

In the safety of your safe space, you lie down on your bed and look to the ceiling, recollecting everything that happened today, from meeting your (still) favorite idol to the words you’d said to him before escaping the trial, from the many types of looks you’d received from him, to be able to stand really close and touch him, a thing you never had thought in happening in your life, even less in the current circumstances. This night, fortunately there’s no desperate achiness between your legs to be desperately deal with, the achiness has been coming from the middle of your chest, from the beating organ that pumped excitement and flurry of anxiety in seeing in flesh and bones the being of your desires.


The particular detail you were (still is) a fan of the now killer Ji-Woon Hak himself is something you kept without disclosing to anyone from here, after all this piece of information wasn’t relevant enough to the others. But things changed now, and you don't know how to breach the subject to the others. You are afraid of their reactions and that they might get suspicious of your intentions, to the point they don’t want to do anything with you anymore.

You don’t know what is worse, to see your idol is a murderer or lose the only thing that keep you to lose your sanity on this place.

Because daaaaaaaaaamn, Trickster is making you lose your sanity.

The flash of yellow from this bright jacket while he ran after a survivor while you’re repairing a generator makes your eyes quickly divert from the knot of wires you’re dealing with to make the machine at your front work. You lose the tempo and then the generator makes a loud sound, signaling everyone in the area your location as also Meg’s.

- “Fuck.” - The now well known Terror Radius of Ji-Woon starts to get louder as also your The Heartbeat fastening in tempo. You rapidly see Meg frowning after running in the opposite direction of the generator and the allies in an effort to mislead the killer.

The running and jumping of pallets and vaulting through the windows did enough to retard his chase. You dared to look behind and see his eyes wide open, locked on you. You return to look at your front and feel your heart pumping fast, excitement bubbling on your being. If he wants to play cat and mouse and you’ll give the run for it, surprisingly no blades are being thrown in your direction.

You wondered if knowing you’re his fan maybe is making him give you some sort of special treatment, or what he might be plotting is something because of how the little reunion ended that day. Either way, it’s thrilling.

You run to the killer shack, in your mind keeping him in the basement could work as a diversion for the other’s survivors prying eyes and keeping him busy at close range and in one place would not make him use his blades. The bladed bat is a potential threat but you realized that he gets tired after swinging for some time. You could even disarm him of the bat.

Giving a sharp turn you run to one of the open spaces that was supposed to be a door, thankfully this one has a pallet that you could use to stun him. You wait until he is about to pass through and pull it down, stunning and making him give a step back. - "빌어먹을!" - You giggle at it, delighted at the way his face scrunches up at frustration. His eyes look at your face and his smile returns. - “Getting over yourself, aren’t you?” - You scoff at him, which makes his features turn feral. - “Wait until I catch you in my hands.”

With his foot he breaks the pallet, and you take advantage of positioning yourself near the other door. - “For that you need to catch me first.” - The Korean male quickly runs to where you are, in which you break for a run, making a sharp turn and vaulting through the window. You swore you could feel wind shifting behind you when he tried to grab your sweater. Quickly turning around you saw him jumping through the window, and you quickly ran to the other one. The chase happened for minutes, until he decided to take a sharp turn and meet you through the other way. In that split second you looked at his face and you saw he was breathless but pissed. His bat was raised and he was about to swing the weapon towards you but you decided to dive for the floor and roll on it, successfully evading the thing while also changing the pace of the chase. You quickly rise to your feet, hearing him curse, and then run to the basement.

Upon reaching there you go to the far end, stopping and taking deep breaths. He also stops, also taking deep breaths but still keeping your eyes on you. You keep the hook post between his way and yours, a flimsy block but still you could use it at your advantage. After he recovered himself, he gave a chuckle. - “Nice idea to go somewhere that has no way out. Makes my job easier.”

- “Who knows. Maybe it was my whole idea to keep you busy.” - He takes a step further and you take a step back. He takes a step to the side and you take a step to the other, this little dance going on and you still keep the post between both. - “Maybe I wanted to get you all alone to myself.” - He stops and raises both eyebrows at you. Your face warmed at saying that as you realize you’re kind of flirting with him.

- “And I thought I was the aggressive one.” - He suddenly lunges into your direction, his bat swinging into your space until you move to the side, his movement quickly follows you but it is stopped by the wood material of the hook post. He frowns at the object, trying to take the thing off but it is useless.His face scrunches in frustration and you giggles at it. He furiously looks at you. - “Yeah, keep laughing like that. I can’t wait for it to change to despair when I get you.”

- “Like I said, you'd catch me first.” - And like that you take the chance to sidestep him and run upstairs. After all, from what you heard, he’s too fond of his bat to leave it there. However, when you’re about to reach the middle of the stairs you feel a grip, iron alike, curling around your waist. Air is robbed from your lungs and you can't scream in surprise when your back hits something hard and warm.

- “I caught you. Now what?” - You look up and see yellow irises and the trademark smile of the killer. Despite the situation, seeing the unique shape of his lips and realizing they’re kind of plump. Despite everything you want to kiss him. You want to see how he’ll react if you kiss him.

I'm feelin for, feeling for your love

That's such a rush, such a rush

Give it up to me

You've got that bittersweet (so sweet)

A vision of perfection

But taste to my affection

You’re starstruck. - “Yeah, you caught me.” - Your heart pumped faster, and it’s totally for different reasons. His Terror Radius still blaring on your mind but your gaze are simply locked on his. - “Now what are you gonna do?” - As much as you could you twirled on his grasp, now facing him. You pass your arms under his, hooking your hands on his shoulders, then you bring your body tight against his, not moving your gaze off his face. At one point his back hits the wooden wall, and you realize what situation you’re in. And you must not break from it. You don’t wantto break from it.

- “It seems…” - You see him licking his lips, his eyes moving up and down your face. - “You’re flirting with me.”

- “If I am flirting with you, what are you gonna do?” - You moved your arms, your hands running over his back to after rise up to his front and circle around his neck, fingers locking behind his nape. Standing on the point of your feet, you lean your weight onto him, effectively locking him in place. His eyes widen at your aggressiveness. His breathing, which is fanning over your lips, his chest moving fast against yours. And yet he was unmoving and quiet. - “What? Cat got your tongue?”

You see movement from the corner of your eye, in which you move to accompany his hand going to his pant’s pocket. From there he pulls out something and hooks the ring of a keychain on his forefinger. - “Since you said that I’m your bias and you gave one of your keycharms I thought it would be wise to give something in return.” - Standing properly on your feet you move one of your hands on his neck and move to grab the object. It was like a photograph of his face on his days of spin, with dark hair, light blue colored lenses. At the front of his face he’s doing the traditional heart sign with his thumb and forefinger, a small pink heart appearing above them.

You grab it with your fingers and he releases it in your grasp. - “Thanks, I guess.” - You kept admiring it, turning around to see that the image was glued to a metal piece, probably for it to last longer.

- “And there’s another thing.” - Since you’d moved your face to look at the charm, your profile is turned to the Korean, so you couldn’t do anything except be surprised at the sudden touch of soft lips upon your cheek. The kiss was brief and it ended with a light wet sound, but it was enough to send heat to your entire being. He moves away, and you turn to face him. - “Did you like it?” - You just nodded at him, starstruck. You try to say something but you babble. He laughs at it. - “No need to thank, after all you’re my fan.”

Uh, you've got that bittersweet (so sweet)

The taste of you is ecstasy to me, to me

Uh, you've got that bittersweet (so sweet)

A vision of perfection

But taste to my affection


Your stomach drops at it. The feel of disappointment slowly bubbling on your being. - “Of course, I’m a fan of yours.” - You look down, faking that you’re admiring the charm and hiding the disappointment.

The sound of the last generator repaired sounds aloud in the area, making both of you look quickly to the area upstairs. - “That is your cue, isn’t it?”

You step back from him and close your fingers. - “Yes, it is.”

He walks to the hook post and pulls his bat off the thing, after putting it on his shoulder and making a pose. - “Be sure that I’ll not be that merciful next time.”

You give a chuckle at that. - “I actually don’t need mercy from you to win a trial.” - You say with confidence, trying to push back what you’re truly feeling. - “I just need to best you.”

- “You little…” - He threatens to run after you but you quickly turn away, running up the stairs and on your way to ‘home’. The flare of the red lights from the open gates beckons you to escape. Fortunately all of the survivors returned unscatched.

