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The Unholy Trinity Meets Bella Squared

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Beca Mitchell sat at the control panel as she watched the singer she was working with belt out the end of one of the songs they had co-written together. A few years at Big Deal Records had taught Beca what songs likely would be hits and this one just felt like it would rocket up the charts. 

“That was great,” Beca hit the button for the intercom. “Let’s break for lunch and come back at three?”

Santana Lopez grabbed her bag before she walked from the booth into the main section of the studio as the other people working on the production of the record left the studio. 

“For the record, I'm always great,” Santana said with a confident smile. 

Beca just rolled her eyes while a playful smile played on her lips. “The blown note you had yesterday on take seven of “Loving Her” disagrees but whatever.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is?” Santana crossed her arms over her chest but there was no bite to her words. “Well, when I get back from lunch you will see me murder that note.”

“Bring it on,” Beca looked up as the door opened and a pretty blonde woman walked in. 

“Hey Q,” Santana said with an easy smile when she turned around to see Quinn Fabray walk in. 

“Hello,” Quinn said as she moved into the studio. Her right hand held tight to the strap of her purse. Her blonde hair was cut short, a long coat over a blue and white dress. 

“Quinn this is Beca Mitchell. She’s my producer,” Santana explained. “Quinn and I went to high school together and currently she’s crashing at my place."

“Nice to meet you,” Beca said as she stood. 

“Likewise. Santana keeps saying how much she enjoys working with you. I’m glad to put a face to the name,” Quinn smiled. 

“I knew you liked me,” Beca laughed as Santana rolled her eyes. 

“Whatever, your job is to make me sound amazing. Which, let’s face it, isn’t that hard,” Santana smirked. 

The studio door opened again and a different blonde walked in. Beca perked up as her girlfriend made her way over to her. 

“Hey Bree,” Beca smiled. 

But Aubrey didn’t reply as she looked at Quinn with wide eyes. 

“Lu-Quinn?” Aubrey’s arms opened as Quinn stepped forward without hesitation. 

“Aubrey, what are you doing here?” Quinn asked as she gave her a tight hug. 

“Beca and I are going to lunch together,” Aubrey answered as they stepped back from each other. Aubrey’s hand took Beca’s out of habit. “What are you doing here? The last I knew you were at Yale."

“I graduated about a year and a half ago and moved to New York,” Quinn explained. “The last I knew you were getting your law degree in Georgia."

“We moved up here about two and a half years ago,” Aubrey said. 

“What is going on?” Santana asked with her arms crossed over her chest again and her body leaning toward Quinn.

“Aubrey and I are cousins,” Quinn turned to Santana. “Her father and my mother are siblings. We just haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with each other, it seems." 

“I can’t believe we’re in the same city,” Aubrey said excitedly. 

“I know,” Quinn grinned. 

“This is the singer I was telling you about last month, Santana Lopez,” Beca introduced Santana to Aubrey, knowing how important good manners were to Aubrey. 

“Nice to meet you,” Aubrey said. “Beca has been raving about you as much as she can without breaking the NDA.”

“Nice to know Q here has better relatives than the ones back in Lima," Santana gave a small wave. When she met Quinn’s parents their freshman year of high school she hadn’t liked them and that feeling only grew from there. 

“We should catch up,” Aubrey looked at Quinn while making plans in her head.  

“I would love that,” Quinn smiled. 

“You should come over for dinner,” Aubrey smiled widely. “Next week?"

Quinn and Santana shared a look as a wordless conversation happened in the space of just a second or two. Everything that needed to be said between them happened with the flex of a cheek and the slight cock of an eyebrow. Coming out to anyone was a risk and Santana’s job was now mixed into it. But after a moment Quinn and Santana turned back to Aubrey and Beca. 

“How would you feel if I brought my girlfriends?” Quinn asked with just a slight waver in her voice. Though seeing Aubrey and Beca holding hands gave her a bit more courage than usual. 

“How many do you have?” Aubrey asked in a neutral tone. 

“Two,” Quinn’s tongue poked out to wet her dry lips. “Santana and her wife Brittany.”

Aubrey’s mask of neutrality broke as she laughed. “Me and my three girlfriends would be very happy to have you all over."

