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Kiss the girl(s) you wanna kiss!

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Kara was happy. For once in her life, she didn’t worry about some stupid robbery happening, or an alien trying to attack civilians. No, for once, she was happy, watching her sister and Kelly give their speeches at the reception. She was happy to see Winn and James and Lucy again, more than anything, she was happy to have Lena by her side again. A week before the wedding, Kara mustered up the courage to ask her out, and Lena readily said yes. It felt right. Heck, it felt like Kara should’ve done this a long time ago. But it wasn’t too late. Neither of them had regrets. It was perfect timing.

Kara glanced at her dark-haired girlfriend sitting a couple of seats away. She looked absolutely breathtaking, dressed in her suit, with her dark hair braided and thrown over her shoulder. Rao, she looked so beautiful. Sam, who was sitting next to her, pinched her out of her lovestruck gaze. Yup, Samantha Arias, in all her glory was back in national city. Kara was elated to have her other best friend and drinking buddy back. She missed the brunette so much. They’d become close after Kara travelled between Metropolis and National City to help train Sam with her powers. She became extremely important to Kara and Kara loved her.

“Ow,” she whispered, wincing a little bit.

“You’re staring a little too much at your girl there.” Sam teased with a sly grin. Kara fought so hard to hide a blush. It only made Sam laugh harder. Okay, maybe Kara didn’t miss her as much as she thought. “And I’m pretty sure your sister’s gonna notice if you don’t stop.” she nodded towards Alex who was walking over to them. She stopped by Kara and put her hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

“Hey. Glad to see you two knuckleheads are having fun.” She smiled. Kara nods with a smile and taps Alex’s hand in reassurance. “We’re about pair off for the dance. I’ll come find you later. I still gotta dance with my little sis.”

“I’ll be here. Now go dance with your wife.” She chuckled when Alex got all giddy at hearing the word, ‘wife’. Eventually, the people picked a partner, and within minutes everyone was on the dance floor slowly swaying to the music. Kara turned back and saw Sam giving her an expectant look. She was up to something. One thing that Kara learned about her friend was that she was always planning something in her head. She was so good at masking her emotions and making it seem like everything was fine but no one really knows what she does until its done. She’s mysterious like that.

“What? Why’re you looking at me like that?”

Sam sighed. “I know I’m not your precious Lena or whatever, but wanna dance?” She was being dramatic. Kara just shook her head with fondness and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling her onto the floor. Both of them grinned at one another and Sam rested her head on Kara’s shoulder. They moved to the music and enjoyed each other’s presence.

Kara began to look around the room, and she couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful everything looked. She noticed Alex and Kelly giggling like idiots, living in their own world, she watched as her niece and adoptive mother danced, she bit her tongue to hide a laugh when she saw Brainy being, well Brainy, she noticed Winn dancing with Lena both of them seemingly happy.

“Hey,” a quiet voice got her attention. She looked to see Sam looking at her, with a real smile on her face. “Thank you.” Kara frowned. “I never thought I’d get to be this happy, not with everything that happened with you and everyone else. I was so alone for so long, and then when you started to visit, I felt like I was gonna be okay. You know? I just, I really love you, Kara Danvers. More than you could ever know.”

Kara smiled and wrapped her arms around Sam’s waist pulling her closer. The brunette rested her chin on Kara’s shoulder and they held each other. “You are never alone. Not anymore.” She whispered. “You’re my best friend, even if you can be a huge pain in my ass sometimes.” Sam pinched her hip and Kara laughed, pulling the other woman in for a hug. “I love you, too Sammy.” She kissed the top of Sam’s head.

“Well, well, well. My girls. Mind if I join in?” A voice caused them to break apart. Lena had walked over to them and had a smile on her face.

“I’ll give you guys some space.” Sam was about to pull away, but Kara didn’t ket go of her.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Kara decided. She held out a hand towards Lena who took it and joined them in their little huddle.

“I don’t want to intrude. I could go find someone else to dance with.” She insisted but Lena spoke up.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Samantha,” Lena placed an arm around both women’s waists.

“Look at Alex for a minute Sam.” Kara said. “She's here dancing with the woman she gave her heart to. I'm simply dancing with both of the women that I just so happen to be in love with.” She looked at Sam and then at Lena, who smiled at her.
Sam just stared at both of them. They were looking at her with same gross look they always gave each other. Oh. It wasn’t said out loud, but she understood the meaning behind those words. They loved her. Both of them were in love with her and they wanted her. She’d never even thought about it. Yeah, she loved them and she would’ve loved to be with either of them, but not this. She never expected this.

“Don’t be saying things like that if you don’t mean it. I can’t handle that. Okay? Just...don't.” She whispered.

Sam's eyes widened when Kara cupped her cheek. “Of course I mean it, you idiot." Kara leaned in and touched their foreheads together. "I love you. The same way I love Lena. And I know Lena loves you too.” She placed a kiss close to Sam’s lips, stunning the woman.

“She's right Sam. A long time ago, if things went differently, I would have been able to see myself in Alex's shoes. But right now, I'm telling you that I want this too. With both of you.” Lena smiles at Sam.

Kara takes Sam's hand and holds Lena's with the other. “We’re gonna talk about this. I promise you we’ll figure this out together. But for right now, just shut up and dance with Lena, you big dork." Kara shoves the two together and goes to dance with Lucy.

From the other side of the room, Alex and Kelly, who've been watching them the whole time, smiled at each other. “Looks like we didn't have to step in then.”

Alex nods. “Better than okay.

She pretends not to notice when the three of them slip out shortly after dinner. She pretends that she doesn’t notice when they walk in together for breakfast. She pretends to not notice the lingering gazes or touches between them for the next couple of days. And she pretends to ignore it when she sees Kara and Sam giggling with each other like a they were in high school and Lena and Sam are looking at each other the same way she looks at Kelly. She's been through of seeing Lena and Kara suck face.

A few days later, Alex found Kara seated on the porch swing alone during a morning while everyone else was outside, talking and having fun. She looked up when she noticed Alex.

“Morning, Al.” Alex smiled and sat down next to her sister.

“Hey yourself.” They sat in silence for a few minutes before Alex spoke up.

“So, Sam and Lena huh.” She chuckled at the way Kara froze up. She blushed and turned to look at her sister with a sheepish smile. There's no point in denying it anymore.

“Um, yeah. Are you mad?” Alex shook her head.

“Am I mad that my little sister found happiness with not one but two amazing women, no Kara I’m not mad. I will be, if I catch you idiots making out or something. I don't want to live through that again. Got that?" Kara laughed and leaned against her sister's side. “Idiot" Alex chuckled fondly. "Do they make you happy?” She already knows the answer to that.

“Yeah. They do, Al. I need both of them. I just can't imagine a world with just Lena or Sam.”

“Good. I’m glad. I’m happy for you Kar. I mean that.”

Kara smiled. “I'm glad we're all family. I love you, 'Lex.” She whispers. The redhead kissed the side Kara’s head.

“I love you too, kid. So much.”

As it turned out, true peace did exist for the Danvers sisters. While they've had each other for most of their lives, there was always something missing. It took them a while to find it, but they’re here. Most importantly, they found it together.