Once they reach their realm, they start to question you. ‘What happened’ and ‘What you’ve done to keep the killer busy’ and you simply said that you ran a lot, made him tired enough to even run after, since the man is also a human. Also make him frustrated enough to go after you in revenge. After that all of the survivors decided to use you as bait for The Trickster, which would be advantageous enough to have you when he’s around, something that Yun-Jin wasn’t happy about but agreed for the sake of the others.

After the ordeal and locked on your own cot, you let it loose the grip you’d on the gift you’d received. Seeing the lacquered photo on the metal shining at the lamp on the desk. You wondered if you should put it on the belt with the other charms or keep it hidden. Would it raise suspicion with the other survivors?


Maybe you should put it on when you’re on the trial, then people will not have the time to ask questions because they’ll be too occupied with something else.


It didn’t take too long to be able to use the charm without the others questioning. As also it didn’t take long to meet The Trickster once again.

You know by heart already his Terror Radius as also the sound of his blades hitting rock or wood. The giggling and the small laughs that you could hear made you bubble in excitement. Excitement that made you plan to keep him busy in other ways. You just need to show yourself, put yourself on his front.

And you did it. The way his colored yellow eyes and his features changed into something else. You purposely laughed at it and beckoned him to go after with your finger. He gave a chuckle and parted into a sprint in your direction, a smile in your lips as you ran in a direction far away from the others. You hoped that whatever passion that passed you, saw your smile as the satisfaction of knowing that your plan is in motion and not another motive.

The map in question is the Grave of Glenvale, the Dwang Saloon rising as the only standing between the deteriorated or destroyed huts that surround the area. The saloon itself is the killer schack, on the very basement of it the hooks and some cabinets. It would be a perfect place to have more little chats with the Korean man but still too close to the area that the other survivors would pass and hear something.

You vaulted through one of the open windows of the saloon, quickly going up to the stairs and an open door right to your right. There is a cabinet which you could hide in, quickly opening it. You grab all of the blades that are there and throw it off the window to your left. After that you enter the cabinet and keep yourself quiet, waiting until the killer finds you.

The sound of the door closing and something hitting the wall, The Heartbeat blaring in your. All signals that the killer is in the same room as you. His steps and then the window being closed and locked, then the steps walk until it stops at the very front of the cabinet you are in. Everything gets quiet, you'd to bite your lip and keep your breathing silent to hear things… Until the doors of the metal thing you’re in opens suddenly, making you gasp loudly as you’re revealed to Ji-woon.

Your eyes widen at the suddenness as your heartbeat is beating like the wings of a hummingbird, you bite your lower lip so hard that you cut it with your teeth, making you release a little whine and quickly touch it. You look at the tip of your finger and see a drop of blood upon it, the cut stings.

As also suddenly, and delicately, the killer grabs at your hand, grabbing the bloody fingertip and bringing to his lips, they close around it, making you feel the plushiness of it. - “The hell?” - You just keep staring as you see him with eyes closed as the feel of suction passes on your skin.

- “For some I’m hell.” - He releases your finger with a pop sound, and you dry swallow from the way you see him licking his lips. - “But for others I’m like an angel.” - His eyes rise to your face, probably for your bleeding lip. - “But apparently for you, I’m the object of your desire.” - Your eyes widen at that. - “After all, why would you willingly want to get my attention solely on you in the trials?”

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck fuuuuuuuuck

You kept your face passive while hearing this. - “Who said I'm willingly doing it?” - You lick the cut, hissing a little bit. Ji-Woon's eyes are still locked on your lips. - “Maybe it’s all of a ruse to keep your attention elsewhere while the others get the job done easily and sooner.” - You shrug your shoulders.

- “Maybe it can be something like this.” - He steps closer to you, backing you against the bottom of the cabinet. - “Or maybe you just want all of me only for you.”

He’s right, and you'd have to scoff to not let it show on your face. Raising an eyebrow, you look up and down to him. - “Today you’re full of yourself, aren’t you?” - Suddenly he moves further, until your back hits the wooden bottom and he’s really close to you.

- “I must be.” - He thrusts his blade near where your head was, you could hear the wood splintering against the sharp blade, making you gasp and quickly move your head far from it. - “But there is something interesting I heard from two particular killers.” - He puts one hand on the wooden surface of the cabinet as the other he raises two fingers, caging you in the small space. - “One of them is that guy who always walks in with two girls and a boy and the other one is the loud Ghostface.” - He moved the nimble fingers and your eyes widened at the implications of his words. - “Both of them described with precision the way you stop killers from doing their job in the trials, which is quite interesting and… I want to try your… method.”

Upon listening to it you blink once, twice and then. - “What?” - Your jaw almost dropped at the implications. - “Are you serious?”

- “Yes. Why not?” - The hand which was with raised fingers descends to your cheek, at the corner of your eye you follow until it touches your skin. Contrary to what you thought, his fingertips weren't so rough, despite his weapons of choice. - “Since you’re my fan and I’m your favorite, and you know me very well.” - His hand goes to the nape of your neck, moving your face up. - “Who wouldn’t want this?” - You’re static-shock, your breathing getting faster at the smell of his parfum hitting your nostrils, his face is really close.

- “Again, full of yourself.” - You had to close your fists tight so you just don’t grab him and make things happen yourself.

- “I'm full of myself and I want to make you full of myself too.” - Wait, what? Is he really implying that?

You couldn’t think of anything else because his lips descended on yours suddenly, the hand at the back of your neck kept both of your lips glued to each other as the other had sneaked towards your waist. His body presses yours on the wall, making you unmovable. To just accept what he’s doing and nothing else.

And boy, you’re accepting it. You truly wanted to resist a little more but daaaaaaaaaaamn, you’ve been dreaming of this happening for months already.

And it feels good, really good.

His lips are far softer than you thought, the fingers entwined on your hair holds your head in place, the skin around his mouth is also soft, and he smells good. Probably because he didn’t have to run too much today and sweat.

Suddenly his hands go from your waist to your left thigh, raising it up to his waist and after hoisting you up. You try to break the kiss to look at what he’s doing but the hand in your head didn’t let you move. So you gasp on the kiss, and it’s in that moment that you feel his tongue entering your mouth. It was almost intruding, but you couldn’t think past all of the feelings of satisfaction and desire for more that is coming from the sensation of just kissing this man.

Breathing through your nose isn’t enough to replenish the air that your lungs need, so you move your hand to his, then you push the limb away at the same time you turn your head around, finally taking long intakes of air as you gasp for it. There’s a slight numb feeling on your lips, so then you release a whine as you feel a warm and moist tongue licking up your neck. - “God…”

- “I’m not God or any divinity but I can get you close to it.” - The Korean says that, his lips locking on the area under your jaw and nipping the skin there. In this moment it’s your hand that goes to the back of his head, holding his head in place and letting his teeth, tongue and lips play on your throat. Your free arm goes to his shoulders, circling around it as your legs circle around his waist, your limbs bringing the man even closer than before. Suddenly his hands go under your ass, hoisting you up further on his body as he starts to move off the cabinet and to one of the chairs that was there. He sits on it and then your entire weight settles down directly above his hips. Gasp was instantaneous, and you feel the telltale of a hard-on there. You squirm at the sensation and the man’s hands go to your waist, fingers digging tight on it as he holds you in place. - “Keep squirming and you’ll see how fast your clothes will vanish.”

- “Is that a challenge?” - This moment something runs over your spine, the want to be aggressive over this man dominates your being. - “You’ll have to think straight first to do that.” - With your hand you grab his face by his cheeks, raise his head and at this moment it is your turn to attack his throat with bites and sucks. At the same time you start to move your hips against his, feeling the man below you shiver and then his fingers dig more on you. - “For your concern, I don’t back out from challenges.” - The sound of sucking on his skin is loud, and the surface is rapidly reddening.

- “And I hope you don’t… hng… stop!” - His hands move to your ass to keep a tight hold on it and move your hips at his will. You feel his lips on your cheek, in which the unconscious thought that passes on your head is to return to kiss those soft pink lips. - “I want to feel more!!!” - At that your hands move from his face to the lapels of his long coat, pulling them aside and showing his shoulder and the entire front side of his torso. You turn your face, directing your lips towards his as your hands goes down through his shoulders, collarbones, pecs, abs, hips. After they go on his back and up, at the entire time the feel of soft skin and toned muscles being present, making you moan appreciatively.