Quinn stepped forward to wrap Aubrey up in another hug. “Always have to one up me?”

“She does that. It’s sort of her MO,” Beca rolled her eyes.

“Wanky,” Santana chimed in.

 - - - - - 

“Hey, I’m home,” Beca called as she opened the door of the apartment she shared with Aubrey, Chloe and Stacie. 

Finding an apartment in the city that could fit all four of them wasn’t the easiest task in the world but they managed. The apartment had a large great room in the middle of the space that merged the living room, kitchen and dining room together. A spare bedroom and bathroom to one side while the master bedroom, bathroom and an office nearly as big as the master bedroom was on the other side of the apartment. 

“Hey Becs,” Stacie greeted from the key to the right of the door. “Good day?”

“It was,” Beca smiled. She hung her jacket up, dumped her sling bag by the coat tree before walking into the kitchen to greet Stacie with a kiss. “It smells amazing in here.”

“Thank you,” Stacie grinned widely as she bent down as Beca stretched so they could share a kiss. Her arms snaked around Beca’s waist to hold her close. “Short ribs braised in red wine with polenta and a shaved fennel salad. Because if you don’t eat more green things I’m worried you’re going to be dead at forty."

“I’ll make it to at least fifty without eating green stuff,” Beca answered with a face. “But your fennel salad thing is good so whatever."

“Thank you,” Stacie chuckled. 

“Where are Bree and Chloe?” Beca asked after they shared another soft kiss. 

“Bree’s in her office. Chloe is grabbing some wine on her way home,” Stacie released Beca to let her take a seat at the island. “She should be home any second.”

“Is Bree any less nervous?” Beca asked.

“Have you met Bree?” Stacie snorted. “She is really excited to spend time with a family member who might not judge her. Which means she’s going to be nervous every time we see them for at least the next three months. Maybe longer."

“Santana said Quinn is the same way, must be genetic,” Beca shrugged. 

“Good to know before we have kids,” Stacie said with a twinkle in her eyes as she lifted her wine glass to her lips. 

“Dude, not tonight,” Beca shivered. 

“One day we’ll get you to talk about having babies with us, Mitchell,” Stacie eyed her.

“One day. But you need your doctorate first, we need to ask Chloe and Aubrey to marry us first and … other stuff,” Beca conceded. 

“I am going to be the hottest doctor in my family,” Stacie grinned. Her sister joined her mother, older brother and both grandparents on her mother’s side in earning her Ph.D just last month. Stacie would have hers within a year or so. 

“Agreed,” Beca replied before reaching across the island to take Stacie’s wine glass. 

Stacie rolled her eyes good naturedly at Beca before pushing the glass within reach. 

A moment later Chloe opened the door, holding the two bottles of wine that Stacie requested. 

“Hey,” Chloe greeted. 

“Hey Chlo,” Stacie turned her head and said with a smile. She pushed back off the corner to go kiss her hello and free the bottles of wine from her hands.

“Hey,” Beca smiled when Chloe slipped into the chair beside hers at the island. “Good day at work?"

“It was,” Chloe leaned over to kiss Beca’s cheek. “I did a shoot with some of the cast of My Fair Lady today."

“Any chance we’ll be able to get tickets before the fall?” Aubrey asked when she joined the others. She stepped behind Beca and Chloe. A hand moved to rest on the back of each of their chairs. 

“I scored four for opening night,” Chloe answered with a grin. “Because I know how much you love it."

“Someone is scoring major girlfriend points,” Stacie answered as she opened the wine bottles to breathe.

“Chloe always does,” Beca rolled her eyes but her words held no bite. “It’s like she took an advanced class or something.”

“Right between advanced composition and History of Greek art,” Chloe laughed. She reached her hand out to lace her fingers with Beca. “You do well at being a good girlfriend too.”

“Chloe’s right,” Aubrey agreed while her hand moved from the back of Beca’s chair to rub up and down her arm. “You are very thoughtful."

“She does have three pretty great girlfriends to try to impress. It helps when the base is so strong,” Stacie noted. 

“You’re not wrong,” Beca acknowledged. She tipped back the wine in the ill gotten glass she took from Stacie with a bright smile. 

