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Taeyong's Sugar Daddy Stories

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Maybe he should have considered himself lucky for Ten taking mercy--or pity, as the other dancers had called it--on him and letting Taeyong wear relatively conservative clothing for his first time out with them. He knew better than to think Ten would go easy on him next time, especially if his friend’s outfit was any indication of what to expect for weekly clubbing nights. 

Yet, more surprising than anything else so far, he hadn’t expected to look forward to it. Taeyong guessed the last time he had been in anything remotely like a club would have been some time in school, likely on a Friday night like this one after a long week of dancing. Maybe his life hadn’t changed so much after all since he was apparently back at the routine. Although, before the idea could fester, he decided to just enjoy the night with new friends and a chance to blow off some steam. 

From the looks of the other dancers, they were just as eager to transfer their energy from a stage or practice room to a dance floor with strobe and neon lights. Taeyong could think of worse traditions to become a part of, returning their excited smiles when a couple of them caught his unsure glances. Only Ten seemed oblivious to his friend’s thoughtfulness as he practically bounced during each step toward the club, the little bell around his neck still jingling despite the blare of the dance music. 

“I can’t believe you wore that tonight,” Xiaojun laughed softly with an amused shake of his head. “It’s hard enough keeping handsy guys off you when you don’t wear a collar, but now?”

“It won’t do us any good either in finding you when the music’s louder,” Hendery added with equal mirth. 

Ten didn’t even need to look back to know they were talking to him. “I can’t not wear it,” he answered simply, beaming and running a hand over the accessory. “It was a gift. Louis and Leon got their own too, since Kun said he couldn’t leave them out. Besides, I need to take a picture wearing it later anyway to prove I’m a good kitten.”

The former two dancers only groaned at the other’s shameless choice of words while Ten continued walking--bouncing--unphased. The gift in question or accusation would certainly attract unwarranted scrutiny, just as much as the rest of Ten’s attire. Like Taeyong, he wore tight black jeans that left little to the imagination. Yet, while Taeyong’s sweater had enough material to spare, Ten’s white shirt stopped a good couple inches above his waist. Taeyong wondered if the shirt was that short or if the jeans actually rested that low on the other dancer’s hips. 

Of course, the choker--or collar, as Ten had corrected them multiple times already--would surely keep most eyes up there. A light pink ribbon was wrapped around the structure and created a cute bow at the front where the little gold bell happily hung and dangled. It might have looked innocent by itself, matching the younger man’s bubblegum-pink hair, had Ten not paired it with such suggestive clothing. Although, Ten had explained that dressing up was half the fun. 

Looking around the small group, Taeyong couldn’t help but notice that the others mainly just wore regular t-shirts and jeans. “What do you mean about keeping guys away?” he asked, suddenly concerned about his friends’ choice of establishments. 

“Oh, we’re all regulars, but Ten gets remembered,” Yangyang chuckled, nodding toward the pink-haired dancer and silently gesturing toward his outfit. “He likes to flirt, and sometimes some of the guys here want more than a dance and drink.”

“It’s not my fault if some people are greedy for my time,” Ten called ahead of them. 

Ah, that’s right, Taeyong thought. Ten did say teasing was the other half of the fun. 

He wondered when actually dancing came into play.  

“He behaves when we bring dates,” Xiaojun offered. “But guys’ night usually involves watching him most of the time.”

“Yeah, but you can babysit him now,” Hendery teased, nudging Taeyong in the side.

“As if!” Ten argued. “He’s my dance partner tonight!”

Taeyong quickly realized they weren’t kidding about being regulars when the bouncer at the door greeted the familiar four then let the five of them inside ahead of the line. He could only stare, jaw dropped, and follow. Instantly afterward, Ten showed how serious he was about monopolizing Taeyong’s first time at the club. 

“Okay!” Ten announced as soon as they stepped inside and moved to an empty corner, swiftly turning to face the others. “Everyone knows the drill--meet up here right before closing!”

“And keep your phone on at all times and let one of us know if you plan to leave with someone else,” Xiaojun added a bit more seriously, eyes narrowing toward the Thai dancer. 

Taeyong struggled to not laugh at the clear implication, guessing Ten was the reason these rules were created in the first place. Ten only rolled his eyes in answer and grabbed Taeyong’s hand. “Anyway, we’re going to the bar first. Come on, Yongie, let’s get tipsy before we get on the floor!”