His hands didn’t remain idle, you felt them going to your ass and squeezing the flesh in tempo with the movement, making you release a gasp. After one of them goes up to your body and boldly grabs at one of your breasts, squeezing the flesh. You break the kiss, trying to regain your breath as his hands work wonders on your body. He feels good, his touch feels good, he tastes good, like you’d dreamed for many times it would be but it’s better, more intense. You want to completely dominate and devour him.

Then you let go of your inhibitions. With one of your hands you open the buttons and the zipper of your pants, after you grab at one of his, break the kiss and start to suck on his middle and forefinger. You look at his face and see him looking at your actions with a mix of confusion and curiosity. - “What are you doing?”

Deeming that his fingers are wet enough, you answer him. - “A thing that I wanted to feel you making for a long time.” - And then you push them down and inside your pants. You hear the man gasp and his eyes widen, then observe his irises following where his fingers are.

He shudders on your hold when his fingers make contact with your pussy, moving it directly to your clit and making it rub in circles. This time you shudder. - “You’re so wet.”

- “And it’s all because of you.” - You answer right away. There’s no point denying it. - “How long I wanted it to happen…” - You whine when you move your hips against his fingers, sighing in satisfaction. You return to kiss the male, distracting him as your hand goes to his pants and unfasten it, boldly digging under it and getting the surprise that the Korean man is on commando. You break the kiss, to then look at his face and raise an eyebrow. - “Interesting that you like to run and feel things jiggling around.”

He chuckles at your words. - “It’s freeing, in a way. You should try sometime.” - He goes and catches your lower lip between his teeth, nibbling on it. - “But what is more interesting is that you’re boldly going to it.”

Your eyes widen at the implication and you stop, moving your hand off him. - “You should have warned me if you didn’t want me to touch you.”

Suddenly he grabs your hand with his free one and moves it to return inside his pants. - “You caught me in surprise but if I didn’t say to stop, you don’t need to.” - His fingers move on your pussy, the middle one inserting inside your channel and giving slow thrust as he continues to rub your button of nerves, making you jump and stagger on your movements, a whine quickly coming out of your throat. - “I’m not stopping what you want me to do here.” - He gives you a lazy smile. - “And damn girl, after so many weeks of smelling old sweat from the men and other putrid smells you’re the best thing I’m smelling in months. The taste is even better.” - He turns your head to the side and sucks hard on your neck as his fingers fasten in tempo inside you, making you whine loudly. - “So return your hand where it was and make me come, right now!” - The last two words were said in a growl manner, making you shudder on his hold. Or it was his teeth nibbling in sensitive parts, you don't know well.

And like that your hand goes once again inside his pants, soon passing for the, not so surprisingly, trimmed pubian hairs to the engorged member you’d been feeling all of this time. He wasn’t girthy but he was long, which is no surprise if you put his height in question. Then you move it up and start to rub it, this time you hear his moan vibrating on your skin.

As you pump him, his fingers don't stop for one second, your hips following the movement, your free hand goes to the back of his head and digs on his hair, disarranging his hairstyle and making the tresses fall over his forehead and undercut. He moves away from your neck and you feel the light ache on your skin, then his free hand moves to the hem of your shirt and raises it to your collarbones. Then, without asking, he pulls down your bra and latches his mouth in one of your nipples, sucking the thing without asking twice. You whine at the sudden wet and warm feeling in such a sensitive area. The yellow colored irises turn up to you as the longer strands fall over his face, his tongue giving little licksat the now hard nub, the whole image looks so good that the aching on your nether parts doubled. - “Fuck, you’re so hot.”

- “Yeah, and I’ll make you the raging inferno that I can be.” - Suddenly his fingers moved off you as he stopped to suck on your boob, then he grabbed you by the waist and stood. After he moved to the highly convenient sole bed of the room and throwed you there. After the Korean moves, lower your pants and undergarments and above your shirt and bra, efficiently immobilizing you with your own clothing. Then he takes off his yellow jacket, the thing plopping down on the floor soundly as he moves to lean over you. You feel the weight of his left forearm near your head, body a little over your own, hand being placed over your belly, it running over your belly to then goes to your hip and thigh. - “Your skin is really soft.” - HIs hand goes up and finally touches the area you most wanted. - “But I want this place to be more pliant and wetter.” - His fingers once again are inside your channel, resuming thrusting from before. His head dives also once again to your bosom, his tongue flicking the still hard until it resumes the sucking.

The want to bring this man above you and curl all of your four limbs around him, but your limbs are all locked in place, his fingers making it impossible to think besides the growing pleasure on your body. Your thighs close on his hand, trying to keep him there, his tongue moving against your nipple inside his warm mouth, his thumb rubbing non-stop your clit.

You’re going insane… You need this man above you, you need to kiss him, to feel his skin, warmth and weight upon yourself…

You move your hands and legs, finally able to move the restrictive clothing from your limbs. Upon the movement he stops what he’s doing and looks at you. Then you grab his forearm and move him to be above you, your limbs now doing what feels right, which is curling around his body and bringing the male tight against you. You moaned at the good feeling of having his being against your own, legs locking around his hips as your arms curled down around his neck, bringing your lips to kiss him again. He groans at it, trying to move himself but you don’t give a chance. You move your hips against his, grinding against the erection. This time he gives a low moan, in which he bites your lip and gives a hard thrust against you. Instinctively you break the kiss and turn your head to the side, the stinging ache in your flesh as the burning one in the middle of your thighs making you lose your breath. - “You feel so good… ah!”

The sound of the third repaired generator echoes through the area.

- “I can make you feel even better, because there’s no one better than me around here.” - He leans on both of his forearms, holding his torso up as his hips work faster against yours, the engorged flesh rubbing deliciously against your clit. - “I’ll fill you up to the hilt and make you feel perfect.” - With his hands he unlocked your legs and grabbed at his member, rubbing the tip up and down your entrance. - “Do you want me to fuck you and make you feel perfect?”

The answer at the tip of your tongue is ‘yes’, but then you remember you’re in a trial and the time is running short. Cursing at the timing of things, you regretfully say to the Korean. - “I really, really want you for you to fuck me but our time is running short.” - You rise up a little and then grab his hands, pulling him once again to lie above you. - “We can continue what we were doing.” - You put your hands on his back, fingers descending down until you reach toned asscheeks, squeezing it with gusto. - “Can you give it to me, please?”

- “You say please so beautifully. I want to hear more of it.” - His hands go to your inner thighs and spread even more your legs. - “Pity that we don't have that much time...” - His face moves to the side of your head, lips touching your ear. - “But the next time you aren’t running away from it.” - His lips move to the direction of the junction of your neck, at the same time he thrusts his hips forward, making you whine loudly at the sensations. Your hands quickly move to the back of his head and his back, fingers digging at the hard pace, your pleasure skyrocketing. In a moment of clarity you wonder how you are almost reaching the completion just by his frotting on you.

His lips, the touch of his skin on yours, his weight, his warmness, the thick member rubbing deliciously against your clit, all of this was enough for your already highly excited body. Your limbs lock around and your back arches, you moan loudly as you tumbles over the edge. Your limbs lose their strength and fall limp on the bed, and then Ji-Woon raises to his knees, his hands quickly pumps his member to after ropes of cum come from it and fall on the skin of your belly. After he falls at your side, the rapid cooling fluid on your skin starts to feel gross. You move your limbs slowly, grabbing the fabric that is on the bed and cleaning yourself. Once cleaned you return to lay down, putting your arm above your eyes as you recuperate your breathing.

Your reprieve was short, the sound of the fourth generator coming to life and marking that your time with him has come to an end. Quickly as you could you put on your clothing and arranged yourself to look presentable to the others survivors. Then a sudden pull on your arm and you’re sitting on the bed, the Korean’s hand on your face as he pushes you to bite on the skin of your lower lip. - “The next time you aren’t running away from it.” - He finalizes by biting harder on your lip, making you whine at the sting it brings. You pass your tongue on it and taste blood.

- “Why did you do this?” - You touch the area and see the small mark of blood on it.

- “To make people know that you’re off-limits.” - This wording shouldn’tmake you feel all of the funny and hot things, but it has done.

You thin your eyes at him, and after pulling him to yourself, your hand holding his nape as you dig your teeth hard on his collarbone. Once you release the flesh you see the red indentations on his pale skin. It makes you satisfied at the visage. - “It is the same to you. Otherwise I’ll be ending this, right here, right now.”

