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Of Scars and Frog Fuckers

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“ Alex, Alex!” Alex whirls around desperately searching for the disembodied voice of his lover. Ash fills the air, each breath coming harder, as the dark gray powder clogs his lungs. He can’t see in this perpetual darkness, caused by the devil’s smoke filling the air, and it causes panic to stir in his lungs. 


Not for himself, never for himself, but for Morgan. Morgan who pretends he isn’t fragile, but he is fragile and the most precious thing in the world to him. Compared to Alex everyone is fragile, and if what he thinks is happening is actually happening he needs to get Morgan before he dies. He stumbles forward blindly. 


Morgan has already used his power this month, so he’s powerless. 


“ Alex? Where are you? Please, I need you.” Alex freezes. It sounded exactly like his lover, but Morgan would never say that.  A hand lands on Alex’s shoulder, and he whirls around a supercharged fist flying forward toward the threat only to stop a hair's breadth away. It’s Morgan's familiar blue hair now covered in ash, but Morgan all the same. 


Only it’s not. The smell is all wrong, and sure you could blame that on the ash that permeates the air, and coats itself to every available surface, but it’s something besides that. The imposter smells like rotting flesh poorly masked by Morgan’s familiar scent of blueberries. The way he speaks, and even the lack of a spark in his lover’s eyes. It’s all wrong. 


“ I found you! Alex I was so worried, what’s going on-” His voice fades into the background, static quickly fil ling Alex’s ears. Ishedeadhecan’tbedeadpleasedon’tbedead


Robotically Alex moves to cradle Morgan’s face. 


“ Darling.” Morgan smiles, teeth a little too white, smile just a smidge too soft


“ Yes love?” Alex trails his hand down Morgan’s neck, tracing the faint veins there before wrapping his hand around the fragile neck. Quick as a viper his hand tightens and he lifts the imposter into the air. 


“ Who are you and where is my Morgan?” Fake Morgan pauses, before understanding passes across his face. He let’s the mask fall, a look of utter disdain replacing it.


“ You’ve figured it out? Well that’s never happened before. What gave it away? Usually my acting is perfect, you must truly be in tune with your Morgan to figure it out so quickly.” The imposter croons, petting the hand on his throat.


Alex hardens his heart and crushes the throat in his hand, tightening until the imposter is struggling to breathe. It tears at every chord in his heart to see the spike of pain cross Morgan’s face, and the only thing that makes him keep going is the reminder that this is NOT his Morgan


“ You didn’t answer my question. If you don’t tell me where Morgan is, I will rip you to shreds.” Alex warns before relaxing his grip. 


The fake chokes for a bit, glaring at Alex through the tears in his eyes. 


“ Aren’t you a delight-” It’s the wrong answer. Alex reaches for Morgan’s arm and rips it off effortlessly, attempting to drown out the screams that sound exactly like Morgan’s. 


“ Where is Morgan?” He asks again. The imposter withers on the ground, and finally the face of his beloved disappears, melting off into sludge and dripping onto the ground. In his place is a creature of absolute filth. 


Bulging eyes, teeth too big for its mouth and naturally moist pale green skin and it truly looks like a fish out of water. It’s proportions are all wrong, but it answers Alex’s answer of what it is. Alex has long known that their small world isn’t the only life in this universe and even spent a few years exploring the known universe. Most life had no intelligence, and the few he’d seen with higher intelligence than a dog had been millions of years from getting off of their planets and most importantly none posed a threat to him. 


He’d come across these beings, and deemed them no threat since they had no feasible way to get off of their planet for many years. Only that was no longer true apparently. 


“ Hell if I know. I snooped your stupid fucking mind to see what I would have to turn into to be able to get close and turned into it. It was supposed to be your weakness.” Said pathetic creature whines, trying to stop the gushing wound from his armless torso.


“ Well, if you don’t know where my darling is, maybe I should kill you.” Alex snarls, stepping forward threateningly. 


“ Whoa, whoa, I can still help.” The squirming fish squeals, scrambling backwards to avoid getting stepped on . “ You asked who we are, I can answer, and why we’re here!” He begs. Alex pauses, and motions for him to continue. 


“ We’re shapeshifters from across the galaxy. We used to have a food supply that looked just like you but we ate them all. We’ve been working on a way to leave our world and find more for years. It sucks having to eat the wildlife y'know? You guys taste so much better, more flavorful-Ah.” Alex growls, hands sparking. 


The ash is settling down, showing fire scorched ground, and buildings crumbling. It’d been a nightmare when it started. It’d been out of nowhere things starting to burn and ash coating the very air. Him and Morgan had been together, but in the chaos he’d disappeared. Now he knows that it was these pigs' fault. 


