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Love?_never heard of it

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It was early monday morning when I woke up I would be going to school and I was excited. I would be able to get away from my dad for (how ever long your school day is). I got my cloths and rushed to the bathroom being sure not to make any noice. the first thing I did was strip out of my PJ and took off (if you sleep with one on) my sports bra and quickly replaced it with my binder. It wasnt very good but it was the only thing I could get without it aperating on my credit card for my parents to see. I got it off Amazon with an amozon gift card I got. When I finished getting dressed I slowly walked down the stairs being carful not to step on the part of the steps that would make a sound I put on my shoes grabbed my bag and made a run for it. When I got to school I was out of breath but I imeaditly saw my freind group and went over the them to talk (I will let you imagine the conversation)

*time skip*
When school was over I had ran home so i was not late but of course I was late i only had 2 minutes to get home bacause dad though school ended at (an hour before school ends) when it really ends at (when School ends) I didnt make it home in time and when I opened the door I heard dad yell "D/N Your fucking late and you dare come home you better have a good reason and not that schools not out till (when school ends) you know what i was being kind giving you and hour to hang with freinds and do club activities but now you have to be home by (an hour before school ends and just enough time to get to your house) also go sit in the basment I will be down to pick you punishment." I walked down to the basement and sat in the chair i alwsys sit in when I am not home in time.Whe Dad came down he had a knife he did what he would usually do until it went black.

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When I woke up it was Tuesday Dad had hit me too hard in the head but I had enough of it I went upstairs not caring how much noice I made I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife the only thing I was hearing was a voice telling me to do it and I won't get caught someone will be by to get me and save me before the cops even show up so I went upstairs and Stabbed my Dad I quickly went to my room and packed everything I would need before I went back to my Dads room decideding A stab wound was not enough I quickly went and cut him open from the neck to his dick I first cut off his dick and put on the lamp where the light bulb would be. I then Removed his nerves and decorated the room with them I then took out the intestines and hung them in the window people would see them and probably call the cops, but I was too gone to care. I found his kidneys I had been reading Creepypasta and heard how Eyeless Jack would eat kidneys so without much thinking I tried them and ended up liking how it tasted. I then took out his heart and smashed it on the floor when I suddenly heard the door get opened, I turned to see a Boy with orange goggles and Brown hair (you read Creepypasta but don't know what they look like) with a mask that stopped just below his nose his hoodie was grey and his pants were black skinny jeans. I quickly came to my senses and look at the room the once white walls were red and dripping with blood and there were organs and nerves everywhere the boy in the door just looked at the room in amazement luckily, I kept my bag outside, so it didn't get messy. The boy said he was here to help and the voice said to trust him and for some odd reason I did. I did not regret what I did My father had been an asshole since the day my mother died. She died the day I first saw the tall faceless man appear behind her then she died I watched it happen informant of me the tall faceless Man appeared behind other people but they never died just my mom. So I assumed it was a heart attack or something I was only 3 I wouldn't have known better. When I was lonely the tall man would play games but that happened from 4-6 then I started to get a lot of headaches and hear static and he stopped appearing he never talked though. I lost track of where I was walking and was not paying attention and tripped over a log the boy who seemed to crack his neck just as I fell caught me with his leg. I looked up to him and said "thank you" he didn't reply and kept walking making sure to keep my hand in his while we walked the rest of the way. When we arrived I saw the tall faceless man again but before I could run up to him and Hug him The boy who help my hand pulled me closer to him into what I thought was a hug but then I heard the static and got a really bad headache there was something going into my mouth with horror I realized it was blood and I had no clue where is was coming from I looked around for anything that could hurt me but all I saw was black and with that I relaxed with the last words I hear being "SLEEP MY CHILD IT IS NOT YET YOUR TIME TO MEET US WHEN YOU AWAKE YOU WILL BE READY" the voice was loud over the static I listened and It was even darker but this darkness was painless and comfortable

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When I woke up I felt different I got up to find clothes (think of your fav outfit) waiting for me. I got up to go to the bathroom and took off my shirt to see that I had the chest of my dreams. I continued to get dressed and go to change my pants and I am over filled with joy. My body is finally the way I want it to be. My hair was also the way I want it (desired length and color) When I got done changing there was a knock at the door I was immediately on guard and went to the door. When I opened it I saw the tall faceless man "Slenderman" it supplied I was freaked out then he said "I know how you wanted your body to so I made it that way" I was happy but then I saw the boy around my age "Thats Toby he is going to show you around the mansion" when the man said the boy's name the boy seemed to hear it. "c-come on i-i will *Fuck you* s-sh-show you around." I followed him around for a bit and then we made it to the living room everyone was there They introduced themselves and I introduced myself (this can be on paper or in sign if you don't like to talk or cant hear) "Hi I am Y/N" after that I was able to go back to my room and I went to bed when I woke up I woke up to a knock at my door I responded with come in and toby opened the door "a-are you ok" I was curious as he was talking and realized I must have had a nightmare " yes I am fine" I said trying to get my facial expression to convey what I was saying "n-n-no your not y-y-your shaking" then without warning Toby came up and hugged me he then situated me so I could go to sleep in his arms while humming a calming tune then I started getting tired finding the grip and body heat comforting. 

Ticci Toby's POV

I just watched as y/n fell asleep in my arms I carefully changed the way we were so I was laying down right beside him with my arms still around me I felt eyes on us and I looked at the door to see hoodie with my phone "t-thanks h-hoodie" when hoodie handed me my phone I played a couple games telling Jeff he would have to go with Ej on the mission because I didn't want to leave lance alone and taking him on a mission while sleeping would not be the best idea. Jeff agreed to it and I turned on (music you listen to while falling asleep) I then put my phone on charge and turned back to Y/N he looked so peaceful and cute while sleeping. I then followed him into a comfortable sleep dreaming of him for third time since I met him

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When I woke up I felt oddly comfortable and didn't want to move so i snuggled deeper into the thing that was comfortable with the intent of going back to sleep when I felt a hand on my back and Movement I shot my head up to see Toby "g-g-go back to sleep B-b-b-buddy its o-k n-nothing is g-going to h-hurt you j-just relax" he then reached for his phone and I heard my favorite song it was conforting and then my eyes started to get heavy and I fell asleep but instead of a dreamless sleep I had dreams about my future at this house I liked how it looked I want to stay here forever and I want toby to be by my side.

When I woke up again it was bright and Toby was gone he had to go on a mission he left his phone with me to countinue to play what it was playing just then there was knock at my door "Y/N its time to explain your gift you dont know about it but all of the scary monsters you seen were discised as normal things so humans were not afraid and you didnt fall for that that is why I am allowing you to stay also you have a mission with eyeless Jack today so get ready Toby will be going with you whe nhe is done with the mission he is on" i got up and got dressed I was confused but what he said made more sense then it should have so I continued down the stairs and went to the Living room to see Jack on the couch when I walked in he imeadiatly spoke " I heard you ate your dads kidneys so slender paired you with me because I eat kidneys so dont be freaked when I cut someone open and eat there kidney" I nodded and then the door opened and I heard toby say "Good m-morning sleepy h-h-head" he opened his arms for a hug and before my brain caught up with me I was back in his arms falling asleep again he then wispered "rest well" in my ear I dont know why I wanted to sleep so much but when we got to where toby was going he put me down and got changed. when he came back he smelled of (your favroite colonge) I then started to drift off to sleep back in his arms with my head on his chest he was also falling asleep his head resing on mine and we both fell asleep resting before our mission

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When I woke up toby was dressed and ready to go for the mission. I got up and looked at the time and saw we were leaveing soon I got up to get dressed and toby put his hand on my chest and calmyly studered "C-calm D-Down Y-your G-going T-to G-get your O-outfit from slender in 10 minutes W-we just set a T-time to get ready at because J-Jeff will get ready and J-Jack wont be" I calmed down a bit knowing that I was fine so I sat down and waited for Slendy to come by with my outfit when Toby started to giggle "You gotta go to your room" I looked at him and realized we were in his room I got up and opened the door and went to my room Slendy was at the door with a bag in his...Hand? I dont know what he calls a hand and what he calls a tenticle I looked at him and said " hello" he looked at me and pushed "hello child I have your outfit when you put it on itill change to your style of clothing so that way if anyone broke into the mansion they would not be able to tell its your suit and would think it is a normal peice of clothing as hoodie keeps his to look like what he wears everyday and if you want there is a couple of masks in there to choose from" into my head

