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Tony's buzz had worn off about an hour ago and now he was just the bone-deep kind of tired that made him wish he could teleport right into his bed. He closed his eyes as the cab waddled its way down the always-full streets of the city that never slept. His meeting had turned into dinner, had turned into drinks, had turned into a painfully boring strip club, and all he wanted was a hot shower, tea, and about forty hours of sleep.

The latter wouldn't be possible; he had a meeting in - he checked his watch - seven hours, but even ten minutes of rest would be welcome at this point.

"You okay?" the driver asked, and Tony realized he'd been parked out front of Stark Tower for almost a full minute now and Tony hadn't moved.

"Sorry. Tired." Tony handed over a large wad of cash and grabbed his briefcase. He tugged his jacket up over his head and stepped out into the rainy night.

When the SI lobby was closed for the night, it was faster to get to the penthouse elevator through the private side entrance, so Tony jogged down the street and turned into the alley. He was reaching for the doorknob when he noticed a bundle of blankets crunched up in the corner of the vestibule, and he frowned. It wasn't like it was out of the ordinary for a homeless person to sleep in a covered doorway in New York City, but they usually didn't leave their things behind on a street like this unless something bad had happened to them.

Then the blankets moved.

"Ah!" Tony jerked back, and the blankets mirrored the movement, large, startled eyes shining up at Tony. It was an omega wearing an enormously oversized hoodie. He'd been folded over himself, knees up to his chest, face down over them.

"Please don't call the police," the omega whimpered.

"Why would I call the police?" Tony asked.

"Because I'm…" he looked around at the vestibule. "Loitering? Or something. I don't know. People never need a reason."

He looked so utterly dejected that Tony's heart couldn't help but throb in sympathy. "I'm not going to call the police," he said softly.

The omega's eyes were shiny and wet, and Tony didn't know if it was from the rain or from tears. "Thank you," he breathed. "I'm really sorry. I thought everyone was asleep and I wouldn't be a bother here. Only, she just fell asleep and if I go back out there, she'll be up all night."

Tony took half a step closer. "She?"

The omega hesitated, eyes dropping to his lap, then cutting back up to Tony. "Um," he said.

"Hey, it's okay. You don't have to tell me. I just…" Tony looked around. It was two in the morning. There was no way he could convince himself this guy was just waiting for a ride or sleeping off an overindulgence. "You don't have anywhere safe to sleep tonight, do you?"

The omega shook his head slowly. "Sorry."

"No, that's - I mean. You don't have to be sorry for that. I'm sorry. That's shitty. Maybe I could help you find a shelter? I think there's one over on 32nd."

"I can't," the omega said, so softly Tony leaned unconsciously closer to catch the words. "I -" He got a wild, trapped look in his eyes, then the young man parted the fabric wrapped around his lap and Tony could see another pair of eyes, softly closed, a tiny fist. "Shelters don't really -" he choked. "They don't."

"Hey, hey, it's okay." Tony crouched low. He couldn't pull his gaze away from the baby. She looked gaunt and wan, too small, too pale. "I get it. Look, I -" He looked around again as if the darkness would offer some advice. It didn't. There was really only one thing that made sense. "Come up?"


Tony gestured towards the door. "I live here. Come upstairs. Get warm. Let me feed you. And her. We can do some research. See if we can find you a better place to stay."

"I -" the omega hesitated.

"I promise that even if I were the kind of asshole to take advantage of your situation - which I'm not - I'm way too fucking tired to do it. And I won't be able to sleep if I think about you two shivering down here all night, okay? You don't have to stay, but at least get warm and dry? You can stay in the foyer if you don't feel safe coming up."

The guy looked down at the baby again and his strained expression shifted into one of determination. Tony knew he'd do it for her, even if he'd never have accepted the help for himself. He nodded, so Tony unlocked the door and held it open, keeping his distance while the omega stood up and slung the small duffle bag he'd been sitting on over his shoulder. He kept the baby tucked close against his chest and followed Tony into the elevator. 

The ride up was quiet save for the slight chattering of the omega's teeth as he shivered. Tony pressed himself against the far corner, knowing how stressful it must be for him to be locked in close quarters with a strange alpha. 

When the doors opened, they both let out a soft sigh of relief. 

