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All the Better

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Jack’s mind lazily floated up out of deep sleep as he woke up in the Doctor’s bed. He smiled as he felt the warm body curled up against his side. In the dim light, he glanced over at the cute little Time Lord, clad in soft, TARDIS-blue pajamas.

Must have really worn him out last night, Jack thought, rather proud of himself. He doesn’t usually sleep this late.

What a treat it was to see him asleep. It was so rare to see the storm calmed, his body and mind both resting from the trials of the universe. His hair looked like the results of a tornado, and his t-shirt was damp with sweat from being so close to Jack all night. He had started the night using Jack’s bare pec as a pillow, but eventually slid off and just nuzzled up to his side.

In every romantic encounter, Jack had always tried to come across as a tough, suave guy, only interested in sex (okay, and maybe a litttttle cuddle afterwards). But he felt like his heart was melting as the Doctor shifted adorably in his sleep.

Jack wished it could be like this all the time: the Doctor, safe and happy, and Jack, forever by his side to protect him. The Doctor didn’t talk about it much, but Jack knew he had suffered truly horrific things over the years: the deaths of companions, impossible choices costing millions of lives, and now this, regenerating into a body that made him so uncomfortable.

Jack knew he couldn’t make any of that suffering go away, but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to try.

He wrapped an arm around the Doctor and pulled him in even closer.

“Hnnnmmmm? ‘Zit morning?” the Doctor asked without opening his eyes.

“I’m afraid so,” Jack whispered back, smiling.


The Doctor tossed an arm across Jack’s bare chest.


Jack’s heart finished dissolving into a puddle of goo at that.

“I’m not going anywhere, Doc,” he smiled, ruffling the other man’s hair.


The Doctor slowly blinked his eyes open, then shifted up in the bed to rest his head on Jack’s chest again.

“Y’smell nice,” he muttered into Jack’s pec.

“It’s just sweat and sex, Doc,” Jack chuckled.

“Mmmmmm,” the Doctor hummed.

Jack could feel the vibrations in his ribcage.

“Only one heart,” the Doctor mused, ear squished against Jack’s chest. “Sounds weird.”

“All the better to-”

Love you with, he almost said, catching himself.

“-to -to fuck you with,” he improvised, realizing too late how ridiculous that sounded.

“You can’t fuck someone with your heart, Jack, that’s physically impossible.”

You know what I meant, thought Jack. Or do you?

“Wanna see me try?” Jack cracked the good ole’ flirtatious smile to cover up his uncertainty.

“I- Jack, I don’t even know what that means-”

Jack interrupted him by grabbing his face and diving in for a sloppy kiss.

As Jack surfaced for air, the Doctor whispered, “but I’d love to see you try.”