When I got downstairs I saw jeff talking to Jack they seemed to hug and then toby came up to me "hey Y/N there was a change in mission plans Your going to go with me and Laughing Jack" I was confused he must have been able to tell because he then said "Eyeless Jack is being hunted down by the Rake so he isnt allowed out of the mansion this was found out when He went out for a walk" I was scared I had heard stories about the Rake and I was always terrified of him. I sat down in the window and looked out before i could stop my self I said "Hey toby come here and look out the window" Toby got off the couch and looked out the window with me I then pointed to the thing I saw and he said "aww that such a cute rabbit" I looked at him in shock and said "That not a fucking rabbit and if it is I missed something" just as that was out of my mouth slender was right there and said " No mission call everyone back I think its time everyone knows Just what Y/N can do" I just sat there in shock I didnt know what was going on and Toby just picked me up slender must have told him what I was seeing because kept reasureing me it was ok I wasnt scared it was normal slender was back and he was standing over me and Toby "re think that but say it out loud so other can hear I will provide them the image of what you saw" I looked at him like I was lost but then repeated what I said " I wasnt scared It was normal" Just then everyone in the room had a sharp intake of breath even toby I though slender already " It was made to look a little less scary for him but now he is seeing the exact thing you saw" I looked super confused and looked to see everyone was shaken up "Why do you guys look like what I saw was bad I have seen that my whole life I thought you guys would have too" just then Jeff was up and walked to the middle of the room "Y/N I think you need to know a little of our backstories before you say anything else I will start since I suggested it" Just then it was as though i was there the whole time (I am taking this off the wiki page)

Jeffs Backstory

"Jeff was a 13-year-old who moved to a new neighborhood with his brother, Liu, and their parents. On their first day of school, they were accosted by 3 bullies named Randy, Keith, & Troy, whom Jeff brutally beat up after they threatened them with knives. Liu took the blame for it and was arrested, sending Jeff into a deep depression. The bullies later attacked Jeff again at a party, and Jeff killed one of them, but not before getting covered in bleach and lit on fire by Keith. During this fight, Jeff's mind permanently snapped. When Jeff woke up, he was at the hospital and his head was wrapped in bandages. When the bandages were taken off, it was revealed that his face had become disfigured and ghastly pale from the burns, with bright red lips and a leathery texture. Jeff said that he liked his face this way and laughed hysterically, but the doctor foolishly thought that this insanity was merely a side effect of the painkillers and let Jeff go home. Later that night, Jeff's mother found him carving his face into a permanent smile so that he would no longer have to exert energy to smile, as he put it, and burning off his eyelids so he could always see his face. Jeff's mother went to her husband to tell him that their son had gone completely mad and needed to be killed, but Jeff caught them and stabbed them to death. This woke up Liu, who was recently released, with Jeff telling him as he was about to plunge the knife into his body, 'Go to sleep'" when I came back to the world toby was holding me knowing how bad Jeffs story is for me as I had killed my father in pure anger toby spoke up next "how about we get all the ones where we killed our fathers out of the way then do the ones where we killed our mothers so that way he can get all of the difficult ones out of his way" (I know alot of the pasta have killed there parents so there will only be 3 backstories in this chapter) Just like jeffs story I felt like I was right there.

Toby's Backstory

"Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal people". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics ,which earned him the insulting nickname 'Ticci Toby', and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. While he received plenty of support from his mom and older sister Lyra, his father was nothing but a negative influence on his son. Having lost himself to alcohol, drugs, and gambling, Toby's father became increasingly abusive towards his family, especially Toby. When Toby was seventeen, he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident that resulted in Lyra's death. Toby's symptoms worsened greatly because of this; he lost his appetite for food, became even less social than before, and slowly began to lose his memories. On the night he returned from the hospital, Toby saw the Slender Man watching him from the street. Slender Man repeatedly stalked Toby wherever he went throughout the following weeks, causing Toby to have several visual and auditory hallucinations. He saw monsters that were not there for other people. Concerned for her own son's safety, Toby's mother brings him to a psychiatrist to help him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder. The next day Toby dreams of his sister's corpse followed by an attack by the Slender Man. As Toby walked down the stairs, he began hearing voices telling him to kill his father. He eventually couldn't ignore the voices anymore and has a complete mental breakdown. After a brief struggle with his father, Toby gained the upper hand violently stabbed his father in front of his mother. In a desperate attempt to escape the police, he set the neighborhood on fire as a distraction but was quickly surrounded by the flames. Just as he was about to give in to his inevitable death, the Slender Man teleports in front of him and saves him. Two weeks later, Toby's mother listens to a news story about the murders of several teenagers. The main suspect is Toby due to one of his hatchet's being found at the crime scene. This marks the moment Toby officially becomes the Slender Man's loyal proxy." I was back I was pretty shaken up "One more story is all I think I can handle at the moment" and then clockwork walked in and said "you can share my story I dont have a problem with it but only Y/N can see this one He might feel the same" Then it happend again

Clockworks backstory

"Natalie was once a normal, unassuming teenage girl, who came from a broken family. Her nature started to change drastically when her family started verbally and physically abusing her ,the age of which the abuse began to happen is unknown, although many agree that she was first abused when she was very young,; Natalie was unable to tell anyone at the time. The only true person she felt safe with was her older brother, Lucas. That was until she was sexually abused by him more than once for a period of four years. During her abuse, she tries to talk to a girl in her class about it, but Mia sabotages Natalie and spills her secret, prompting online and real-life harassment during her elementary-school years. When Natalie was sixteen, things take a turn for the worst. Natalie's boyfriend, Chris, asks her to talk to him after her classes. He admits to her that he wishes to break up and see other people, citing her macabre art and her negative mindset, as well as her not telling Chris why she feels so negative. She returns home, goes to into bathroom, and with her mindset was seemingly even more negative than before and after keeping everything bottled-up for too long, Natalie had finally snapped inside. She self-harms herself by sewing the corners of her mouth into a smile with black thread and stitches. Her mother finds her doing this and decides to schedule some therapy for her. With her visit to the therapist, Natalie explains that time has been her biggest problem and that she wholly believes that time, and the concept of it, was against her, and was the reason which led to her abuse. After trying to get psychological help, she got sent to a doctor for some 'mental drugs' that would hopefully improve her mental state. He says that she'll be back to normal in no time, then slips an anesthesia mask on her as he performs surgery. Things went horribly wrong, during the surgery Natalie regained consciousness, and she was able to respond and move about. She then momentarily passes out after coughing blood for an unknown reason. She then wakes up again, and the doctor from earlier informs her that she was never supposed to wake up and that her appearance had also changed from the botched surgery. Natalie looks into a mirror and quickly notices that her once-hazel eyes had completely changed to a vibrant green. However, Natalie was surprisingly happy with her ‘new look’. After she had gone completely insane, she kills the doctor, along with two security guards, and escapes from the hospital. Natalie returns home through a thunderstorm and kills her mother, father, and lastly her brother. After the murder of her family, she walks into the bathroom, then suddenly spots her father’s old pocket watch on the rim of the sink, and listens to the faint ticking for what seems like an eternity, she dissembles it, so that only the face-off of the watch remained. She repeats what she had told the therapist about time while removing her left eye and dropping it into the sink. She then forces the small clock into her eye socket until it 'fits perfectly' and refers to herself 'Clockwork'. Clockwork then walks away from her house as it burns to the ground, along with her family. Now she lives on, carrying her insanity with her and leaving so many victims dead. Claiming that she is the one who determines when their time should come to an end." I had lost all of my restraint and started to break down and cry Toby just picked me up and took me to my room he the n removed my costume and put me in a baggy hoodie and shorts I curled into him and cried while he just sat there rubbing my back I started to get sleepy and fell asleep it was the first time I had a fitfull sleep since toby started to cuddle me I like toby but I dont think he like me he is just helping me get through the nightmares then he will be gone then I heard slender laugh and I fell farther into sleep then I ever had since I passed out when I got here.

