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a mischievous orange

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“Kara, please come down from there.” Lena says it with as much love as possible despite her growing concern over Kara’s antics. She stands next to a shelf in the lab at the tower looking up at big, bright blue eyes and resists the urge to smile. Alex’s voice from the doorway saves her from her failed attempt.

“Hey, Lena, did you say Kara was here? I need to talk to her about upgrades to her-” She stops walking and glances between Lena and the top of the shelf. “Suit,” she finishes a little dejected.


It’s not much of a warning before the orange cat jumps off the shelf and flies straight to her face. In a flurry of arms and legs and tails, Alex manages to pry the cat off from around her head, sustaining only minor scratches from the cat’s attempts to wrap its arms around her. She locks her arms at full extension out in front of her with her hands under the cat’s front armpits and its feet dangling like a limp noodle. Alex chokes on a mouthful of hair and gags a few times in an attempt to clear her tongue of tiny orange hairs.

“What the hell?” she manages to spit out. “Kara?” She looks over the cat’s shoulder to Lena who wears a guilty expression. “Lena?” She looks back to Kara. “Is this going to be a recurring thing between the two of you?”

“Hey! Don’t take it out on her,” Kara says and wiggles in Alex’s arms, “I asked her to do it.”

“Why on earth would you,” Alex starts, then shoots another look to Lena. “Do I even want to know?”

This draws Lena from where she was glued to the floor to move towards Alex with her arms extended. Alex passes Kara off to her and she positions Kara to sit on her shoulder.

“I assure you it was innocent,” Lena says. “I was practicing a few spells and Kara offered to…” her voice trails off as she thinks about how to phrase her next words. Alex cocks her brow.

“Be the guinea pig.” The looks she gets from Lena confirms it. “And is this reversible?”

Kara scoffs at the accusation. “Oh, come on, Alex. Of course it is.”

“I meant like right now.”

“Oh,” Lena says with apprehension, “not quite. I need an ingredient that’s not available in National City. But,” she holds out a hand to ease Alex’s growing panic, “I’ve already placed the order, it’ll be here in a couple of days.”

“Days? Where is it coming from that it’s going to take days to get here?”

Kara and Lena look at each other, then turn in unison back to Alex.


Alex drops her head and pinches the bridge of her nose. She doesn’t bother to lift her head when she speaks. “I’ll go tell J’onn.” When she looks back up at them, it’s with somewhat of an adoring look until she recovers herself. “In the meantime, you two lay low. We don’t need everyone finding out that Supergirl is a cat right now.” She turns and heads out of the lab. Under her breath, she grumbles, “we’ll start getting unmarked envelopes of catnip in the mail.”




“Darling,” Lena says to Kara who has now draped herself across Lena’s keyboard. “I do need to get some work done.”

Kara looks at her with her best big, pouty eyes and turns herself to expose more of her belly. Lena rolls her eyes but complies to the request and scratches her fingers through Kara’s thick fur. Through heavy purrs, Kara responds, a mix of whiny and utterly distracted.

“But Alex said we could go home until I was me again. Ooh, yeah, right there. Hey! Where are you going?”

“Hang on a second. I’ll be right back.” Lena disappears down the hallway of her penthouse and Kara watches from the warmth of the keyboard. When Lena returns, she holds a laptop in her hands and Kara gives her a scrutinous look.

“This one’s for you,” Lena says and opens the laptop next to her own. “I promise we can cuddle later, but I’m finalizing a proposal for the foundation that needs to be submitted before eight a-m tomorrow. It won’t take more than an hour.”

Kara huffs a tiny breath of air while Lena clicks away on the second laptop.

“Ok, my little executive, there you go.”

With great reluctance, Kara peels herself from Lena’s laptop and saunters over to the other one. She stops moving when she looks at the screen.

“Birds? I’m not watching ooh is that a Gouldian Finch?” She steps closer to the laptop and sits on the keyboard, her eyes following the bird across the screen.




Despite the ringing in her ears, Lena yells out for Kara, her hands searching the back of the town car and finding nothing but chunks of tempered glass. That’s when the body slams against the car door and Lena strains to hear the words coming from the other side of it. But it sounds like Kara and Lena needs to know she’s ok so she slides across the seat and pulls on the door lever. Jammed.

Daylight pours in through the broken window when the body flies away from it. Literally. Lena watches in awe as an orange cat suspends the being by his trousers and interrogates him about the attack. She hears another voice yelling from the ground and spots Alex running towards them.

“Are you ok?” Alex slows and points at her through the window but continues towards Kara when Lena waves her off.

