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5 Love Languages

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1. Words of Affirmation (Quackity)

When Dream offered his house up to be the residence of all five of the Crew Boys, it was no surprise to anyone that Quackity spoke Spanish around the others just to annoy them since none of them could fully understand him. The rapid fire language could be heard at almost any hour in the house, whether they were on stream or recording a video or just hanging out, Quackity would shout at them in Spanish until everyone was laughing too hard to focus on whatever it was they were doing. 

But it wasn’t always chaos and shouting in the house.

Sometimes, they’d curl up on the various seats in the larger than necessary living room and choose a movie to play on the larger than necessary television. Karl would end up sprawling across someone’s lap, the victim doomed to be stuck under the koala of a human until the end of the movie. He had chosen Quackity today since Dream had been unable to stop bouncing his leg all day from stress, and George and Sapnap were both leaning against him to try and force him to relax. That left Quackity to sit on his beanbag with Karl practically lying on top of him for the entire movie, which he couldn’t have really cared less about since it was just some random action movie on Netflix. He had started playing with Karl’s hair at one point, making the other close his eyes and come close to falling asleep as he did. When the movie finally ended, Dream got up quickly, disappearing into his office as George and Sapnap let out twin sighs of disappointment.

Quackity hummed quietly, still playing with Karl’s hair as he glanced over at the two. He watched them as they looked at the hallway Dream had vanished down, and he felt his heart get tugged in a way that was uniquely theirs. The silence of the room allowed him to study the smallest of details in a way he normally wouldn’t if the room was filled with energy. Things like the way George’s eyebrows were furrowed slightly and his mouth rested slightly open when he was frustrated, or the way Sapnap’s lips tipped down further on one side of his mouth than the other when he was upset but trying to hide it. He smiled slightly, turning his head around to avoid getting caught staring at the two, whispering in Spanish softly enough that he thought they wouldn’t hear, but George’s voice told him he was wrong.

“What did you say, Q?” he asked, eyebrows slightly less furrowed and expression more relaxed than before when Quackity glanced back at him again. “Er, sorry, you might not have said anything. I-”

“Eres bueno. Y tu, Sapnap, eres bueno también. He estado pensando en ti,” Quackity said, repeating himself and adding a bit onto it in the spur of the moment. He smiled wider when Sapnap’s lips twitched up into a lopsided smile, subconsciously noting that the same side of Sapnap’s mouth that dipped down further when he frowned was the same side that curved up more when he smiled like he was. “Son unos amigos increíbles para Dream y para mí. Estoy orgulloso de ustedes.”

“No hablo español,” Sapnap said with a quiet laugh, making Quackity grin as he shook his head. 

Karl hummed quietly, shifting the way he was lying across Quackity as he blinked his eyes open, “Why’re we talking spanish?”

“Vuelve a dormir, Karl,” Quackity said, running a soothing hand through Karl’s hair. “Te quiero.”

Karl hummed again, closing his eyes again and stretching. Quackity’s eyes were drawn to his hands as he dropped them to rest against his chest, the nail polish that he had painted onto Karl’s nails for a stream last week slightly chipped. Karl stood up eventually, following Sapnap and George into the kitchen. Quackity stood and started to walk after them before pausing and glancing in the direction of Dream’s office. The door was shut, but light was pouring out from the crack at the base of the door. He hesitated briefly before Karl’s laugh from the kitchen helped him make up his mind. Dream looked up in surprise when his office door was flung open without a knock, pulling the headphones down to rest around his neck as he stared at Quackity.

“D-did I do something? Or do you need something?” Dream asked, eyes tracking Quackity as he walked up to the desk and looked at the timeline for the video Dream was editing. “Quackity?”

“Stop working, we’re having a boys night,” Quackity said simply, clicking the save button before turning off Dream’s PC. He smiled at the other, who was still staring at him with confusion.

“I have to get this video edited so I can post it.”