Immediately Ten pulled him through a cluster of people toward the bar counter, the voices and music too loud and muddled to know which of his friends jokingly wished him luck. 

Unlike at the club’s entrance, they had to wait several minutes to get served. Yet, as soon as it was their turn, Ten’s impatient pout turned to an excited smile. “That looks good!” he cried, pointing with his free hand to a drink one of the bartenders was currently making. 

Taeyong knew he looked skeptical, but he wasn’t sure how else to react to a drink that positively glowed blue. Maybe it was all the flashing lights that gave it such an effect, but it didn’t look edible regardless. “What’s even in it?” he finally asked. 

“Don’t know,” Ten admitted with a shrug. “Let’s find out!”

Before he knew what was happening, Ten had already ordered them a drink each. To Taeyong’s horror, it started fizzing as soon as the bartender dropped what he hoped was an ice cube in it. He was definitely ordering their next drinks. 

“Don’t worry,” Ten offered with a knowing smile, catching his friend’s hesitance. “This place is totally safe. It’s really one of the best clubs in the city. It might look a little sketchy right now, but that’s just because we got here early. Look up there. That’s the VIP section. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see mister you-know-who up there one night, so you know it exceeds our standards.”

Taeyong looked toward where Ten nodded then fought to not let his eyes hastily wander over the unknown men in suits seated upstairs. Johnny wasn’t there, but he knew better than to have expected him. Johnny had told him he had an important business dinner, after all. Besides, he shouldn’t have been too disappointed. They had even made plans to meet up later. 

Lost in his thoughts, he found himself bringing the drink to his lips before he could realize or stop swallowing. Yet, the sweet then sour taste was a pleasant surprise. “This isn’t bad,” he voiced aloud, smacking his lips before taking a couple more sips. He still couldn’t figure out the alcohol’s identity or quantity, but Ten’s free nature was contagious. The more he drank, the less it mattered. 

“Right?” Ten agreed, finishing his own drink before turning back to the bartender. “We’ll take two more!”

True to his word, Ten whipped out his phone after another round of drinks and balanced awkwardly on a bar stool to find his best angle. “Picture time?” Taeyong guessed with a small laugh. 

“Mhmm,” he hummed, running a hand through his formerly pristine hair to give it a messier appearance. Although, he already looked as if he had been there for a while with the new flush to his face. Even though the crowd made the air far warmer than earlier, Taeyong blamed it on the alcohol and figured he had a matching tint. “One more,” he mumbled, snapping away. Ten then craned his neck to make sure the bow and bell were perfectly captured in the photograph.

Once content, he pressed a few buttons to send the teasing pictures then returned his phone to his pocket. “Now to let Kun suffer a bit,” he explained simply, a mischievousness in his gaze that Taeyong rarely saw on the other’s face. “Should we take a picture of you for your man now?” 

Taeyong couldn’t miss how the other’s voice lowered while his eyes shimmered from knowing a secret. “That’s okay. He’s busy right now with a business dinner. I’ll try to see him afterward if we don’t leave here too late, but we’ll see.”

“Fancy,” Ten giggled, and Taeyong wondered if the drinks had already started to get to his friend. “Well, you should definitely go see him afterward. Give him a taste of what he missed and a glimpse of his own medicine! I bet he thinks you taste sweet. Get it? Cuz he’s your sugar daddy?”

“Don’t you mean a glimpse of what he missed and a taste of his own medicine?” Taeyong laughed, ignoring the rest of Ten’s nonsense.

“Whatever,” Ten excused with a shrug. “It would just be a shame for him to not see how hot you look tonight. Speaking of, come on! Let’s go show everyone else how hot we look too.”

Wasting no further time, Ten jumped off the stool and reclaimed the other’s hand to drag Taeyong onto the dance floor. To his own surprise, Taeyong froze as soon as a new song started. He didn’t recognize it. Even worse, he couldn’t make his feet move to the beat when every few seconds someone bumped into him. 

“Come on, silly,” Ten laughed, noticing the other’s rigid stance. In contrast, Ten swayed slowly, using the overhead beat as a guide and nothing else. “Don’t think so hard about it. It’s not like dancing at practice. Here you just move, so move with me.”

Stealing both of Taeyong’s hands this time, Ten placed them on his own bare waist and shifted left to right. The placement reminded Taeyong of more formal or awkward dancing at school functions than clubbing, but he found a pace more quickly than he had expected. He might have led in lyrical performances, but this was certainly Ten’s stage. 