You look with the most piercing gaze you can, and he chuckles at you. You frown at him. - “Alright, then!” - This time is his hand that goes to the back of your neck and pulls you to a kiss, his tongue breaches the seam of your lips and twirls around your mouth, once again stealing your breath away. After a few minutes and your lungs screaming for air he breaks it. The sound of the gates opening tells that the window frame for you to get to the gates instead of being impaled by the Entity starts to count. - “See you next time, then.”

You smile at the iconic smile he has, then quickly takes off the chair blocking the door. - “Until next… If you catch me, of course.” - And with a laugh, you run down the stairs of the saloon, not looking back at where the Korean is.

You breathe a little better when your shoes hit the earthy floor of the realm, the dry air and the feel of the dry tall grass passing onto the parts of uncovered skin. The blessing of the gates open beckon you to escape from the hell the trials are… Well, at least you found a little heaven, as much as heaven it could be by getting frisky with a killer that was once a k-pop idol.

Once all of the survivors escape unscattered, they already get close to you and ask questions about how you got the killer busy while they are able to repair the generators with no worries. And you answered them, until one points at the bite mark on the base of your neck and you'd come up with a good excuse for it.

You want to kill Jin-Woo. You decided to tell a half-truth. - “He bit me. I got furious enough that he was getting a hold of me so easily so I bit him hard on his neck to try to run away.” - Your fingers run over your skin in the affected area, feeling the intendations of his teeth on the area. - “It really hurts at the moment but I was so caught up in running away that I forgot about it. I did heal a little bit of what had left of my first-aid kit but apparently it wasn’t enough to heal completely.” - You frown in confusion. - “But I do wonder why the wound is here. Isn’t it supposed to disappear once the trial ends?”

Mikaela, one of your allies of the said trial, gets a little close to you and observes. - “Maybe it’s punishment from the Entity from whatever strategy you're pulling on to keep the killer away.”

You shrug your shoulders. - “Maybe it can be like this. Maybe I’m just really lucky to not have my throat ripped out…”

- “Maybe you are. At least we’re thankful that you can keep his sights out of us.” - A hand is deposited on your shoulder, and you see Jill at your side. She looks at Leon and exchanges looks. - “Right?”

- “Right, yes, of course.” - The blonde male responds, cleaning his throat as he approaches you. You'd have to hold to not raise an eyebrow at such a thing. - “Thank you for your collaboration at the trials.”

- “Oh my God…” - You hear the brunette saying in exasperation, after hitting the blonde’s shoulder. - “Seriously?”

Now this time you raise an eyebrow, very confused at what’s going on. - “What?”

- “Nothing.” - She gives a smile at you, probably to quench your curiosity. - “I do also thank you for your efforts to help us on the trials by being the bait. I do hope that in the next ones we are paired up, right Leon?”

- “Sure.” - He nods at that.

Not understanding one thing you just nod at that. - “Alright then. If you excuse me, I’m very tired and I want to retire to my humble abode, so…” - With that you nod at the two officers and make your leave.

You take a few steps until an arm is placed around your shoulders, making you jump a little bit. The familiar feminine laugh already apaziguates you. - “Seriously?”

Nea chuckles at your side, her arm still around your shoulders. - “Come on, you should be accustomed to that by now.” - You sigh. - “By the way, what was that with Jill and Leon?”

- “I don’t know but it was weird.” - You look at her face and see a grin on it. - “Wait, did you tell them something?”

- “I might have implied anything…”

You facepalm yourself, slightly embarrassed and incredulous that Nea might have told something about the little crush you'd had over Leon. - “Nea, there’s nothing to imply, ever.” - You sigh loudly. It’s weeks too late to think about him, even more that your bias is here and wanting to get intimate with. If it was months earlier things would be way different. - “Really, you'd talk with me first before doing anything. Now I’ve to clear things up.” - You pinch the bridge of your nose, thinking already of how to decline him…

Damn, you’re head over heels towards the Korean man. You shouldn’t because the man is a killer but still… There’s no sparks or anything else when you look at the blonde man. The bluish irises don't affect as much as the colored yellow one does, or even the visual or the accent the blonde man gives instead of the lavender-haired one.

Fuck, you’re insane to even think like this. But there’s no return from it now.


The next weeks were awkward from one side, while you try to convein of a form to not be blunt towards whatever Nea’s words might have somehow affected the blonde. He’s truly sweet and everything but Jin-Woon is the very spice you need on the grotesque routine you've had for almost an year in this place, to the point that Leon’s presence had started to become bothersome. When you've reached your limit you plainly said no, that you aren’t interested and whatever Nea might have said was wrong.

By the way the man were looking at you thought seriously that he would cry but he cleared his throat. The last words he said were Alrightand I’m sorry. You almost pitied him, because it was Nea’s damn thought but well, better like this.

Fortunately the one that gets your heart and your loins on fire is exactly doing this and more. Heart, loins and body are on fire. And fuck, you’re doing the same to him, by the grunts and moans he would do. You’re thankful he’s this vocal, you love the sounds he makes.

Like now.

My lies, my lies have make it to your heart

I can't get no sleep at night

Body's heartbeat is getting out of me

Just a little more is all I need

Begging for more, begging for your love

It's such a rush, such a rush

You’re standing against the wall, your shirt as a makeshift handcuff around your wrists. Your bra, an one you specifically choose to be able to open on the front, opened and loose on your sides. Your pants and panties are down to the floor, one feet still inside while your other leg is raised against his hips, his hand holding the limb there.

At similar state is Jin-Woo, his yellow jacket throw somewhere on the floor behind him, the white-stripped pink pants pulled down to his knees as his entire body keeping you in place as his member rubs deliciously right in your clit, his free hand are holding one of your breasts as his lips sucks on one of your nipples, wet noises coming from the movement of his tongue and lips. His lidded eyes are locked on you, observing the reactions you’re making. Unconsciously one of your hands clutches on his shoulder as the other one digs on his hair, holding his head in place.

At one point he releases the bud and straight to his full height, pressing you even more against the wall, he rut insistently against you, his lips giving a good suck on your neck for after rising to your ear. - “I want to put it inside, right now.”

In the little space of sanity that your brain had in that moment you questioned. - “Do you have a condom?”

His hand quickly moves to the pocket of his pants, retrieving the little foil packet between his middle and forefinger. - “Yeah. It’s kind of practical to have the Entity pleased with you.” - Backing away a little he rips off the foil with his teeth and after he puts the rubbery thing on his flesh. Then he grabs one of your thighs and pushes it open, his other hand aiming the tip to your entrance. - “Ready?”

You were about to answer when he inserted himself inside, and at this very moment you see white and your entire body shudders. - “Fuck!” - You curse low, vaguely hear him moaning, too caught up on the sudden orgasm you had. When the shudders stop you open your eyes a little, seeing the customary grin on his face. - “What?”

- “I didn’t know I’m that good.” - You move your pelvic muscles and squeeze the member inside your channel, this time making the male shudder.

For the deity’s sake, he’s impaled on you and he makes jokes. - “You’ve been teasing me for too long, no wonder I hold it this long.” - Your hand still on his hair pulls it to you after pulling to the side, revealing the column of his throat. You lick it, feeling the salty taste of sweat, which at this point, you don’t care. - “Move, I want to feel you fill me up to the hilt.” - Then you suck at the part near his jaw, locking your legs tight around his hips.

- “I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll not thinking in ever fucking someone else besides me.” - And like he puts his arms around your shoulders, bringing your torso to full contact with his, then he starts to thrust into you. The silky feeling of the skin and hard planes of his toned torso, the two hard nubs of his nipples poking on your skin. His fingers digs on your skin as the force on his thrusts makes you bounce on his hold, you just can feel it by the way you feel the smack of the front of his toned thighs against the inner part of your own, his member hitting on the place you need to get to the second nirvana. His throat vibrates like the melodies he sings, and you love the sound of it.

At one point he made you fall over the edge for a second time, and later he followed you. Throwing his head back, he voices his pleasure, in which you were lucky enough to be able to move your head away and see the sight of his eyes almost closed and his mouth open while he growls. You feel the rapid movement of his shoulders and chest against you as he panted air back to his lungs. Your legs open from the locked state, and you’ve barely the strength to not let your feet fall hard on the floor. Then he moves away, and you feel the emptiness that his member had left when he retreats. Quickly he takes off the used condom and ties it, throwing the thing aside carelessly.