“And you’re doing amazing. Your editing is always the best out of all of us, and you can’t argue otherwise because you know I’m right,” Quackity said firmly. He pulled the headphones off Dream’s neck and dragged him up to his feet. “Now, c’mon, I’ll make you some real Mexican hot chocolate.”

“It’s 80 degrees outside,” Dream argued, although he was walking behind Quackity without complaint. 

Quackity turned around and tsk-ed, “Dream. You’re great, you’re awesome, and I’m so glad to be your friend. But you can be an idiot when it comes to taking care of yourself, so we are going to go into that kitchen, enjoy hot chocolate, and not worry about editing while we shower you with praise because I can almost hear your brain running itself into the ground right now.”

Dream blinked at Quackity, a faint blush on his cheeks as he followed without any more arguments. George was sitting on the counter when they walked into the kitchen, which Quackity knew was something Dream hated them doing, but the blond didn’t say anything as he walked in and sat on one of the barstool seats. He dropped his head onto the counter and groaned quietly, “That video is going to be the death of me.”

“Shut up, no talking about work. You’re going to kick that video’s ass, but right now we’re going to drink our weight in hot chocolate.”

2. Physical Touch (Karl)

Karl loved filming. He loved South Carolina. He loved the Best Crew. But, as he watched the crew run around and get ready for filming, he couldn’t help but have his thoughts drift back to Florida. He hadn’t even been gone for a week, and he was already feeling homesick for Dream’s cooking that always seemed to be ready at the same time that Karl would get hungry, Quackity’s random kind words that he’d brush off with a joke if he was called out for them, George’s laughter that echoed through the house whenever someone caught him off guard with a joke or offhand comment, and Sapnap’s willingness to always hug him or cuddle when he could tell that Karl was stressing himself out about something. Karl glanced at his phone, only a few more days before his flight back to Florida, but he didn’t have time to text the people he was thinking of like he wanted to as Jimmy called for everyone to start filming.

The next day passed with just as much chaos, multi day shots were always the worst. They had to deal with making sure cameras were recording over old footage, and had to work around different people being available at different times on different days. By the end of the week and a half that he spent in South Carolina, Karl could barely wake up in time to get to the airport, thankful above all else that he had left enough clothes that he didn’t have any luggage besides his carry on. The Orlando Airport was busy, as it always was, but Karl was able to make his way to the exit quickly. He smiled widely when his eyes landed on the familiar blue Tesla parked under a streetlight to be more visible in the growing dusk, its owner leaning against the hood as he tapped on his phone screen. Sapnap’s eyes lit up when they landed on Karl, throwing his arms open as Karl ran forward.

Neither of them said a word as Karl almost collapsed into Sapnap’s arms. The mixed smells of cologne, coconut shampoo, and the air freshener that Sapnap kept in his Tesla were so uniquely and perfectly Sapnap that it made Karl smile as he buried his face in Sapnap’s neck. His arms were gently looped around Karl’s chest, holding him steady but giving him the option to pull out of the hug at any point. Karl sighed sadly when he had to pull away from the hug so they could get in the Tesla and get back to the house. He grabbed Sapnap’s hand the second it moved to rest on the divider in the car. Sapnap smiled at him, shaking his head as Karl started bending his fingers and slid one of his own rings onto Sapnap’s pinky. The car ride was quiet, Sapnap had music playing softly, but they didn’t feel the need to break the silence at all. Karl eventually just slid his fingers down to interlock with Sapnap’s, smiling as he let his head drop back against the headrest and watched the stars start to appear.

“Karl?” Sapnap said quietly, shaking Karl’s shoulder gently. Karl opened his eyes, yawning as he sat up and looked around. “We’re home, do you want me to carry you in?”

Karl nodded, undoing his seatbelt and leaning forward in the seat. Sapnap’s strong arms scooped him up, holding him in a bridal carry so Karl could lean his head against his shoulder. Despite Karl being a decent amount taller than Sapnap, he was able to carry him without too much difficulty. He did have to pause when he reached the door, trying to open it without jostling Karl too much. Quackity’s voice greeted them the second Sapnap managed to get them inside, “My handsome husbands are back!”