 - - - - - 

“Q, stop it,” Santana reached across her wife Brittany's lap in the cab to press her hand over Quinn’s to still the fingers that had been nervously tapping across her own thigh.

“She’s just nervous, San,” Brittany breathed as she rested her hand over the other two's. 

“Which is ridiculous,” Santana rolled her eyes. 

“Your parents accept this, Brittany’s family accepts this, but Judy calls you two my roommates and my father and Frannie are ghosts in my life. I’d like to have one relative who accepts this,” Quinn whispered while she leaned a little more into Brittany. 

Santana softened when she heard the honesty in Quinn’s fears. Sometimes lack of support Quinn had from the few family member Quinn had in her life slipped her mind. “Beca says Aubrey is freaking out too. She’s as nervous as you,” She said to try to calm Quinn.

Quinn breathed out as she felt Santana and Brittany’s hands over her own. “This isn’t going to fuck with your job, right?"

“Beca’s cool,” Santana assured her. “She’s the best producer I’ve ever worked with and just as much of an asshole as I am. We’re already talking about working together on my next record and we’re like a quarter done with this one."

“Awe, Santana has a friend,” Brittany said brightly. “I love when you find friends, baby."

Santana chuckled. “Who wouldn’t want to be my friend? I’m awesome."

When the cab arrived in front of the apartment building they would be having dinner, Quinn paid before the three got out. Within a few minutes they were standing in front of the door, all Quinn had to do was knock. 

“Q, I’m hungry. Let’s go,” Santana said as she put her hand on Quinn’s shoulder. She stood on one side of Quinn with Brittany on the other. “It’ll be ok, Lucy Q.”

Quinn gave a shy smile at the term of affection that Santana used sparingly for moments when Quinn felt full of doubt or Santana just needed to put a smile on her face. 

“Yeah, Quinnie. We’ll be there, no one can hurt you while we’re around,” Brittany put on an accent like in Sweeney Todd while she rubbed her back. 

Finally Quinn lifted her hand up and knocked on the door. A moment later Beca opened it. 

“Hey, come in,” Beca opened the door wide and stepped to the side. “You must be Brittany. Santana won’t stop talking about you between takes."

“I mean I have the most awesome wife ever. Why would I quit talking about her?” Santana asked.

“Awe, Santana,” Brittany grinned at her wife.

“Best girlfriend, best wife and an amazing producer that’s going to make me sound awesome. I’m winning at life right now,” Santana said as she hung her coat up. 

“Humble too,” Quinn replied before she playfully rolled her eyes. 

“What she’s known for at the studio,” Beca grinned before leaning them inside the apartment to where the others were. 

Beca and Santana took care of introducing everyone before they all moved around the dinner table. Stacie brought each plate over before taking her seat. 

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” Stacie smiled at Brittany. “You do a lot of work with Professor Adams, right?” Brittany and Stacie knew of each other from Columbia. Stacie was in the middle of her physics Ph.D while Brittany consulted for both the mathematics and physics department when she wasn’t working as a choreographer. 

“Yeah, she is really smart,” Brittany said happily. “She gave me your paper on the physics and the physical aspects of dance you did. It made me grin for like a week. Not a ton of people can link physics and dance the way you did in the paper."

“Thank you,” Stacie said, glad to find another dancer who was as nerdy about all of this stuff as she was. 

“The three of you went to high school together, right?” Chloe asked as everyone dug into their meals. 

“We did,” Quinn answered. “Our glee club from high school has quite a few of us working in and around New York.”

“I will never get over Rachel fucking Berry coming to New York and ending up doing what she said she was going to,” Santana said with a roll of her eyes.

“Wait, you know Rachel Berry? My Fair Lady, Rachel Berry?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t admit it always but yes,” Santana snorted as she stabbed a bit of fennel. 

“She was in the glee club with us,” Quinn added. 

“I try to block most of that out,” Brittany said. 

“I’m doing the promo photos for My Fair Lady. I spent most of my day with her today,” Chloe said. 

“Rachel is …” Santana trailed off. 

“A bitch,” Brittany supplied. 

“Particular,” Quinn said at the same time. 

“She had a very clear idea of what she wanted,” Chloe laughed.

“Because you are laid back and easy going in the studio,” Beca raised her eyebrow. 

