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Knutty's First Piercing(s)

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It was a random Tuesday. Leo and Kasey had finished up their training early so Matt could go home and surprise his girlfriend for their anniversary. It wasn't a big deal, both he and Kasey were on hot streaks, saves and performance-wise. Both Finn and Logan, however, were working hard with the rest of the team, helping to get Loops integrated. Kasey went home to be with Nat and Leo decided to wander the downtown area, exploring his home for the hell of it.

There were several cute bookstores, bakeries, boutiques, cafés, shops; themed bars and restaurants that he wanted to bring the boys to. He wandered into what seemed to be the queer district, judging by the rainbow painted crosswalks and the pride flags hanging from the lampposts, just under where the Lions player banners were displayed, just like they were around town. Seeing Sirius, his boys, and then himself up above the pride flag really made him smile. As he snapped a picture or two, a bit of movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. A shop, done up in a lovely rich blue color with silver trimmings, said on the front window 'Queen of Wands Tattoo and Piercing Parlor, est 2017.' With less than a moment's thought, he approached, opened the door, and stepped inside, a cute little jingle on the door announcing his presence.

"Hold on, we'll be right there!" A voice called out to him, from the other room. He came a little closer, taking in the witchy, almost Victorian-style lobby as he approached the front desk and the sign of piercing prices up on the wall, surrounded by flash art for quicker tattoos. 'Titanium jewelry included with piercing. Ask to upgrade to gold. Earlobes - $25 single, $40 pair. Helix - $35 each. Navel - $40. Nipple - $40 each, $70 for pair--'

"Hi there, welcome to the Queen of Wands, what were you looking for today-? Okay, you've got a baby face for as tall as you are, I'm gonna need to see some ID, so we can prove you're legal." A witch, if Leo had ever seen one, turned the corner and crossed her arms with a smile on her face. She looked like she could've been Leo's older sister, with a hint of Natalie mixed in.

Leo blanched and went for his wallet in his backpack, suddenly very glad that he had his ID at all. "Uh, yeah, um. I'm actually almost 19. Just young-looking."

He gave her his driver's license and she plucked it from his hand with grasshopper green sparkly nails, which matched her cropped green hair. She checked the date and handed it back to him, humming as she got a clipboard with some paperwork from behind the front desk. Her dark skirt swished as she moved. "So, Leo, my friend. What's brought you in today? I'm Emma, and this is my place."

"Kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I was thinking... nipple piercings? I, um, I'd like to surprise my partners, and I think it might look really good."

"Ooh, nips are a nice choice. You'll all have to be a bit careful as they heal, no pinching and tweaking. Is that okay?" She glanced up at him as she started filling out parts of the form.

He shifted on his feet, thinking about Logan and Finn, and then about his goalie gear, biting his lip. Yeah, he could be careful. "Yeah, that's good. I promise to follow all aftercare and healing instructions, ma'am."

"Very good, that's what I like to hear. Okay, you read these parts, and sign here and here. And I'll need to make a copy of your D.L. for our records. When did you last eat? Or have some water?"

"A few hours ago, for the food, and maybe half an hour ago, on the water." He signed in the correct places and dated the papers. Wow, he was really about to get his nipples pierced.

Emma took the clipboard back from him and waved him into the other room, which was nice and clean. She had him take off his shirt and sit down on the leather piercing table. He suddenly felt like he was in a swanky doctor's office, like Loops was about to check out his thigh or shoulder. Emma washed her hands, got the black gloves on, and grabbed an alcohol wipe and a purple pen. "Not too late to back out, honey. I know it's scary."

Leo shuddered as the piercer-witch-lady sanitized his nipples, and he went a little pink in the face as they perked right up. He suddenly wished his boys were with him, to hold his hand. There were two little dots placed on either side of Leo's nipple with purple marker.

"Here, sit up so you can see the placement. Usually, I like to go straight through the center, so it'll heal nice and even. We'll start on the titanium bar, but you can pick any sort of balls for the ends. I even have crystal ones, if you're interested in that."

“Um, do you have... rainbow stuff?" He fiddled with his bracelet, biting his lip as Emma grabbed a little display board and handed it to him.

"I have metallic rainbow, I have plastic rainbow, and I have a few colors of opal. All of which would look great, in my opinion." Oh what the hell, Leo thought to himself, pointing at the white opals. I'm already invested, might as well go all out.

"White opals, please. I know the price will go up, but I'm good with that. They just-- they look so pretty when the light catches them." They shared a smile as she got two pairs of tiny opal balls out from a drawer and placed them in a little sterile stainless steel tray.

"Okay, don't look at the needle, I don't want you passing out, yeah?"

She patted his chest and he nodded, looking anywhere in the room, than at Emma's hands. There was a noise from the back and another person rolled into view, wheelchair lights twinkling and their lip piercing practically glowing in the not-dark of the shop. “Em, are you busy— oh, well hi there.” Leo gave a little awkward wave, which they returned.