“ I don’t care how we taste, understand?” He hisses. The fish gapes, skin secreting more oil by the second and nodding quickly. 


“ We succeeded a couple years ago and have been combing the universe for more delicious delicacies. Then we found you! We snuck among you, donning our disguises and started planting bombs and stuff to start a mass panic. We’re all over the world right now gathering your kind to bring back to our feeding grounds.” The fish mutters pathetically. Alex begins to laugh hysterically. 


“ You think you can touch my  home? And impersonate my lover? No, oh no. Your kind will pay.” Alex growls, fingers aching to wrap around the waste of life’s neck. 


“ We didn’t account for something like you! You're stronger than us, and we’ve never met that before. We knew about the powers that some of you have but we deemed them non-threatening.” Alex clucks, and smashes his boot into the aliens stomach, enjoying the pain filled grimace the alien dons as it pukes blood. Or it’s version of blood. 


It doesn’t have anything else of importance to say, so Alex reaches down and easily snaps its neck. It’s time to find his lover. 


He rises slowly into the air. If they are gathering the humans to bring back to their feeding ground, then Morgan has most likely been captured and is in their ship. Which means he’s going to space today. 


That wasn’t Alex. No, he’s not sure where they got separated, but the man smiling and offering a hand down to him was not his Alex. Morgan sifts through the ash filled ground he’s on, not taking his eyes off of the imposter for a moment. 


His lungs ache from smoke inhalation, and he can feel blood trickling down his temple. He’d been hit by flying rubble at some point, and he’s terrified but he won’t admit it. If there’s an imposter of Alex, that means that Alex needs help. Alex never needs help, but damn if Morgan won’t give it. His fingers rub against a brick. Not his weapon of choice, but it’ll work. He grabs it scowling at the imposter. 


“ Aww, I thought you loved me baby. Why would you look at me like that?” Fake Alex croons. Morgan tries not to gag, the sugary sweet words making him vomit. Fuck this. He stands hiding the brick behind him. 


“ Sorry, I think I’m just in shock.” He offers one hand toward the imposter who smiles vic toriously, grabbing his hand. Morgan uses the moment to swing the brick at the imposter's head. It bounces off with a resounding thud, blue liquid streaming out of the head wound. Fake Alex staggers back. 


“ W-what? You little shit.” Morgan doesn’t wait, tackling the fake to the ground, and beginning to beat the shit out of it. 


“ WHERE. IS. ALEX YOU STUPID BITCH?”  Morgan punctuates each word with a slam of the brick into the bloody face. It doesn’t take long for it to morph into it’s true form, a froggy fishy little cunt. The imposter doesn’t answer, a trill emanating from its throat, and trying to struggle against the blue haired demon. 


It doesn’t register that the alien might be calling reinforcements, too busy bashing it’s face in, until several hands yank and pull him off of the imposter. 




“ You are violent darling. You’re sure to taste good.” The froggy fucker croons at Morgan, who gives it a look of disgust. 


“ FUCK OFF.” It looks him up and down, and Morgan raises his chin defiantly. No creepy bug eyed bitch is going to make him submit. 


“ You did some damage, I think it’s only fair that I do the same.” It croons once again, lifting a hand up mockingly. For the first time  Morgan notices the very sharp claws peeking out of the fingertips. He gulps slightly, suddenly wishing that Alex was here. That was who usually got him out of his messes. But it doesn’t matter, Morgan reminds himself if this bitch hurts him. Alex will hurt him back tenfold, and let Morgan join in on the fun. 


“ You’ll regret laying a hand on me.” He warns. The froggy bitch merely gives its own sickening smile. 


“ I think I’ll take my chances human. Besides, I think I’ll eat you first, which means I need to tenderize the meat.” After that, it’s simply pain, Morgan forced to stay still by the hands still holding him hostage and endure the carving. 


At the very least it doesn’t hit any vital organs or something precious to him like his eyes. But he now has a wound that will scar into a badass scar stretching across his face. In fact he has four, given to him by the alien as a finishing present. His entire body aches, and stings. 


He’s not in danger of bleeding out yet, but he’ll need a hospital soon. 


“ Let’s take him onto the ship now. I need to add the seasonings and skin it.” Morgan hears vaguely, just on the precipice of passing out. Not one to allow a froggy alien to have the last word, he lets his head fall in the general direction of the alien. 


“ Bitch.” 


A foot smashes across his face, and Morgan can hear his jaw snap, right before the unconsciousness hits. 


When  consciousness decides to bless Morgan once more, he almost thinks he has a concussion from how much everything is swaying. But no, he’s simply in a cage, hands shackled in front of him. He can hear the cries of people close by, so he’s not the only one in this situation. Morgan forces himself up, trying to blink the quickly clotting blood out of his eyes and ignore the pain. 