“The difference is I’m awesome and she’s a troll who can sing,” Santana waved her hand.

“You’re just annoyed Rachel has a Tony before you have a Grammy,” Quinn teased her as she reached for her wine glass. 

“I have a degree from Columbia and Rachel has three and a half years at NYADA,” Santana countered. “Plus you and Britt are much hotter than her boy toy Jesse St. James.”

“We are,” Brittany confirmed. 

“If you keep hitting notes like you did today, you’ll have more than one Grammy from our little project,” Beca smiled. 

“Damn right,” Santana agreed.

“With the NDA we haven’t been able to hear anything,” Aubrey said. “But Beca has been noticeably happier coming home from work now that she’s working with you than she was when she was working with Lil’ Pump."

“Wait, who names themselves Lil’ Pump?” Quinn asked with a look of disgust on her face. 

“A white boy from New Jersey who thinks he’s God’s gift to rap,” Beca shivered at the memory. 

“Beca can rap better than Lil’ Pump,” Stacie pointed out. 

“You can rap?” Santana questioned. 

“I might dabble when I’m listening to music and cleaning the apartment,” Beca nodded.

“One day I’m going to need to see that in action,” Santana grinned. 

“Alright,” Beca agreed. 

 - - - - - 

“Stacie, the food was amazing,” Quinn said once the meal had finished and the dishes cleaned away. They all stayed sitting at the table with fresh glasses of wine. 

“Thank you,” Stacie smiled. “Both sides of my family are Italian. Dad was born there and came here when he was one; mom was the only one of her siblings born here. So growing up food and cooking and all that became important. I grew up learning how to cook and kept at it as a stress reliever through college and grad school,” Stacie explained. 

“We take full advantage of the skills,” Chloe smiled. 

“Santana is a pretty great cook when she wants to be,” Brittany laced her fingers with her wife’s. 

“You do love when I make my abuela’s recipes,” Santana turned her head to press a kiss to Brittany’s cheek. “You do too,” she did the same to Quinn.

“I have eaten better since living with Santana and Brittany,” Quinn agreed. The hand not holding her wine glass rubbing over Santana’s forearm. 

“The Bellas - college acapella group that was basically a sorority - thankfully had a few of us that could cook by the time Beca and I joined,” Stacie leaned into Chloe beside her while holding Aubrey’s hand. “Even if Beca can’t make anything that isn’t breakfast food."

“You were in a college acapella group?” Santana asked.

“We won three national titles and a world title during our time there, yeah,” Beca nodded. “Aubrey, Chloe, and I were captains at different points.”

“Wow,” Quinn said. She knew Aubrey sang but she didn’t know she was that successful at it. “Do you have tapes?” 

“We have some on one of the drives in the office,” Aubrey smiled. “Do you have any from your glee days? I’d love to see you perform."

“I have a bunch on my laptop,” Brittany nodded. “My parents would come and record all our performances so Mike, one of the other people in glee club, and I could break the dancing down for next time to see who needed more help."

“We should show them Santana singing Valerie and you and Mike dancing to it,” Quinn suggested. 

“Oh God,” Santana grinned. “I haven’t thought of Valerie in a while."

“The Amy Winehouse song?” Beca asked, already matching the lyrics to Santana’s voice in her head. Yeah, that was a perfect fit. 

“Mike and I did more advanced stuff in front of the others while Santana sang. One of the most fun things we did,” Brittany smiled as she remembered. 

“Wait a minute,” Stacie said as she pulled her phone out. “I swear I’ve seen this on YouTube."

“I think someone put it up. It comes up sometimes now that Santana is famous,” Brittany nodded.

Stacie found the video and cast it to the TV just a few feet away in the living room so everyone could see it more clearly than on her phone. They watched as Santana sang, the audio wasn’t perfect but the texture and depth of her voice even as a teenager was impressive, and Brittany and who they guessed was Mike danced. 

“Holy shit,” Beca said.

“That’s incredible,” Chloe gushed as she leaned forward to take it all in. 

“You did this in high school?” Aubrey asked with awe in her voice.

“Mike was a great partner,” Brittany nodded. “Plus Santana needed an awesome dance number for her solo."

“Rachel had a tendency to get most of them,” Quinn explained. 