“That’s it, but you can come closer,” Ten suggested. 

Taeyong wondered if the other’s actual boyfriend underwent this same level of teasing. If the last few pictures revealed anything, he guessed it was just Ten’s nature. Although, the Chinese man must have liked it enough to give Ten gifts and then request photos for proof. 

Inching forward, Taeyong moved until they had no choice but to touch with every step or change of tempo. Had it been anyone else, he might have felt strange or even guilty for letting Ten grind against him. Yet, Ten clearly played by different rules and only laughed as they adjusted to the upbeat rhythm. 

“You’re pretty good at this,” Taeyong yelled over the music into the other’s ear when Ten turned his back and danced against the former’s chest. 

“What?” he cried, glancing over his shoulder and making Taeyong repeat himself. “Oh! I thought you said I was ‘pretty.’ Yeah, practice makes perfect. You’re good too!”

“Guess it’s just natural!”

Ten all but squealed in amusement at his friend’s reply, having too much fun to taunt him any more. Taeyong was definitely his new favorite dancing partner. Their roommates wouldn’t dare to dance against him like this, even if they brought their own dates. Dancing at a club was all about letting loose, and a little provocative yet platonic grinding never hurt anyone. 

Soon enough, Taeyong got into it as well. Whether it was the hot air, the alcohol in his veins, the music thumping in his ears, or just Ten’s own wild behavior, he loved it. The combination gave him a rush so different from the kind he got when performing on stage. He could just dance--or move--for himself and not have to worry about what anyone else thought, because he couldn’t have cared less about their opinions. 

The only one he cared about was currently at a business dinner. 

“Does the, um, chok--picture guy mind when you’re dancing like this?” he asked, guessing they must not have looked like just friends to any outsider’s eyes.

Throwing his arms around Taeyong’s neck to better communicate over the crowd, Ten danced a little more aggressively in thought for a few moments. “No, he’s been here a couple times actually!” Ten replied, smiling from his confession. “I keep in contact with him too when I come here so he doesn’t have to get jealous thinking I’m dancing with a random guy. I usually just dance by myself here, and he doesn’t mind since it puts me in the mood for when I meet with him later.”

“And that works?” he asked. “Dancing like this, I mean?”

Smirking, Ten moved even closer than Taeyong had thought possible and grinded a little lower. Taeyong couldn’t have been more relieved to only see Ten like a best friend or younger brother, especially since Ten moved with purpose. “Why don’t you find out for yourself after that business dinner?” he hinted with a wink. “Just make sure you give me the details later.” Taeyong only laughed in answer and danced equally as hard.


Johnny leaned back against the leather of the couch with a grateful sigh, able to relax for the first time tonight. The comforts of his home assured it, while the glass halfway filled with borbon hurried it along. He could breathe a little more easily and freely now that the business dinner had ended, successfully he might add, and he had loosened his tie to a lenient knot past the two buttons he had already undone. 

The nightcap and silence of the city outside his penthouse offered all the ingredients he really needed for a peaceful night. At least, they would have only mere weeks ago. His peace was unexpectedly cut short by solitude, a usually refreshing concept after long days of communication and compromise. 

Now though, he couldn't think past the loneliness to appreciate it. 

Realization struck him instantly, and Johnny chuckled against the glass. He had discovered at first sight how strongly the dancer's presence affected him. He just hadn't expected the absence to trouble him to this extent as well. 

Pushing his sleeves higher up his forearms, he glanced at the wristwatch shining under the nearby lamp's glow. They had both made plans for the night and agreed to meet afterward to start the weekend properly, preferably sleeping in. Despite his exhaustion from his recent company, it was still technically early. Johnny had lasted through dinner as long as possible after a week of already meeting and talking with several of the other men present. He could endure multiple rounds of drinks, slow entrees, and repetitive conversation; yet, the suggestion of post-dinner coffee had caused him to reach for the bill. 

Even though he couldn't wait for the other's arrival, he hoped Taeyong was enjoying himself. Of course, another part of him remembered that Taeyong still lived and saw his friends at practice almost every day. He swallowed the thought down with the alcohol, unsure which tasted more bitter. 

He wondered how long a whole group of dancers would be out, well, dancing. If Taeyong's excessive time spent at the studio gave any indication, he might have a couple more hours to wait. Maybe he could pass the time with a shower or restart a movie he and Taeyong had tried but ultimately abandoned for superior distractions. 