“Hi Q, come get Karl, I have to go grab his bag because he decided to be a koala,” Sapnap called out, making Karl laugh quietly. Quackity poked his head around the corner, a wide grin on his face as he raced forward. He slung his arms under Karl, pulling him away from Sapnap and into his own chest. Quackity stumbled slightly as he adjusted his grip, trying to keep Karl’s taller frame steady against his own as Sapnap went back outside.

“We’re going to restart the movie without you if you don’t hurry,” George shouted from the living room. Karl hummed quietly as Quackity shouted a response, letting his eyes close as he drifted in between sleep and awakeness. He woke up a bit when Quackity sat down on the couch, only moving when Sapnap sat down a few minutes later so he could have his head in Quackity’s lap and legs flung across Sapnap’s. 

Dream and George glanced over at the trio from where they were sprawled on a beanbag together, and Karl gave them a small smile. He stood up, rolling off the couch so he wouldn’t crush Quackity or Sapnap, walking over to the bean bag and wrapping his arms around Dream’s and George’s shoulders. Dream grinned, reaching back blindly and patting Karl’s head. George leaned back, dropping his head against Karl’s chest and looking up at him with tired eyes, “Welcome home, idiot.”

“Move over, I haven’t been home for almost two weeks so we’re going to all cuddle,” Karl said firmly, forcing himself between Dream and George. He held his hand out backwards, gesturing for Quackity and Sapnap to join them. 

Dream groaned quietly when Sapnap dropped on top of him, shoving the other so he was lying more on the beanbag, “Dude, I’m in pain from working out, don’t just drop your ass on me like that.”

“You love my ass, don’t even start,” Sapnap shot back, although he did adjust himself so he wouldn’t be hurting Dream. 

George rolled his eyes at the two, letting Karl pull him into a hug from the front while Quackity leaned into his back. Karl felt Sapnap’s hand rest on his waist after a few moments, and Dream’s hand reached over Sapnap to run through his hair. He smiled to himself, pressing his face into George’s chest as the Brit spoke quietly with Quackity about the movie. Karl let his eyes slip shut, relaxing into the gentle comfort that they were sharing.

3. Gift giving (Sapnap)

From various pictures framed and hung on the walls to Patches’ and Cat’s toys scattered throughout the floor, the house was filled with signs of life. Dream’s fanmail room had slowly grown to include little bits from all of their fans. After they announced they were living together, the fans hadn’t wasted a minute to send all of them housewarming gifts to Dream’s PO box. The postal office hadn’t been very happy, calling Dream twice a week to have him pick up various boxes and the huge influx of letters that had started pouring in. Thanks to those gifts, the house had quickly become filled with small tokens and felt more homely than it ever had before. Sapnap could admit that he had definitely played a large part in adding to that clutter.

Karl smiled over at Sapnap when he flopped down on the bed, watching Karl type out a plan for Tales of the SMP. He hit save eventually and spun around in his desk chair, crossing his legs to sit crisscross in his chair. Karl studied Sapnap with a curious expression, “Do you need something?”

“No, just wanted to give you this, I was out getting groceries and thought you’d like it,” Sapnap said simply, tossing the grocery bag he’d carried into the room at Karl. Karl managed to catch it and looked in with quirked up lips that turned into a huge grin as he pulled out the Pikachu plushie. He looked up at Sapnap and held up the plush, smiling too widely to be able to speak. “Do you. . .do you like it?”

“I love it!” Karl said, lifting the hood and practically squealing as his eyes shot back up to Sapnap. “It’s a Pickachu wearing a Charizard hoodie, how could I not love it?”

Sapnap grinned widely, “Good-good, I thought you would like it. I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it.”

“Dude, this is literally so cute. Do you mind if I tweet it out?” Karl asked, grabbing for his phone as he looked up. 