“We tried really hard not to give all the solos to one person,” Aubrey said. “The Bellas thankfully were pretty gifted."

“You and Beca managed to kill the arrangements pretty much always,” Chloe agreed.

“Sounds better than how things were done in high school,” Santana noted. 

“Our glee club was kind of a mess, kind of a family,” Quinn nodded. 

“Kind of a mess?” Brittany laughed.

“A big mess,” Quinn corrected. “But we did take care of each other. Mostly. Sometimes. We tried.”

“We’re the two of you together in high school?” Beca gestured to Santana and Brittany. 

“Unofficially for most of it. Officially during our senior year,” Santana said with a nod. “We weren’t officially together for the whole world to see until I was outed.” She had kept nearly all of the outing story out of the press outside of the TV ad that she couldn’t control. 

“I was never really in the closet in high school. I made out with boys, girls, whoever I wanted. People just sort of went with it because I was the hot cheerleader who they thought was dumb,” Brittany explained. “Senior year Santana and another guy from glee had a - there was a disagreement over a bunch of stuff - and we were in another glee club in school. He and Santana had a war of words in the hallway between classes and he outed her. Someone overheard it and told their uncle who was running for congress at the time against our cheerleading coach. So, it was put in an ad and since Santana was eighteen they wouldn’t take it down."

“My ex boyfriend did the outing,” Quinn admitted. “It was high school; we all sort of dated each other.”

“High school was weird,” Santana said before she drained her glass of wine. “But yeah, long story short. I’ve been with Britt on and off, but mostly on in some way, since I was a freshman in high school.”

“Wow,” Aubrey blinked a few times. 

“Makes you and Stacie getting together your first year of law school or Beca and I getting together her freshman year seem really tame,” Chloe mused. 

“No one has a fun time in high school,” Beca said before she leaned forward to refill Santana’s wine glass for her. 

“You haven’t told me yet how the three of you got together?” Aubrey mentioned to Quinn to try and move off of high school. 

“Brittany told us to kiss and make up,” Santana said with a shrug like that explained everything. 

“When I moved to New York, I didn’t have anywhere to stay long term. The plan was to stay with Santana and Brittany for a few weeks until I got settled. A few weeks turned into several months,” Quinn added more information. “Santana and I have a habit - or did before we could take our aggression out in more constructive ways - of fighting. One day we were going at it over something…” She looked at Brittany to fill in what the fight was about. 

“Columbia vs Yale basketball,” Brittany supplied with a grin. “My girls are both nerds and jocks at the same time. It’s cute though.“

“Anyway,” Quinn laughed. “We ended up in the middle of the living room yelling at each other. Finally Brittany stepped in and calmed us both down. And then told us to kiss and make up."

“So we did,” Santana half smirked. “Then Britt joined in and well the rest of the night was way more fun. The next morning we talked it all out. I figured out why not try things out. Worst thing it could do is blow up my marriage and a pair of friendships I had since I was fourteen. Nothing major.” She said it like she hadn’t been more than a little terrified of all that happening at the time. 

“I knew it wouldn’t,” Brittany spoke up. “I am very smart about these things.”

“Yeah you are, annoying so at times,” Santana leaned over to kiss her cheek. 

“That was about 9 months ago and we’ve been together since,” Quinn explained. 

“That’s one hell of a story,” Beca was the first to react. 

“I’m glad you found your people, Quinn,” Aubrey reached over to hold her hand a moment. “It’s important."

“How did the four of you get together?” Quinn asked in return as she held her favorite cousin’s hand a moment. 

Chloe giggled before speaking up. “We had the same dream of us together in the future with kids. Stacie and I convinced Beca and Aubrey to go on some dates to try it out."

“And our natural charm warmed them to the idea of the four of us together,” Stacie’s eyes twinkled as she remembered those first few exciting dates. 

“I had to have a full pot brownie the night before my date with Chloe to relax enough to go but it was well worth it,” Aubrey smiled. 

“You got high?” Quinn asked Aubrey with a raised eyebrow. 

“Pot brownies were the only thing that could get me to relax when I was in law school and still let me function the next day,” Aubrey explained. “And Stacie is an amazing baker."

“When are we having a bring your weed to work day at the studio?” Santana asked Beca. 