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When I woke up I got dressed and went downsairs to see everyone there I knew I was ready for more stories if it was too much Tobu would know and pull me out i sat down beside toby and without knowing I was pulled into a retelling of how they saw it in there head and how Slendy had watched it


"My real name is Cody, and since the very beginning, I’ve always been an unwanted kid. I never knew who my father was, and my mother was a criminal, too busy with her scheming to worry about me. She left me for days, sometimes weeks, so I soon got used to being alone, I’ve never had friends. One day, a social worker arrived and took me away from my irresponsible mother to take me to an orphanage. In the beginning I didn't really care much, in fact, it was the perfect chance to start from scratch and start socializing with other kids my same age. But I don’t know why, it all went wrong. Nobody liked me, and they all intimidated me. I would sit on chair and wouldn't talk to anybody, I was afraid to. I got used to the idea that I wasn't normal and that I didn't fit anywhere. Suddenly, one day, they told me to pack because I was gonna be adopted. I was really surprised. Who was gonna adopt a 13 year old boy? People usually prefer younger and cuter kids. Plus, I was a weirdo, it was obvious. I was even more surprised when they took me to a big and luxurious mansion, more than I had ever seen. I settled in my room and some days went by until I finally met my new dad. He was the chief scientist in a big laboratory that studied the behavior of a virus. Because of his job, he couldn't spend much time at home either, and I started to re-awaken old ghosts from the past. In order to avoid this, I started showing interest in his investigations, and I even started helping him in his own lab. He returned the favor by explaining to me how everything worked and the amazing destructive power viruses have. Just as him, I started keeping a work journal, where I draw sketches and wrote down formulas. All this took up a lot of my school time, and when I did go, my classmates treated me as a weirdo. When I was 17, I had learned so much about virus, that I decided to start carrying out my own experiments. I used rats and other animals, and usually, all tests ended with the dead of the subject. When they died, the emitted high noises, a kind of suffocation, as if their lungs were about to explode. It was an incredible moment. I wondered what sounds human would make, but each time I talked about this with somebody, they said I was sick and I should look for help. However, I didn't give up. One day, when I was with my father at work, I was left alone and took advantage of the situation by filling up a syringe with a very lethal virus. That same night, while everybody was sleeping, I put on a black jacket and blue jeans, and went down to the basement. I had my baseball bat, and by coincidence I found a jar with used and rusty nails. I nailed some of them and so created a simple but mortal weapon. In another drawer I found an old gas mask and some blue welder glasses. Once I had it all, I went out to the darkest neighborhood in town. I chose a house randomly, an old and ramshackle house, and I went inside. It wasn't difficult to end the lives of everybody in there, thanks to my improved bat. But I saved the last person, a 50 year old man. I immobilized him and injected the virus I had stolen. I waited till it had spread all around his body. The man barely complained, he was terrified. After a while, he started groaning out loud – groans that sounded like those of animals, and suddenly, he fell on the floor. He was dead, and I couldn't help but smile – I had finally lived that moment. When I went back home, my father was waiting for me, awake. I decided to tell him what I had done, hoping as a scientist he would share my desire for investigating. But instead, he was horrified and wanted to call the police. He looked at me with the same expression of disgust as my classmates. When he grabbed the phone, I took the opportunity to smash his head with my bat. I left running, toward the research lab, where I sneaked in thanks to the accreditation I had stolen from my father. I grabbed a bag and started filling it up with syringes and virus samples of all kinds. I had decided to escape, but before doing so, I went around that dirty neighborhood of the town to try out some of my new acquisitions. After that, I needed some refuge, so I went into the woods. After some time walking, I found someone. I tried to sight him in the darkness, and I saw a boy wearing orange glasses and a muzzle covering his mouth. He was wearing a grey hoodie with a dark blue hood and he had two axes with him. I didn't know if he had seen me so I hid behind a tree, but when I looked again, he wasn't there any more. I looked in another direction and suddenly, I saw him, face to face really close to me. 'Get out of there… I know you, you have nothing to hide'. It didn't seem like he wanted to attack me so I went, and horrified, I asked who he was. 'My name is Toby'. I wanted to say my name, Cody, but instead, something different came out of my mouth: X-Virus. 'Nice to meet you, X-virus. Now, come with me'. He started walking and I followed him, without even imagining I had found a great friend, my blood brother." we didnt need to talk they had this planed I was pulled into another story.


"Sally was a young happy 12-year-old girl living with her parents in a small town. One day, Sally's uncle, Johnny, came to her home and befriended Sally at first. After tucking Sally in bed, Johnny raped Sally and told her not to tell anyone what he did since it was only a 'game'. Sally stayed quiet about this as this sexual abuse went on, and one day, when Sally's mother and Sally were alone, Sally bursts into tears and tries to tell her mother what happened by saying, 'I didn't want to play his game.' Her mother didn't understand and just excused her crying as a bad dream. Johnny then overheard Sally's mother telling Sally's father about what Sally had just told her. Burning with rage, Johnny then told Sally's mother that he was heading to the store and was taking Sally with him, since she allegedly wanted to go too. Johnny with Sally in his car then traveled to the park instead of the market. He pinned Sally to the ground, beat her up, and violated her again before smashing her head with a rock killing her and leaving her dead on the grass. Sally came back as a poltergeist, and after scaring her uncle to death in his jail cell, she stays back in her old house, playing with the kids and scaring the older people." Toby checked up after this one "Hey Y/N do you want to continue" he asked while rubbing my back and holding me against his chest I just nod and went into the next story 