The thing is… He’s still hard. Painfully hard, from the little sounds he’s making while he strokes slowly himself. - “It isn’t enough.” - He says, his gaze rising to you, his irises looking at your feet to the top of your head. - “I need more.” - Once again his hand dives to the pockets of his pants and he retrieves a second condom. After he takes off his pants, going to a nearby chair and sits on it. The sound of the foil ripping fills the silence and smoothly he puts the thing on his still hard erection. - “I want it again.” - At a certain point his lavender hair had fallen from the ‘pushed back’ state and the strands were falling over his face, killing the more pristine look and making him look more boyish. The way he gazes at you makes him look wilder. He raises his hand to your direction and licks his lips. - “Come.” - And you go, like a dog. But fuck, he looks sexy and yummy. The thought to have him filling you up again makes the ache on your loins get on fire.

You take his hand and he grabs at it, pulling you towards him. You fall against his torso, your hands using his shoulders to hold yourself up, then you feel his hands setting on your body, one making you lean against him and the other you feel it passing on the outer part of your thigh them reaching below you, seconds later you feel the tip of his member to after breach you in one go, this time slower than before. After his hands go to your hip and push you down on him, completely feeling you up. However this time was a little different. This time, instead of his eyes looking at your boobs, his gaze never diverted from your face. So he saw very well when it’s your time to express your satisfaction at being filled up. You wait for him to move but he does not, so you realize that he probably wants you to do the work now.

Well, if he wants a show you’ll give him one.

Once you accommodate your feet in the floor you raise from his lap, until only the tip was inside him, for after letting your weight drop, consequently sheathing his member inside in a quick thrust. The way that he groaned shows you that you’re on the right path. Taking advantage that you’re in charge for the time being your hands run over his torso, fingers rubbing over skin until you reach his nipples. You pinch and scratch them, earning two sets of fingers digging on your skin, for after going to your ass and staying there. You look at his face, seeing his eyes turning half-lidded again, his mouth open but he still kept looking at you. You go to his lower lip, pulling on the plump flesh, sucking it inside of your mouth, your fingers going insistent on his now hard nubs.

Probably getting tired of being passive the male suddenly grabs at your cheeks tight, his mouth now assuming a more dominant state as his hips start to thrust up on you. You scream in his mouth at the sensations, his growling following your sounds.

It didn't take too long for you to orgasm for the third time and he soon follows you, your vision whitening as Jin-Woo's body arches against yours, his member deep inside. His hips buckles against yours, head thrown back as his voice sounds aloud in the room he locked you both up this time. You let yourself let your body settle on him, limbs feeling too heavy after the strenuous activity. - “I’ll not get enough of this… I want more of this…”

- “Please, not now.” - You whine, in some parts of your body protesting or even thinking of moving again. - “I don’t think I even will be able to move in time soon.”

- “So that means I’ll have to get to my realm, don’t you think?” - The Korean man says with a mischievous tone, his hands going to your waist and getting a grip there. - “I can show you how my home would like, well as much as the Entity let me recreate it, and feed you with nice food, and give you some nice clothes, and…”

You stopped him right there. - “Hold on… I don’t think that is even possible to happen, the Entity wouldn’t allow it. As also the other killers will want something like that with the other survivors.” - These words of his are a wake-up call enough for your limbs to gain some strength and move away. The squelch noise comes when you untangle from him, and like that you just couldn’t stop to observe how full of sperm the point of the condom is. Bless whatever conscience that resides still in his mind.

- “Nothing is gonna happen if the others don't know.” - You both hear the customary sound of the third generator going to life, which means that you’ve little time to recompose yourself, which you quickly put yourself to move and redress. - “I can allow people to go inside and out as much as I want, nobody will know.”

- “This is insane. The Entity will kill us both… I don’t even understand how it didn’t do that yet since we have been doing nothing in the trials…” - You voiced one of the biggest concerns out loud. How are you still alive despite getting frisky with the killer and doing nothing? Maybe the Entity has been considering these as a way to keep the attention of the killer elsewhere instead of making the lives of the other survivors difficult.

- “Then we both will have to work hard for the next trials if we want to keep ourselves… entertained by the ones we do not work hard.” - The male reasoned, in which you raised your eyes to look at his face, seeing something you don’t understand yet but it gave chills to your spine, not the good ones.

- “Alright, then.” - You finish your reclothing. - “But when I say we stop, we stop. I don’t want to really die here. I want to get out and have my life back, no matter the costs.”

He nodded at your words. - “We all want, actually, so we’ll have to please the Entity enough to let us leave, I think.” - The fourth generator sounds aloud and this is the time for leave. - “And that is the last of our time 귀여운.” - He also has redressed and you catch the sight of him pushing his hair back on the way it is supposed to be. - “Until then, don’t miss me too much.” - You didn’t have enough time to ask because the fourth and last generator comes to life, soon there will be the sound of the gates… and there it is. The man pulls you to a last kiss but you didn’t enjoy it enough because of the threat of the Entity killing you itself if you don’t escape. You briefly kiss him back and after sweetly smiling, quickly open the door of the room and run to the nearest exit.

Once you reach the threshold of the makeshift freedom and feel the customary ambiance of the survivors' realm you let yourself release a deep breath. This time you decided to use a high collared and long sleeved shirt, so no one would see the love marks the killer left in your skin. Your allies patted on your back and said good job at you baiting the killer, some of them trying to get some chat out of you but the only thing you want is to rest on your cot.

You politely excuse yourself from them and walk towards your little heaven until you’re intercepted by a serious Yun-Jin Lee, arms crossed over her chest. You raise an eyebrow to her, your mouth moving to ask what happened but she cut your words short. - “Whatever you’re playing or doing to keep Jin-Woo busy, be cautious. He’s a psychopath that only cares about himself. It isn’t just because you’re his fan that it means he’ll treat you differently.” - You’re about to say something but she cuts you short again. - “That man is possessive by default and you being his fan will be worse, once you’re in his clutches, he’ll not stop to use you until he gets tired and throws you away, for good. So watch yourself.” - And like that the Korean woman walks away.

- “Of course I can watch myself. Remember that I’m here way before you are.”

Your words make her stop. - “And I know Jin-Woo better than you. He was like this before and will not change now, no matter what people could do. But it depends on you to abide by my words or not.” - Once again she resumes her walking, and it raises even more the anxiety that you’ve been feeling since the last words Jin-Woo had said hours ago.

Once bathed and tucked on your bed, you think of everything. It’s a dream to be so intimate with someone you have been not just idolizing but having the hots for months but you’re down to earth enough to know that there’s no other options for the male killer to get frisky. There’s no love at first sight here or even outside, even more for someone that kills people for fun.

Fuck, you should and will take Yun-Jin’s words into consideration, but you’ll make your own observations yourself.


For the next times that you two encountered, the same thing happened. The consuming passion and after the good and hard fucking, no words besides ‘I want more’ or claiming of ‘how sexy’ and feel good your body is to him comes from his mouth. Once you’d summoned enough courage to ask what you are to him he said that once again you’re his fan, a dearest fan he desires the most.

Just a fan? Again?

You felt very disappointed at that, like a lot.

The sound of the last generator being repaired is the thing that made you move from letting him see how you felt. - “I must go.” - You redressed yourself, for the first time feeling a little disgusted by everything. Once you could look at his face with a neutral expression you turn, and catch a very satisfied expression on his face. You thought that the customary butterflies on the stomach would appear but apparently they had dwelled with what you’ve been feeling in the moment. Maybe is reality crushing down whatever fantasy you had towards him?

- “Next time, same hour?” - He chuckles at his own words, the very same he would say every time you both are in the same trials after fucking. Maybe you’re a way for him to distress himself, a good and free hole to use. You didn’t need to answer because the customary sound of the escape gates opening is the sound for you to make a rapid leave. You once again return to look at his face and see him looking back, you wave goodbye at him and make a hasty retreat to your freedom.

Once in the survirvors’s realm people keep complimenting on your good job of keeping the Korean male killer ‘busy’ and for the first time you feel guilty of not helping on their efforts of escaping. You felt guilty of not being able to tell the truth to the ones but would be too much to reveal, they would accuse you of thinking only of fun while they’re doing all of the hard work outside, which is true. In fact you weren't thinking about the others when you’re doing the deeds with the killer, only of your blind fondness you’d for an image that has been fabricated to please mostly the female masses. Yup, you kind of know the dark side of k-pop but you also know you shouldn’t be generalist, however his ex-manager had warned you about him and you let it slide for the opportunity to get close to him. And now, the signals are appearing.

