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Kiki & Tsumugi's Sleepover!

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“…Thanks for coming over, Kiki.”  Tsumugi smiled as she stared at Kiki.

The two girls laid in Tsumugi’s bed, snuggled up against each other as slumber threatened to overtake them.  “No problem, Tsumugi.  Besides, I don’t think we’ve ever had a sleepover at your place before, so this was a fun opportunity.  It was especially fun to try on all your cosplays.”

Tsumugi giggled.  “Yeah, you looked so cute in my cosplays!”

As Kiki giggled in turn, Tsumugi’s cheeks flushed pink.  Over the years, her close friendship with the Daughter of Hope had evolved into an attraction for the optimistic girl.  Since Kiki had not even hinted at the idea of being attracted to anyone, the cosplayer kept her mouth shut.  But she was reminded of just how intense her feelings for the Naegi girl were as she saw just how well Kiki fit into her cosplays.

…And how beautiful she is under her clothes…  Tsumugi’s cheeks turned even redder as she flashed back to being in the room whenever Kiki was changing out of one cosplay into another.


“Huh?”  Shaken out of her trance, she saw Kiki frowning in concern as she placed a hand against the cosplayer’s forehead.

“Your face is all red; I thought you might have a fever.”

“Oh, no, no fever!”  Tsumugi laughed awkwardly.  Kami, what’s getting into me?!

Kiki nodded, dropping the subject, much to Tsumugi’s relief.  “Alright…still, one more reason for us to get some sleep.”

Tsumugi nodded, yawning as Kiki rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.  As Kiki began snoring, Tsumugi smiled at the cute sight in front of her.  With one last yawn, she closed her eyes and settled next to her, sneakily cuddling her crush.

…G-Good Night, Kiki…I love you…

A faint rustling roused the blue-haired girl from her slumber, causing her to groan as her eyes cracked open.  She yawned as she looked up, mumbling “G-…good morning, Kiki…Kiki…?”  Now alert, her brow furrowed in complexion as her heterochromatic crush was missing from the bed.  “Kiki?  Where are you?”

A faint groan echoed from down the hall.  Tsumugi’s eyes widened as she saw the open door.

“She must have opened the door and walked out for some reason.  But…why…?”  She turned towards the window and saw the still pitch-black night sky, illuminated only by the moon and stars.  “It’s not even morning…so why is she out of bed?”

Tsumugi sighed and swung her legs over the bed.  Once she stood on her own two feet, she dusted off her nightgown.

“…Well, I’d better go after her, I suppose…”

Tsumugi stared, dumbfounded as she saw her crush in her flue t-shirt with yellow stars and black pajama shorts stumbling sleepily through the hall.  What is she doing?  And where is she going at this time of night?

Filing the thought away for later, she jogged over to Kiki and rested a hand on her shoulder.  As she gently turned Kiki towards her, Tsumugi saw that Kiki’s eyes were dead shut.  The cosplayer’s eyes widened as Kiki’s snores flowed through her ears.

…Does she have the sleep condition?  But then how is she still able to take her turns?  Could she…could she have the sleepwalking ability?!  If so, she could end up hurting herself.  Should I wake her up?  No, that could just give her the confused status instead.


Kiki’s mumblings shook Tsumugi out of her thoughts, causing the cosplayer to furrow her brow in confusion.  “Huh?  Cookies…?”

“Cookies…I want…cookies…”

“Oh, well…”  Still befuddled by Kiki’s sleeptalking, Tsumugi decided to just play along.  “What kind of cookies?”

“…All cookies are…good cookies…”  Kiki yawned.

Tsumugi frowned and weighed her options.  I should probably bring her to bed.  Mom will have a cow if we raid the cookies without asking her…but I don’t have any guarantee Kiki won’t just walk out of bed and try to find them on her own again.  I should…I should probably escort her.  “Okay, follow me and I’ll get you some cookies.”

“…Thanks…Tsumugi…I like…fudge…brownies too…”  Kiki mumbled as she followed her blue-haired friend down the hall.

“Okay, here you go.”  Tsumugi smiled awkwardly as she placed two bowls on the table filled with Oreo cookies and milk. 

Kiki muttered unintelligibly before she got up from the couch and lumbered over to the table.  The sleepwalking girl took her spoon and started to eat and drink her midnight snack.  As Tsumugi ate at a more controlled pace, she watched her crush with an intrigued stare.

Her dexterity stat must be through the roof to have this much mobility while she has the sleep condition.  Is there a hidden sleep mobility skill on her skill tree?  I wonder why she never told me…?

“…Be right back…”

“Huh?”  Tsumugi stared with widened eyes as Kiki stood up and turned around.  “Wait…where are you going?”  She exclaimed as Kiki began to walk away her.

Once the cosplayer stood up and caught up with her, Kiki mumbled “…Bathroom…”

“Wait, I’ll come with.”

Kiki nodded sleepily as Tsumugi escorted her to the restroom.  Once they arrived, Kiki went in and closed the door before the cosplayer could follow, forcing her to wait outside.

I hope her sleep status won’t interfere with going to the bathroom…

“Kiki…?”  Tsumugi knocked on the door, only to get no response.  She’s been in there for ten minutes.  Surely she must be done in there by now…

Tsumugi’s brow furrowed in concern as she tapped her foot.  She stared at the door as anxiety bubbled within her.

