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This Is Your Life

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              I let out a long sigh, rubbing my eyes tiredly for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past few minutes. My eyes landed on the clock on the wall above my head, and I let out a grunt at the fact that only five minutes had passed since I felt the need to check it last. Whoever came up with work study can seriously go fuck themselves…

              “Goodnight, Trini…” Billy called out, effectively pulling my attention away from the intense stare down I was giving the minute hand that seemingly refused to move.

              “You sure you don’t wanna crash at our place tonight, B?” I asked, stifling a yawn directly after as he shoved his books down into his nearly overflowing bag. I flipped the book I was unsuccessfully trying to read closed as I waited for him to finish arranging his belongings, snorting out a quiet laugh as he finally gave up on fitting the last book and just settled for carrying it.

              “I wouldn’t want to impose…” I opened my mouth to cut him off, but he continued before I had the chance. “Also, I don’t have my noise cancelling headphones or my earplugs with me…” My mouth snapped shut and I felt my cheeks flush at his subtle hint.

              “We apologized…” I grumbled in embarrassment, shooting a glare at the few library stragglers trying to eavesdrop on our conversation from nearby. “And you wouldn’t be imposing… You have an open invitation and a perfect excuse to get away from your asshole roommate, and we have an open room and built-in tech support when you stay… It’s a win win…” I shrugged, shooting my best encouraging smile at the boy in front of me.

              “Well… I do love those happy face waffles Kimberly makes for me…” He trailed off, a happy smile flitting onto his face at the thought of his favorite breakfast food. I snorted out a laugh, reaching across the counter to pat Billy on the arm.

              “Atta’ boy… I’ll let Kim know to make extra for dinner and tell her you’ll be there in a few…” I swiped my phone up off the desk and sent a quick text off to my girlfriend. “Do me a favor… Don’t let her spend all night studying, please?” I continued, slipping my phone into my pocket before lazily leaning against the counter in front of me.

              “I’m not sure I’m the best influence for unstudious behavior…”  I quirked a brow up at him, and he let out a quiet sigh. “But I’ll try my best…”

              “Good… Cause I have to close up tonight” I pointed out as I pushed up off the counter and made my way around to start gathering up books that people had left out on the tables. “And if I’m not there to pry her face out of her books, she’ll definitely fall asleep at her desk… Again…” Billy nodded in commiseration as I stacked a few books into my arms and then turned to face him.

              “Any recommendations for distraction methods?” He asked, and my brain immediately slid into the gutter as I thought about how I usually go about distracting her. I’m fairly certain that my tactics wouldn’t work out so well for our resident lovable dork though…

              “Uh… I don’t know…” I answered distractedly, motioning for Billy to follow behind me as I ambled toward the back of the library to re-shelve the stack of books I was balancing precariously in my arms. “TV? …Video games? …If you’re really in a bind, you can always go for the ever-trusty donut distraction…” I glanced over my shoulder as I slipped a book back into place on the shelf in front of me, chuckling quietly to myself when I saw that Billy was jotting notes down into a tiny notebook as I talked.

              “Got it… Sugar and mindless entertainment… Anything else?” He glanced up from his notebook and gave me an expectant and way too serious look for the subject matter.

              “I can’t give away all my tricks, B…” I shot him a cheesy grin and a wink before brushing past him to continue along the aisle. “You’ll do great…” I assured him, sending him a little wave over my shoulder to let him know I was done with the conversation. I heard him mumbling about having more questions behind me, but he gave up when I didn’t turn back and soon after I heard his footsteps retreating even further down the aisle to teleport to Kim and I’s apartment without drawing attention.

              The next few hours were spent as they always were when I was on closing duty at the library; re-shelving all the books that the slobs otherwise known as students at this school had left scattered across the multitude of study areas spread throughout the library. I found myself nearing June Gomez levels of annoyed with every new table I wheeled up to and found covered in books, and then I would get even more annoyed at the fact that I seem to have recently inherited my mother’s aversion to disorganization.

              By the time I made it back to the front desk, the only thing I was happy about was the fact that I only had an hour left to kill before I could finally close up and get home to Kim. I grunted as I dropped down into the desk chair, the cover of The Grapes of Wrath mocking me from where it still laid half read on the desk in front of me. The sound of the bell above the door ringing barely registered, as I just assumed it was one of the few students still milling about finally leaving.

              “Hi Trini” The timid voice pulled me from my thoughts, and my eyes trailed up to land on the short brunette that sat next to me in Intro to Psych. I was working on the whole being more open and approachable thing, mainly because of student complaints, so I immediately tried to school my features into a cordial smile instead of my typical scowl of annoyance.

              “Katie right…?” I asked, realizing that even though we had talked several times, I’ve never actually outright asked the girl what her name was. I was happy to find out I guessed correctly though, as her cheeks flushed, and she nodded quickly. “So, how can I be of service, Katie?” I slipped my best dutiful customer service smile on and stood up, leaning forward to rest my elbows on the counter in front of me. I mentally facepalmed when the shy girl’s cheeks flushed even more and she gaped at me for a few seconds, because now she probably thinks I’m trying to hit on her.