That night you thought you cried pitifully, in the same way you’d cried when you learned that your bias killed people for the fun of it. It’s stupid ot cry to not be corresponded by someone you admire and now have an opportunity to know more and be far closer but you’ve received in the few words he said how emotionally closed of the other’s he is. Like Yun-Jin Lee had said before, he only thinks about himself.

A new resolve had grown on you on this night. To stop this thing you’d let happen between you and the Korean killer and make things return to the correct way, to distract him in the way it’s supposed to be. You really need to talk to him about what you’re feeling and make things right.


The fateful time arrived, and you waited long enough for it to happen. At all of the times a trial was available you decided to join, the excuse was that you wanted to gain more offerings to change even more the pace that it already has. Nobody denied, since the chance of The Trickster being in the trials had also increased exponentially, a thing you’d heard Claudette saying since she heard a killer complaining to no one that the Korean male had been wanting to get on the trials at every chance he got. Hearing that you feel funny things happening at the pity of your stomach but you quickly quench that, remembering that he said himself he doesn’t see you as anything except a fan that he adores.

The trial started and the pace of your heart already fastened for the prospect of things you wanted to tell him. You quickly go to a generator and start to repair it, and soon the now customary sound of your Heartbeat resounding as the killer gets closer. Soon enough the customary yellow long jacket and bright pink pants appear in your line of vision. The ally of the time, which is repairing the same generator as you already smiles, the knowing gaze that it will be another tranquil trial for them as you keep The Trickster busy. You almost pitied her, knowing that today things will return to normalcy.

The smile is there and it should make you smile back but you decide to move and run quickly to the most far away place you can find for the talk, your Heartbeat signaling that he’s on your step. When you deemed that where you are is safe enough to talk without being heard you turned towards him. He drops the bat on the floor and guards on his cot his neon blades, soon stepping on your personal space and moving to a kiss but you moved away from his reach. He frowns in confusion but after shrugs, once again moving towards you. Just like before, you move out of his reach. He tries to get close for a couple times and you evade them, until he realizes your behavior. - “What’s going on?”

You take a deep breath and release what you’ve been training in your head to say. - “Whatever we've been doing in the past months, we need to stop now.” - You say in the most neutral tone you can, not revealing the internal conflict you’re having since the last trial.

His smile fell instantly off his face, his expression changing to confusion to neutral quickly. It made your anxiety grow exponentially, you feared the most he would go berserk towards you or the other survivors, or just reveal to anyone what has been happening. - “Did something happen? We were all nice and dandy a few days ago.”

You bite your lips, moving your gaze away in fear of having a rebound of thoughts. Then you took another breath and once again started to explain your thoughts. - “You say that you see me as a fan you adore, and just like that. I asked many times if the answer would change with time but it did not.” - His expression was neutral, not showing what he might be thinking. - “To be frank, if you are thinking that whatever relationship we might have been in is just for fun then you’re searching it on the wrong person.”

He crosses his arms over his chest, the biceps showing through the fabric that is tightly fitting once his muscles bulged. - “Let me get it straight…” - He chuckled a little and then resumed. - “Did you really think that something would grow out of all of the sex we have been doing these past months?” - You frowned at him, now this time you are crossing your arms over your chest. - “Woman, I’m an assassin, I killed a lot of people and enjoyed it. Do you really think I’m capable of love or even wanting to have a relationship inside whatever this realm is?” - He uncrosses his arms and gives a step closer to you and you give a step back. - “You’re my adored fan, one of the many I dedicated to please so you can spend on me, like a means of profit, you know. Because one of the cruel realities is that your body and image is created solely to please people like you so you can spend money on merchandise for me. The cruel reality is that I’m nothing more than an expensive entertainment for you and dozens of people to spend money with.” - At one point your back hits the brick wall and both of his hands smack near your head, his arms blocking your way out. - “I’m just taking a little bit of the reward I’ve the right to have.”

Huh? What?

You thin your eyes at him. The audacity of this guy - “You signed up for this at your own volition, nobody asked you to become an idol.” - One of your hands goes to his left wrist as your other one goes to his right one. Gripping the wrists tight, you try to move them away from the closure he created. - “You better than anyone knows the goods and the bads of the industry and yet desire to continue.” - By no means you’re a weak person, and once again you display it by moving his arms away. - “If you think getting a hole to fuck, my hole, to fuck is some kind of reward that you should have from your fans then I’m so much more wrong about whatever might have left of your good conscience. And I’m not the person for it.” - Strongly you push his hands away, for after pushing him back and out of your space. - “I’m not your toy or even less your possession. You’re far more disgusting than I thought.” - Pinpricks of the beginning of tears appear on your eyes, anger starting to consume your reasoning. - “Go yourself find another one to fuck, I bet there’s someone really fucked up of their mind that would like it to treat you like a God that you think you are.”

Taking a deep breath you turn to leave, preparing yourself to run from him as also from the pain of the flurry of blades that might be thrown to your back but nothing like you presumed would happen. Instead it’s someone strongly catching the back of your sweater and pulling you back. You turn around quickly, seeing a equally furious Jin-Woon crazy-wide eyes locked on your face. The artificial yellow colored lenses he always wears give a sensation you never thought you would feel: fear. - “Do you really think that you could end things with me like this, huh?” - Once again he grabs at your wrist, the hold hurting your limb. - “You've been mine since the moment you became a fan of NO SPIN. You’re mine since the moment you decided that for me to be your bias. You've been mine since the moment you decided to reveal yourself to me, the killer, that you’re my fan and I’m your favorite.” - He shakes you strongly and in that moment it dawns on you that it will be really hard to outlaw his strength, a thing you didn’t think about until now. - “You’re mine since the moment you let me fuck you all of this months. And damn, you feel good all of the time.” - It shouldn’t make you feel funny when things roll over your spine, you should be disgusted by it. - “You asked for it and I’m not letting it go away.” - And like that his face dives in for a kiss, forced and with a clack of teeth.

At the sudden assault you close your jaw tight as much as you could, after seeing that it’s fruitless you decided to bite his lips, hard. In that instant the taste of blood invades your mouth, as also the man pushes you away quickly from him. You clean his blood on your jacket, soon seeing the spot of blood on the fabric. After you look at his face and see the flesh red and bleeding, he cleans it with his finger and looks at the blood, for after raise his gaze and looks back at you. You thought you would see fury on his face but there is the maniacal smile he always portrays while killing, tainted with the blood of his very lips.

In this very important moment your mind screamed to yourself: RUN!

And you run.

Run as much as your legs could, trying to put aside your broken heart and feat that your idol is something far worse than you thought. This place isn’t the right one to cry and mourn over whatever image your mind had conjured up at your time of loneliness and fantasies. Still needs to be put on the façade so to not alert the others. You see Meg repairing a generator and soon you move yourself to help to repair it faster. Meg's eyes widened at seeing you there instead of luring the killer away. - “What happened?”

You right away tell the lie you’ve been fabricating - “He discovered our plan.” - You give a chuckle to mask the rising fear and promise of pain that might come later. - “I’m surprised it took this long for him to find out.”

- “Yeah, me too.” - By the tone of voice you couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or suspicious, you kept your gaze trained on the wires of the machine. - “Anyway, this trial will not end until all of us are dead or repair all of this to escape.”

- “Of course.” - In a few moments you both could finalize the repair but then your Heartbeat started to rise up in volume. - “Shit.” - You and Meg scatter yourselves in different directions, you move languidly in the well known paths, jumping obstacles and running through paths that you know would make any of the killers lose the trail, but not him.

You cursed low when your Heartbeat didn’t lower in volume, and after louder when you feel a blade grazing your right arm and dropping to the floor. - “네, 더 달려보세요. 나는 그것의 스릴을 좋아한다!” - The blade was a signal for the start of the flurry of blades that would come later. And it had come, and you’ve to handle it as you pushed your burning legs to run and jump until the 44 blades had been used and he would have to recharge them. It was in that moment that you turned and body-slam onto him, thankfully you’d strength and momentum enough to pull him down to the floor. And fortunately for you, he drops his bat.

An opportunity reveals to yourself, an opportunity to put a theory you’ve been dwelling for long to the test; if the killers can only hit or kill the survivors only with weapons or they’re allowed to use their limbs. You take two deep breaths and make your limbs move, quickly grabbing at the bladed bat in your hands, like that, you wait for his next move.

He looks at you astonished at your move, after chuckling and then gets angry when he sees his weapon in your hands. - "Give it back!"

- "No. Come and try to take it." - You take a few steps, waiting for his next move.

