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You're my boyfriend???

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 Jisung was furious, he had just gotten into a fight with his proffesor who graded his work lower just because he didn't like him, and he knows his work deserved a higher grade, Chan did it afterall.
To calm Jisung down a bit, Chan decided to take him out for ice cream, Changbin would have come too if he didn't have piles and piles of uni work.

"And I reread it at least 10 times to know what was in it and it was great and seemed so like me! I swear he just hates me!" Jisung kept rambling on while Chan quietly listened to everything he said.

"Really he is such a dick, he's probably also a homophobe-"


While Jisung was ranting on about his proffesor he kicked everything that was in front of him till the moment came and he fell with his ice cream.

And sadly Chan wasn't able to catch him.

"Oh my god are you okay??" Chan asked, worry evident in his voice.

Jisung hissed while standing up, "Yeah I'm alright, let's just keep going."

"You're sure?" Chan cocked his eyebrow, Jisung's fall seemed hurtful.

"Yes, I am, but my ice cream however..." He said sadly looking at his now puddle of ice cream.

Chan chuckled before giving Jisung his own ice cream. "Take this, I don't like it that much anyways."

"You're a horrible liar." Said Jisung, but that didn't stop him from taking Chan's ice cream.

They continued to walk, but Jisung started hissing and limping and Chan decided that this was no way to go.

"Alright, stop." He commanded to Jisung and Jisung froze, Chan smirked at that.

"What?" Jisung asked before Chan picked him up in a bridal style.

"What are you doing?" Jisung asked with a yelp.

Chan didn't answer, he walked to the bench and set them both down on it.

"Give me your leg." Chan commands again and Jisung, like an obedient puppy, does as told.

Once Chan sees his leg that is turning deep purple and is starting to swell, he coos.

"Ah, Jisung-ah it's so purple and swollen, we have to get you to the hospital."

Jisung hisses as Chan touches his leg, "No, no there is no need for hospital, it's not that bad!"

"Hey, you need to go to the hospital it seems serious, I'll be there and I'll call Changbin too, you won't be alone." Chan said rubbing his back, he knows Jisung's fear of going to doctors, so he tries to be as gentle as possible.

"Alright." Jisung sighs and Chan motions him to get on Chan's back.

After they arrive at the hospital, they find out that Jisung's knee is dislocated and Jisung is given some very strong painkillers.

Maybe a bit too strong.

Chan is by his hospital bed smiling at Jisung who keeps talking about everything that comes in his mind, like a 7 year old kid telling his parents about his day.

Once Changbin walks in Jisung averts his attention to him and whistles.

  "And they say nurses are nerds." He says with an eyebrow flash.

Changbin at that just stands in the door frame dumbfounded, he looks behind him, but there is no one else.

"Wait- no, I shouldn't say that I have boyfriend, I have boyfriends! Chan you didn't hear anything right?" You could see realisation spark in Jisung's eyes as he remembers of his two boyfriends.

"I have two very hot boyfriends, you will not charm me hot nurse!" Jisung said a bit loudly while frantically moving his hands.

Chan and Changbin looked at each other about to burst out in laughter.

"And they are hotter than you! You see this fine man? That is Channie! Look at his muscles! His nice plump lips and curly hair! He might be short, but he sure is a catch! And Changbin! He has such big arms! I have been asking him to put me in a headlock since day one! And his ass! Oh, man he has such a big, nice, round ass! And let's not forget about the men boobs! My boyfriends have big, thick boobs!" Jisung continued telling the "nurse" about his boyfriends very enthusiasticly, while his two boyfriends laughed, Chan was holding his tummy from laughter.

"And there is great balance in our relationship! For example Changbin has ass for all three of us! Chan has brains for all three of us and I obviously have humor for all three of us, we are such a great trio!" Jisung said his voice cracking and his two boyfriends immediately stopped laughing at the sound of that.

"I love them so much," and he bursted into tears, "they are so great, they care about me so much! One day Changbin gave me my favourite chocolate milk, just because he saw it in the grocery shop and Chan, he always helps me with his uni work even if he already has a lot of his own work and they're just so amazing and I will never find anybody like them."

Chan and Changbin had fond smiles on their faces as they looked at their baby, who had no idea what he was doing, but still saying how much he loves them. Chan was now holding Jisung's hand and Changbin started going to Jisung's bed when Jisung stopped him.

"No, go back you evil nurse, you will not take me away from my boyfriends! And where is Changbin? I need Changbin!" Tears kept streaming down Jisung's face as he whined for his other boyfriend.

"Hey, I am Changbin." He said softly and Jisung stopped crying and looked at him with big, round, teary eyes making Changbin want to kiss him right there and then.

"You are?" Jisung asked as if he just saw a unicorn.

Changbin chuckled before nodding, "Yes, baby."

"When did you become so hot?" Jisung suddenly asked as Chan burst in another fit of giggles and Changbin looked at him eyebrows rised.

"You want to tell me I wasn't hot before?"

"No you were, but now you're hotter." Jisung said while touching Changbin.

"Bro your boobs so thick I can't feel your heartbeat." Jisung suddenly exclaimed.

"Wrong boob Jisung." Changbin sighed tiredly. 

"Jisung how about you buy your two very hot boyfriends pizza?" Changbin smirked at Jisung who was laying on the couch playing video games.

"Please, stop reminding me of that! It was embarrassing, I can't believe I thought you were a hot nurse!" Jisung whined while hitting Changbin with his leg.

"And let's not forget about your love confessions!" Chan chuckled as he entered the living room.

"You will never let it go will you?"  Jisung pushed his head against the couch as he heard the two chuckle, the game long forgotten.

"Hm maybe if you order pizza," Changbin said and poked his cheek.

  "Ugh what pizza do you want?" He groaned taking his phone and already dialing pizza's place number only to be attacked and held in a stuffing hug by the other two.

"Aww look at our baby taking care of us and ordering pizza." Chan cooed.

"What a sweet baby indeed." So did Changbin.

Jisung however was suffocated in their hug with a straight face completely hiding the fact that he couldn't be happier.