              “Uh… Well, I… I just needed some quiet to work on a paper for Sociology, but then I saw you and…” She trailed off, her eyes shifting to the side as she bit down on her lip nervously and fidgeted with the straps of her backpack. “And I was just wondering… If you maybe want to…” My eyebrows shot up and I quickly opened my mouth to stop what I knew was about to happen...

              “Am I the best girlfriend or what? …The answer is yes, by the way…” My stomach dropped and I darted my eyes over to where my girlfriend was leaning casually against the counter next to Katie, brandishing a donut in my direction and looking far too beautiful to have just been lounging around the apartment all evening.

              “Kim… Princess… What are you doing here?” I squeaked out, immediately earning me an unimpressed eyebrow from my girlfriend. I noticed Katie eyeing Kim warily in my peripheral and felt just a little bad for the girl as she caught my girlfriend’s attention.

              “Just thought I’d stop in and bring you a snack…” She explained, eyes drifting back and forth between me and Katie suspiciously. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” She asked sweetly, dipping her finger into the icing on top the donut and then slipping it into her mouth with a little smirk. My stomach fluttered at her not-so-subtle display, and I blinked owlishly at her for a few seconds before my mind finally caught up.

              “Right… Uh… This is…” Kim’s tongue darted out to lick at the frosting at the corner of her mouth and I straight up forgot my own name, let alone the name of this random girl I’ve only spoken to a handful of times. “Um…” I racked my brain but continued to draw a blank and Kim knew exactly what she was doing because I watched as her smirk grew even wider before she turned her attention fully to the girl standing meekly beside her.

              “Kimberly Hart…” Kim smiled at the girl and held out her hand, and it honestly baffled me how she could slip so quickly from seductress to perky cheerleader mode. “I’m Trini’s girlfriend… Not that you’d know since apparently she’s lost all ability to form coherent sentences…” I scoffed and shot a half-hearted glare in my girlfriend’s direction, but she just chuckled and continued to look at the shorter girl expectantly.

              “Oh… I’m Katie… Katie Daniels…” She took Kim’s hand slowly, giving it a weak shake before pulling away and tucking her hair behind her ear shyly. “I’m Trini’s… Um… We have Psych class together…” She trailed off slowly, eyeing Kim’s hand that she had placed on the counter and slid across to tangle our fingers together.

              “You didn’t tell me you made a friend in Psych class…” She shot me an encouraging smile, because even though Kim had seamlessly settled into college life and had made several friends outside of the ranger group, I had not had that much luck. In my defense… most people suck, and why should I have to subject myself to them when I already have an amazing group of friends.

              “Um… Well, I…” I couldn’t exactly say that I hadn’t really made a friend when the girl was standing right in front of me looking so hopeful at the possibility. I mean… I’m antisocial, not an asshole. My brain once again failed me, and I stood there basically spluttering like an idiot for a few more seconds before Katie’s face finally fell.

              “Well, I should probably get to working on this paper…” She adjusted her backpack on her shoulders and tucked her hair behind her ear again, which seemed to be an odd comforting mannerism she had developed. “It was nice to meet you Kimberly…” She finally mumbled, giving a tiny wave as she turned and headed toward a back corner of the library.

              “Well, that was awkward…” Kim mumbled, turning her attention back toward me with a raised brow. I gave her an unimpressed look, but she just grinned as she leaned across the counter and pressed her lips against mine quickly, being careful not to draw too much attention. After getting lectured for behavior unbecoming at the beginning of work study, I had learned my lesson on that front. “Hi…” She whispered quietly, pulling back with a satisfied smile on her face.

              “Hi…” I breathed out, trying and failing miserably to keep how utterly head over heels for this girl I am out of my voice. I cleared my throat and gestured toward the donut still clutched in my girlfriend’s grip. “Is that for me?” I asked quietly, seeing a few guys eyeing us curiously as they passed by on their way to the exit. I had to resist rolling my eyes and giving them both an obscene hand gesture when they failed to hide the fact that they were blatantly checking out my girlfriend’s ass right in front of me too.

              “Maybe…” She teased, wafting the treat under my nose before quickly pulling it away when I tried to take a bite. I pushed my bottom lip out into a pout that caused a quiet chuckle from the brunette as she leaned in a bit closer. “Billy showed up with donuts and demanded that I stop studying and watch TV with him… You don’t know anything about that do you?” I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly, trying to keep my face from breaking out into the grin it was threatening to.

              “I might…” Kim rolled her eyes playfully, biting down on her bottom lip softly before leaning back in to brush her lips across my cheek.