Before he could decide, the sound of disarray on the other end of the apartment called him out of his reluctant decision. New energy and excitement washed over him at the other's noisy entrance, hearing first furniture scraping then a low curse. Maybe he should have turned on all the lights after all, especially since Taeyong wasn't yet familiar enough to find his way in the dark. 

Still, Johnny didn't move a muscle as his visitor's approach gradually sounded closer. He liked the idea of Taeyong coming in search of him instead. Besides, he had chased after the dancer enough for now. He deserved similar treatment after his night.

After finally entering the passcode with a few failed attempts, Taeyong had literally stumbled inside. To his intoxicated surprise, Johnny wasn't at the front to greet him. He wasn't sure why he had expected it, but he walked farther inside with the sole purpose of looking for the one missing. He followed the light into the living room, unsure he had made the right choice since the television wasn't turned on. However, Taeyong pushed that doubt aside when he found him.

More specifically, he couldn't spare a thought when his eyes fell on the other man. He barely bit back a gasp when Johnny met his gaze as well. To say Johnny looked like he owned the world was an understatement. Yet, everything about his posture, from the arm comfortably draped over the couch to his crossed legs in the gray dress slacks, reminded Taeyong of the former's position. 

He was a businessman through and through…the dance company’s owner…hell, Taeyong’s own boss. Taeyong had never found himself attracted to the type before, but he couldn't deny the seduction in the other's case. The way Johnny’s tie looked like it could unravel with the slightest tug made Taeyong want to touch and test it. 

Overall, Taeyong couldn't summarize his view as anything less than a turn on--especially in comparison to his own clothes for a night out.

Johnny looked at Taeyong over the glass in his light grip, his stare dark and hooded in contrast as he took in the dancer's appearance. Of course, Johnny much preferred the younger man's attire to his own. He wasn't quite sure what one typically wore to a club, but he had no doubt that Taeyong must have looked the best. 

The younger man had dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans not unlike his usual ensemble, but these were clearly different with their strategic tears above the knees. Johnny would have remembered these. While the dark material matched the other’s natural hair color, it made the skin peeking out from the rips look so much paler. 

He then noticed the belt and oversized buckle Taeyong had chosen to adorn himself with. It stood out especially in between the otherwise plain jeans and thin, blue sweater tucked in at the front but loose and free everywhere else. A sleeve barely clung to his shoulder and revealed the dip of his collarbone, showing Johnny and the rest of the world that he didn't wear a shirt underneath. When Taeyong shifted under the sharp attention and his thighs strained against the jeans, Johnny finished his drink in one go to ease the edge. 

"You're back early," he observed calmly, as if he hadn't been tempted to text Taeyong and ask his whereabouts a dozen times.

Without waiting for a reply, he picked up an ornate bottle from the table and refilled his glass--he had a feeling Taeyong was going to make this a long night. 

Taeyong returned the knowing smile and walked forward, a mischievous glint in his eyes warning of his intentions. Before Johnny could question or understand it, the dancer was already in front of him. As soon as Johnny uncrossed his legs, Taeyong climbed onto them and balanced on his own knees. 

"It was getting crowded," he answered, immediately stealing the tie and letting the silk slip between his curious fingers. "And I wanted to start our weekend before midnight. I got a cab to drop me off."

Johnny hummed in satisfaction and pressed a hand to the other's flushed cheek. "What did you drink?" he asked teasingly. He had learned from sweet experiences that a little alcohol in his veins didn't necessarily change Taeyong's behavior--just enhanced it. From the way his lips roamed across the side of the older man's face like they were starved, they both knew there was no point in Taeyong's denying a little indulgence.

"Something blue and fizzy," he mumbled against the other's ear until Johnny inevitably shivered. "Ten ordered them, so they tasted like candy. They weren't bad though."

Johnny wouldn't have been surprised if his facial expression relayed how unappealing that mixture sounded. Taeyong didn't seem to notice though, not with his apparent goal of showering the other man with affection. However, after a perfectly timed groan whether from lust or the mystery cocktail, Johnny jolted enough for his own forgotten glass to slosh its contents over his hand. 

The surprised movement pulled Taeyong out of his concentration briefly. "What's that, Daddy?" 

"Some of the finest bourbon," Johnny chuckled, amused at the dancer's interest and his own ability to brag a little. 

"Can I try it?"

"I don't think you like bourbon, do you?" Nevertheless, Johnny offered what was left in the glass. 