He stand-up and moves to you, his hand quickly moving to snatch the bat but you move away from his reach. He tries a few more times but you successfully move away from him, when he stops he’s panting, trying to catch his breath. You see his features morph into anger and frustration, in which you see his hand turning into a fist and aiming it to yourself. At this moment you stared in shock that he would reach into those qualms, despite knowing that at some point it would happen, but something stops his arm. It was when you realize that the Entity had curled it’s tendrils around his limb. The killer looks at it and curses in frustration. - “I know, I KNOW! weapons only, argh!” - When you hear this at this moment your theory is cemented in facts, and it may turn the tides in favor of the survivors. Jin-Woon catches your expression and if possible, he gets even more furious. - “Give it back.”

This is the turn of your smile getting bigger. - “No. You’ll have to catch it from me.” - And with that you turn around and start to run again, far away from any cabinet that he might need to recharge his blades if he wants to get a chance to hit you and retrieve his bat back.

What a turn of tides you’d got.

As long as you run, more and more of your Heartbeat starts to fade out, until the point that it is like a whispering in your ears. Once it seems to be safe enough you stop and catch your breath, your limbs feeling like jello. Once you’re not panting anymore you look around and luckily there’s a generator half-repaired. At this moment you think if it should worth the shot in repairing the last generator of the trial and pinpoint to the killer where you are or have enough time to generate it and make the escape finally possible.

Fate has decided for you when one of your allies has been critically wounded when you hear the long and painful scream, probably by his flurry of blades. Knowing that the process of hooking the survivor takes some time from the killer, you throw his weapon in an area that he wouldn’t find at first sight and resume the repair. And like that, the blessing sound of the last repaired generator comes to life.

You rise from the spot and quickly get to move, passing through the outer side of the main area and prevent being seen as you move to the nearest gates. The blissful sight of the corroded metal graces your eyes and you move to open the gates. Until now no Heartbeat or sound of footsteps are heard so you push down the lever to open the gates. The hinges of the wheels on the trail are loud on the trail and a few seconds later the sound of the gates opened are heard through the entire area. It is in that moment that the sound of your Heartbeat starts to get louder as you hear footsteps in the distance. - “Shit.” - Moving quickly and away from the gates, you now follow the visible and luminous yellow lines that the Entity shows on the floor, signaling that the second gates are opened already. Finally the vision of the gates opened is right at the front, and you move faster to reach the end of the worst thirty minutes of your existence in these realms.

You hear something zooming and then instantaneous pain on your shoulder as you scream, you almost fall on the floor with the pain, moving yourself enough to enter the area which is between the gates and the barrier of freedom. Greeting your teeth to no scream in pain, you turn and see the neon colors of the blade of Jin-Woon, the smell and the feel of blood dripping on your skin is disgusting, fortunately it’ll soon fade away as soon your cross the limit of the gate area and escape, you just need to give a few more steps. Moving your hand, you take the weapon off of your shoulder and press the wound to not bleed more than it already did.

Taking a deep breath and bracing the pain you start to run to freedom, your Heartbeat is blaring loudly and another blade hits your arm but it drops to the floor. You heard of a third one going in your direction but in that moment you blissfully had passed the barrier of freedom and the blade was blocked. The moment you passed it was instantaneous the changes in your body, as your wounds magically started to heal, only leaving the red trail of blood and stains on your clothes. The blade that was still in your grasp.

Instead of giving a step further you turn around and face the man that you’d once admired and desired a lot, seeing the anger and frustration on his features, his bladed bat nowhere to be seen. He is completely disheveled, his hair falling over his head as also an alarming amount of blood on his skin and clothes. He indeed had gone berserk this time. Knowing that you’re untouchable to him you grab the bloody blade and licked your blood from it, minding your tongue to not dig too much on the sharper parts or swallow the fluid. You gave a show to him, seeing his feature changes to astonishment while you purposely made wide movements in one of his precious things, once it was clean, you threw the blade back to his side and after spitting your fluid to the floor near your feet. Then you try to copy the same smile he always does, raising your right hand and showing your middle finger to him. After a loud laugh you turn and start to walk away, the flames engulfing you to after the familiar breeze of the survivor’s realm grace you being.

Upon seeing you return, Meg quickly reaches you, her gaze right on yours. - “Now tell me everything that happened.”

Dwight also got closer, since he was in the same trial as you. - “Yeah, explain yourself. At one moment things were quiet and dandy and on the other that assassin was cursing bloody murder on his language.”

Claudette, the other ally on the trial, pipes in. - “Yeah, never saw this man this angry.”

You’re glad that now you’ve an excuse for how their new normal has been changed, since it was, technically, your damn fault that things got worse. - “Well, the plan of being the bait had gone bad. I think he realized what I was doing and then changed the tactics, to the point I was the one trying to hold him down while he wanted to get you three.” - You point at them. - “There was a moment that I body-slammed him to try to stop him from releasing his weapon. I didn’t think so, I just grabbed that bat and ran away from him. At one point he tried to punch me and the Entity didn’t allow it to happen. He said himself ‘weapons only’ while complaining to the owner of the realms.” - You looked at the faces of the survivors that got closer while you spoke. - “We might have another plan now, that will not only be used for The Trickster but can be used for the others too.”

- “This still doesn’t explain why he had gone berserk in this very moment instead of the past trials.” - This question caught you off guard, and you’d to look at the floor to not show that it was all your fault.

- “Because he’s a possessive bastard.” - The clear voice of Yun-Jin traveled to your ears, making you quickly raise up your head to look at her. - “Anything that he considers as his he’ll be jealous over, it might be objects, like his precious weapon or people.” - The woman approaches the circle that the survivors had done around you and the others. - “We might have odds at your side by stealing the killer’s weapons but the stealing part is tricky. Not all of them are humans and it's easy to knock them down.”

- “It’s four against one.” - Nea states. - “It's quite possible that the four together couldn’t immobilize the killer for time enough to get his or her weapon and change the balance to our side. We can get a better quality of life here if we actually can win most of all the trials, we just need to try.”

Most of the survivors agreed with that idea but the ever pessimist side of the Korean woman stood out. - “Or things can get wrong and send our efforts downhill, whatever this thing called Entity can make our lives worse than it already is. Also not all of the killers use weapons, if I remember.”

Some sighs of defeat come from some of the survivors. Others, like you, sigh in at how this woman doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. However you just can’t say anything to her since she’s the direct source of information of one of the killers. You and others cannot have the luxury to discard her words. - “We’ll not know until we try.” - You answer her. - “It isn’t like you’re being forced to try but I’ll try.” - With that words you start to walk to your cot. - “Excuse me and have goodnight you all.” - You don’t give attention to the other, your body is screaming to lay down somewhere, your legs are hurting a lot.”

Once bathed and lying down on your bed, you think about everything that led to the situation you're in now. You should have known better, because what an idol passes through TV shows or fancases aren’t exactly their real person, or not the hundred percent of it, Jin-Woon is the perfect example of it, and the signals were explicit in your face but you let it slide just for the thrill and fulfillment of having your bias close to touch and something more. Well, something more in your vision because on his it never was than a toy. A toy that he was obsessed over, as far as his behavior and what his ex-manager told. But you have a plan now, a plan that might turn whatever obsession he has over your being into just being the prey of these sick trails, and nothing more than you both had shared in these past months. Now you feel more fear than anything else towards him, and you want him as far away as possible.


For the next few weeks you got lucky to not get a trial that has The Trickster as the killer. And on these trials most of them you could put to use your plan of stealing the killer’s weapons before start doing any repairing, of course the ones that the weapons are objects that could be grabbed. Some of them like The Cenobite and The Executioner were impossible to try and even move, so you all had to do the trial in the customary way.

Apparently whatever good deity that might hear your pleas of things going in the right direction didn’t listen to you, because it got you in the difficult spot of being on trial with Jin-Woon as the killer. But the good side of it that your three allies of the moment decided to put into use the plan of stealing. It was indeed funny to see the shock in the Korean male’s features after Nea this time knocks him down out of nowhere and you and the others hold him by the limbs while Nea herself gets his weapon and runs with all of her might somewhere that will be difficult for him to find.

Once it is deemed that she is far enough from their spot the three of you quickly release the now cursing killer and run into different directions. Of course he gets right on your tail but this time your two allies are prepared enough, to the point that they physically stop the killer, making the man fall on the dirt floor of the realm after running to different directions. It didn’t take too long for the four generators to be repaired and they win the trial, and you realize that Jin-Woon doesn’t think to clear once things don't go the way he wants.