Tony went straight through to the guest linen closet and pulled out a huge handful of towels. He put them on the guest bed then rifled through the dresser until he found an SI-branded t-shirt, a new hoodie, and a pair of sweatpants. The omega hovered nervously in the doorway. 

"Here," Tony said. He gestured towards the pile of fabric then towards the guest bathroom door. "There's a hair dryer under the sink. Feel free to take a shower or anything you like. Sorry, I don't have any baby stuff…"

The omega shrugged one shoulder like baby stuff was a luxury he could barely imagine then shuffled into the bathroom, taking the baby with him. Tony handed the towels and clothes through, and the omega nodded his thanks and closed the door. The lock engaged with a click.

Tony went through to the kitchen and stood there for a moment, staring at the fridge door. What the fuck was he thinking?

With nothing better to do, he put two mugs under the hot drink dispenser and hit the button for tea. He took out milk and sugar then found a doughnut in a box by the toaster and ate it in two bites. His stomach churned.

The omega reappeared. 

He was wearing Tony's clothes - and that felt way nicer than it should have, it'd been far too long since an omega had worn Tony's clothes - and the baby was wrapped in a bright green towel. The omega's hair was sticking up in wild spikes, but it was dry now. He seemed to have uncurled somewhat, and Tony could see now that he was in his early twenties, small and angular, too thin, but with a strength to him that set his jaw in a hard line.

"Thank you," he said.

"Tea?" Tony offered. He got a small nod so Tony slid a mug across the counter, and the omega wiggled himself up onto a bar stool. He tucked the baby in one arm and held the mug close with his free hand, breathing in the steam. "Is she okay?" Tony asked.

The omega curled away a bit, arm wrapping tighter around the baby.

"I just ask because it's pretty cold out there and if you need a doctor, I can get one. I have a friend. You won't have to pay for anything."

But the omega shook his head. "She's okay."

When Tony looked skeptical, the omega unwrapped the towel and tilted the baby towards Tony. She looked much brighter and better, now, a light rose to her cheeks. She was breathing evenly and deeply, her little fist rising then falling as she snuggled back in against the omega's chest. Tony smiled with relief. "Okay, good. Thank you."

"Thank you," the omega said. "I - I can't possibly repay you for your kindness. I'm - I -"

"Hey, it wouldn't be kindness if I expected repayment." Tony slumped against the kitchen counter and sipped his tea. "Hungry?"

"I'm okay," he said softly, and Tony rolled his eyes.

He went to the fridge and took out a few sandwiches he'd had delivered for lunch the next day, a bottle of lemonade, and a salad and spread them out across the counter. The kid's eyes went wide at all the food. "Eat," Tony said. "Please."

Tentative fingers snagged the wrapper of one of the sandwiches and he dragged it over. He tried to peel the wrapper off one-handed, but it wasn't going well.

"Do you want to put her down?" Tony asked, and the omega's thin arms tightened around his baby. "I don't have a cot or anything, but… uh…" he cast his eyes around, then lit on a plan. "Perfect." he tugged the bottom drawer of his media unit out and dumped its entire contents on the floor, sending cables and old DVD boxes cascading across the carpet. He took the fleece blanket from the back of the couch and folded it up, then presented the box to the omega, feeling weirdly proud. He set it on the counter. "You can keep her right here."

The omega stared for a moment then snorted, then broke into full-on laughter, the kind that shook his shoulders and made Tony wonder if it was going to turn into sobs. "It's a good nest," he said softly, when the laughter had abated, and Tony realized that's where the pride came from. A deep-seated need to provide omegas with a safe nest. "Thank you." He lay the baby in the drawer and tucked the blanket around her, then pulled the sandwich to him hungrily.

Tony stood back, watching him eat, watching her sleep.

The omega devoured the sandwich then sat back with a soft sigh, eyes closing for a moment. "I'm Steve," he said finally. "That's Isabella."

Tony grinned. "That was my grandmother's name."

"She's seven months old." Now that he had some food in him, he seemed downright chatty. "We used to live in Red Hook with my best friend ever since my ma died, but he was killed in action overseas, so obviously the army isn't paying his rent anymore. I didn't have anywhere to go, no family, no friends, and no one wants a single dam."

"What about her sire?"

Steve's face clouded over. "Rather die than ask him for help. He doesn't even know she exists. Never will if I have anything to say about it."

"Fair enough."

