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Love isn’t random, we are chosen

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Legend has it, an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break. But what if the thread didn’t connect two people, but three together ?

Bang Chan met Seo Changbin when he was still a freshman in university, and still debating whether choosing music production over law had been a good choice or not. It had been Changbin, another music production major, who had finally cleared away all his doubts.


Chan and he worked together in a way that they had their entire faculty jealous. They were so different yet so similar that they made the perfect team.

His childhood friend Minho had introduced him to Bin on one of their traditional movie nights. As Chan walked to Minho’s dorm he could hear that the boys had set up the karaoke before they set the movies on.


He had never been one to be very comfortable with meeting new people and Minho had told him that he and his dorm mate Felix had a friend over. He took a deep breath and knocked the door greeting Minho and Lix, assuring himself that this wasn’t so bad but nothing could have prepared him for the growling voice singing along to a song he had heard before but hadn’t cared enough about to learn it’s name.


“Min, I think you have a bear in your living room,” he whispered, almost traumatised. The other two looked at him in confusion and then burst out guffawing at the same time.


“I don’t think that was supposed to be funny as binnie really does growl but that’s a human not a bear,” Lix said, almost dying with laughter at this point.


At this precise moment, the said “bear” came out to greet him and Chan was met with one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen. Changbin was a little shorter than him, with beautiful auburn hair and pretty eyes, but what Chan noticed about him first was that he was ripped.


Chan developed an instant crush on Changbin, which only grew when he realised how similar they were. He met him again a few times at Minho’s, and then they were planning meet ups of their own. They would randomly pop up at the other’s place to watch a movie, or drag the other out to a new restaurant they discovered, or simply just stay huddled in the studio making music and discussing ideas for hours.


It was on one of these non-date dates that Chan finally asked Bin to be his boyfriend. He had been worried that he was not doing enough or not being romantic enough, but later when they had kissed for the first time, Changbin let him know that being asked to be his while they were watching one of their favourite movies cuddled up in his Sherpa comforter, could not have been more perfect and that he would not have it any other way.


Time passed quickly after that and before they knew it they had been together for two years. They still had their dates (which Changbin always claimed were NOT dates, but refused to go out on what he thought were actually dates). Their friends adored them together, Minho, Felix and his boyfriend Hyunjin often crashing at their place. they had moved in together, after chan, who had been torturing himself over asking Bin to move had finally managed to bring himself to do it (after being threatened by Minho, who could no longer handle his whining).


It was a clear spring night, and they were at the annual spring festival with all their friends, when Felix spotted a mysterious looking tent made with spangled material with the (rather ominous) sign that said “come find your destiny).


Anyhow it was how Chan and Changbin found themselves sitting on velvet cushions in front of a rather sharp looking man, who called himself Seungmin.


“So what brings you here? As I can see finding love is not what you have in mind,” Seungmin said, an amused smile playing on his lips.


“We were blackmailed,” Changbin deadpanned (they indeed were, Lixie refused to let any of them go on the rides unless they visited the “fortune teller” first).


At this, Seungmin full on burst out laughing. “Well in that case why don’t you two show me your hands?”
“Our hands?”
“Yes, since you are already here, it won’t do any harm, will it? Humour me.” Seungmin said letting out another laugh.


So five minutes later they sat leaning closer to the opposite side where Seungmin was sitting, one of their hands held in his.


“Ah, this is a pleasant surprise,” Seungmin said, actually sounding surprised.
“What is?”, chan asked, sharing a skeptical look with his boyfriend.


“I’ll show you,” and with that the witch (which the boys now believed that he was) waved an arm between the two of them.

“Is a rabbit supposed to materialise or something?”, Binnie asked, earning him a smack on the head from Chan.

Seungmin just shook his head and laughed, his eyes glittering with mischief.

“Look at your hands,” he said, clearly anticipating their reactions, as he leaned towards them.

“What about our ha- HOLY SHIT!”


Their friends came rushing in after the yell to find Changbin fallen off the cushion, Chan looking frozen in time and Seungmin, looking like he was having the time of his life.

And then Minho saw their hand. From each of his two stupefied friends’ pinky fingers grew what looked like a glittering red string, shimmering like it was embossed with diamonds and fluttering slightly as though provoked by light breeze.

Finally, after managing to tear his eyes away from the string and finding his voice back Minho asked, “ What’s that? What are you doing to my friends?”

“ oh it’s nothing to be worried about, quite the opposite actually. Your friends, my dear are true soulmates. After all, I am sure you must have heard about the red string of fate ?” Seungmin asked them, smiling impishly.


“ isn’t that supposed to be, like, a legend? I mean it can’t really exist right?” Hyunjin asked in a hushed tone.

“We are looking at it jinnie, debating whether it exists or not is moot at this point I think. But I am so happy for you guys,” Felix squealed as he rushed to hug his two still-frozen best friends.

“Oh yes it’s lovely, but may I ask you to look at the string again? A little more closely perhaps?” Seungmin said with a grin that seemed to be swimming with a secret.


