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An Alpha and an Omega Can Totally Just be Friends

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Secondary genders never mattered much to Reki. He never thought much about being an alpha. He had skating to concern himself with. 


Then he met Langa. 


A brave, daring omega who might be the best skater Reki has ever seen. They were fast friends but Reki soon found himself falling for the best friend he had ever had. Reki pushed down those feelings because why would Langa ever be interested in him like that? 




It was the final race of the tournament and Adam and Langa were neck and neck. They flew around the final bend as Reki sprinted to the finish line. The crowd’s cheers were deafening and they went wild every time they switch who was in the lead. 


Reki’s heart was racing. He wanted Langa to win but he want this race over even more. He wanted Adam away from Langa. His Langa. Reki hated himself for these feelings. Langa was not his. No matter how his alpha felt. 


In the last moments, Langa pulled ahead, and … he won.


Langa WON! 


Reki couldn’t believe it. The crowd lost it. You couldn’t hear yourself think over the screaming. Langa skated straight towards Reki and flung himself into Reki’s arms. Reki stumbled back but caught his best friend. Reki hugged Langa around the waist, he was surprisingly small. Langa buried his face into Reki’s neck. Reki felt his heartbeat in his throat. It was pandemonium around them but Reki could only focus on the way Langa clung to him. Langa smell was sweeter than usual, happier. Reki felt high. Then- 


Langa was jerked out of his arms. 


“How the fuck did you win?” Adam snarled as he held Langa by the collar of his shirt.  


Reki saw red. Angrier radiated through his body and he growled louder than he ever had before. He lunged at Adam.


“How dare you touch my mate!” Reki roared as his fist made contact with Adam’s face.


Adam spat blood on the ground and wiped his mouth. He looked at Reki ready to fight. Reki stepped forward but a hand came down on his shoulder.


It was Joe. He was pulling Reki back, away from Adam.


“I think everyone needs to cool off.” Joe said calmly, now standing between them. 


This snapped Reki back to reality. All eyes were on him. There were shouts and jeers but Reki couldn’t make out what they were saying. He didn’t know how he was feeling. He had just punched Adam in the face! 


What was he thinking?  


He started to feel panicked and looked franticly for Langa. Langa was standing behind Cherry. Cherry must have pulled Langa back when Reki attacked Adam. Shadow looked very confused while Miya stood protectively in front of them. He was probably going to present as an Alpha soon. 


Reki locked eyes with Langa. His eyes were big and he looked scared. All the fight bleed out of Reki and he let himself be pulled away by Joe. 




Joe dragged Reki to the back of the warehouse and through a set of metal doors. The doors slammed closed cutting sound to the crowd. They were alone now. Reki took a deep breath and steadied himself against the wall. It was freezing but that help ground him. Joe crossed his arms and looked Reki up and down. 


“Damn, kid. I didn’t know you have that in you.” 


“Neither did I,” Reki said.


“I should have done that ages ago.” Joe laughed and slapped Reki’s shoulder. “Oh and congrats.”


“About what?”


“You and Langa.”


“What about us?”


“I didn’t know you were mates.” 


Reki barked a laugh. “Where did you get that idea?” 


Joe cocked his head to the side. “That’s what you said.” Reki just stared at him so he continued. “When you punched Adam.”


“I what?!” Reiki half screamed at Joe, who looked taken aback. 


“Wait, you two aren’t mates?” 






Reki was going to be sick. Why would he say something like that? That totally crossed a line. No wonder Langa was looking at him like that. 


“Oh my god. What was I thinking?” Reki buried his face in his hands.


“Hey, it’s not that bad,” Joe said as he rubbed Reki’s back. “Maybe Langa didn’t hear it.” They both knew that was bullshit but at least Joe was trying to be nice.


“What I am going to say to him? He must hate me.” Reki said. 


“No. He won’t hate you,” Joe said. “Adam was way out of line and you were protecting him. He’ll understand.”


“I’m not so-” 


The metal door banged open. 


“Reki there you are!” It was Langa. Reki’s heart stopped. Lange was followed closely by Cherry.


“I tried to stop him,” Cherry said exasperated. 


“I want to talk to Reki,” Langa said firmly.


The alone was implied. Langa’s expression was unreadable as it often was. Reki looked at his shoes since he couldn’t make eye contact. He wanted to run and hide from this but he knew that he couldn’t. He heard the door close behind Joe and Cherry. 


It was just the two of them now. 


Reki knew what he needed to apologize but before he could speak Langa crashed into him. For the second time that night, Reki was almost toppled over by a hug. Langa’s scent was again overwhelming. He smelled like he did whenever they were alone. 


Reki pulled away and looked at Langa. “Aren’t you mad at me?”


 “Why would I be mad?” Langa looked confused.


“Cause I was out of line with what I said and did.”


“Oh, I thought that was kinda hot,” Langa said.


Now it was Reki’s turn to be confused. “What?” He asked.


“Everyone likes a little over-protectiveness right,” Langa teased. 


Reki did not understand why Langa was acting like this. Reki was relieved that Langa was not upset with him. But Langa was acting as if he might actually… 


“Do you like me?” Reki formed the question carefully.


“Yes. I thought I had been pretty obvious about it.” Langa dropped his arms from around Reki’s neck and took a small step back.


Their interactions over the past months came flooding back to Reki. How close Langa would sit during lunch. The way Langa would light up when they met up in the morning. How protective Langa acted when Reki hurt his arm.


“I didn’t think you would ever like me back,” Reki said. His cheeks felt hot from the confession. 


Several emotions flashed across Langa’s face. Then he closed the distract between them. Langa kissed him. His lips were soft and his scent bloomed. Reki heart was doing somersaults but he pulled Langa in closer by the waist. They fit together perfectly. 


When they finally broke apart, Reki asked “Will you go out with me?”


Langa answered by kissing Reki again. Reki pushed Langa up against the metal doors, kissing him more deeply than before. They lost track of time. It was late and most everyone had cleared out when they emerged from behind the warehouse to go home. Luckily, Adam was nowhere to be seen. That was something they still needed to talk about but not tonight. 


“And you’re really not mad about the whole Adam thing,” Reki asked as he took Langa’s hand


“I’m only mad that you got punched Adam before I did.”