“When you’re as famous as Snoop so I don’t get canned,” Beca laughed. “But next time Stacie bakes I’ll invite you over."

“Awe, pimping me out for my baking skills, just like college,” Stacie grinned at her. 

“Yes please, I haven’t had good pot brownies in forever,” Santana’s eyes lit up. 

“Just not too much, you get super sleepy, and I can’t carry you around New York the way I could in Lima,” Brittany reminded her. 

“You carried her around Lima?” Quinn asked, not having remembered that. 

“Yeah, you know how strong she is,” Santana just shrugged. “We’d smoke down at the base of the hill out back of my house and then she’d carry me to bed. All romantic like."

“The two of them were outrageously cute in high school. Even if Santana made an ass of herself for half of it,” Quinn laughed good naturedly. 

“I was in the closet and in love with my best friend and had a weird competitive thing with my other best friend who got pregnant by the guy I was using to try and pretend to be straight with. I had a lot to make an ass of myself over,” Santana laughed with her. The scars had long ago healed from high school. A wedding ring and a king sized bed for three helped that. 

“Are you going to Virginia for the annual Posen guilt-a-thon” Quinn asked Aubrey to move off of high school.

“I just so happen to have to be in Portland that weekend with Chloe’s family for her sister’s birthday,” Aubrey said without looking the least bit sorry. “Are you going?"

“No,” Quinn shook her head. “Judy is and is trying to get me to go but I can’t take all the dates I’d be set up on with the grandsons of all of Grandmother Posen’s friends.”

“No one can stick their heads in the sand quite like the Posen’s,” Beca said a bit darkly.

“Does Aunt Judy know about the three of you?” Aubrey asked, ignoring Beca’s comment but reaching over to place her hand on Beca’s thigh.

“My mother has decided that the words coming out of my mouth explaining that I am in a committed relationship with two women didn’t happen and we’re just still best friends and roommates,” Quinn rolled her eyes at her mother’s actions.

“I’m sorry,” Aubrey said with a shared sad smile with Quinn. 

“She is who she is,” Quinn said, having had to let a lot of her anger toward her mother go. 

“Sounds like the reaction Beca’s dad had to us,” Chloe made a face. 

“He didn’t take it well,” Beca admitted. “It was bad enough to have a lesbian for a daughter. The good Professor couldn’t abide having a lesbian daughter dating three women. So in his head he let's himself believe it isn't happening."

“Brittany’s parents nearly had a party when we told them,” Quinn laughed at the memory. 

“They did throw a party,” Brittany beamed. “it was just us and them and my little sister but it was still a party. We danced and everything."

“Yeah we did,” Santana grinned at the memory. “Your parents have always been cool with stuff as long as you were happy. Like parents should be."

“Mine bought a new bed for their guest room,” Chloe laughed. “Big enough for us to all stay in the same room. It’s nice when we go there to just have things be pretty normal. Stacie’s parents were cool too."

“Your brothers still put the fear of God into me, Stace,” Beca grumbled. “Something about not hurting you or they would let you kick my ass."

“I would kick your ass better than they would,” Stacie agreed. “Tony was so annoyed when I started dating girls as well as guys. He couldn’t do the oldest brother act without tripping over himself. And Luke likes the three of you too much to try.”

“Telling the people we went to high school with that we’re still sort of friends with was worse than our families though. Idiots,” Santana grumbled. 

“When they found out about the three of us they didn’t really know what to make of it,” Quinn explained. 

“They totally thought I was cheating on Britt with you. Which is the dumbest fucking thing ever,” Santana rolled her eyes.

“The Bellas walked in on me and Stacie making out. They 100% thought we were cheating on Aubrey and Beca," Chloe made a face as she remembered the looks on their faces.

“Thankfully Beca and I were downstairs and managed to talk them all down,” Aubrey added.

“Nothing like all our friends finding out we’re together because Chloe had her hand up Stacie’s shirt and her tongue down her throat,” Beca groaned.

“Took them about fifteen minutes to get over their shock and start giving us hell though,” Stacie pointed out.