And that’s when they all saw it. There was a string connecting changbin and chan indeed, but there was another string connected to each of their pinkies but leading away from eachother, though in the same direction.


“What the hell does that mean ? Why do they both have a disembodied string attached to their fingers,” Minho glared at Seungmin.

“Oh, it’s not disembodied. It is connected to a third person. It seems like your friends have another soulmate.”


“What?”, chan finally said still quietly looking at his hands, but seemingly risen from his stupor.
“You two are soulmates yes, but you are not completed yet. Think of it like you are a puzzle that’s missing the final piece,” Seungmin explained.

“But how are we ever supposed to know who they are? We could be looking all our life and never find them?!” Changbin said looking slightly harried and that’s when Chan realised that both of them were on the same page when it came to this second soulmate they had: they couldn’t wait to meet them.


“Well you found eachother didn’t you? See, the beauty of this connection is that it pulls you and the person you are connected with together, you are bound to run into them at some point in your lives.”
Seungmin tried to explain the best he could but sighed when he saw the desolate expression on the lovers’ faces. And then he came to a conclusion.

“Okay, tell you what, I’ll make this a little easier for you. I’ll leave this connection visible to the two of you so that when you find them, you instantly know.”

“But what about our soulmate? Even if we meet them how are we going to explain this without sounding totally crazy?”, chan lamented.

“You don’t have to worry about that. The moment you meet them they will be able to see the connection too. That should save at least a little trouble of explaining the entire situation”, Seungmin assured them.

“Fine, I suppose there isn’t much that can be done anyway. We will wait,” chan said and changbin smiled and it was then they knew that everything would be fine.


Months passed after that incident, but changbin and chan never stopped looking closely at the hands of everyone they met.

“If I hadn’t been with you guys that they I would actually be worried that you have a weird hand fetish,” Minho said one day rolling his eyes as he prepared to get dressed.

Changbin burst out laughing at how Chan’s ears immediately turned red.

“Minho we are gonna be late,” hyunjin hollered from the doorway, earning himself a scandalised glance from Minho’s elderly neighbour.

“Where are you guys going anyway, wasn’t today supposed to be a party?” Changbin asked as he helped Felix with his cooking.

“It’s a WELCOME party binnie, which means I have to first go and get the thing we are welcoming from the airport.”

“Thing? Did you guys get another cat?”, chan asked from where he was lounging on the sofa.

Hyunjin scoffed at that.

“Yeah, as if. Like Minho, the biggest cat lady we know would call a cat a thing. We are going to fetch a person. As for why he is calling him a thing, you will see.”

“Should I be scared,” binnie asked Lix who responded with his tinkling bell like laugh.

“Don’t worry boys, jinnie and min are just being ridiculous. They are going to get jinnie’s cousin who is also min and mine’s childhood friend. He was studying in Malaysia but is now transferring here for his junior year.”

“I will still call him a thing.” Minho deadpanned.
“Sure, as if you didn’t have a crush on him all those years we were growing up,” hyunjin snarked which prompted Minho to run around after him trying to stuff tissue in his mouth.


“Okay anyhow, we should be leaving now. See you guys in a couple of hours. And lixie, please don’t forget your brownies, you know how much he loves them,” hyunjin said finally closing the door behind him.


“Believe it or not I still get anxious when I am about to meet someone new,” chan said snuggling into binnie who had joint him on the couch.

“ it’s gonna be ok chan. We were strangers too remember?,” bin said grinning sleepily.

And with that they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms as the sweet aroma of lix’s brownies filled the air.

And then they were awakened by deafening yells and what felt like an earthquake whose epicentre was them.

As chan jolted awake immediately protectively covering binnie, he saw the earthquake, a thing (Minho hadn’t been exaggerating) jumping all over the couch.

Binnie was about to yell at the creature that disturbed their sleep but was cut short when he finally turned around.


Honey blonde hair framing an adorable baby like face with squishy cheeks which had probably turned red from all the jumping and excitement, big bambi eyes that looked like they contained galaxies and a heart shaped smile that had both of them instantly melting.

But what immediately caught the boyfriends’ attention was the vibrant red around the beautiful boy’s pinky finger, a beautiful shimmering red string connected to their own hands.


“Hello hyungs, my name is Han Jisung. Congratulations on meeting your soulmate,” the boy said grinning cheekily.


Chan looked at changbin and could see everything he was feeling at once, the familiarity radiating off jisung, the beauty of their soulmate and it was then that they realised that they had loved jisung even before they had known him, they had loved him the moment they knew he existed.


“Hello Han Jisung. Congratulations on being ours.” Chan said as he pulled the boy into a hug, and then changbin was hugging jisung from the back and their friends were looking at them with faux exasperation but so much happiness in their eyes.


It was then as Chan looked into jisung’s eyes and saw the love and adoration the boy already had for both of them, that he finally understood what Seungmin meant when he referred to them as a puzzle.

chan watched as their string of fate, which he had come to love and be grateful for, shimmered brighter, caught in between their hug. they had found their final piece, they were finally complete.