"Thank you." Steve tugged a tomato off the second sandwich and put it in his mouth, but his lips twisted and his eyes screwed up and he curled into himself. A second later a tiny, choked-back sob leaked out.

"Oh, shit." Tony hovered nearby, but he didn't want to touch an omega without their permission. "Can I - ? Do you -?" He shifted closer, and Steve's face appeared, lip caught between his teeth, eyes red.

"I've just -" He rubbed a hand over his face. "It's been so long since I've eaten this much," he confessed, tears cascading over his cheeks. "All my money goes to her formula and diapers. I've been so hungry for so long." He twisted a little, towards Tony, and Tony took the chance and opened his arms, stepping closer. Steve crumpled against his chest, hands folded over his face, and Tony rested his arms in a gentle circle around Steve's waist, careful not to pin him in place. The air was sour with Steve's distress, and Tony ached, wishing he could do more than sweatpants and a soggy sandwich.

Steve cried for several minutes, the kind of wracking, wrenching sobs that ripped and twisted on their way out. He stuttered abruptly to a stop and took several deep breaths before extracting himself from Tony's hold. "Sorry," he murmured.

"You don't have anything to apologize for."

Isabella chose that moment to fully wake up and burst into screaming, crying wails. Steve shocked out of Tony's arms and gathered her up out of the drawer, shushing her against his chest. His face was screwed up as well, like he might start crying again too. Tony wanted to offer to help, but he didn't know what a baby needed.

"What does she need?"

Steve bounced her gently. "I don't know." He sounded exhausted. "Changed, maybe. Or hungry." He stepped into the bedroom, and Tony hovered in the doorway, feeling impotent. His alpha instincts were screaming to protect the omega and his baby, but he didn't know how. Steve put Isabella on the bed on her back and unzipped his duffel bag. He hauled out diapers and wipes and unwound the towel, then deftly stripped Isabella out of her onesie. He changed her, wrapping her back in the towel in just the diaper, then picked her back up and bounced her, but she kept crying.

Steve's lip wobbled and his eyes squeezed shut. He turned away from Tony, breath hitching. "I'll just - I'll -"

"Hey." Tony couldn't resist the urge to step forward. He put a hand on Steve's shoulder. He took his phone out and pressed a button. "Hey, J? Can we order baby supplies this late?"

"Yes, sir," the phone replied. "I shall compile a list and have them delivered as soon as possible."

"Thanks, J."

Steve turned to him, wide-eyed. "What's that?"

"My AI. Look, he's going to get baby food and new clothes and more diapers and stuff, okay. But for now… can I hold her for you or something? I know you probably can't stand some random alpha holding your daughter, but I feel like you need a chance to sit down. Maybe take a shower. Eat another sandwich…?"

Steve stared blankly at the wall for a moment, then, almost imperceptibly, he nodded. "Okay. It's okay. Just don't tip her head back too far. She doesn't like that."

"Okay." Tony held out his arms and ever so slowly, Steve placed Isabella in them. Tony tensed at first, unsure how to support all her wriggling, wavy bits, but Steve adjusted his arm, and suddenly it was fine. The baby kept crying, but Tony had a good grip on her now.

"Shh, Izzy," Steve whispered. "It's okay."

Something about the baby's wails and an omega's soft voice set Tony's hormones into overdrive. The air was suddenly thick with calming pheromones as they pumped out him.

"Whoa," Steve said, his hand falling away. "That's -"

"I'm so sorry. I can't really help it. It's -"

"No, no." Steve's cheeks coloured. "It's kind of nice, actually. No one has ever…" Izzy abruptly stopped crying. Steve sighed softly. "It's nice. Thank you."

"Delivery ETA, fourteen minutes," JARVIS announced.

They both jumped, and Tony realized how close they'd been standing. "Let's sit down." Tony led the way to the couch and settled with Izzy curled close against his chest, and Steve tucked one leg under him and sat nearby, still radiating tension. "You should have another sandwich," Tony told him.

He smiled. "Gotta let this one settle first, or they'll both come back up."

"Fair enough." Tony rocked Izzy back and forth, heart swelling. Her tiny fists were tucked against her chest and her mouth was slack. She was so small, so perfect. "I always wanted kids," he said softly.

"Me too." Steve relaxed deeper against the couch cushions. "Didn't quite go how I planned, though…"

"I'm sorry about that."

Steve sighed. "I trusted someone I shouldn't have."

