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Imaginations at the office

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When I walk through the doors of our office I can feel my phone buzzing in my back pocket.

Beca: Happy birthday to the best and most wonderful manager and friend in the universe!!

         Enjoy your little present :) <3

I am surrounded by the lovely smell of coffee, croissants and the flowers that are laying on my desk.

A smile grows on my mouth and it seems like there are a million butterflies throwing a party in my stomach.


After the USO tour Beca became a famous artist and needed a manager so...

That's me!

I am her manager.

Aubrey says I only became her manager because I couldn't let her go.

Maybe she is right.

But what does it matter?

I mean... okay, becoming a manager wasn't really a part of the plan but I get to be around Beca almost 24/7 so...

I love my job!

I can feel my heartbeat getting faster.

Only thinking of her makes me nervous already.

If only I could tell her what I am feeling...

What I have been feeling all this time...

I take the magazine with her latest interview in it out of my desk drawer and start to read it.


When I turn the page the second part I can feel my eyes being pulled at the pictures like magnets.

My jaw drops and I can't take my eyes off them.

She is so hot!

Beca looks so perfect in that gray suit she's wearing and that black bra that covers her beautiful, perfectly formed breasts.

She looks so secure...

Like she's the boss and you have no other choice but obeying.

Like she is well aware of how breathtaking she looks.

Before I realize what I'm doing I can feel my hand in my pants, stroking over the thin material of my underwear.

I close my eyes and imagine kissing Beca like I've never kissed before, our tongues fighting for dominance, pulling her hair, keeping her close.

While my right hand is still touching my soaked underwear I grab my boobs with my left hand and imagine it's Beca who is touching me.

I imagine her kissing my neck and sucking my bottom lip.

Touching me, exploring my body with her hands, grabbing my neck and scratching my back.

I like the pain of her nails digging deep into it.

She looks right into my eyes.

Like a lion who is hunting his prey, her eyes dark.

Like she is going to jump me and tear me apart, eat me as soon as she gets the chance.

She unbuttons the blouse I'm wearing and kisses every inch of my body.

From my lips to my jawline, to my neck, to my collar bones and all the way down to my boobs.

Looking at my nipples, admiring them and playing with them.

Kissing, licking, sucking and gently biting them.

They are so hard.

My right hand slides under my underwear.

I got so turned on.


Deep down I know I shouldn't be fantasizing about my boss, but I don't want to stop.

I can't stop.

Especially not when it feels this good.

I imagine her touching me more, her fingers twisting and twirling inside me.

I hear myself moaning her name.

My voice is low and I'm breathing heavily.

I imagine her kissing and licking the rest of my body, my stomach, my hip bones, my inner thighs...

Closer and closer to my pussy.

Breathing into it, not touching it.

I whisper "Oh Becs"

She gives me a soft kiss on my clit and then stops touching me for what felt like ages.

"Stop teasing. Please... I need you!"

I press my fingers into my clit.

I need to cum so badly that it hurts.

She slips her tongue inside me and swirls it around.

"Fuck Beca! Please do it! I want it, I need it!!" I cry out.

"I'm so close!"

Suddenly I hear a voice behind me.


"What do you want darling? Tell me."

My heart skips a beat.

I open my eyes as fast as I can and see Beca standing right in front of me biting her lip.

Her eyes are filled with lust.

A grin appears on her face, "Don't stop. It's hot. Do it! Cum for me baby."

I press my fingers one more time deep into my wetness and scream like I've never screamed before.

This was probably the best orgasm I've ever had.

My whole body is shaking.


How...How long have you been standing there?, I stutter still out of breath.

She smirks.

"Long enough." is the answer I get.

Beca walks confidently to me and gives me a long and deep kiss, our tongues fighting for dominance.

My fantasy becomes reality.

This is the best birthday ever!