Taeyong only shrugged before accepting it then immediately bringing it to his parched lips. The drinks from earlier must have made him brave , Johnny thought. Yet, they couldn't improve his tolerance or taste buds as Taeyong coughed into the glass the next second and all but gagged.

"Oh, God, take it back!" Taeyong pleaded, thrusting it back into the other's waiting hand. 

This time Johnny couldn't hold back his laughter as he set the glass on the table beside the bottle. "I tried to tell you," he sighed fondly. 

Before Johnny could fully enjoy the current situation, Taeyong stole the man’s hand and brought it to his mouth. His eyes never wavering from Johnny's startled gaze, he parted his lips then darted his tongue out to taste where the bourbon had run onto the other's skin. "That's better," Taeyong commented too casually for the former's comfort. He sneaked a kiss to Johnny's knuckle as well.

Johnny didn't dare tear it out of the dancer's grasp. If anything, he mourned the loss of warm breath fanning over his fingers when Taeyong looked content and released his hand. "How much did you drink?" he finally asked, careless of the groan deepening his words. Taeyong was simply too much tonight, and he couldn't decide whether to credit the abundance to the night's adrenaline or mixed concoctions. 

Taeyong had the nerve to beam as if he were caught red-handed, and suddenly the living room seemed so much brighter. "Enough to let loose," he decided. "but not enough to forget or regret anything tomorrow."

Johnny couldn't miss the hidden meaning behind the dancer's answer or tempting stare. "That means I'm not going to wake up to a cold bed in the morning, right?" he questioned with a hint of scolding. His hands free, he let them travel behind the dancer until they smoothed over the tight back pockets. He hadn't expected a sharp corner to meet his palm, but then he remembered that Taeyong had nowhere else to put his belongings in the constricting material.

Taeyong reassured the former with a messy, almost bruising kiss. When he drew back moments later and had his own bottom lip between his teeth, Johnny could already tell it was swelling. An inebriated Taeyong was dangerous for everyone involved, but surely worth any risks.

"I don't want to be able to move tomorrow," he whispered with such conviction that it would have been impossible for Johnny to refuse the request. 

Had he known to expect his lover in this state, surely Johnny wouldn't have been able to withstand even dinner's first course. "I was disappointed our schedules clashed so much tonight," he admitted, reigning in his own desires. "but I'm glad having fun with your friends brought you back to me."

"You should come with us some time," Taeyong hummed, finding the other's hands again. Yet, for now he only entwined their fingers. "A lot of the others usually bring dates apparently, but tonight it was just us for my initiation."

"I don't think I would really fit in there, darling," he tried. "I would probably stick out too much." Usually Johnny couldn't have cared less about whether or not he belonged somewhere. With the right confidence and stance, he could make any place his own. Of course, this time was different. This involved Taeyong, and therefore mattered more than anything else he had experienced and conquered.

However, Taeyong's certainty outweighed any hesitance. He shook his head insistently, and Johnny only then recalled that alcohol could make the former more stubborn as well. "It wasn't just dancers. There were all kinds of people, and even some men dressed like you in the VIP section with their pretty little dates."

Johnny still held his doubts, but Taeyong painted a tempting picture. "Oh? If we go, would you be my pretty little date then?" he teased. 

Taeyong scoffed, but not at the idea--that Johnny could ever think otherwise. "Who else?" he demanded playfully, pushing lightly against his chest. "But we wouldn't stay upstairs. I'd drag you down to the dance floor."

"I think I'd rather just watch you dance," Johnny laughed. 

Yet, his amusement was short-lived as he watched a new thought cross the other's mind and bring a little lust to his hazy gaze. "If it wasn't crowded, you could do that too, Daddy," he mumbled slowly. "I could dance just for you."

Johnny drew in a deep breath, worried he wasn't getting enough oxygen. Obviously this fantasy couldn't be real, but here Taeyong was, trading Johnny's company for private entertainment in a very public atmosphere. Taeyong might not regret his offer tomorrow, but Johnny doubted Taeyong would admit to or bring it up again without a drink or two in his system. There was no time like the present.

"Why wait?" he suggested, this time speaking into and kissing the dancer's ear. Taeyong trembled so easily with the right contact that it only encouraged Johnny further. "Why don't you give me a show now, handsome? Show me what I missed?"

There was a challenge in his voice which rang like a blood rush to Taeyong's ears. Sober or intoxicated, he wasn't one to ignore it so easily. He met the other's gaze, searching for any sign of half-heartedness. There wasn't any. 