Tony took Izzy's little hand between two fingers and rubbed it gently as she sunk deeper into sleep. "At least you got her. And she seems-" but when he looked up, Steve was asleep too, tilted sideways until one cheek was smooshed against the couch cushions. Tony signaled JARVIS to be quiet then turned the TV on mute and clicked around until he found an old movie he'd seen before. 

He let himself just sit and breathe for a while, his lizard brain enjoying the scent of comfortable omega and happy baby filling his home, making it feel like a nest. Even if it wasn't really his, he could enjoy the fantasy for now. 

When the delivery arrived, Steve was still asleep, so Tony put Izzy on the couch, wedged against the cushion, to make sure Steve wouldn't wake to find her gone, and ran to the elevator to collect the package. He opened it in the kitchen. Inside were bottles and formula, diapers, baby wipes, and jars of baby food. There were some sleepers and rompers and some clothes for Steve too, including thick, warm socks and new underwear. 

Tony went to the guest room and found Steve's wet clothes, which he put in the washer. Then he folded all the new clothes on top of Steve's duffle for him to take. He took a jar of baby food with him to the living room in case she woke up, and settled Izzy in his lap again, rocking her until she was deep in sleep once more.

They stayed like that until the sun broke the horizon.

Steve shot awake with a jerk and a confused noise. "Wha-? Izzy?"

"She's right here," Tony said softly. "She slept pretty solidly."

Steve blinked at him. "I fell asleep."

"You needed it."

His eyes fell to the baby. "Did you stay up all night with her?"

Tony nodded. "I thought she might wake up hungry." He gestures to the baby food. "But she didn't."

Steve was quiet for a long time. "Thank you," he finally said, softly. "You must be exhausted."

"Not the weirdest or longest night I've ever had," Tony replied with a wink. "You want a shower?"

Steve looked reluctant, but eventually he nodded. "Yes, please. Thank you."

"I'll sit right outside with her." Tony stood, but Izzy chose that moment to wake and start crying, her little face screwed up and bright red.

Steve stood too and ran his hand over her belly in soothing circles. "Hey, baby. It's okay."

To Tony's surprise, he didn't try and take her back. 

"She's hungry," he explained, with a confidence he hadn't had last night.

" Uh… you shower, I feed her?" Tony offered.

"You sure?" Steve asked.

"If you don't mind."

Steve smiled in response, then cracked the lid on the baby food jar. "I usually just kinda prop her up in my lap. I don't have a high chair," he joked, and Tony laughed. "She likes banana." He handed the jar to Tony with the little plastic spoon that had been next to it, suddenly seeming a little shy.

"Do you need anything for your shower? There's soap and shampoo inside. Towels on the rack."

Steve shook his head. Then he bent down and pressed a kiss to the top of Izzy's head. "Thank you," he murmured, not making eye contact, then he turned and took off for the guest suite.

Tony stared after him for a moment, his heart doing funny things in his chest, then bent to Izzy who had managed to get her hands on the spoon and was trying - and failing - to stick it up her nose. "Okay, kiddo, let's see if we can figure this out." 

The first mouthful ended up in Tony's lap. Izzy pursed her lips and refused to open, eyeing Tony with deep suspicion. But after Tony pretended to eat a few mouthfuls himself, she reached for the handful of the spoon and guided in her general direction. Tony course-corrected, and at least half ended up in her mouth. "Yes!" Tony gave a fist pump. "We've got this, baby."

In the swing of it now, Izzy happily took spoonful after spoonful, and Tony took his phone out in between bites, an idea occurring to him. He scrolled to Scott's number then sent off a series of one-handed texts about Steve's situation. 

Steve looked like a whole new person when he stepped out of the guest room. He'd found the fresh clothes Tony had left on his bag and changed into them. His hair was clean and brushed, and his eyes were bright. He walked with his shoulders up, as if there was less of a heavy weight pressing down on them. He grinned at Izzy as she burbled at him excitedly, smearing more baby food across her own front and Tony's pants. 

"Look at you! Did she eat a lot?" Steve asked.

Tony showed him the partially empty jar.

"Wow. Good girl!" Steve gave her a kiss on the cheek and she cackled with laughter. "Thank you so much, Tony."

"Happy to help."

Steve stared at him for a moment. "Why, though?" he asked softly.