Sapnap shrugged, and Karl grinned again, lifting the plushie up to his face to take a selfie as Sapnap slid out of the room. He got a notification on his phone and grinned to himself when he saw Karl’s name next to the Twitter logo. Sapnap moved on to Quackity’s room, quickly throwing the stuffed duck he had found at the other and darting away laughing at the string of curses that flowed from the room. He spun around right in time to slam into a person walking out of their room, both of them letting out ‘oofs’ as the air got knocked out of their lungs. Sapnap almost fell over, but large hands caught him by the biceps and kept him standing.

“Dude, what’s the rush?” Dream asked, a grin on his face as he let go of Sapnap’s arm. “You almost sent us both down the stairs.”

Sapnap felt his face flush slightly, grinning up at Dream sheepishly, “Come help me unpack the groceries? I got stew meat.”

“Is this your way of asking me to make dinner?” Dream asked as he followed behind Sapnap, letting himself be dragged to the kitchen. 

Sapnap laughed as he grabbed one of the bags, moving to the pantry to start sorting everything out. Dream took a different bag to start putting things in the fridge, laughing at Sapnap’s drink choices as he pulled out a mabu soda and melon milk. Sapnap rolled his eyes as he flung a bag of freeze dried strawberries at the blond, making him yelp as he almost dropped a box of crackers to catch them. He glanced down at them and back up at Sapnap with a confused expression.

“You really liked them the last time we got them, and the store hasn’t had them back in since,” Sapnap said with a shrug, going back to unloading bags into the pantry. When Dream didn’t reply, he glanced over at the other, who was watching him with a small smile. He raised an eyebrow at Dream, gesturing for him to say something.

Dream shrugged, still smiling to himself when he turned away, “I’m just surprised you remembered. It was almost two months ago. . .I had almost forgotten.”

Sapnap blinked, hands freezing as he held the box of Monster halfway to the shelf it went on. He flushed slightly and shrugged it off, giving Dream a grin as he set the Monster down and tossed the grocery bags back in the cabinet, “I guess it just sparked the memory when I saw it. Made me think of you.”

“I’ll get started on dinner, can you get George? He said he wanted to learn how to make stew after I made it last time,” Dream said, already pulling out a pot and knives. He caught Sapnap in a one-armed hug when he tried to slip past, smiling softly. “Thanks, dude.”

“No problem, brother,” Sapnap said before leaving the kitchen with a wide smile on his face. He grabbed the last bag he had set by the couch as he headed towards George’s room, where he was pretty sure the older man said he’d be all day as he edited a video and worked on new merch designs. 

George’s door was firmly shut, which was pretty uncommon for the house. Sapnap knocked lightly, waiting for the click of the lock. George’s exhausted face appeared as he swung the door open, hair a mess and deep bags under his eyes, “What?”

“Dream’s making stew, he said to invite you down,” Sapnap said, studying George’s appearance with a sympathetic wince. “You look like shit, man, how long have you been editing?”

“3 am, I couldn’t sleep so I started working,” George muttered, walking back into his room, but leaving the door open for Sapnap to walk in after him. He slumped down into his desk chair, and dropped his elbows on his desk to hold his head in his hands. Sapnap’s eyes traced over the normally neat and well-organized desk, taking in the mess that it had become. It was covered in protein bar wrappers and energy drink cans, things that George had sworn he hated because they made his hands shaky. “I only have three new designs, my video is barely half-edited, and I accidentally agreed to show up on a podcast tomorrow.”

“Okay, George, I think. . .I think it might be time to take a break,” Sapnap said slowly, gently lowering a hand onto George’s shoulder. He held out the grocery bag with a small smile, watching George look at it then up at him with tired eyes. “It’s for you. . .it’s a gift?”

“I hate people buying me things, Sap,” George said as he studied the bag held in front of him. He looked up and must’ve seen the nervousness in Sapnap’s eyes because his expression softened and he took the bag. “What is it?”

