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Love?_never heard of it

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When I woke up it was first thing in the morning. I started to get ready for school. I didn't realize the door was open till toby was standing there getting ready to wake me up for the day. He stood there staring and our eyes met he then apologized and left to get himself ready for school. When I left my room I grabbed my backpack (and instrument if you are in band or orchestra) then started to walk out the door when I heard Toby "Don't y-you walk o-out that d-door without break-Fuck-fast" I turned around and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. When I ate me and TOoby went outside to catch the bus while we were waiting Toby started to talk "H-Hey y-y-y/n" I looked over to toby to show I was listening " I thought you would have picked this up already but I love you" I looked over at him in confusion I had never heard that word and if I did I dont rember it. "whats that mean?" the moment I asked Toby caught his breath and looked at his phone. When we got to school I went to class and Our target was there. (cant rmeber gender of target so imma make it a girl) she walked up to me and said what Toby said this morning I did what the mission needed and ran to Toby " TIME TO GET OUT OF HER NOW RUN RUN RUN"  Toby started to run with me when we left the building Toby took lead and showed me the nearest cheackpoint where slender would get us. When slender showed up he only took Toby and came back for me when he got me I ended up in his office "Y/N discribe the word love" I looked at him " A word that may have a L and V in it." " love is a feeling of an intense feeling of deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, and like or enjoy very much." I was still a little confused but understood a little "When you were having nightmares and Toby slept with you it was out of love and when you were upset by the others stories he comforted you out of love and the way you look at toby is with love" I understood what love ment I ran out of the office and went to toby "TOBY I LOVE YOU TOO" when that was out of my moth toby kissed me and I kissed him back when we went to sleep that night I knew we were going to live together forever with slendy giving us missions