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The Untouchable

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James sighed happily, leaving the interrogation room with a grin on his face. This was his first solo assignment as a B-Level Hero and it was going great. The A-Levels asked the lower levels to put out feelers, find out if anyone had new information on hideouts, plans, and schemes in the works. Trying to get to fights earlier, stopping more civilians from getting injured by the villains. He’d tracked down a low-level villain that seemed to be a henchmen for some of the worst villains, and taken him into custody. One of the hero rules was that they weren’t allowed to torture anyone they captured, but with James’s power he wasn’t worried. The cameras in the interrogation rooms weren’t connected to the main system, so all he had to do was turn them off in the control booth and he was left alone. And with his healing powers, there weren’t any marks left over as proof. Just the pain deep under the skin, pushing his captive towards giving up information.

“You look pleased.” One of the A-Levels he passed by laughed. James recognized him as Colonel Freedom, one of the leaders of the Freedom Fighters.

“Oh I am.” James grinned. “Working on getting that information you guys needed out of one of the lower-level villains. Found him downtown buying flowers of all things.”

Colonel Freedom stopped in his tracks, staring at him. “Flowers?”

“Yeah, he was buying flowers.” James scoffed. “As if a villain has anyone worth flowers in their lives.”

“Where was he?” The other hero asked, his voice completely deadpan.

“What?” James asked.

“Where. Was. He?” Colonel repeated slowly.

“Um, down by Fifth Street maybe?” James shrugged. “I didn’t really pay attention.”

“Show me.” Colonel demanded. “Now.”

James was surprised by the venom in the other hero’s voice, but nodded. “Course. I have him in one of the interrogation rooms.”

Colonel hurried them back to the interrogation room, pushing James out of the way to go into the observation chamber. He stared at the villain in power-dampening cuffs for a long moment before turning to James with wide-eyes.

“Have you hurt him?” He whispered, voice full of fear.

“What?” James asked.

“HAVE YOU HURT HIM?” Colonel screamed.

“Um, well…of course not that’s against the rules.” James stuttered.

Colonel stared at him. Then he slammed the bright red emergency button on the wall, the alarms for evacuation screaming to life throughout the building.

“What the hell are you doing?” James exclaimed.

“You will be lucky if we survive the day.” Colonel whispered to him. “You will even luckier if you survive the day.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” James groaned.

Four more heroes flooded into the room, eyes wide with worry.

“What’s happening?” Madam Magic demanded.

“This idiot kidnapped the Untouchable.” Colonel told them through gritted teeth.

The heroes all stared, turning slowly to look at James.

“I kidnapped a D-tier villain!” James defended himself. “He’s nothing!”

“Get the civilians out.” Colonel ordered. “I’ll try to meet him before he gets here. If we return him, maybe he’ll spare the rest of us.”

Madam Magic nodded, waving a wand towards James. He suddenly found himself immobilized.

“We’ll get them out.” She nodded towards the Colonel, ushering the rest of the heroes back out of the room.

“You may have killed us all.” Colonel sighed, looking to James. “You took the Untouchable.”

“Who the fuck is he?” James demanded, his head the only part of him still moveable.

“You have seen the S-tier, yes?” Colonel asked. “The Unbeatable?”

“Everyone’s seen him.” James growled. “What does he have to do with this piece of trash?”

“That ‘piece of trash’ is the only reason we are still alive.” Colonel hissed. “S-tier is a weapon, capable of wiping every hero off the face of the earth if he wanted to. He’s a loaded gun, waiting to be shot. And you just took off the safety. You unleashed him.”

James stared at him, stunned into silence.

With a disgusted growl, the Colonel pushed into the interrogation room.

“Well hello there.” Morgan grunted, looking up at the Colonel. “You’re going to pay for this you know.”

“He was working alone.” The Colonel told him quickly, uncuffing him. “We had nothing to do with it. He was too stupid to know who you are.”

Morgan stared at the Colonel, licking the blood from the corner of his mouth. “You want me to have them spare you."

“I am asking you not to punish the rest for this idiot's decisions.” Colonel begged. “I will let him take the idiot who hurt you. In return, all I ask is you spare us.”

“Hm. Well, they may not be in the most merciful mood when I tell them about my torture at the hands of your so-called hero.” Morgan spat.

“I’m sorry.” Colonel bowed. “I hope you can help them find mercy.”

Morgan hummed. “Get me to the roof. I can’t promise anything, but your sacrifice may be enough for now.”

The Colonel let lose a deep breath of release. “Follow me.”

Morgan got up, stretching and groaning in pain. The idiot hero may be able to heal the surface of the wounds, but they still hurt deep in his bones and he already knew Alex wasn’t going to be happy. He let Colonel Freedom lead him through the building, snickering at his captor’s situation, paralyzed and thrown over the Colonel’s shoulder. The alarms were still blaring, although they didn’t run into anyone on their way, the heroes working quickly to get the civilians clear of the future battlezone. When they busted onto the roof, he could see the crowds flooding out of the business, trying to get clear of the danger.