“You have to open it, idiot, that’s the entire point of a gift,” Sapnap said with a grin, rolling his eyes at George when he rolled his eyes at Sapnap. George reached into the bag, pulling out the bin with wide eyes, looking up at Sapnap with disbelief. “I. . .I was shopping for groceries and, well, they had it and I know you like them and we can never find them here so-”

“Shut up, idiot,” George said, setting the kilo of chocolate raisins on his desk with a small smile. He shook his head in awe as he studied Sapnap. “I can’t believe you. . .I was literally going to order some on Amazon today because I was craving them.”

“You’re welcome. Now you can’t complain that America doesn’t have your weird British snacks,” Sapnap said with a wide grin. He grabbed George’s arm and pulled him up from his desk chair, tugging him towards the door. “Now c’mon, we have to get to the kitchen or Dream’s going to be upset.”

4. Acts of Service (Dream)

George’s video wasn’t the worst thing Dream had ever edited. It helped that the Brit was sprawled across Dream’s bed as he edited, giving small comments every once in a while. Eventually, George ended up falling asleep on Dream’s bed, phone falling out of limp hands as he snored softly. Dream smiled as he studied the sleeping man, glad that George was letting himself rest after practically running himself to the brink of crashing and burning. He turned back to his computer, checking over the timeline and watching through the video one more time. Dream clicked save and export, sending the file off to George for him to review before uploading it. He glanced over at George, who was still sound asleep, and shook his head fondly. Grabbing a blanket that he had kicked off his bed at some point during the previous night from the floor, he walked over and draped it over George. He picked up George’s phone from the floor, plugging it in to charge and setting it on his nightstand, and finally clicked the lights off. He left the baby blue leds on as he clicked the door shut quietly, knowing that George hated waking up in strange rooms in the complete dark.

Dream made his way towards the stairs, but Karl’s voice stopped him as he called his name. He glanced over at the other with a smile, “Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m live and I haven’t eaten yet, but I don’t want to leave the stream because everyone is having fun,” Karl started, face flushed with embarrassment. He shifted his weight where he stood in the door and gestured helplessly around him. “I’m muted and have my camera off right now, but I-”

“I’ll get you something, what do you want?” Dream said in a soothing voice. 

Karl’s shoulders slumped in relief and he smiled widely, “Just a burrito or something, I’ll even take one of the microwave meals if that’s all we have. Thank you so much. . .I’ll do something for you to make up for it, I promise.”

“Dude, you’re literally just asking me to throw something in the microwave, you don’t have to do anything. It’s not that big of a deal,” Dream said with a reassuring smile. Karl glanced back at his computer when his Discord sound rang out. He looked back to Dream with an apologetic look, opening his mouth to apologize again but Dream put a hand up and waved him away. “Go back to your stream, I’ll knock when I have your food ready.”

Karl nodded, smiling brightly as he shut his door over. Dream heard him greet chat and whoever else was on stream with him, apologizing for disappearing so suddenly. He continued walking down the stairs, heading to the kitchen and grabbing what he thought was Karl’s favorite of the few microwave meals they kept stocked in case of emergency. After tossing it into the microwave, he paused and went to the fridge again to grab a Monster from the stash of energy drinks. He saw a few apples and a bottle of caramel dip in the fridge and shrugged to himself, grabbing them and setting them on the counter. He grabbed a knife and cut the apple into smaller slices, putting them on a plate with a small container of the caramel dip. When putting the caramel dip bottle back in the fridge, he paused and grabbed a few strawberries and the chocolate sauce. Karl had only asked for a microwave meal, but Dream quickly found himself making a full fruit and dip plate along with the meal as he waited for it to cool enough in the microwave for him to carry it upstairs.

Eventually, he grabbed the plate and the microwave meal, setting a fork on the plate for ease of carrying. He used his foot to tap Karl’s door, kicking it lightly three times. Karl said something to his stream quickly, and then he was opening the door with a thankful smile that turned into surprise as he saw the extra plate of fruit and the Monster. He looked at Dream with wide eyes, confused delight filling them as he grinned.

“I figured you’d like something to drink, and we needed to use the fruit before it went bad,” Dream said, shrugging off the embarrassment he felt at Karl’s reaction.