Laughing Jack

"It’s Christmas Eve in snowy 1800’s London, England, and in a small house at the edge of town, there lived a lonely, 7-year-old boy named Isaac. Isaac was a sad child with not a friend to his name. While most children were spending time with their families and eagerly looking forward to opening the presents that were placed with care beneath a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, little Isaac spent this most holy of nights alone, in his cold, dusty attic room. Isaac’s parents were very poor, his mother was a strict crow of a woman who stayed at home and schooled Isaac. His father worked long hours down at the London harbour to support his family, although a large portion of his earnings went toward purchasing and consuming copious amounts of alcohol at the end of his shift. Sometimes, he would come home drunk, after being thrown out of every bar in London, and shout at his beloved wife, Isaac’s mother. Occasionally, it would escalate to violence and he would beat her savagely, then when he was done, he’d force himself upon her in a drunken, sexual rage. As it so happens, this particular night was one of those occasions. Isaac just remained quiet, quivering beneath his soiled bed sheets until the screams and loud bangs subsided. Once poor frightened Isaac was finally able to fall asleep, he’d dream of what it would be like to have a friend to play with, so maybe he could laugh and be happy like the other children of London. Luckily for little Isaac, this Christmas Eve marked a big change, when his abysmal loneliness caught the attention of a guardian angel, who then crafted a very special gift for the sad little London boy. As the sun rose on that Christmas morning, Isaac opened his eyes to find a strange wooden box sitting at the foot of his bed. With eyes widened in awe, he stared at the colorful, hand crafted box, wondering who had left it. He was not used to receiving gifts, especially toys. What little toys Isaac did have were ones he’d found abandoned in the street or washed up in the gutters. Isaac scooted up to the foot of his bed in front of the mysterious box and picked it up with both hands. The box was beautifully painted in colorful styles, with carvings of happy clown faces on the side. There was a tag on the box that simply read 'For Isaac.' On the top of the box was an engraved text. Isaac squinted his eyes as he sounded out the words, 'L-laugh-ing-J-Jack-in-a-b-box…' he paused, '…Laughing Jack-in-a-box?' Isaac had heard of a Jack-in-a-box, but never a Laughing Jack-in-a-box. His mind spun with curiosity as he grasped the box’s metal crank. Isaac tuned the crank and the song Pop Goes The Weasel chimed in rhythm with the crank’s gyrations. As the song came to its climax, Isaac sang along with the final verse, 'Pop goes the weasel,' but nothing happened. Isaac let out a sigh, 'It’s broken…' He placed the box back down on the edge of the bed, and shuffled across his small dusty room to his dresser where he changed out of his soiled sleepwear and into his usual tattered clothes. Suddenly, Isaac heard a loud rattling noise coming from the bed behind him. He spun around to witness the wooden box violently shaking. Then, without warning, the top of the box swung open and a parade of colorful smoke and confetti bellowed out. Isaac rubbed his eyes in disbelief of what he was seeing. As the smoke cleared, there stood a tall, thin, multicolored clown man, with bright red hair, a swirly, rainbow colored cone nose, and feathery shoulders that sat atop his raggedy and colorful clown outfit. The Technicolor clown spread his arms and excitedly announced, 'COME ONE, COME ALL! WHETHER BIG OR SMALL! TO SEE THE BEST CLOWN OF THEM ALL!! The one, the only, LAUGHING JACK-IN-A-BOX!!!' Isaac’s eyes lit up, 'W-Who are you?' he asked. The colorful carnie stepped down off the bed and with a happy grin said, 'I’m glad you asked! I am Laughing Jack, your new friend FOR LIFE! I’m magical, I never get tired of playing, I’m a wiz at the accordion, and I adapt and develop with your own changing personality… In other words, whatever you like, I like!' Isaac looked up at the mysterious clown man, 'W-we’re friends?' he stuttered. Jack looked at the boy while cocking an eyebrow, 'FRIENDS? We’re BEST friends! I was specially created to be YOUR not-so-imaginary friend, Isaac.' Isaac’s jaw dropped, 'You know my name?' Jack let out a whimsical laugh, 'Of course I know your name! I know everything about you! So, now that the introductions are out of the way… How would you like to play a game of I Spy?' Isaac grinned from ear to ear, 'REALLY? We can play games? I’d LOVE to! I-… Oh…' He paused, 'I-I cant… I have to go downstairs to see mother for homeschooling and chores…' his smile faded into a look disappointment. Jack placed his hand on Isaac’s shoulder and with a warm smile said, 'It’s okay! I’ll be waiting right here for you when you get back.' Isaac’s smile returned as he looked up at his new friend. Just then, he heard his mother’s shrill voice calling him from downstairs. 'Well I gotta go! I’ll see you after I’m done, okay Jack?' He said as he headed toward the door. Jack smiled, 'Absolutely kido! Oh, and Isaac!' Isaac looked back at Jack, who gave him a wink and said, 'You should wear that smile more often. It suits you.' Isaac grinned happily as he turned and walked out the door. All day Isaac told his mother about the amazing colorful clown man who came out of a magical box that appeared on the foot of his bed. His mother, however, did not believe a word of it. Finally, he persuaded his mother to follow him up to his room so she could behold Laughing Jack for herself. They walked up the stairs and Isaac swung open the door to his room. 'See mother? He’s right he-…' Isaac paused as he scanned the room that contained neither magical dancing clown man, nor mysterious wooden box. Isaac’s mother was not amused. She gave Isaac a glare so menacing it made his knees weak and his stomach sick. 'B-but mother… he was-' SMACK! Isaac’s mother delivered onto him a swift, hard smack across his face. His eyes began to tear up, and his lip began to quiver as he could feel himself about to break down.  'YOU STUPID INSOLENT CHILD! How DARE you lie to me about such childish idiocy! Who would want to be friends with a useless worm such as you?! You shall remain in your room for the rest of the evening, and shall receive no dinner… Now what do you say you ungrateful wretch?' Isaac managed to swallow the knot in his throat in order mutter a reply, 'T-thank you m’am.' His mother glared down at him for a moment before leaving the room in disgust. Isaac kneeled over, burying his face in the side of his bed. Streams of tears ran down his cheeks as he began to weep. 'What’s wrong kido?' a voice called out. Isaac looked over to the edge of the bed, where Laughing Jack was now suddenly sitting beside him.'Wh-where were you?' Isaac murmured. Jack ran his hand through Isaac’s hair to comfort him as he softly replied, 'I was hiding… I can’t let your parents see me… Otherwise they won’t let us play anymore.' Isaac wiped the tears from his eyes. 'Look kido, I’m sorry I had to hide, but I’ll make it up to you! Because tonight we can play games and have tons of fun!' Jack said, smiling. Isaac looked up at his vibrant pal and silently nodded, as a little smile began to form in the corners of his mouth. That night, Laughing Jack and Isaac played so many fun games. With a wave of his hand, Jack made all of Isaac’s tin solders spring to life and march around the room. Isaac was amazed as he watched his toys move around the room on their own. Then, Laughing Jack and Isaac told each other spooky ghost stories. Isaac asked Jack if he was a ghost, but Jack explained that he was more of a cosmic entity, of sorts. At the end of the night, Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out an assortment of delicious candy. Isaac was in ecstasy when he popped the first colorful treat in his mouth, as it was his first time tasting something so sweet. Isaac had so much fun and laughed so hard that night that things seemed to be finally looking up for little Isaac… At least, until the incident that occurred three months later…It was pleasantly warm and sunny in London that day, which was a bit of a rarity. So, with the help of a certain not-so-imaginary friend, Isaac was able to finish his chores early and was allowed to go outside and play for a bit. Things started simply enough, the duo were back behind the house playing pirates, when Isaac spotted the neighbors cat sneaking into their garden. 'YEARGH! WE GOT AN ENEMY SPY OFF THE STARBOARD BOW!' Isaac yelled, captivated by fantasy and imagination. 'Yo ho! I’ll gets him Captain Isaac!' Exclaimed first mate Jack, in his best hearty pirate accent. Laughing Jack’s arm stretched out across the garden and snatched the unsuspecting feline, who began to struggle quite vigorously. 'DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY JACKIE, OR I’LL MAKE YE WALK THE PLANK!' Isaac antagonized. Jack’s grip on the cat tightened, and his arms grew and extended like anacondas wrapping themselves around the wily feline as it struggled for dear life. Jack’s arms just kept squeezing the animal, pressing the air out of its lungs. As the once dear house pet’s eyes began to bulge out of their sockets, there came a loud SNAP! Jack quickly released the creature from his grasp as its lifeless furry husk thudded against the ground. There was hush silence as the two observed the cat’s now twisted and mangled corpse. The silence was finally broken by an uproarious laughter… coming from Isaac… 'AHAHAHAHA Wow! I guess cats really DON’T have nine lives! AHAHAHA!' Isaac exclaimed nearly teary eyed from laughter. Laughing Jack began to chuckle as well, 'Heh heh. Yeah… But won’t you get in trouble if your mother finds your neighbor’s cat dead in her garden?' Isaac’s laughter quickly subsided. 'Oh no! You’re right! Um… I’ll just… throw it back into the neighbor’s yard?!' Isaac panicked as he grabbed a nearby shovel and scooped up the broken cat cadaver before lobbing it over the fence back into the neighbors yard. They quickly went back inside and up into Isaac’s room. About an hour later, it came. The ear piercing squawk of Isaac’s mother shrieking his name from downstairs. Neither Jack nor Isaac said a word as he crept down the stairs alone to face whatever horrible fate was coming to him. Jack could hear much yelling from downstairs but couldn’t make out what was being said. After about thirty minutes, a teary eyed Isaac ascended the stairs back up into the room. 'Well?' Jack asked nervously. Isaac just starred at the ground as he spoke, 'I… Tried to tell her it was you who hurt the cat… She didn’t believe me… Said you weren’t real…'Jack frowned, knowing this was all his fault. Isaac used his sleeve to wipe away his tears, 'I’m being sent off to a boarding school… I’m leaving tonight… and you can’t come with me' Jack’s face turned to shock, 'What?! I-I can’t come? Where will I go?' Isaac said nothing but pointed over at the beautiful colored box from where his friend had originated. 