It’s time to wait and have faith in his lover. Sure he’s a supervillain, but if there is one thing that Morgan knows, it’s that his lover thinks of him as the most precious thing to him. He won’t leave him here, not once he’s figured out what’s going on.  


And Morgan is right. He’s not waiting long, when he hears what he can only think fondly of as Alex’s villain voice. 


“ WHERE IS HE?” Morgan perks up when he hears it. 


“ I’m in here!” He calls out a wide grin splitting his lip open once again. Things go quiet for a second so Morgan calls out again. “ Alex if you don’t get me out of these chains I’m not fucking you for a week.” 


One startled laugh later, and a hole is blown in the wall next to his cage. He can’t help the look of adoration that crosses his face, as Alex steps through. God he loves this man. Alex floats up to his cage, ripping off the bars with ease. He kneels down to Morgan’s height, tracing the cuts that line his face with an indecipherable look on his face. 


“ They dared to hurt you?” He whispers, snapping the chains in between his hands. Morgan nods.


“ I gave as good as I got though.” Alex laughs, and cradles Morgan’s face once his lover’s hands are no longer trapped. 


“ You're my lover, of course you did. But the very thought that they dared to touch you…their fate was already sealed, but now?” Morgan smiles and presses a kiss to Alex’s nose. 


“ Make it hurt please.”  Alex smiles. 


“ My thoughts exactly.”  Alex combs his fingers through his lover's hair, hungrily memorizing every feature, gaze soft with an unknown emotion. “ I thought I lost you love. There is nothing in this world that I fear more than the thought of losing you. God I thought the supervolcano had erupted, and when I lost you, I thought you’d died.”  Morgan’s jaw drops, as he realizes what emotion it was. Fear. 


“ I’m sure you have a plan for if the world ever becomes uninhabitable love.” Morgan whispers, trying to ease the fear he sees. Alex smiles softly. 


“ Of course I do. I have a second and third planet that I’ve made habitable for us in the event of an emergency. But you weren’t there, and I can’t take a corpse can I?” Morgan trails a hand down Alex’s face. 


“ I know. But I’m alive, and now you have an entire race of creatures to take your anger out on. So go get them tiger.” Morgan teasingly pushes the man away who laughs indulgently. 


“ First let me get you somewhere safe.”  Morgan shakes his head. 


“ No. I want to see them die.” He hisses, bringing a hand to the cuts that now grace his face.


“ Very well darling. Whatever you wish I’ll gladly grant you. But you must be careful, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt any worse.”  Morgan nods, allowing Alex to scoop him up and carry him back through the wall. 


As an afterthought Alex sends his feelers out, sending every human he feels back to earth, and any alien entity back onto the ship. He needs subordinates to rule after all, and he doesn’t want to have to hunt the last of the vermin off of the Earth. 


Once that’s done, he enters the hull of the ship, where he’s gathered the aliens. He easily conjures a throne for his love to sit, and settles him down there, before setting up a barrier. He doesn’t want to take any chances. 


“ I’ll get back my love. And if you see anyone you want me to particularly hurt, just let me know alright? Specifically if you see the vermin who gave you those.” He touches the scars briefly. 


“ They don’t bother you do they?”  Morgan blurts out before Alex can leave, completely ignoring the thousands of aliens trapped in the same room as them. Alex’s eyes soften. 


“ Oh love, nothing could ever make me love you less. Am I angry about them?” Alex’s eyes darken. “ More than you know. They show that I failed to protect you, and I’ll spend the rest of my life  making that up to you. But they don’t take away from your beauty, nothing ever could.” the answer melts Morgan’s heart just a bit.” 


“ I love you so fucking much.” He mutters. 


“ I love you most.” Alex croons back before stepping out leaving Morgan to settle in for the show. And what a show it is. Morgan’s ears are ringing from the volume of screams contained in the hull of the ship, and the walls of the ship are painted red with blood. Various different body parts are spread out, and the best part of the show had been when Morgan pointed out the fucker who gave him scars by far. 


Alex had taken his time with that one, stripping the flesh from it’s bones and  forcing it’s very flesh into its mouth. Alex had gleefully made the creature eat itself alive, before carving into its bones. 


He would have taken longer, if not for the need to take his lover to the hospital. And so as a final fuck you to the race of creatures who’d dared to touch what he considers his, and invade his planet Alex destroyed their entire ship, leaving only a fine dust in it’s wake. 


But with his business concluded, he has something much better to attend to now. Taking care of his darling, and spoiling him rotten for allowing him to play with an entire race of nasties. It’d keep his bloodlust sated for months.