Tony shrugged. "Because you were there. And you needed help."

Steve smiled, and it was the happiest Tony had seen him look since he arrived. "I should go."

"You don't have to. I have to go down to work in an hour, but you could stay. As long as you need."

Steve's smile deepened, but there was an edge of resignation there too. "I really should go. I appreciate it, though. Honestly."

"Okay. If you're sure."

They packed up the baby supplies, the rest of the sandwiches, and Steve's clothes, filling his duffle and a second one Tony found in a closet. In the baby bag, Tony snuck a business card of Scott's with a hastily scribbled note on the back, knowing Steve would find it next time he went to feed Izzy, and around it, he wrapped a personal cheque, made out to Steve, for fifty thousand dollars.

Steve stopped by the door and grinned at Tony. "I really appreciate everything, Mr. Stark."

"Please, call me Tony. And if there's anything you ever need… just stop at the front desk or call. I'll put your name on a list."

"That's really kind of you." Steve hesitated for a moment, then lurched forward and wrapped his arms around Tony's waist, Izzy's warm, little body snuggled closely between them. "Bye, Tony."

And he left.

Tony stared after him for a long time, feeling the immense pressure of a missed chance, but not able to identify any moment where he could have done something different. All he could do was hope they were well, and remember Steve and Izzy fondly.

Steve didn't stop by, didn't call, and didn't cash the cheque.


Four years later...

He was late for a meeting, but Tony still slowed his steps as he walked past the playground in a cute little park in Red Hook, heart clenching at the sight of the children running and playing, laughing. Things like that always made him feel a bit sad, a bit regretful. He nearly walked into the side of a bench where one of the parents was scribbling in a book, and he half-stumbled as he stepped around, muttering, "Excuse me," when he tripped too close. 

"Tony?" asked a shocked voice, and Tony spun around to see:


"Oh, my god. Steve."

Steve's surprise broke into a beautiful grin. "Tony. Oh, wow. I can't believe it."

Tony looked him up and down, eyes going wider and wider. Steve looked incredible. He was fit and full, strong, and healthy. His hair was shorter, styled with a modern curl at the front instead of the shaggy mess he'd sported before. His eyes were bright and his smile reached all the way up to crinkle the corners of them. His clothes were new and stylish and fit him perfectly. 

If Tony'd had a hard time tamping down his attraction to Steve before, now it was almost impossible. "Wow," was all he could manage.

Steve's smile softened. "How are you?"

"How am I?" Tony sat down hard on the bench beside Steve. "How are you?" 

Steve laughed, bright and unburdened. "I'm amazing." He pointed at the jungle gym. "See the blonde? In the green shirt? That's Izzy."

"Oh, my god. Wow. Look at her. She's so grown-up. She's running and everything!"

Steve laughed again. "She's in kindergarten. Has a whole posse of friends she bosses around far too much. She's -" His voice cracked. "She's perfect. She's so smart. I already struggle to help her with her homework," he joked.

Tony watched Izzy play for a moment then turned back to Steve, unable to keep his eyes off him. He knew his expression was probably far too unschooled, but Steve didn't seem to mind, his smile softening as a gentle blush washed across his cheeks. "I was worried I'd never see you again," Tony finally confessed. "You never cashed the cheque."

"Ah. Yeah." The blush deepened to a solid pink. "I framed it," Steve confessed.

"What?" Tony barked out a laugh. "Are you kidding me?"

Steve took a steadying breath then turned his bright eyes on Tony, wide, serious. "That night you took me in? I was giving up. I had given up. I never told you, but that was the night I decided I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't have any fight left in me. There was a hospital down the street, and I was -" his voice cracked "I was going to leave her there. Then I was going to - I don't know. Leave New York… I didn't really care what happened to me. I was done."

"Steve…" Tony breathed, aching.

"I had ducked into your doorway to say goodbye to her, have one more moment together. And then you came along, and I just didn't have the energy to judge if it was a bad idea to go home with some random alpha. If you called the police, then at least they'd take her and they'd take good care of her. And maybe we could get warm and dry for our last time together.

"And then…" Steve's whole expression warmed, sun parting the dark clouds. He beamed at Tony. "And then. That night." He sighed softly, and Tony's heart skipped a beat. "After I left, I found the card almost right away. I went straight to Scott's. I sat on the curb outside of his office until he got there and he saw me and he smiled and he said, 'You must be Steve,' and I just knew everything was going to work out.