“Leo, this is Dion, my good friend and the local emotional support gremlin. Dion, this is Leo, and he’s about to get his nipples done.” She turned, grabbing the needle, which was already connected to the correct barbell.

“Is this your first piercing?” They asked, rolling over to reveal a snack stash in their lap. When Leo nodded, they handed him a mini can of Sprite and offered a bag of Jolly Ranchers. “Brave and kinda nuts, I like it. I’ll also totally hold your hand if you want.”

Leo chose a watermelon candy and popped it in his mouth, taking Dion’s smaller hand into his and closing his eyes as Em placed her hand on his chest again. There was a quick pinch and a pulling motion as the needle passed cleanly through his left nipple. It surprised Leo, and he gripped Dion’s hand as he let out a gasp of 'oh fuck!'

“Yeah, I know, the first one is always a surprise,” Dion said, squeezing Leo’s hand in return and patting his forearm with the other, not-occupied hand. Emma cleaned up the bit of blood with another alcohol wipe and quickly screwed the two little opal balls onto the barbell.

“Hey, you did it! Take a look, hun, it looks great!” Leo sat up a bit to look into the hand mirror she’d produced. His nipple was getting a bit puffy from the new piercing, but it did indeed look both super cute and super sexy. He grinned, though his head started to spin a bit.

“I, um, can this chair lay all the way down?” With that statement alone, the other two worked to get him lying down. Dion helped him sip the soda through a crazy curly straw as Emma turned a fan on his face and held his legs up so the blood would go back to his head.

“Don’t even feel bad about this, this happened to me for both my helix piercings,” Emma assured him, while Dion patted his shoulder. “Totally normal response to a piercing, Leo, you’re doing great.” He couldn’t help but think of Logan and Finn and how they handled aftercare with him. Though these two weren’t his boys, the safe feeling was similar. He gave a little thumbs-up and they both chuckled.

Leo finished off the little can and let the cool air from the fan roll over him. When had it gotten so hot in here? Probably when the sharp metal made two new holes in his nip.

“Feeling good enough for the other nipple, Leo? We don’t have to do both today, or ever, if you don’t want. But honestly, I think it’s best to go for both, so you can take your time recover with your candy and water and the fan.”

He thought about only having the one, or coming back another day with his boys to help, but he shook his head. “Let’s do the other one, get it over with. It should match its twin, right?”

“You can’t have your right nipple jealous of your left, it makes for terrible internal conflict,” Dion agreed, patting his shoulder and cracking open a water bottle, plunking the crazy straw from Leo’s Sprite into it. “Just squeeze my hand again, if it hurts.”

He closed his eyes as Emma changed her gloves, got the equipment and got ready again. Oh. Oh fuck. Jesus H. Christ— the second one hurt so much more than the first, even though the process and the motions were the same. He squeezed Dion’s hand tightly as tears sprung to his eyes. He hissed as the cool alcohol pad was pressed to his tender nip and the opal balls were attached.

“You survived, you did it! You’re all done, Leo, just breathe and relax.” There was a wet washcloth applied to his forehead and two cold, damp paper towel compresses were gently pressed to his nipples. It was like they both had heartbeats.

Leo felt a little woozy and lightheaded for a hot minute, though the water, hard candy, and the fan definitely helped. What the hell, he was an NHL goalie, why did two little piercings affect him so badly?

"I thought I recognized you, you know? Your face is right outside the shop on the banner. Admittedly behind a mask, but still." Dion patted Leo's shoulder as they spoke. Oh shit, they recognized him--

"Your secret is safe with us, even if this isn't a secret. If you want people to know what piercing you got and where you got it done, that's on you, hun." Emma gave him a reassuring smile and changed the cool, damp paper towels over his nipples. They were pretty pink and puffy, but the opals looked so cute...

"Oh man," Leo groaned, covering his eyes with one hand. "Logan's gonna want to play with them, but he can't."

Dion and Emma shared a look, eyes wide and mouths open in shock. Logan Tremblay? And Leo Knut? "You have to be firm about it, don't play with new piercings. You can have a partner help you clean them every day, but that's about the closest you can get. Okay?"

"Yes, ma'am. Finn might be tempted, but he won't let them heal funny. He cares like that." Dion covered their mouth with their hand, trying to stifle the pleased noise of surprise. Leo Knut? In a polyamorous relationship with two other Lions players? It made their queer little hearts sing.

Sometimes the babbling was a side effect to the pain, and Emma had heard quite a few juicy secrets in her day, but this one was obviously not for sharing.

"Feeling good enough that you can sit up and take a look?" When he nodded, Emma let down his legs and Dion helped sit the chair (and the goalie in it) back up to a sitting position. He could finally see both piercings in the mirror and he grinned.

"Oh... oh my God, they look so good! I can't believe I did this, it's not like me to be so impulsive but... I really like them. Jeez-- my whole chest aches though."

The other two laughed slightly at Leo's predicament, even as Emma got together his goodie bag of piercing cleaning necessities. "Yeah, all titties tend to be pretty sore and sensitive after, that's why I only got the one done," Dion said with a little wink.