“Here, can you set it on my desk? I muted and my camera’s off again,” Karl asked as he waved him into the room. He grabbed the Monster from Dream so he’d have an easier time carrying the other two things to the desk. Karl clicked a few buttons and held the headphones up so both of them could hear. “Chat, chat, oh my god, chat, someone needs to get me a ring so I can marry Dream right now. He brought me a fruit plate, chat. That’s hubby material right there.”

“Oh, come on now, Karl,” Dream mumbled, a blush flaring up to cover his entire face as he shook his head fondly. He glanced at the monitor that showed chat, filled with messages all containing various combinations of ‘aww’ and ‘omg’. “You’re farming awws, stop it.”

Karl laughed, throwing an arm around Dream’s shoulders and squeezing lightly before shooing him away, “Okay, you can go back to cleaning the house or whatever you do, Mr. Househusband.”

“I am a trophy wife, excuse you,” Dream shot back, although he did leave the room as Karl laughed loudly, probably turning his camera back on as he started bragging about the fruit being ‘cut and everything’.

Dream dropped down onto the armchair in the living room where Sapnap and Quackity had an intense Mario Kart match going. He just watched them play for a while, both arguing loudly as they shoved each other on the couch. A small smile tugged on the corner of his mouth as he shook his head at their antics. Sapnap whooped as he leapt to his feet, crossing the finish line seconds ahead of Quackity, who groaned and threw his head back against the couch. He glanced at the clock and sighed, tossing his controller to the side as he stood and stretched.

“It’s my turn to get groceries, any specific requests?” Quackity asked the two present, cracking his neck as he waited for a response.

“Nah, but if you could stop by the skate shop, I’ve been needing new grip tape for my board,” Sapnap said, also tossing his controller on the couch.

Dream glanced at the clock and shrugged, gesturing for Quackity to sit down, “I’ll get the groceries and your grip tape, no worries. Do you want anything specific, Q?”

Quackity glanced over at him with a shrug, before grinning widely, “Nah, but thanks for going so I can keep kicking Sapnap’s ass in Mario Kart.”

“You’ve literally lost every round so far.”

5. Quality time (George)

George slumped down in his chair, sighing in relief as his video finally finished uploading. Almost a full month worth of work dealing with malfunctioning code, glitched recordings, and editing software crashing finally over with as he tweeted out the link to the video on his alt and started watching the comments pour in. A quiet rap of knuckles on his door made him glance over, a small smile on his face when he saw Quackity. The younger man leaned against his door frame with a grin, “The video is going to do great, man, let’s relax now. It’s movie night!”

“Yeah, yeah,” George muttered, although he was honestly looking forward to just spending time with the other four after the stress of dealing with the video. He stood up and walked to his dresser, waving Quackity away. “Let me get into more comfortable clothes, I’ll be down soon.”

Quackity shrugged, leaving the door and George could hear him shout down the stairs to the others as his footsteps faded away. George was quick to pull on a soft pair of joggers and a hoodie that he was pretty sure had been Dream’s at one point. He made his way down to the living room where Dream and Sapnap had set up a snack table. Karl’s arms were flung around him the second he got off the stairs, wrapping around him from behind in a sneak attack hug and almost making him fall over. George laughed, grabbing at Karl’s wrists and pulling him forward as he walked to the couch.

“Everyone get a drink! We should toast George’s new video!” Sapnap said with a grin, holding up the soda he was drinking. Dream rolled his eyes, but lifted his water bottle anyway, smiling at George as Quackity and Karl lifted their own drinks. “To the Gogmeister and another amazing video!”

George scoffed, rolling his eyes and shaking his head at the over the top cheers. He sat on the couch and curled his feet up, watching the others burst into conversation. A weight on the couch made him glance over, smiling at Dream as he nodded to the hoodie George was wearing, “I was wondering where that went.”

“Hm, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” George said matter-of-factly. He let Dream throw an arm over his shoulders, leaning into the blond as he watched Karl, Quackity, and Sapnap debate over what movie they should watch. 