'Back in there? But I won’t be able to get out until…' Jack paused. Isaac looked up as his only friend with tears streaming down his face, 'Jack… I promise I’ll come back for you as soon as I can!' Jack looked at the box, then back at Isaac. 'And I’ll be right here waiting for you kido.' Jack smiled, as a single tear ran down his cheek. He walked over to the box and, with a puff of smoke, was sucked back in, unable to be free until once again opened. That night, Isaac was sent off to boarding school. For the first time, Laughing Jack felt what it was like to be lonely. Even when trapped in his box, Jack was able to see the things going on around it, so each day, he waited for his friend to return, and each day the room grew older and dustier. Laughing Jack’s one purpose was to be Isaac’s best friend for life, and now he had to wait day after day, month after month, to reunite with his special friend. Isaac’s parents still lived in the house, but never came to the upstairs room. The only time they made their presence known was when Jack would hear them fighting. Still Jack’s life became one of solitude, loneliness, and disappointment. As years went by, Jack’s once bright vibrant colors began to fade into a monochrome blur of pitch-black void and stark white emptiness. Trapped all alone… eternal and hopeless. Thirteen years passed until the night Isaac’s father came home particularly drunk, and got into an argument with his wife, as per usual. Things escalated to physical violence once again, however this time, she didn’t get back up. Isaac’s father had beaten his wife to a dead, bloody pulp and was sentenced to hang at the gallows the next day. With both his parents dead, this meant that the now twenty-year-old Isaac inherited the dusty old house he spent the earlier half of his childhood in. Laughing Jack was quite surprised when he heard his old friend’s footsteps walking up the stairs to the attic room for the first time in thirteen years, however it was not the reunion Jack had hoped for. Isaac looked… different. Not only was he older, but he also seemed to posses this odd grim look on his face. No longer was he the hopeful and curious young boy Jack first met all those years ago. Jack eagerly awaited Isaac’s releasing him from the prison he had waited in for so many years, but still Jack’s box sat there, untouched and unnoticed on a shelf in the corner of the room with all the other dusty, unwanted knick-knacks. Isaac had completely forgotten about his old friend, dismissed as some sort of early childhood fabrication. Surprisingly, this made Laughing Jack feel… nothing. He was hollow, thirteen years of waiting and disappointment left the monochrome clown void of sorrow and self-pity. Jack remained in his box, colorless and without emotion. The next day, Isaac went off to work at his job as an upholsterer, doing furniture repairs for the good people of London. Jack waited in captivity. Hours later, a drunken Isaac returned home and stumbled up the stairs to his room, but this time he had a friend with him. It was a lady friend Isaac had picked up at the bar earlier that evening. She was beautiful, with flowing blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a smile that could make hearts melt. Laughing Jack’s attention was drawn to Isaac’s guest, 'Who is this? A new friend? Why does Isaac need new friends? I thought I was Isaac’s only friend?' Jack thought to himself from within his hellish confinement. Isaac and his lady friend sat down on the bed and chatted about life in London. Isaac made a joke about the weather and they both laughed. Laughing Jack hissed with envy over Isaac’s new friend. Isaac and the girl looked deeply into each other’s eyes as they leaned in for a kiss, locking lips with a passionate swirling of tongues in one another’s mouth. Jack was perplexed by this strange display of affection, for he had never seen kissing before. As the kissing grew more intense, Isaac ran his hand along the girl’s smooth thigh and up her dress, however his guest just brushed his hand away. Isaac was persistent though, and once again ran his hand along her smooth thigh and up her skirt, this time placing his hand upon her silky undergarments. The woman took great displeasure with Isaac’s sexual advancements and pushed Isaac away before delivering a hard smack across his face. Isaac’s eyes darkened as he glared at the woman, his once drunken passion turned into booze-fueled anger. The woman’s heart sped up as she saw Isaac’s face boil with rage. 'STUPID WHORE!' Isaac yelled as he smashed his fist into the girl’s face. Laughing Jack’s eyes widened as he witnessed the long streaks of red liquid gushing from the girl’s nose, 'What game is this?' he thought, his eyes a virgin to such violent sights. Isaac firmly clutched the girl’s wrist with one hand as he tore her panties off with the other. The terrified girl tried to fight back, but Isaac was overpowering her. He roughly fondled her breasts, before savagely grabbing her hair and forcing his tongue down the sobbing young woman’s throat, who responded by chomping down as hard as she could on Isaac’s tongue. Jack watched with wide and curious eyes as his old friend released his new playmate and clutched his mouth as it filled with warm, red blood. The frightened girl fell off the bed and dropped down on the floor as she scurried toward the exit. Isaac quickly lurched forward and was able to catch his fleeing plaything by the end of her dress. Reaching back, he wielded a lead candlestick off the nightstand beside him, and with all of his might bashed in the back of the young woman’s head, which burst open like a ripe watermelon. Thick blood splattered across the room as the girl’s body convulsed on the ground for several seconds, before going completely still. Blood was everywhere, some droplets even managed to get on Laughing Jack’s box, who was very much enjoying the show. For the first time in thirteen long years, a smile began to creep across Laughing Jack’s face, and all of a sudden a chuckle escaped his cold lips, then another, and another, until Jack was cackling and howling with laughter from inside his sealed box. 'What a wonderfully fascinating game!' Jack thought, as he watched the motionless girl’s golden blonde hair flow red with blood. As the adrenaline began to mellow, Isaac realized he had to dispose of the body. He picked up the girl’s lifeless corpse and plopped it on the bed, he then left the room closing the door behind him and locking it before leaving the house. He returned almost a full day later and re-entered the room brining with him a metal garbage can and his bag of upholstery tools from work. He then cleared everything off the wooden desk on the wall opposite to the door, and then dragged the bed with bloody corpse into the middle of the room. This not only gave Isaac room to work, but it also gave Laughing Jack a front row seat to the whole spectacle. Jack watched with a big, unfading grin as Isaac played his new game with the soiled corpse. Once Isaac was all set up, he got to work. First, he dumped out the contents of his big black tool bag onto the worktable behind him. An assortment of knives, hammers, pliers, and other tools was now laid out before him. His first pick was curved upholstery knife, which he used to carefully skin the body. That skin was then placed on racks to be stretched and turned into leather. Once that was put in place, Isaac then used a handsaw to saw off the arms, legs, and head, disturbing the home of several families of maggots in the process. After filling the garbage can with bleach and other vile chemicals, he submerged the limbs until the meat was stripped from the bones. Isaac fished the bones out of the soupy corpse juice and placed them on the worktable, then in the cover of night, he brought the trash can outside and dumped the rotten remains into the London sewers to be swept away into the harbour. For the next three days, Laughing Jack watched with wonderment as the inspired Isaac crafted the once human anatomy into a grotesque armchair abomination. The femur was made into the back legs of the chair, while the tibia, with the feet still attached of course, was made into the front chair legs. A wooden frame was used for the base and backing of the chair, however the rim of the backing was crafted using the spinal column. The arm bones were used as the arms of the chair, and were fastened in place by some ribs. The now leathery flesh was sewn onto the seat and backing of the chair, and the golden blonde hair was braided into a lining for the base. Atop this armchair from hell sat the skull that once belonged to the girl who had the golden blonde hair, the sapphire eyes, and the smile that could melt hearts. Isaac was quite pleased with his work, and Laughing Jack too was impressed by his old playmate’s profound creativity. After that night, Isaac never touched another drop of alcohol again, for he now possessed a much more macabre thirst. In the following weeks, Isaac made several improvements to his little workshop of horrors. He removed the mattress from the bed and put a row of thick wooden planks in its place, and then he fastened arm and leg restraints to the bottom and sides. This would mean he would be able to entertain his guests for a longer period without them trying any rude escape attempts. Isaac needed only one, final thing before planning another grotesque party. He worked on it for a week straight, hand carving it out of wood. After a coat of white paint was applied, Isaac’s creation was complete. It was a wooden mask, resembling something one would wear at a Venetian masquerade ball. It had a furrowed brow and a long, troll-like nose, and would allow him to strike fear in the hearts of his beloved guests. With his new face complete and the room transformed into a bloody murder nest, it was finally time for Isaac Lee Grossman to bring home a new playmate. That following night, Laughing Jack watched as the masked Isaac Grossman stomped up the stairs, carrying with him a large burlap sack with his newest guest writhing within. He dumped the bag out on his torture bed, and out plopped a bound, gagged, and very frightened young boy, probably only five or six years old. Isaac quickly undid the boy’s bindings and held him down as he restrained his hands and feet to the steel bedframe. Tears streamed endlessly down the boy’s helpless little face, as Isaac laid out his tools on the workbench. Isaac returned wielding a pair of rusty pliers, and wasting no time he slid the bottom jaw of the pliers under the boy’s fingernail on his right index finger and clamped it tightly. The child’s eyes quivered as he began muttering through his gag, begging Isaac to let him go. Isaac smirked as he slowly bent the pliers backward, painfully prying off the first fingernail. The boy screamed through his gag as he writhed in agony on the wooden boards, his finger beginning to gush with blood. Isaac then moved on to the boy’s middle finger, firmly grasping the nail with the rusty pliers. Once again, he jerked the pliers back, but this time the nail only tore off half way. The boy yelped in pain as his fingers twitched and shot with blood. Clamping the half pried off nail, Isaac gave it another yank. The nail tore off, but not without taking a good deal of skin tissue with it. Even Isaac was a bit rebuffed by this painful sight, unlike the spying Laughing Jack who was cackling with joy at the disturbing action as he watched from within his old dusty box. Isaac returned to the workbench and swapped the pliers for a large iron hammer. He then made his way to the foot of the torture bed, where with one hand he held down the boy’s left leg. He raised the hammer high above his head as the boy cried and pleaded for mercy through his dirty gag, then with all his might, Isaac slammed the hammer down on to the boy’s bare kneecap, shattering the bone into gravel with a loud CRACK! The child convulsed in pain with shrill screams muffling through the cloth gag tied tightly to his face. As the child struggled with intense pain, Isaac placed the hammer down on the wooden bed and returned once more to the workbench where he equipped himself with a long sharp knife. Without delay he began carving the words  'Useless Worm' into the child’s quivering chest. When he finished the boy was barely conscious. Isaac knelt down and whispered into the boy’s ear, 'This is what happens to rotten children who make nasty faces at people…' The child’s eyes filled with tears one final time as Isaac began to carve the skin off the boy’s face, but to Isaac’s surprise the boy still clung to life. The mutilated child just stared up at Isaac with his big round eyes, which filled Isaac’s black heart with rage and hatred. 