 - - - - -

After dinner, Aubrey and Quinn stepped into her office; Aubrey explained she wanted to show Quinn something. The office was fairly large. There were two desks to the left and right with Beca’s collection of guitars displayed on the walls. But it was what was in the back of the office that was most important at the moment. Aubrey wore a warm smile when Quinn’s eyes fell on the old piano that took up one half of the far wall. 

“You got great grandmother Posen’s piano?” Quinn’s eyes looked at the piano in wonder. Agnus Posen had been an iron woman who oversaw the family property every time her husband or sons went off to war. She loved music as much as her great granddaughters had, so much so she taught piano classes into her 90’s.  

“Took some doing but I managed to liberate it from Uncle Alexander,” Aubrey said proudly. “Beca plays it more than I do, but I couldn’t let it sit in a room growing dusty."

Quinn stepped forward. Her fingers ghosted over the keys as she thought back to a few happy moments in a very unhappy childhood. Aubrey and she were sitting at the piano when she was all of seven. Aubrey named the keys for her and challenged her to see if she could remember. She still could remember the hug Aubrey gave her when she got them all correct. Her mind flashed to her sneaking away from the adults and playing when she was thirteen. Their great grandmother slowly made her way in with her walker so Quinn could play for her. That had been the last time she saw her alive. 

“I hate our family. I know I should be the bigger person, but I hate them all. You and my alcoholic mother are the only two people in this family I have left. And half the time I only see her to make sure she’s still alive,” Quinn looked at the small imperfections in the wood as her finger pressed down on middle C.

“They are stuck in a mindset that ate you and me alive,” Aubrey nodded slowly. “I love most of them out of obligation. But the family I’ve made? Beca, Chloe and Stacie? The Bellas? You? I love that family, Quinn."

Quinn turned her head to look at Aubrey. “I’d like us to be friends. I could use more of those. Older, wiser, and having a lawyer around might be a good idea."

Aubrey chuckled. “That’s what Stacie says, Beca too. Chloe could charm her way out of anything she’d ever be arrested for."

“They are good to you?” Quinn asked. 

“Better than I deserve most of the time,” Aubrey sat down at her desk, turning her chair to look at Quinn as she sat at the piano. “They keep me sane, keep me calm, and make me feel so incredibly loved.”

“Brittany and Santana are amazing,” Quinn blushed a bit. “I was worried at first about them being married and feeling like the third wheel. But Brittany is so full of love and Santana and I just got each other once we laid our swords down.”

“Beca loves working with Santana. I have a feeling they are going to make each other better for a long time,” Aubrey smiled at the thought of Beca finding someone to build something together like that.

“Brittany talked about Stacie’s paper for days after she read it. It’ll be nice for them to get to nerd out about math and dance. I could never keep up with her about either,” Quinn laughed. 

“No one could with Stacie in math or her or Chloe in dance,” Aubrey shook her head with a smile on her lips. 

“I’m glad I went to get Santana for lunch and didn’t just text her to meet me on the first floor,” Quinn smiled at Aubrey. 

“I am too,” Aubrey agreed. 

“What are you two up to in here?” Chloe asked, showing up in the doorway. 

“Just catching up,” Aubrey smiled at her partner. 

“Beca and Santana just got calls, they are being called back into the studio. Sounds like they are in for a late night,” Chloe informed them both. 

“Come on, let’s go see them off,” Aubrey held her hand out to her cousin. 

“Santana and I have to go,” Beca said to Aubrey when she, Chloe, and Quinn returned to the living room. 

“It’s like 9:30 at night,” Aubrey sighed.  

“Sorry, babe, making a record is rarely a nine to five job,” Becca stood before kissing each of her girlfriend’s in turn. 

“You want to share a cab?” Santana asked after doing the same to her wife and girlfriend.

“We should head out too,” Quinn said as Brittany stood. 

“I have to be at work extra early tomorrow to get a jump on a new show I’m working on,” Brittany explained. 

As everyone headed to the door, they all hugged goodbye with promises to get together soon - both as a group and in smaller pairs. 

Beca gave Santana a moment to say goodbye to Quinn and Brittany before they caught their own cab.

“So,” Beca said with a smirk. “You really do have a type when it comes to women, don’t ya?”

“Shut it, Mitchell,” Santana laughed, though she didn’t deny it. The pair started to chat away about the work to be done tonight as the cab drove them toward the studio.