They eventually settled on some Marvel movie that George couldn’t be bothered paying attention to. He felt his eyes growing heavy as he leaned further into Dream’s warm embrace. There was a certain rare sort of comfort of having all five of the residents of the house in one room, voices quietly overlapping with the movie as they all made slightly off topic comments about the action on screen. George never ended up actually falling asleep, although he could tell Dream thought he had when the blond started fidgeting with his hair. He ran long fingers through it and messed with the strands that were tickling his neck where George’s head rested against it. George could hear Karl make a quip about the character’s on screen, his voice lower than normal as he tried to keep it at a whisper to not disturb George. Quackity’s laugh rang out after he processed what Karl had said, fading into giggles as George imagined Karl elbowed him to be quieter. 

A comforting weight rested against George’s legs suddenly, and he heard Sapnap talking quietly to Dream, so he assumed Sapnap had sat down in front of the couch and was leaning against him. Instead of kicking the younger like he normally would, George decided to just accept the silent reminder of Sapnap’s presence as the younger stopped talking to focus back on the movie. Dream’s hand fell from George’s hair to trace up and down his arm, always needing to move when he was trying to focus on something. George hummed quietly, shifting his weight as he cracked his eyes open and locked gaze with Sapnap. He jerked his chin to the side, and Sapnap smiled slightly before getting up to sit on the now open spot on the couch on the other side of George. George didn’t move beyond shifting a bit more to make his position more comfortable. Sapnap wrapped an arm around his waist so it wouldn’t be pinned uncomfortably between their bodies, and George rolled his eyes but let it happen.

The movie ended in what felt like five minutes for George, and Dream was lifting his arm up and excusing himself to use the restroom. George groaned, not wanting to open his eyes yet and he dropped his weight onto Sapnap so he didn’t have to move from the couch as Dream walked off. Karl and Quackity decided to switch the TV over to the Playstation, wanting to play a game for a while before going to sleep. George opened his eyes as Karl snagged the controller away from Quackity and opened Detroit: Become Human. 

“Here, listen, we can trade off for every character,” Karl said, tapping the controller on his knee. “I’m Connor, obviously, because I’m the smart and handsome one. You can be Markus, the hot, rebellious one. And. . .Sap? George? Either of you want to play as Kara?”

“Nah, I don’t feel like moving, and George is crushing one of my arms against the couch anyway,” Sapnap said with a grin. 

George rolled his eyes and smacked him as well as he could without moving too much, “You literally put your arm around me , idiot.”

Dream walked back into the living room and Quackity clapped loudly, “Dream can! It’s perfect! He’s the housewife, and Kara is the maid android.”

“What exactly am I doing?” Dream asked, blinking in confusion as Quackity grabbed his arm and dragged him forward to sit in front of the couch next to Karl.

“I don’t want to move, Sapnap doesn’t want to move, and those two want to play DBH, so you’re on to play,” George explained straightforwardly. 

Dream glanced over at him with a crooked grin, “You want me to play a game that relies on knowing the controls and quick time events?”

George smiled as Karl and Quackity both made sounds of realization. Dream laughed as they quickly decided to just split it between the two of them, leaning back against the couch and looking up at Sapnap and George with an amused expression. George reached down and started playing with Dream’s hair, just like the blond had been doing with his during the movie, and Dream hummed appreciatively as he leaned into the gentle touch. George looked back up as Karl started a new game, watching the game as if he was watching a movie as Karl and Quackity argued over the best decisions to make. Sapnap fell asleep against his side after only a few minutes of the video game, and Dream wasn’t far behind, his head falling to rest against George’s knee as George kept running his hands through the blond hair. George smiled softly as he let himself drift off to sleep, Karl and Quackity lowering the volume of their voices as they saw the sleeping trio.

+1 (All)

“These questions are so stupid,” Dream complained as he stared at his monitor, tapping his fingers against his desk. 

George let out a groan, the sound slightly staticy through his headphones, “Just answer them, Dream, stop complaining. We’re all waiting for you.”