'EVEN WITHOUT A FACE YOU’RE STILL AN UGLY LITTLE SHIT!!' Isaac shouted as he picked up the hammer from the foot of the bed and began to bash the poor boy’s skull in. He smashed it over and over, until it was nothing but a bloody caved in mass of flesh, pouring with thick, red blood and oozing out chunks of brain matter. From across the room, Laughing Jack gleefully observed the grand finale, which had lived up to his expectations quite wonderfully. Isaac’s next guest was a blind old woman whom he had invited over for some tea. It took her almost five minutes to realize the chair she was sitting on was crafted using human remains, and another 6 minutes to find the stairs, only to topple down them flailing and screaming like a loon. Isaac decided to end the cruel joke there with a simple ice pick through her eye socket. After that, he brought over a little girl whom he force-fed broken glass before using her stomach as a punching bag. As the weeks went by, more and more unlucky souls met their end in Isaac Grossman’s attic, and as the mad Grossman’s personality became more dark and sadistic, Laughing Jack’s personality followed suit while he rotted within his dusty box… until one very cold December night. The rusty nails that were holding up the shelf of forgotten knick-knacks finally gave way and the whole thing plummeted to the ground. Isaac heard the loud thud from downstairs, and decided to climb up to the attic to investigate. He walked across the blood stained wood floor of the attic, over toward the fallen shelf. Isaac brushed aside some of the trinkets that broke in the crash, when he finally came across the Jack-in-a-box from his childhood. Isaac barely recognized the old, tattered box as he picked it up and blew off some of the dust. Then, for whatever nostalgic reason, he decided to grasp the box’s rusty clank and begin turning it. A horribly off key Pop Goes The Weasel clanked from the worn out old box, and as it reached its climax, Isaac sung along with the final verse, 'Pop goes the weasel' The top of the box swung open, but nothing happened, it was empty. Isaac expected as much, and he tossed the old box in the garbage with the other broken knick-knacks. After the mess was cleaned up, he went to open the door to go back downstairs, but it was stuck. Isaac pulled hard but the door wouldn’t budge. Just then he heard the most horrible raspy voice call out from behind him. 'IsSsaAac…' A cold jolt ran down Isaac’s spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up as he slowly turned around… All the way across the room by the garbage can stood the nightmarish Laughing Jack. He was completely monochrome, his mangled black hair hung down in twisted locks, sharp jagged teeth decorated his twisted grin, and his arms hung down like a ragdoll with his grotesquely long fingers nearly scraping the floor. Then, with a bone chilling, raspy voice, the fiendish clown spoke, 'How nice it is to finally be free!… Did you miss me Isaac?' Isaac was paralyzed in fear, 'b-but I thought you weren’t real… IMAGINARY?!' Isaac stuttered. Jack replied with a long horrifying cackle. 'HAHAHAHA! Oh I’m quite real kiddo… In fact, I’ve been waiting such a long time for this day to finally come… When I can play with my best friend for life… One. Last. Time!' Before Isaac could reply, Jack’s long arms stretched across the room and wrapped around Isaac’s legs. The twisted clown began pulling him closer, dragging him onto his own wooden torture bed as Isaac’s fingernails scraped along the floor. Ignoring the restraints, Jack swiftly grabbed 4 three-inch long iron nails from the workbench and pressed them straight through of Isaac’s hands and feet, nailing him to the wooden torture bed. Isaac growled in pain as he shouted at his captor, 'AAAH! FUCK YOU! GOD DAMN CLOWN NOSED FREAK!!' Laughing Jack just chuckled, as he forcefully held Isaac’s head in place stating, 'If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all!' Jack reached his long crooked fingers into Isaac’s mouth, firmly grasping his tongue and stretching it out as far as it could go. The clown then reached back and grabbed a long sharp knife from the table and slowly began to slice through the meat of Isaac’s tongue. Once lobbed off, Isaac’s mouth began to overflow with blood. Jack responded by shoving a small cylindrical metal tube trough Isaac’s throat to act as a temporary breathing hole. At this point Isaac was already in great pain, and had his eyes clenched shut to avoid seeing the sickening horrors that were being performed upon his body. 'Come on, it’s no fun if you don’t watch!' Laughing Jack said playfully, but Isaac kept his eyes tightly shut. Laughing Jack sighed, 'Suit yourself.' Jack then forcibly held open one of Isaac’s eyes. He reached back with his big arm and took out some long pointy fishing hooks from the workbench. Slowly Jack pushed the sharp end of the hook through the top eyelid straight through the bottom of the eyebrow and out the top, permanently pinning it open. Then, he took out a second hook pushing it through the bottom eyelid and pinning it to the cheek. Jack repeated the process to the other eye, and before long, a series of sharp metal hooks made sure Isaac didn’t miss out on any of the action. Laughing Jack then took the same knife he had used to lob off Isaac’s tongue and began to focus on the removal of Isaac’s lips. Jack carefully sliced two long strips of flesh off of Isaac’s upper and lower mouth, causing his teeth and gums to be completely exposed. 'Hmm… looks like someone hasn’t been flossing regularly…' Laughing Jack cackled under his breath, as he reached back and grabbed the hammer. Isaac attempted to mutter some kind of beg for mercy, however only gurgled moans escaped his throat. Jack raised that hammer into the air and, with a twisted grin, he slammed it down, giving off a loud CRACK as the iron hammer shattered Isaac’s teeth like brittle clay. Jack dropped the hammer and began to howl with laughter as he tore open Isaac’s shirt. Taking the sharpest knife, Jack cut straight down Isaac’s chest all the way down past the stomach. Isaac groaned with sharp stinging pain as the monochrome monster wormed his wretched fingers underneath the skin on Isaac’s chest, peeling it back as he was about to preform his horrible live autopsy. First, Jack began to pull out Isaac’s intestines in the same manner a magician would pull a series of colorful cloths out of his pocket. Then, after snipping off a small length of intestines, Jack pressed one end against his cold black lips and began blowing air into the foul organ. Once inflated, he twisted it up into the shape of a poodle, and with a loud chuckle exclaimed, 'I can do giraffes too!' Isaac remained still in pain and shock, as the clown creature gently placed the macabre balloon animal beside Isaac’s head. For his next trick, Laughing Jack reached deep into Isaac’s open stomach cavity and yanked out one of his kidneys. Holding it in his hand, Jack turned to his captive friend and shrugged stating that, 'kidneys really aren’t my thing…' Tossing the organ aside Laughing Jack noticed that Isaac was beginning to drift into death. 'Feeling tired already? Why, we’re nearly at the grand finale!' Laughing Jack exclaimed as he reached into his sleeve and pulled out a long adrenaline needle. 'This ought to perk you RIGHT up!' Jack shouted as he slammed the needle into Isaac’s retina and injected the liquid into his right eye socket. Jack wiggled and twisted the needle further into his old playmate’s eyeball, as Isaac was reeled back into life to the feeling of a sharp needle scraping the back of his eye socket. With a sinister chuckle, Jack yanked the needle out, pulling the eyeball out with it. Isaac’s right eye now hung out of its socket by the eyestalk as it dribbled down the side of his face. Jack smirked, 'Well, now that I have your full attention…' The insidious clown then took his long, crooked index finger and poked a hole in Isaac’s stomach. Jack lowered his head down toward the open chest cavity and stretched his mouth open wide. Within seconds, a torrent of filthy cockroaches started crawling out of the clown’s gullet, spilling onto Isaac’s open chest. Each vile roach crawled and pushed its way into the small opening in Isaac’s stomach, filling it from within full of disgusting writhing bugs. As his stomach became bloated with bugs, the roaches began to scurry up his throat, squeezing their way out of his mouth and nasal cavity. Isaac was inches from death when his captor kneeled beside him and spoke into his ear, 'It’s been a blast kido, but it looks like our time together is about up. No need for tears though, because I plan to spread my friendship to all the lonely kids of the world!' and with that said, Laughing Jack reached into Isaac’s chest and yanked out his still beating heart. As his life bled out on that cold wooden bed, Isaac’s life flashed before his eyes. He saw his mother, his father, the boarding school, his victims, and the last thought that fluttered through his mind, was of that very special Christmas where he woke up to find the beautifully hand carved wooden box that contained his very first friend… There are rumors that, when the police finally found Isaac Grossman’s rotten, maggot infested corpse weeks later on Christmas Eve, that even though his face had been bashed and torn to bits… He almost looked… Happy." After jacks story I feel asleep it was long and draining story it really hurt knowing and I felt toby pick me up and put me in a better spot to sleep keeping me close