Little do you know that Jin-Woon, after a lot of frustrated trials, starts to catch how things are going in this little plan of yours and concoct his own.

Little do you know that he has a plan to get you to himself when a trial isn’t happening.

Little do you know that he strikes an agreement with the Entity, in which he has to fulfill a certain quest on the trials to get at least a night with you.

And like the perfectly disciplined and tactical man he is, he can fulfill them.

And like the Entity promised, it happens.

Because once you’re walking to your cot, in the survivor’s realm, after a difficult trial. The tendrils of the Entity envelops you, darkness ensues on your vision, the whirlwind making you black out. When you return to yourself your head is hurting, your limbs are aching and you feel the touch of your skin into soft fabrics.

You open your eyes, seeing blurry blue dimness. Blinking them your vision clears, in which you realize that you’re in a spacious room, in which the perimeter of the roof is lit in royal blue light. You turn your head around and see technological devices and gadgets that you would see in a more sophisticated room. The room is slightly cold.

You try to move your arms so you can sit but they do not, only you realize that one point of achiness are your wrists. Your very bind wrists. This time you try to move your legs and realize that they’re moving but it’s restrictive. You raise your lower limbs and see that they’re also bound but there’s a metal bar connected to them, which keeps your legs apart. It is in this very moment that you realize what you’re wearing, or more the lack of what you’re wearing. You’re stark naked, the cold air passing in sensitive areas and making you shiver on the spot. The cold air passes over your nether regions, in which you realize that there’s a slight achiness and wetness to that.

- “Finally you’re awake.” - If you weren’t cold before now the coldness that washes over your spine as you hear the very familiar voice indeed make you colder than you think. - “I was getting too impatient. Too bad I like you responsive instead of otherwise.” - Your gaze moves to the corner in which the voice is coming from, seeing the Korean male sitting in an armchair. He was wearing only his customary pants and earrings, the rest is nowhere to be seen. - “Now that there’s nowhere for you to run, we can chat and also do something else.”

He moved from the chair and walked towards the bed you are in. You started to pant, not liking one bit of the situation as you see one of his knees digging on the mattress. - “Or more like wanting to force something that isn’t going anywhere to both of us.”

The man moves in the space that your opened legs are making, his hands grabbing the bar and moving high as he passes his head under it to after release, letting your thighs rest over his own. - “Isn’t going anywhere? You are the one that had feelings over, feelings that I cannot reciprocate except for the carnal desire we’ve been sharing in the past months.”

His torso hovers over yours, his hands placed at each side of your head. - “And yet somehow you’d kidnapped me, restrained me and got me naked.” - You raise an eyebrow at him, trying to buy some time while you think about how to turn this situation around. - “I keep wondering what the name of this feeling you’re having towards me is.” - He chuckles at that. - “Possessiveness is also a way of love. The most twisted and sick one.”

He moves himself to stay on his forearms, still holding his weight to not crush you but at the same time his torso is now laying over yours. You'd hold yourself at the familiar and good feeling of his soft and warm skin. - “So then, did my dearest fan like the way of love I give to her?” - The familiar size and prodding of fingers on your clit and after womanhood teasing you after months of nothing let you panting even more.

- “No, not even one bit.” - You had to grit your teeth to not let your hips move against the surprisingly soft touches.

- “That’s too bad.” - He raises his torso and looks down. You follow his gaze, seeing his hand stroking languidly his length. - “Because I’ll pay in the same way everything you’d done while fucking up my trials and making me run after my possessions like an idiot.” - He didn’t give any warning, just starting inserting himself inside your channel, making you feel the slight burn of stretch his member is giving after so long. - “You’re lucky that I like your taste and couldn’t resist myself to give head on you.” - He doesn’t stop, just keeps pushing until he is fully inside. - “Ah, that’s the stuff…” - He closes his eyes in half mast, his irises now devoid of the yellow lenses, showing the natural brown. His eyelids tremble at the probable pleasure he might be feeling at the moment.

For you in, on the other hand, felt slightly uncomfortable to have his entire length in one go inside. Wanting to move your limbs and push him away to alleviate a little bit and also get hold of anything to cope up with the sensation but they are tightly bound and unmoving. You’re completely at his mercy. - “I thought you were… ah.. pissed at me.” - He once again lies on his left forearm, his right hand curling around your left thigh and placing itself under your ass. - “I thought you would punish me.”

- “I’m already punishing you.” - He pulls back all the way out after pushing inside in one go. He continues on it, not waiting for you to get accustomed. His hips move like a piston, making your body slide up and down on the mattress at a punishing pace. He moves his lips near your ear, in which you could hear the fastening breathing over the sounds of squelching and slapping of skin on skin. - “After all, not being able to touch me or even stop whatever I might want to do to you is already punishment enough.” - His mouth moves from your earlobe, to after you feel lips and teeth closing up on the area between your neck and jaw. His teeth close hard on the area, digging on skin and meat. You scream loud at the sudden pain, in which involuntary makes you squeeze the member inside, earning a pleasurable groan from the man. - “Yes, just like that, ah!”

You've got that bittersweet (so sweet)

A vision of perfection

- “You fucker.” - Tears stream down in your cheeks from the pain that the slight growing pleasure barely can mask. - “I hope that I get the pleasure of punching you in the face when the opportunity happens in the next trial.” - He keeps biting as his mouth runs down. You groan in frustration, the thrusting pace he continuously gives on your womanhood is transforming the discomfort into pleasure. You hated it. You don’t want to show to him that you’re liking it, to not feed even more the twisted ego he has. - “I swear to all the deities, you’ll pay for it.”

His mouth makes a pop sound once he moves away from your bitten skin, already feeling the ache in various spots in your neck. - “Did you really think that this will be a one time thing?” - More of his torso’s weight falls upon yours, his toned pecs squishing down your breasts, his face right above yours and so close. - “A made a great offer and the Entity allowed me to have you all of the nights for an entire month. So prepare yourself, this isn’t just a one time thing.” - And with that both of his hands hold your head in place and his lips dive into yours. You close your mouth, gritting your teeth not letting his tongue invade your mouth but the thrusting of his hips and his bites on your lips makes you gasp, the opportunity present so that his tongue dives into. Now it’s your air that is robbed from you. At some point he got tired of kissing and you could finally breathe but it was the time that his groaning started to get deeper and his thrusting got unsteady. - “I’m gonna fill you up to the brim.”

At this point you couldn’t stop moving your hips into meeting him. Unfortunately, only him could make you go crazy. - “No, stop.” - You tried to move your body in a poor attempt to move him away and state that you don't like it but he is strong enough to hold you down. He gives a final thrus, like he said he would do, his member is deep inside, filling you up with his seeds. Of course he voice aloud his completion together with your cries, to after his weight fall upon you. You could hear his panting as feel the expansion and contraction of his torso as he recuperated his breathing. - “Damn you… Get off me.” - You put the most angered tone you could in your voice, trying to quench down the tingles of satisfaction that once again he can do. He doesn’t need to know that he still can make you come.”

- “Did you really think that this is enough to satisfy me?” - There’s a sound of satisfaction coming from his lips, but still his statement gets down your hopes that he is finished with you. - “This night has just begun.” - And with that, he starts to thrust again, the oversensitiveness of your nether regions making tears born in your eyes.

Your cries weren't enough to stop this ordeal. And he took you for more than a couple rounds until you slept out of exhaustion. In that morning you wake up in your cot, fully dressed and limbs unbound, but you could feel the achiness on your entire body after what happened that night. You wonder if it’s punishment of the Entity from what you’ve been doing in the trials, or it’s just like the Korean male said, it was a great offer that he makes to get back at whatever you’d done to him in the past trials.

Unfortunately for you it doesn’t stop happening. It happens for many more nights, in which he would take you in many ways, mark your body in many ways, to the point he imprints his name on your shoulder blade with his blade, the wound in the form of the hanguls. You couldn’t think anymore, you couldn’t fight anymore.

But taste to my affection

Uh, you've got that bittersweet (so sweet)

You just accept it because there’s no way out. You just simply can’t run away from the situation you got into.

You shouldn’t have said that you are… were… his fan in the first place. You should keep your mouth shut since you knew that he was a psychopath. Now you reap at what you sow. And there is no way out of it, until death or when the Entity decides that it has had enough and sent you back to your life.

And the only way is to cope with it is letting yourself go, you mind saying no and your body saying yes as he fuck you to oblivion every night.

His dearest possession, his dearest toy.