"He sat me down with coffee and a bagel and he talked through all the options. There was a program I could do, kind of like an apprenticeship, where I could get job training. He asked me what I was interested in, and I'd studied art for a bit before Izzy, so I said anything with colour. And he got me into the program for graphic design. 

"I had to work a night job too, stocking shelves, to save enough for rent, so Izzy went into foster care. Four months. It was the longest four months of my life, without her. I knew I needed her back, whatever it took. I worked my ass off. I earned enough between the two that I got this terrible little room in an omega boarding house, but it allowed kids so I was able to get Izzy back.

"Eighteen months later, we got our own apartment." Steve beamed. "I got a job with a marketing firm after I graduated from my apprenticeship. I was there for two years and then I moved to my current job. I just got promoted to team lead three months ago."

"Holy shit, Steve. That's incredible." Tony blinked at him in wonder. "I still don't get why you didn't deposit the cheque, though. Surely, that would have helped?"

Steve let out a soft, slow breath. "It was my lifeline, Tony. It was always there. In case I needed it, for her. But I knew that if I just took the money it would cover us for a while, but eventually, it would run out. And she was getting older, and she was going to need more, more food, clothes, school. I wanted to give her that life. I wanted to provide. But I kept the cheque, just in case. I promised myself I wouldn't let it get that bad again, and I meant it.

"Remembering that night gave me hope. When shit was really bad, it reminded me that there were good people out there, good alphas who genuinely wanted to help. It reminded me that you'd believed in me, and you'd cared, even when I was ready to give up. It turned out I needed the inspiration more than I needed the money. 

"When Izz and I moved into our first apartment together, I framed it and I hung it on the wall over my desk, cause I knew I wasn't going to need it. That we were going to be okay." He shuffled a little closer, dampness in the corners of his eyes. "Thank you, Tony. I could never possibly thank you enough. You saved my life, and you saved her too."

"Wow." Tony rubbed his hand over his face. "I can't believe it. I'm so - it sounds silly, but I'm so proud of you."

But Steve smiled like it wasn't silly at all.

"You look amazing. She looks amazing. You're clearly the best dam in the world… I'm so happy for you. Honestly. Best thing my signature has ever done."

"She has her own room. Her own bed. She had a birthday party with all her friends." Steve brought a hand up and covered his mouth, eyes shining.

But Tony couldn't help but add, "You never called, never let me know how you were…"

Steve's blush deepened again. "I know. I think… I think I built this idea of you up in my head and I was afraid you wouldn't live up to that. One night - what if I'd misjudged or misremembered? What if you did that kind of thing all the time and you wouldn't even remember me?"

"Oh, I remembered you. I thought about you all the time."

"I'm sorry. I should have told you that I was okay. I was worried if you weren't the man I remembered you being, I'd lose all my motivation."

"It's okay, I get it." Tony longed to reach out and give his shoulder a squeeze. "I really get it. I'm so happy you're doing well, though, so happy." He pushed up to his feet reluctantly. "I should let you go. It was fantastic to see you. Steve."

But Steve looked crestfallen as Tony moved away. He jerked up to his feet beside him. "Tony, I -" Then he shot forward, wrapping his arms around Tony's waist and gripping him in a tight hug. Tony automatically hugged back, letting himself burrow his face in his hair and breathe in for a moment, remembering the thrill he'd felt that night and hadn't felt again since.

When Steve stepped back, he slid away slowly, like he was reluctant to let him go. "You know," he said, grinning cheekily now, but there was an edge of nervousness there too, "I owe you lunch."

Tony slowly matched his smile. "Yeah? I guess you do."

"Plus four years of interest… that makes it dinner?"

"Really? You want to?"

Steve nodded.

"I'd love that."

"You can come over and see our place. I'll cook."

Tony couldn't resist dropping his eyes to Steve's finger, looking for a bonding ring. He blushed when Steve noticed the look and spread his hand out, blushing too. 


"Thought a nice alpha would have snatched you up by now," Tony murmured.

"Turns out just 'nice' isn't good enough for me. I have very high standards." He shifted a little closer. "How's Friday?"

"Friday's perfect."

The hand Steve had been showing off twitched towards Tony and he took it, winding their fingers together. Steve squeezed back. "It's a date."

"It's a date."