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When I was awake, I felt strong toned arms holding me close to a warm body the sound of breathing and heart beating was comforting. I curled into the body closer than I should have because I felt arms that were not as kind pull me away. I opened my eyes super-fast screaming before I could see who it was. The arms from before were Toby's he reached for me again I then looked at the arms that had pulled me away it was Slenderman I calmed down seeing familiar faces. He seemed to sense that I was confused as to why I was pulled away from Toby. "My child I pulled you away from Toby because I am going to tell you the rest of the Pasta's stories away from everyone else cause this is taking too long and I have mission for you later, so we are finishing the stories without anyone protecting you from too much." From what I could tell slender was Mad I looked at Toby and he just put his head down Ignoring as slender took me from the room. When we got to his office, he started with the stories Imidiately. 

Homicidal Liu

 "Liu Woods has brown hair , green eyes, and multiple scars from living through a horrifying experience of his brother attempting to gut him, pulling out his intestines and such. He did try to fight back and choke his brother with a rosary until it broke. Billy and his mother heard screaming from their house next door and came to Liu’s rescue after Jeff had abandoned his victim. He almost died in the hospital but pulled through. It was when a nurse happened to be talking about what his brother had done to him, referring to Jeff as a monster, that Liu snapped and stabbed her over and over until she died. His first victim. He fled the hospital to the house, grabbed only a few belongings, burned the rest, and then left the state. Once he had blood on his hands, Liu couldn’t turn back. But despite the horrifying events, Liu still cares deeply about his younger brother and forgave him in the end because he’s experienced first hand the will to kill. On the other hand, Liu's killings may also be influenced by Sully, a dark-eyed sociopath/psychopathic personality he developed after the night Jeff tried to kill him to cope with the traumatic events. Sully claims to have disowned Jeff as a brother and hates him, but has shown some signs he may still care for Jeff in some way. Sully fears Jeff at times, especially the events of that night. He is defensive and childish at times. Even though he acts older than it, Sully claims to only be seven years old, a reference to how long it has been since his personality developed. He holds some consideration and feelings for Liu himself since they share a body and he refrains from killing anyone Liu cares about due to 'Not wanting to make Liu depressed’."

Jane the killer

"Jane was in her early teens when Jeff arrived into her neighborhood, moving into a home across the street from her, she did not think much of Jeff but believed that both he and his brother Liu were good people. One day when Jane was running late for school, she looked out her window to catch Jeff and Liu sitting at a bus stop, being confronted by her school bullies Randy, Troy, and Keith, who would threaten kids with knives to give them their money because of a "toll" they would always demand. To Jane's surprise, Jeff did not take kindly to Randy's attitude and fought all 3 of the bullies, incapacitating them while getting unharmed. When Jane went to school, she had Jeff in her final period, there she noticed Jeff be acting slightly sadistic with a wicked joy in his face, Jane took note of this and decided to stay away from Jeff then on. In the morning Jane witnessed police go into Jeff's home, knowing that they had caught Jeff. However, she was shocked to see Liu being taken by the police instead and was even more stunned to see Jeff coming out of the house begging Liu to tell the police that it was he who attacked the three bullies. Jane watched as Jeff helplessly sat on the sidewalk crying after the police took his brother away over a false belief. As the days went past, false rumors spread around the school of Liu being the attacker against Randy and his friends, although happy to see that the trio would have to be absent from school due to their injuries, she still felt bad for Jeff who was noticeably depressed for the fact that his brother took the blame for something he did. Jane decided to leave Jeff an anonymous note on his school desk to inform him that he has somebody who will testify at Liu's trial as a witness to the event. On Saturday of that week, Jane was home alone doing homework, her neighbors were having a birthday party so when the noise began to get louder, she decided to get up and close her window, but as she did this, she noticed Jeff in the backyard playing with the kids and noticeably was happy, Jane laughed at the sight. However, her humor was short lived when she witnessed Randy, Troy, and Keith jump over the fence on their skateboards and walked up to Jeff with anger in their eyes. She watched helplessly as Randy began to brutally attack Jeff and saw Troy and Keith hold the guests at gunpoint, with no other option, Jane dialed 911. While speaking to the operator, she overheard gunshots and then saw fire bursting from the windows, ditching the 911 call, Jane picked up a fire extinguisher and ran to the house next door, as soon as she entered the living room, however, she passed out from the sight of Jeff on fire. Jane woke up in a hospital room and was informed by a nurse that she was brought in along with several kids but does not tell her of their condition. Jane's parents enter the room and she tells them what she witnessed and the events beforehand that lead to it. Jeff's parents, Margret and Peter enter the room and thank Jane for trying to save Jeff's life, Jane informs them of what she saw Jeff do before the events happened and others to testify in court that Liu did not attack anyone, but is relieved to find out they Liu is being released after witnesses at the party overheard Randy confess. Margret then offers Jane to dinner on the day Jeff leaves the hospital. After 2 days, Jane is released from the hospital, upon returning to school, Jane had earned a reputation for her actions and was approached by many students."


"Lucy was born of a Vietnamese woman and a Caucasian male. She had a love for books just like her parents and spent most of her childhood listening to stories her mother would read to her. Eventually her mother had fallen ill from cancer and died leaving Lucy with her father. She was very depressed and spent most of her young age consumed in the fantasy world of her father's library. When she turned fourteen her father was worried about her distant attitude and her cold nature. In hopes of bringing light back to his daughter he decided in enrolling her in a private academy for girls so she can work on her social skills around other females. Lucy didn't enjoy her time there at all. She had a more developed body than average girls her age in a time where developed bodies were the sight of ridicule. She did get some backlash from students there but she remained unfazed for the most part. Eventually the girl conducting the bully ring, named Julia, became obsessed with Lucy. The fact that Lucy wouldn't break no matter how many kids would hit her and make fun of her. Julia wanted nothing more than to see Lucy fall off her high horse. The obsession soon grew ridiculously unhealthy and she wound up drugging Lucy. She figured the only way she hadn't tried breaking her was sexually so she had to give it a try. Despite Lucy trying her hardest to keep herself being taken advantage of by Julia was the last straw. She ran from the school to the nearby woods. There she met a man who promised to make it all stop. To give her the vision she desired to understand. In her weak state she accepted the offer just so it all would stop. Unfortunately as the fog consumed her, her eyes were taken and replaced with an undying urge to remove the vision of others. Lucy's escape only trapped her in a never ending loop of her own torment and trying to recapture her own eyes. Though years had passed she did find solace in two people just as sad as her. Alex and Rodger (her adoptive brothers) had taken her into a home and fixed her up when they found her beaten and bloody from a human who escaped her grasp. Their relationship was rocky at first but as time went on she found they understood being trapped more than anyone."