After that, Emma showed Leo how to clean the new piercings properly both with the saline spray and making his own infusion with the healing salts. She cleaned the first one and he cleaned the other before securing some sterile pads over his new piercings to protect them. He paid, tipped generously, and went to grab a little treat for himself before catching a cab home.


Sunshine: oh boy i have a surprise when y'all get home

Treasure: don't tease me

Treasure: surprise? [eyes]

Fish: don't distract us peanutttttttt

Fish: dumo might take our phones again even though we're on a BREAK

Sunshine: you'll just have to wait and see [smirk]


Leo started on making spaghetti and meatballs when he got home, his chest very much sensitive. He was suddenly very glad he didn't have any games until Saturday, which gave him a bit of time to heal before any pads needed to go on. He mulled over his crazy decision as he made some garlic bread, a green salad, and opened a bottle of red wine.

When he heard the click of the lock and the sounds of his boys coming home, his breath caught in his throat. Oh boy, they were home.

"Peanut! Vous-etes ici?" Logan called, smelling the food but not immediately seeing his sweet boy. "You said something about a surprise?"

"He's been stuck on that for hours, Lo's so impatient." Finn hung up their jackets and they entered the kitchen, lighting up when they saw Leo.

"Hey Lolo, hey Fish. I do indeed have a surprise for you. It's... it'll be a little delicate for a while, though." He took a deep breath and shrugged off his shirt, revealing the two wound patches on his chest.

Both boys gasped and were immediately by Leo's side, each with a hand on Leo's tummy. "Oh my God, what happened to you at training, Nutty? Did you pull your pec muscles? You got your nipples removed?? Did you injure your tiddies?" Finn was instantly in Mother Hen mode. Logan also looked concerned, tucked up into Leo's side.

"I only injured my tiddies a little bit, they're healing, and you can't touch. Sorry, babes." He slowly peeled back the left patch, showing off the little opals sparkling on either side of his pink and puffy nip.

Both boys were speechless for a few moments, mouths open in shock. "You... um, you got them-?"

Leo cut Logan off, biting his lip on a little smile. "Pierced, yeah, today. On a whim."

"You mean... you mean I can't kiss them, for like... six months? Such sweet, sweet torture, Nutty." Finn slid his hand down to Leo's hip, pressing a kiss or two to the side of Leo's neck.

Logan pressed a few kisses in the little valley between Leo's pecs, whispering sweet appreciative French into the smooth skin. "Six months... that's so long... but we want the nips to heal right, so we can play with them."

"You like them? The piercings, I mean?" He swallowed thickly as the older boys cooed at him. He was a bit insecure, a bit worried, because this was his first body-mod besides haircuts.

"Nut. Nutty. Lover Nut, Nutter Butter Baby.... they're amazing. Of course we like them. Do you have instructions for care and cleaning?" Finn kissed behind his ear and Leo flushed pink down his chest.

Leo nodded and relaxed a little bit, happy that his boys were pleased with his crazy teenager in-the-moment decision. "Yeah, I have the care instructions. Emma said you guys could help, if you wanted, but we can't play with them for a while."

"What if I... wash my lips and kiss them very gently, just once each?" Logan looked up at him, green eyes wide and sparkly, lip out in a little pout.

"...maybe that might be okay, if you're very gentle, and we clean them with the spray or the salt soak right after."

Finn blinked a few times and gingerly removed the other patch, revealing both of Leo's tender nips with the lovely opals at each side of both little buds. His mouth practically watered at the sight. "Where's your cleaning stuff, babe? We can do that before we eat and get another patch for each one." Finn pressed another kiss to his shoulder and moved away, murmuring about how he was glad Leo's nipples were still attached.

"You look beautiful, as usual," Logan said softly, kissing above the right piercing by about two inches. "When we eventually get to play with them... it'll be so nice... this means we can get cute jewelry for them, too, as much as we love the opals... makes me want to get something done... belly button or something. Très sexy, Nutty."

Leo swallowed thickly and settled his hands at Logan's hips, giving them a good squeeze. "If you ever get a piercing... it might be the end of me. Could get you a cute hoop with a little glass bead that can swing and jingle when we fuck you... if you wore a crop top, it'd knock us out."

"Why, Leonardo Di-Knutty, it sounds like you're suggesting Lo should get his little bellybutton pierced," Finn said with a grin, the necessities to clean Leo's nips in his hands. He got the cotton balls and the first baggie of salts, to mix up a soak.

"God-- if he got one, it would be amazing. But I don't want you hurt on the ice because someone hit you in the gut... I don't know, it's up to him... though I'd want to take you to Emma and Dion for it."

Logan hummed and shimmied in Leo's grasp a little, seemingly thinking it over. "...I'll think about it. It would look cute with all my necklaces, non?"

That shocked a groan from both Leo and Finn and Logan just sat back and laughed.



To be continued.