Urged by the pat against his hip, Taeyong slipped off the former's lap and stood a few feet away. "One of the songs at the club is on my phone," he announced excitedly, pulling out the device from one back pocket then his wallet from the next. He tossed the latter onto the couch then scrolled through his phone for the desired playlist.  

He smiled too smugly for Johnny to ignore once he found the right one then propped his phone against the bottle for the sound to carry. In seconds music turned the living room into Taeyong's personal dance club. The beat wasn't too different from what Johnny often heard during Taeyong's time on stage, just more energized than one might expect for a lyrical performance.

Of course, Johnny could tell right away that he wasn't watching that kind of dance tonight. Instead of precise yet fluid movements, Taeyong started just by swaying and letting the music consume him one muscle at a time. Johnny doubted a hurricane could have torn his gaze away from the subtle curves of the other's hips as they rolled in front of him. However, the inebriated giggle slipping from bitten lips and a shameless smile made his head snap up. 

Even in this state, Taeyong couldn't pretend he didn't enjoy the way Johnny's eyes followed his every move and looked at him like he was something to savor. He wanted to be ravished under that stare. He had never really considered a voyeurism kink, but Johnny brought it out of him. Even on stage, it was hard to not pick the other's gaze out of all the rest. Maybe it wasn't so much the quantity of the audience, but the quality. 

"You danced like this in front of other people?" Johnny couldn't refrain from asking. Watching this display just for him made him more possessive of the intoxicated vixen, and he hated to imagine strangers' eyes undressing the dancer. His dancer. 

Taeyong grinned, basking in the territorial tone. "No, this is just for you," he reminded. "I only danced with Ten and the rest anyway." Without another word he brought his arms higher and slid his hands in his own hair, tugging just enough to earn a groan. 

No wonder the mane had become such a mess, Johnny thought.

He retrieved the glass and smirked behind its rim, content to sit back and enjoy the show. Taeyong put on a damn good one. He relished the burn as the oaky liquid slid down his throat, adding to his warmth. Of course, he guessed Taeyong was the real reason his heart raced and sweat accumulated at the back of his neck. 

He almost choked on another sip when the restless hands suddenly went the opposite way and molded over the dancer's body. They fiddled with the waistband, but Taeyong’s fingers apparently worked much more slowly than his mind tonight. His little frustrated whine only added to the sensual ambiance that Taeyong had created for Johnny’s pleasure.

"Come here, baby," Johnny finally growled, unable to bite back the plea or pet name. 

It startled Taeyong at first, but the soft moan that followed gave no indication he disliked it. "Say it again," he demanded, advancing slowly until Johnny impatiently pulled him forward between his spread legs. 

"Baby?" he repeated, surprised it could please the former so easily. 

“I like how that sounds,” Taeyong explained shamelessly. “I like being your baby.”

“Every Daddy needs his baby.”

Now that he was closer and had Taeyong at his mercy, he gave in to temptation and sneaked his fingers inside the tears on the jeans. He stroked the skin until Taeyong shivered from the ticklish sensation, and then a few moments longer. "How does this feel, baby ?" he encouraged, the endearment rolling off his tongue sweeter than any bourbon or blue, fizzy cocktail.

His mind frenzied by the touch, Taeyong leaned over and braced himself on the other's shoulders while Johnny teased whatever skin he could reach. When Johnny had explored each rip, he unbuckled the decorative belt then lifted the sweater up his lover's chest. Taeyong shuddered at the hot breath and warm lips ghosting over his lean abdomen. 

"This is all the foreplay I'm allowing tonight," he warned. 

"Keep dancing, baby."

Johnny's hands wandered over and wrapped around his waist, following the back and forth motions. He kissed and hummed into the skin stretched over Taeyong's torso, curious to see how much distraction the dancer could withstand. He paid special attention to each tattoo and freckle, until sluggish fists beat against his back.

"These are my favorite jeans," Taeyong hissed, his eyes clenched shut. "Don't make me ruin them." 

Johnny didn't think the dancer could do much more to turn him on, but Taeyong's confessions always proved him wrong. He kissed the jean’s rips in agreement then abruptly stood, throwing Taeyong over his shoulder in the process. "Yeah, I like them too, baby," he chuckled. He ignored first Taeyong’s surprised gasp then the sound of the song switching on the other's phone, hopeful it would turn off soon enough even when they abandoned it. "Let's get you out of these clothes now. Show's over."