Later, when Kara’s grumbling about how she could have cleaned the noxious slime off of herself without needing a bath, Lena tries to hide her smile at the waterlogged pout. In the background, a news interview plays on television with Alex assuring the people of National City that Supergirl is very much still capable of keeping them safe and that her condition is temporary.




“Ugh, I knew this would happen!” Alex says and throws her hands in the air. “How did they even get this address?”

Kara flattens her ears and cowers under Lena’s chair. Lena does her best to cross her legs and keep her hidden from Alex, but she spots Kara nonetheless and stomps towards them. In another attempt to protect Kara, Lena stands and holds her hands out. Kara climbs up her pant legs and clings to the back of her vest, trying her best not to claw into Lena’s skin.

“Cat Grant’s an intelligent woman,” Lena says, “and the head of a media empire. I’m sure she has plenty of resources who could have given her this address.” Alex stops in front of her and reaches for Kara but Lena swats her arm away and spins enough to keep herself squared up with Alex. After a few more failed attempts, Lena continues, “besides, these were all just forwarded here straight from CatCo. There’s nothing to indicate why. For all the mail carrier knows, this is a storage facility. Or a spare office.”

Alex puffs in irritation. “Fine,” she says through gritted teeth, “but these are all going home with you.”

Kara climbs up Lena’s back and pokes her head over her shoulder to look at Alex who squints her eyes and Kara dips her head back down. Alex rolls her eyes and walks off. Lena feels a light bump against her shoulder where Kara has pressed her forehead into her.

“Thanks,” Kara says in a whisper. Lena reaches over her shoulder and scratches the back of her neck which draws Kara to lift her head and maneuver until she has Lena’s hands scratching under her chin.

Lena chuckles and says, “I could do this better if you came up-” Kara cuts her off and climbs over Lena’s shoulder until she is firmly swaddled in Lena’s arms and receiving belly scratches and face kisses.

Once Kara is sufficiently loved on, Lena walks them over to the pile of packages and envelopes in the middle of the tower and says “Are you going to help me get these home?” When Kara gives her a pout, Lena picks up one of the envelopes and holds it up to her face, “this one,” she says and takes a deep breath, “smells like catnip.”

Kara has the entire pile cleared out of the tower before Lena powers down her computer.




Alex stands with her hands on her hips and looks up at Kara. “I cannot believe,” she says, “someone sent you a cat tower.”

Kara flops onto her back on the top shelf and hangs her head upside down over the side to look at Alex. “People love me,” she says which causes Alex to grunt out a laugh and turn to Lena.

“Are you sure this is going to work? Hey!” she says and rubs the back of her head where Kara swatted her with a paw. “What? It’s a fair question.”

Kara hovers in front of alex. “Lena knows what she’s doing.” They both turn towards the kitchen at the sound of clanking bowls and find Lena putting on her best show that everything is under control. To their credit, Alex and Kara put on their best show that they believe it is.

While Lena finishes mixing the potion, Kara bats a toy across the floor and Alex sends videos to Kelly to Esme. Lena observes from the kitchen island and a smile creeps onto her face.

“Kara, darling,” she says and crouches down with her hand held out. She doesn’t mean to pspsps but it’s so effective in bringing Kara directly to her hand and turning her into a cuddly fur ball that she can’t help but do it this one last time. She scoops Kara up and grabs one of her paws to place a kiss on the pads of her toes. “I understand why you like doing that so much now.” Kara cocks her head and gives her a dopey grin. At least, Lena thinks that’s what that face means. She drops another kiss on Kara’s forehead and asks, “are you ready to be you again?”


Lena scrunches her brows and sees Alex perk up in her periphery.

“Do I still get belly scratches?”

That draws a full-belly laugh from Lena who dives her face right into Kara’s face and her fingers into her belly. She coos, “you can have all the belly scratches you want, love.”

They are interrupted by a very deliberate and not at all natural cough from Alex who unfolds her arms and raises them in question.

“Right,” Lena says and places Kara back on the floor.




“Wow,” Kara says as she lays in bed with Lena rubbing circles on her bare abdomen, “if I’da known you would have that reaction to me with red hair, I would have dyed it a long time ago.”

Lena scoffs against her neck. “I was just happy to have you back.”

The smile on Kara’s face widens until she can no longer hide her teeth. She pulls a lock of hair between her fingers and examines the color. Though she’s pretty sure it will fade and her hair will return to normal over time, Kara thinks she’ll definitely take advantage of her new look while she can. With the way Lena threw herself on her, Alex almost didn’t make it out of the apartment before clothes were being thrown in every direction. The warm feeling in her belly sinks as a new thought crosses her mind.

“Should I be worried about your attraction to redheads?”