Lost Silver

The earliest known posting of the pasta comes from a 4chan thread submitted on June 6th, 2010. The original story of Lost Silver was recorded and narrated by a Pokemon fan who claims he bought a used copy of the game at GameStop for a bargain price. But once he loaded the game onto his Game Boy, he immediately noticed that the saved game left behind by the cart’s previous owner was highly unusual. Whoever had owned the game simply named their trainer “…”, had maxed out their PokeDex with all 251 entries (including legendary Pokemon like Celebi and Mew), and had also maxed out their money and levels. But most unsettling was the active party that the game’s previous owner had left behind. It contained five Unown (alien Pokemon with letter-shaped bodies that can spell out messages) and a Cyndaquill. According to the teller of the tale, the Unown spelled out “LEAVE,” and the Cyndaquill was named “HURRY.” The rest of the story does an impressive job of creeping the reader out, considering it’s based on a jolly franchise that kids love. The narrator talks about finding himself trapped in a silent, still version of Pokemon Gold/Silver’s Bellsprout Tower, and how he used “Flash” to illuminate a dark area, only to have the room bathed in a menacing red glow. Other events include the utter death of the Cyndaquill (as opposed to the usual “faint”), the Unown spelling out messages like “DYING” and “NO MORE,” and a ghostly battle with the trainer from Pokemon Red/Blue, which ends with Celebii and a tormented-looking Pikachu using Perish Song and Destiny Bond to finish each other off simultaneously. At the story’s conclusion, the trainer named “…” becomes a ghost and is trapped forever amongst several Pokémon graves. The moral, if you can call it that, spells out that despite his enormous success as a Pokémon trainer in life, death still came for “…” in the end, same as it comes for all of us. Worse, “…” seemingly died nameless, alone, and forgotten.

Slender stopped he must have shown me all the ones that agreed to share there were a lot of people in the house some of them must not have wanted to share "I am willing to share mine" I whispered then walked out when I got to the living room Toby sprang up and went running to me. He took to comforting me I pushed him off to go to my room to get ready for the mission I had no clue who I was going with but I didn't seem to care when I got to the living room slender was waiting I was going to tell everyone my story before the mission or after sensing this confusion slender spoke up "You will be expected to share your story after your mission you are going with LJ and EJ for your mission Toby is not going he is staying here to pack for another mission and his will last a couple days so you will be without him for a while he will leave right after you share your story with the group if you can't handle toby being gone stay in your room if you can you will have multiple missions to go on daily weather you are ready for them or not." my earlier though of slender being mad was wrong he was pissed. I didn't realize how much Toby had babied me since I got here and with that I left with LJ and EJ for our mission

The mission was to kill 3 teens who entered the forest they just so happened to bully me for being trans, so I was ready to kill them I was also hungry me and EJ agreed we get 1 kidney per person if the person happened to have 1 kidney, we play rock paper scissors and keep note of who got it for the next mission we go on. When we got to where we were going, we hid I walked out looking terrified EJ and LJ had no clue what I was doing and though I was insane. (DEADNAME TRIGGER) "D/N you slut we were waiting for weeks for you to appear here and now here you are 4 weeks after disappearing at least you know your daily beating continues even if some monster attacked your dad we wondered even deeper into the forest to find you too now come here" You retorted " I don't know D/N I am Y/N you best know me by that as you're going to die" Then all 3 of them were dead I killed the middle boy he was the leader of the group and LJ and EJ got the other 2 before they could run me and EJ split the kidneys while LJ tore the organs from them when I finished eating I joined him decorating the place. The forest was the only place we could have fun and not worry about remains because the cops could never find us. When we got back to the mansion everyone was waiting those who were not there slender was going to fill them in when they got back


"I lived a happy life for 2 years before I started to see things other people could not I was freaked out and my parents put it to my imagination so I got used to seeing things and if the being talked to me they would always say things like "Join us Y/N" or I would catch conversations talking about me they always called me y/n one conversation the things said ' Zalgo wants y/n he is very useful to us' I had no clue what they were talking about but one day it got really bad I got headaches head static and would end up in the woods with blood for sweat and tears I would always sit and wait for someone to come save me. My mom found me the first time it happened and Slendy was behind her seeming to guide her my mother died that day right after I got out of the woods there was blood all over me and they though I killed her but based on the fact I was still crying, and they saw tears of blood they immediately ruled it out it was later confirmed it was natural causes that killed her. I was pulled out of school and home schooled I was homeschooled until I was in senior year of high school father was very abusive the whole time, but I didn't know but back to the point when I was 5 I came out as trans except only to the creatures, but they already knew it before I did that was when I stopped talking to them as I was scared of what else they knew that I didn't I was 5 and smarter than a college student as my father got mad if I didn't understand the curriculum by 6 there was nothing I could learn as I knew everything that would get me into the job father wanted for me.  I was his doll. When I was 7 he started to sell me to people to use me for their own pleasure that went on till I was (year younger than you are) then I was able to go to (grade you are in) so he sent me school having given up on using me of course when I passed with flying colors they moved me into college classes then my father hit me every day and then I snapped and now I am here with you guys" when I was done with my story Toby was gone he had to leave some were crying others were shocked then I heard Slendy "Go get ready you might still be able to catch up to Toby if you put your costume on fast enough he packed cloths for you I wanted to see how you would react telling your story without him it is a different one then what you usually wear also as an extra thing you will be in school fail every subject so you can stay with him" I ran to my room put what was there for me to put on and ran out. Toby was waiting just outside of Slender's range for me he handed me the hidden bag and we started to go to the mission me looking different then I would because of me being popular for killing my dad I had to change my appearance. When we got to where we were staying, we went to bed this time not cuddling to see if I can get past the nightmares. 

Chapter Text

When I woke up, I was unsurprised to see it was still night but there was no nightmare to recall so I ignored it and went back to sleep the next time I woke up it was to Toby shaking me awake telling me it was time for school. I forgot we would have to go to one for this mission so I put on the uniform as soon as Toby left the room so I could comfortably get changed. When I was dressed, I walked out to see Toby waiting "are you ready to go" with a nod of my head we walked off. When we got to the school, we went to the front office to finish enrolling. We were handed a class schedule the both of us being close enough to run to the other if the need arises. When I got into my class the bell went off and just like that my teacher walked in starting the day. After all of the boring classes and almost the end of the school day with one more class to go it was (band/orchestra/Chorus they can be flip flopped throughout the days to do all or 2 of them) I was excited for this class as I loved them. My last school pulled me out of them when I came out saying it might affect views and it would make traveling difficult. When I entered the classroom, the teacher just introduced me and sent me to sit with the section of my choosing when I was seated, I watched the class to learn the song we were on. When the bell rang, I saw Toby standing there. I walked up to him, and we started to walk out the building and stood by the only exit for students to use if there was no emergency to spot out target when we saw them, we went back to the hotel to sleep and talk about the day. However, when we arrived, I saw (Instrument of choice and that includes a karaoke machine if you chose chorus) with my name on it. Toby smiled knowing why slendy got one for me as I just thought it was for the mission. I spent an hour using it till Toby said it was time to get out of my school uniform. I complied and went back to see dinner was ready we ate in silence and then went to our rooms to sleep.

Chapter Text

When I woke up it was first thing in the morning. I started to get ready for school. I didn't realize the door was open till toby was standing there getting ready to wake me up for the day. He stood there staring and our eyes met he then apologized and left to get himself ready for school. When I left my room I grabbed my backpack (and instrument if you are in band or orchestra) then started to walk out the door when I heard Toby "Don't y-you walk o-out that d-door without break-Fuck-fast" I turned around and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. When I ate me and TOoby went outside to catch the bus while we were waiting Toby started to talk "H-Hey y-y-y/n" I looked over to toby to show I was listening " I thought you would have picked this up already but I love you" I looked over at him in confusion I had never heard that word and if I did I dont rember it. "whats that mean?" the moment I asked Toby caught his breath and looked at his phone. When we got to school I went to class and Our target was there. (cant rmeber gender of target so imma make it a girl) she walked up to me and said what Toby said this morning I did what the mission needed and ran to Toby " TIME TO GET OUT OF HER NOW RUN RUN RUN"  Toby started to run with me when we left the building Toby took lead and showed me the nearest cheackpoint where slender would get us. When slender showed up he only took Toby and came back for me when he got me I ended up in his office "Y/N discribe the word love" I looked at him " A word that may have a L and V in it." " love is a feeling of an intense feeling of deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, and like or enjoy very much." I was still a little confused but understood a little "When you were having nightmares and Toby slept with you it was out of love and when you were upset by the others stories he comforted you out of love and the way you look at toby is with love" I understood what love ment I ran out of the office and went to toby "TOBY I LOVE YOU TOO" when that was out of my moth toby kissed me and I kissed him back when we went to sleep that night I knew we were going to live together forever with slendy giving us missions