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Fun In The Winter Cold

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Saturday January 8th 2022

Bill and Hillary hadn't been back home from their vacation in Punta Cana – a paradise island under the tropical sun – that it snowed in Chappaqua.

Bill woke up grumpy on this beautiful white Saturday. He was cold even under the comforter, it'd been thirty years but he still can't get used to it. He got up and went downstairs, the smell of breakfast getting more predominant. He found Hillary making breakfast while she sings to the song on the radio. Being a daughter of Chicago Hillary has no problem with the snow and really enjoys it.

“Good morning darling!” Hillary said as she saw her husband enter the kitchen.

“Mornin'” Hillary caught Bill's grumpiness straight off. After living with the guy for 50 years she knew him like the back of her hand and he was not a morning person and he still had trouble with the New York cold.

“Oh someone didn't sleep enough! Here some warm coffee made with love to warm up your body and heart” She smile broadly at him and kissed his cheek. Even in this state of grumpiness he couldn't help but smile at his wife cheesy comment.

“Yeah and it's snowing I'm freezing!” Bill pouted.

Later after they were both dressed and ready to start the day waiting for their grandchildren whose parents were soon going to them drop off so they could have a day without children. Bill and Hillary were always overjoyed to look after their grandkids. Now sitting in the living room doing their Bumblebee word puzzle of the day when Hillary broke the focused silence.



“We could go out for a walk with the kids, no?”

“Why not it will make them happy to go out in the snow.” Bill said sighing and Hillary frown and smile at him.

“What about you?” Bill was about to say What about me? What? But realized what she meant.

“Snow is cold and even after a shower and a coffee I'm still cold so going outside isn't what I'd like to do but for the kids I'll do it.” Hillary laughed a bit.

“Maybe a good walk will warm you up” She smiled at him. “And if after you're still cold I'll have a hot bath and lots of warm cuddles in bet waiting for you.”

Bill raised his head and a real smile appears on his face. “Cuddles?” He tried to find out what she had planned for him.

“Yes! You and me under the covers cuddling and maybe a bit more.” She winked at him. Bill got closer to her on the couch and kissed her cheek.

“You know your man too well!”

“I've got fifty years of practice!”

Once the kids were there and they all had lunch together they went for a walk. Hillary was at the front with Jasper showing him the beauty of the forest on a snow day while Bill was at the back with Charlotte and Aidan.

“Pop Pop? Can we have a snowball fight?” Charlotte ashed slightly bored from just walking.

“Yeah sure! You should try to aim at Grandma she is never cold so lets see if we can make her feel a bit of the cold?”

“Yeah” Both Charlotte and Aidan said happy to play with the snow and have fun with their grandparents.

While they made a stack of snowballs trying not to get noticed by Hillary and Jasper who had started making a snowman, Aidan asked.

“Why is Grandma never cold?” Bill chuckled.

“Because she is like a cuddly teddy bear who warms everyone's heart with warm hugs.”

“She does give the best hugs” Aidan agreed with his grandfather and Charlotte smiled.

When they had enough snow ball Bill said it was time so they each grabbed a ball and throw it Hillary and Jasper who were making a snowman. Hillary had her back to them and Jasper was in from of her so he was protected by her.

The first balls were misses but soon Charlotte's ball landed on Hillary's back and Aidan was soon hitting on the target as well while Bill watched the scene smiling. Hillary tried to make snow balls and fight back but the kids were too quick.

“Bill will you help me here?” She asked in hope of her husband mercy.

“No he can't because he is on our team!” Aidan said we a cheeky smile.

“Yeah he is, you should ask Jasper to help you!” Charlotte said laughing.

“So this is war!” Hillary said obviously amused to see her grandchildren so happy. But instead of throwing the ball she managed to make at the kids she threw it at Bill. He turned to protect his face from the ball but it landed on his neck right behind his scarf.

“Argh! It's cold!” Bill screamed.

“Next time you will think twice before starting a snowball fight my dear!” Hillary smiled.

“It was the kids idea and you know I will do anything to please them.” Bill was red in the face and he shivered.

“Yeah right!” Hillary saw in Bill's smile it was only part of the story.

The fight lasted a bit longer but when Hillary noticed the kids lips were starting to get blue, especially Jasper's, they decided to get back.

“Let's go home and make some coco!” The kid cheered about the coco idea. Bill picked up Jasper who was getting tired from walking on his little legs and off they went. On the way Charlotte asked.

“Can we cuddle up with after?”

“Of course sweetheart.” Hillary smile at her granddaughter happy that she could spend quality time with her grandchildren.

“Pop Pop said you were a warm cuddly teddy bear and that's why you don't get cold. And your hugs warm up other people.”

“Did he now?” Hillary glanced at Bill who was walking slightly behind them.

“Only speaking the truth.” he winked at her.

Half an hour Bill and Hillary were sitting on the couch wish hot chocolate in front of them, Hillary had Jasper on her lap and her harm around Charlotte while Bill had an arm around Aidan and the other around Hillary. Everyone was cuddled up watching The Lion King.

Hillary felt Bill shiver and got worried he just had a near death experience a few months ago and she didn't want him to catch something on his still recovering body.

“Are you cold?” She whispered in his hear and looked at him worried.

“No I'm fine!”

“Good! So I guess it you will say no to a bath and more cuddles tonight when these little Smurfs will be gone.” She said showing she kids.

“I will never say no to that!” He winked at her.

“That's what I thought!” Also she was teasing she still felt bad that he had so much trouble getting accustomed to the North East cold even after all this years. “I'm sorry you have to deal with the cold though I know you're still not use to it.” Hillary felt bad because she was the reason they were living in New York.

“Don't be sorry I rather be cold than live away from you.” Bill had read her mind that man will never cease of surprising her. She was about to say something but he spoke first.

“Yes I know what you were thinking and before you ask I love living here even if it's cold. It doesn't matter what the weather is like as long as I'm with you!” Bill leaned in to kiss Hillary but was stopped by Charlotte.

“Hey can you stop talking we are trying to listen here.” She scolded them.

“Sorry sweetheart!” Both grand parents said at the same time. Bill kissed Hillary cheek and she laid her head on his shoulder.

“So who's the , what did you say? “warm and cuddly teddy bear” now?” Hillary whispered as she cuddled up against him.

“You my darling, always!” Bill held her tighter against him and as if the universe was in harmony with their feeling the movie started to play Can You Feel The Love Tonight. They both shared a smile letting the love enveloped them.

The warm happiness of the moment would keep the Comeback Kid warm for the rest of the Winter.