That’s it, I’m going in.  It’s not like she went to Narnia or anything…!

Taking a deep breath, she turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.  As she walked in, her dumbfounded eyes threatened to bulge out of her head.  Kiki sat in the empty bathtub as she ate the rest of her oreos.

What the…is she…eating in the bathtub…?  Tsumugi sighed as she lamented Well, at least it’s nothing dangerous…

After a minute, Kiki stood up and placed the bowl on the rim of the bathtub before she stepped out of it.  As Tsumugi opened her mouth to direct Kiki back to bed, the sleepwalking girl sniffed the air, further confusing the cosplayer.

“…I smell…Fudge brownies…close by…but they’re guarded…by…”

Fudge brownies…?  I don’t smell any brownies!  She must still be dreaming…  “Hey!”

Tsumugi blushed as she felt herself pulled out of the bathroom by her crush.  Her panic ebbed to the back of her mind as Kiki’s touch brought her peace.  Smiling bashfully, she allowed Kiki to tug her along, not caring where they went.

Kiki and Tsumugi stood in line in the Seiyu Supermarket, where the sleepwalking girl had dragged her through the aisles until they reached the bakery section, as though she had a radar in her brain.  Choosing to roll with the flow, Tsumugi merely grabbed a box and allowed Kiki to pull her to the cash register.  The cashier stared curiously at them as they approached.

“…Is that girl asleep?”  Seeing Tsumugi nod, they asked “Is she gonna wake up?”

“…Kiki, wake up, please.”  Despite Tsumugi’s request, Kiki merely mumbled before the cosplayer gestured to her.  “I’ve tried, nothing’s worked.”

The cashier shrugged and scanned the box of cookies.  “That’ll be 400 yen.”

I guess Kiki didn’t think to grab her wallet.  Good thing I managed to grab mine on the way out.  With a heavy sigh, Tsumugi took four 100-yen coins and handed them to the cashier.  “Come on, Kiki.”

With a gentle tug, Tsumugi tugged her crush out of the store so they could go back home.

“Okay, drink up.”  Tsumugi whispered as she propped Kiki’s head with one hand and held a glass of water to Kiki’s lips in the other.

Kiki nodded before Tsumugi tilted the glass, allowing the cool water to flow down Kiki’s throat, washing away any remaining brownie crumbs.  Once the glass was empty, Tsumugi placed it and her glasses on the bedside table.  Though she blushed at their closeness, Tsumugi nonetheless wrapped her arms around the sleepy, heterochromatic girl in a tight embrace.

…It’s just to make sure she doesn’t wander off again.  With that thought, Tsumugi yawned as they snuggled under the covers.  “Good…good night, Kiki…”

“…Good…night…Tsumugi…”  Kiki nuzzled Tsumugi’s breasts with her nose, reddening the cosplayer’s blush as the heterochromatic girl yawned one last time.

Tsumugi let out a sigh of relief as Kiki finally collapsed, falling into a true sleep.  Though still blushing, Tsumugi smiled at the adorable sight.  She tightened her grip on Kiki before resting her chin against the girl’s ahoge.

“Good night, Kiki…” …I love you…

Tsumugi groaned as her eyes fluttered open.  She yawned and reached for her glasses, rubbing her eyes with her fist to clear her drowsy state. 

“…I just had the craziest dream…”  Tsumugi muttered as her vision cleared once she put on her glasses.  “I dreamed that Kiki…went…sleepwalking…”

Tsumugi trailed off, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw Kiki, still asleep.  Her arms were wrapped around the cosplayer’s back, causing Tsumugi to blush before she spotted fait traces of crumbs and milk on her upper lip.

“Oh…so that wasn’t a dream…Kiki really did sleepwalk…”  She muttered as she wiped the milk mustache off Kiki’s face.  “If she sees that when she wakes up, it’ll just bring forth a lot of questions.”

Tsumugi allowed herself to relax in Kiki’s unconscious embrace for another minute before she sighed and reluctantly untangled herself.  Regret danced in her eyes as she stood up and stared at the still sleeping Naegi.

“Well, I guess I should make some real breakfast for when she does wake up.”  She quietly tiptoed out of the room, stealing a glance at her sleeping crush and smiling before she closed the door.


“Kiki…?”  Having just set down two plates of eggs and bacon with buttered toast on the table, Tsumugi turned to the entryway of her dining room.

Kiki lumbered in, her eyes open a crack as she sat down in one of the chairs.  “M…morning, Tsumugi.  I had a…a really interesting dream…”

Oh, she still thinks it was just a dream…  Tsumugi frowned as she threw her original plans for secrecy out the window.  “Ano…Kiki…what was your dream abo…Kiki?”

Tsumugi was greeted with snored as Kiki’s face was planted right in front of her breakfast.  Tsumugi sweatdropped, sighing as she smiled lovingly at the sleeping young girl.

“…I guess I’ll just tell her once she’s really awake…”  She sat down and continued staring at Kiki as she continued to slumber.  “Who knew she was such a Snorlax when it comes to sleep?”