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Of Lunatics and Licenses

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Ahsoka was beyond excited. It was finally time for her to get her operator’s license. She was actually doing it a bit earlier than most people would, and perhaps a bit later than some of the padawans or initiates learned to fly. But, what she was most excited about was the opportunity she had to learn from the best star pilot in the galaxy. Her master, Anakin Skywalker. Hero With No Fear.
“Alright Snips, you read the manuals, right?”
Skywalker asked and Ahsoka nodded eagerly.
“Yep! I read it from cover to cover, just as you instructed! Even annotated it in flimsi! Same thing with the operator’s instruction!”
She said chipperly, holding up both copies of the textbook. Anakin gave her a devilish grin and snatched the books, flipping through.
“Looks great, Snips, now..forget everything they say and watch a master at work!”
He tossed the books into the back seat and set his hand on the steering yoke.
Ahsoka had the good thought to quickly brace herself and get ready to be blasted right into the backseat herself. It was a good thing she did.

Eventually, Anakin had had his fun, and finally let her take a turn. She didn’t even get a full ten minutes in before the flashing lights of one of the droid police pulled them over. Ahsoka carefully pulled it over, and looked to Anakin with a tense expression.
“Master…what do I do? I don’t have a license!”

Anakin sighed, and handled the interaction. Ahsoka almost got a ticket for going too slow . Ahsoka decided Anakin was NOT a good teacher and went to find Obi-Wan. Maybe her Grandmaster would be a better teacher for this.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Grandmaster to Ahsoka Tano and Master to Anakin Skywalker did not like flying. Starships, speeders, even animals. He didn’t like it. He preferred his two feet firmly on the ground, thank you. But there was one thing he could not resist. His Grandpadawan’s tooka-eyed expression.
Which was how he found himself hanging onto the sides of the open top speeder with white knuckles, trying to direct Ahsoka into and around the flow of traffic with little to no luck. Obi-Wan had to pry his hands off the door when Ahsoka finally slowed at a security checkpoint.
“Padawan, you are going much too fast, and that ‘shortcut’ was dangerous and irresponsible. I don’t care if Anakin does it, you need to not.
Obi-Wan muttered queasily, and Ahsoka chuckled.
“Alright, Master. No nose dives into oncoming traffic. Even if it has a cool trick.”
She sighed, and took a much longer, and slower route back to the temple. Even then, Master Kenobi’s hands were clenched tightly to the door and seat.

Ahsoka was getting frustrated. Master Plo wasn’t on Coruscant, so he couldn’t help her. Maybe Padme could? She’d always been kind to Ahsoka, and they were good friends.
One quick comm call and Padme had Ahsoka sitting in the pilot’s seat of one of her sleek Nubian speeders.
“Alright ‘Soka, you’ll want to ease out into traffic gently, check your blindspot and make sure you’ve got an eye on the throttle so that when you push it forward to get thrust you don’t give your passengers whiplash.”
Padme instructed patiently and Ahsoka smiled widely as she followed the Senator’s instructions precisely. All was going smoothly until Ahsoka felt a spark from the Force, warning her of danger. She swerved the speeder and the sniper bolt that would’ve gone through the Senator’s head just sparked across the back of the speeder.
“Holy kark!”
She cried out, spotting three speeder bikes peeling out to follow them. She decided that in this instance, ignoring Padme’s initial advice would be alright, and shoved that throttle forward. What followed passed in a blur as Ahsoka weaved in and out of lanes and took sharp dives, trying to lose the evil baddie’s that had tried to take Padme’s head off. At one point, Padme turned in her seat.
“Hold steady, Ahsoka! I’ve got a clear shot!”
Ahsoka looked up as Padme turned over the seat to fire her hold-out pistol with deadly accuracy and pegged two of the speeder bikes. Unfortunately, Padme being close enough to fire was enough for the baddies to fire too.
“Watch out! Take the wheel!”
Ahsoka warned, leaping up to ignite her sabers and deflect the shots.
Padme scooted over and steered them to safety where a patrolling group of Corrie Guard clone troopers took over capturing and subduing their pursuers.
“Well, that didn’t go as planned!”
Padme chuckled. And Ahsoka smiled widely. It had been worth the detour.

With the Senator’s teaching being a bust, Ahsoka finally went to her clone captain, Rex. Rex was a pretty good sport about it. 

“Rex, will you teach me to pilot a speeder? Please? Master Skywalker already tried and was really bad at it. But I bet you’ll be a great teacher!”

Ahsoka said brightly and Rex chuckled. He didn’t pilot much. But he would try to teach, for Ahsoka. 

“Alright Commander. I’ll give teaching a shot for you.”


Rex was…not a great teacher. Ahsoka loved him. Dearly. But he really didn’t know what he was doing.
“I don’t get how I am supposed to teach you, Commander.”
Rex frowned, staring down at the speeder. And then grinned widely.
“But I’ll give it my best shot. Ready?”

Ahsoka grinned right back at Rex.
“Ready, Captain!”
She set her hand on the throttle, and Rex braced.
“Go for it! Remember to dodge the direction signs. Don’t get spotted by the police, and honestly, going slow over there is a great idea!”
Rex directed, instantly illustrating why he was not usually the one to pilot anything. Ahsoka for her part was enjoying this. But it wasn’t quite as smooth as Rex had been hoping. Jerking along as she put the speeder through its paces.
“Should’ve…cho-sen..a be-tter speeder!”
She said over the jerks and pulled it into a lane of speeders, only to realize it was going the wrong direction. Rex tried to explain how to get out of the lane, but ended up being more confusing and they managed to slide out. Half an hour later, Ahsoka and Rex were safely back on the deck, sighing in frustration.
“That didn’t go well.”
“Not at all”

“What didn’t go well?”
The stern, and imposing Commander Wolffe. Captain Rex squawked in surprise and Ahsoka jumped.
She recognized who it was and launched over to hug him. Wolffe made an oomph noise and smiled widely.
“Hey there, ‘Soka. What’s going on?”


Rex chuckled a bit sheepishly and Ahsoka grinned at Wolffe.
“Well, I’m trying to learn to drive.” Ahsoka started and Wolffe shook his head.
“Say no more. Get in the speeder. This ol’ Commander’s going to teach you stuff Rex can’t teach straight.”
He teased and Rex had the decency to look offended.

Wolffe knew all the tips and tricks, and just the way to teach Ahsoka how to drive the speeder and they were pretty soon smoothly pulling up to the dock where Rex was waiting.
He perked up at seeing them and Wolffe grinned at Rex from the passenger side. Ahsoka popped around Wolffe’s bulk.
“Guess who got their liceeeennse!!”
She raised an id chip with a brilliant grin. Mission accomplished.