Quackity, Karl, and Sapnap all voiced their agreement, and Dream glanced over at his second monitor to see the Discord chat speeding past with messages telling him to hurry up and stop delaying. Dream sighed heavily, clicking through a few more questions before he felt the urge to complain again, “But these options are awful. What if I don’t like either?”

“Dream,” Karl said, drawing his name out into a sigh. Dream flushed and rolled his eyes, finishing the quiz and saying as much. The others in the podcast all cheered, making Dream roll his eyes again.

“Okay, so who’s going first?” Dream asked, reading over his results and realizing with surprise that it was surprisingly accurate. 

“I can. . .I can start,” George said after a moment of silence. He cleared his throat before sending them a screenshot of his results. “Okay, chat, you asked for this so. . .you’re welcome in advance for whatever psychological profile you get on me from this. It says my top love language is Quality Time. Um. . .let me read it, I guess. ‘People whose love language is quality time feel the most connected to their partner when they can actively spend time with them, and these people are always down to hang out even if ‘hanging out’ is doing nothing. They particularly love using active listening, eye contact, and full presence to show their investment and love in the relationship.’”

“I’ll go next,” Dream said quickly, so George didn’t have the chance to feel uncomfortable with how accurate the test was with calling him out. He sent his own screenshot to the group chat and grinned. “Shock of all shocks, I got Acts of Service. ‘If your love language is Acts of Service, you value doing things for your partner, even going out of your way just to make their life easier. It's things like making them soup when they're sick, making them their favorite meal for breakfast, or doing chores and errands for them when they’ve had a busy or stressful day at work.’”

“Aww, I got Gift Giving, the Dream Team are all different,” Sapnap said in an overly sweet voice before laughing. He sent his results as he kept reading. “‘Gift giving is a pretty straightforward love language: You express your love the best by giving people you love visual symbols of that love. It's not about the monetary value but the symbolic thought behind the item. People with this style recognize and value the gift-giving process: the careful reflection, the deliberate choosing of the object to represent the relationship, and the emotional benefits from giving the present.’”

Karl laughed as Sapnap read from his results, “Dude that’s so true. I swear, most of the things I have on my desk right now are from you. You never come back from the store without some sort of trinket for us.”

“Oh shut up and just read yours,” Sapnap muttered, and Dream could imagine his face was bright red up to the ears for getting exposed in front of the easy ten thousand people listening to the podcast live.

“I bet no one saw this coming, but it says my love language is Physical Touch,” Karl said with a dramatic gasp. He giggled to himself as he sent a screenshot. “I can’t believe we haven’t had any overlap yet, but anyways, ‘People with physical touch as their love language express their love best when they give physical signs of affection, including kissing, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, and se. . .’ um, anyways, ‘Physical intimacy and touch can be incredibly affirming and serve as a powerful emotional connector for people with this love language.’”

The other four burst into laughter when Karl’s voice trailed off, and the Discord chat paused briefly before flying even faster than before. Karl groaned and there was a quiet thump from his head dropping onto his desk as the others kept laughing. Quackity managed to compose himself, “That’s going to be trending on twitter for sure. You didn’t read over it before reading it out loud?”

“None of the others mentioned sex! Why would I think that mine would?” Karl asked, sounding like he was holding back his own laughter as Sapnap, Dream, and George finally got their giggles under control. “You’re up Quackity. Did we get five for five?”

“I got. . .” Quackity smacked on his desk like a drum roll as he drew the silence out. “Words of Affirmation! ‘People with words of affirmation as a love language show their love with verbal acknowledgments of affection, including frequent "I love you's," compliments, words of appreciation, verbal encouragement, and often frequent digital communication like texting and social media engagement.’”

“You’re the one who bullies us the most, get out of here,” George said, scoffing in disbelief. “Unless you’re flirting with all of us in Spanish-”

“Yeah, pretty much, guapo muchacho,” Quackity cut George off with a quiet laugh. 

The podcast fell into a moment of silence, chat starting to slow down as none of them spoke. Dream cleared his throat, “Alright. . .”