              “Thank you for taking care of me, baby…” She whispered against my skin, causing the skin of my neck to break out in goosebumps and my grip to tighten around the edge of the desk slightly. “You always know just what I need…” She bit down on my earlobe lightly, her teeth scraping along my skin in a way that had my eyes slipping closed and my stomach clenching.

              “You’re going to get me in trouble again, you know that?” I protested weakly, dropping my forehead down to rest on her shoulder with a little whine. I could feel her satisfied smirk against my temple before she placed a light kiss against the skin and pulled back.

              “Me? …I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe…” I shook my head at her antics as she rounded the desk, slipping on her best innocent face as she did. “I’ve been on my best behavior…” She dropped down into the desk chair beside me and crossed her legs, the skirt she was wearing sliding up a few inches with the movement. My eyes lingered for a few seconds on the newly exposed bronze skin and then trailed up to Kim’s face, where a quirked brow and wicked smirk stared back at me.

              “Uh huh…” I muttered disbelievingly, clearing my throat again at the husk in my voice. “I need to do another pass and start clearing people out…  I don’t plan on being here any longer than I have to tonight…” Kim sat the donut off to the side and picked my book up from the desk, flipping through it distractedly as I spoke.

              “Oh? …Any particular reason you’re so eager to get home?” She asked, amused eyes locking onto mine in challenge. I chuckled, passing by her with just a brush of my fingers along her arm.

              “As a matter of fact, I happen to have a super-hot girlfriend at home that I’m eager to spend time with… Away from prying eyes…” I made my way around the counter and started making my final round of the evening, taking pleasure in hearing Kim’s hurried footsteps trailing behind me as she attempted to catch up.

              “You mean besides Billy?” She asked, snorting out a little laugh as she caught up and easily fell into step beside me.

              “Well, he doesn’t have to know… That is, of course, hinging on your ability to keep quiet this time…” I chuckled, bumping my shoulder against hers lightly as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

              “I apologized for that…” She pouted, crossing her arms across her chest in defense. “I forgot he was there… And technically it’s your fault too… I wouldn’t have been so loud if you hadn’t done that thing with your tongue…” I really tried to stop the smug grin from slipping onto my face at that admission but failed miserably and ended up earning myself a hard slap to my shoulder.

              “Ow… geez, princess…” I laughed, rubbing at my shoulder as if I was actually hurt. “You didn’t seem to mind that thing I did with my tongue at the time…” I pointed out, dodging out of the way with a chuckle as she swiped at me once more. She huffed quietly and sent me a little glare, that was far less intimidating than it should be with the way her cheeks were still flushed in embarrassment.

              “Can you just hurry up and clear this place out so we can go home, please?” She pleaded in exasperation, looking every bit like she had to resist the urge to stomp her foot petulantly. “I plan on taking advantage of the fact that tomorrow is Saturday and neither of us have class or work to worry about…” She wrapped her fingers around my wrist to get me to stop walking and turn toward her, and I felt my stomach flutter at the look she was giving me. She tugged lightly, pulling me into an aisle to obscure any open sight lines and I felt myself relax as my hands instinctively found her hips to pull her closer.

              “What about Billy?” I breathed out, nuzzling my nose down into the crook of her neck, breathing in the familiar scent of her coconut shampoo as her hair tickled the skin of my cheek. She tilted her head a bit to the side and hummed quietly as I placed feather light kisses against her pulse point.

              “I don’t think we need to worry about him… He passed out cold after an episode and a half of Dickinson…” She scratched her nails lightly along the base of my skull, causing a quiet moan to slip between my lips and my hands to tighten around her hips before she tilted my head up and dipped down to brush her lips against mine teasingly. I sighed as she nibbled my bottom lip lightly and then pulled back minutely, our breath mingling in the space between us.

              “Wait…” I pulled back a little further to clear my head, because it seems that every time I get remotely close to my girlfriend, I tend to lose basic cognitive function. “You watched Dickinson without me?!” I asked incredulously, brows furrowing slightly in disbelief. Kim snorted out a laugh at my theatrics, burying her face down into my neck in a weak attempt to keep our noise level to a minimum.

              One pouting session over Dickinson (she promised we’d watch it together!), clearing out of the five remaining students (who willingly spends until ten pm on a Friday at the library?), and re-shelving of eight more books, and I was finally ready to close up. After a long week of class and late nights working at the library, all I wanted was to be at home in bed with my girlfriend… And if we happen to have sex once… or twenty times over the weekend then that would just be a bonus on top.

              All that hope was dashed though as Kim and I teleported into the cozy living room of our apartment, and instead of finding a snoring Billy, we were met with an overcrowded couch, hushed conversations, and four worried faces staring back at us. I felt Kim’s hand slip into mine and unconsciously gave it a little squeeze of comfort.

              “What’s going on?” I asked, eyes immediately searching out Jason’s for answers. He took a deep breath, eyes shifting to the others in the room before slowly coming back to us.

              “We need to talk…"