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Teen Titans No!

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“Oh it can’t be that bad” Kon starts, leaning past where Tim’s struggling to free himself from his grasp. He sees the book and Tim can feel his breathing still.

“Ok. Yeah. It is that bad” Kon admits, freeing Tim and allowing him to stand.

Meanwhile, all the Titans are grouped together, glaring at the cover of the book with impunity.

None of them want this book read.


But before Tim can set fire to it like he was planning, a red blur speeds past him, too fast for Tim to stop.

“Titans of Tomorrow?” Barry reads hesitantly, raising his eyebrow like he doesn’t understand the reaction they all had to that phrase. To that cover.

And to be fair, Tim understands why they might not understand. But this is different. After all, evil alternates and evil future versions aren’t all that uncommon.

Almost every hero has encountered an evil version of themselves at least once.


But none of the surrounding heroes seem to realize that.

“Oh. A book about the future Titans? Could be fun” Dick says, smiling widely, not knowing that that book would be anything but “Fun”.


Tim shakes his head.

“We aren’t reading that” he states.

He’s already had his privacy invaded with the Red Robin book. But this isn’t just his story. It’s Kon’s and Bart’s and Cassie’s. Others, who aren’t even here to defend themselves. Tim distinctly remembers M’gann being there, with Kid Devil and Blue Beetle. Remembers Starfire and Cyborg and Raven.

They aren’t here. And Tim won’t subject them to this if it isn’t incredibly necessary. Which he doesn’t think it is.


After all, Raven is currently soul searching, literally, and out of reach. Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy are currently on a mission in space and thus unreachable.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s right to read about them while they aren’t even here.

They have no chance to defend themselves.

It makes Tim glad that his friends grabbed him before the league could start reading his life like story book.


“You know we have to” Clark says, voice tinged with regret but filled with curiosity.

Tim narrows his eyes at him, like that would make the league reconsider. Like it stopped them from reading the first time.

But it didn’t work the first time. And it doesn’t work this time.


Tim clenches his fingers, resignation running through his veins like ice.

“Jason reads. No-one else. Just Jason” Tim stipulates, mentally apologizing to the others on his team for not being able to protect them from this. For not being able to give them the slightest mercy that his team gave him.

For not alerting them.


Jason startles when Tim says his name, head shooting up to stare at Tim incredulously. He points to himself as if asking “Me?” even as Bart sets up the projector again, rearranging it to read the book from Jason’s position.

Tim hesitates, but nods.

You won’t judge us, Tim thinks. You’ll understand.


Jason stares at Tim a moment longer before he grabs the book from Barry’s hand, opening it to the first page and taking a breath. And it’s moments like these that remind Tim that Jason actually was a theatre kid. The way he breathes to project his voice and the way he sits as to not obstruct the flow of his voice.

But Jason isn’t just Robin. And Jason being a theatre kid isn’t why Tim chose him to read.

Jason’s the Red Hood. And he reminds Tim of the Tim that would have been and hopefully never will be.


“You know what to do”