They seemed to have gotten to the roof just in time, as Morgan looked up to see a comet shooting through the sky, headed right for them. He ran forward, throwing himself off the roof with no care, knowing Alex wouldn’t let him fall. Sure enough, he was only free-falling for a moment before the breathe was pushed from his lungs as Alex caught him in their arms. They swooped through the air, Alex landing safely on the roof and squeezing Morgan tight before setting him down gently.

“Are you hurt?” They whispered.

“Only by the idiot that grabbed me.” Morgan assured them quietly. “They’re willing to give him to you, and let me go with you right now, and ask for your mercy.”

Alex growled, eyes glowing as they glared towards the Colonel, looking at the body now laying at Colonel’s feet.

“You swear to not knowing about him?” They asked.

“We asked the lower level heroes to ask around and learn what they could about future villain plans in hopes we could head them off.” Colonel explained. “No one authorized his capture of your friend, no one even knew he was in the building until I just found James in the hallway. As soon as I knew, I released him and contained the idiot for you. All I ask is that you take Morgan and go. I won’t even add this 'hero' to your record. He will simply be known as a deserter and be struck from the record.”

“You can’t do this to me!” James roared. “My family has been heroes for generations! You can’t strike me from the scrolls!”

“If he doesn’t, I will burn your entire family from the inside out while you watch.” Alex growled at him.

James’s face went white as he whimpered.

“I will have him struck from the records immediately.” Colonel promised. “I will make it known that he panicked when the alarms sounded and realized he wasn’t cut out for the business. He will be known as a coward and deserter.”

“Then I will allow you to live today.” Alex declared, pulling Morgan back into their arms. “Only because he is kinder than I am.”

Colonel nodded. “We know. I will ensure to spread the word that this cannot happen again.”

“If it does, I won’t be so kind.” Alex warned.

Morgan whimpered as Alex’s arm pressed against a sore spot on their ribs, immediately gaining all of their attention.

“You are hurt.” Alex growled.

“He mostly healed them.” Morgan grunted. “Just the deep bruising is there I think?”

“James can only heal what he can see.” Colonel informed them. “I would check him out for internal injuries when you get back.”

“Don’t tell me how to care for him.” Alex spat.

Colonel bowed his head, stepping back. “We thank you for your mercy.”

Alex grunted, rolling his eyes. “Don’t thank me. Thank him.”

Morgan smiled, blushing a little.

“Thank you.” Colonel nodded, looking to Morgan.

Morgan didn’t bother to respond to him, just looked to Alex. “Can we go home?”

Alex nodded. A wave of their hand lifted James’s body into the air. “How should he die?”

Morgan looked to the hero, hanging in the air and looking terrified. He thought for a moment, then smiled. “Give him the pain he gave me. And then give it again. And again. Let him feel it over and over until his body gives out.”

Alex chuckled. “Bloodthirsty beauty.”

Morgan smiled, looking sweet and innocent. Alex smiled proudly, looking back to their knew hero toy. A wave of their hand opened a portal, sending the hero through to a holding cell for later.

“Now can we go home?” Morgan begged.

Alex nodded. They looked to the Colonel one last time, hatred clear in their eyes. “Tread lightly Frisbee Boy. Or next time I won’t be so nice.”

The Colonel nodded, watching in relief as the S-tier villain took back to the skies, their best friend/minion/lover held safely in his arms. When they were out of sight, he sagged to the ground, unable to believe that it had actually worked. When he’d seen Morgan in the interrogation room, he was sure that everyone was going to end up dead. His brother-in-law really did have a lot of power over S-tier.

It didn’t take long for Alex to get themselves and Morgan back to the hideout. They landed gently, taking Morgan immediately to the medbay.

“I’m fine.” Morgan complained. “I’ll heal.”

“Shut up.” Alex ordered. “You’re going to let them look at you and then I’m taking you to our room and we are not getting out of it until tomorrow.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be cleared for that if you take me to medbay.” Morgan tried to joke, but his breathe caught as his laughter jolted his ribs.

“You won’t be getting anything other than cuddles tonight.” Alex informed him.

Morgan sighed. He knew there was no arguing with Alex when they got like this. When they entered medbay, they had obviously been waiting for them as they whisked Morgan away from Alex, putting him into the scanners right away. It was a blur, but before long Morgan found himself back in Alex’s arms, curled up on a med bed together, waiting for the scans to come back.

“Why did you save them?” Alex asked quietly after a moment. “I could have killed them all. It wouldn’t have taken anything at all.”

Morgan shrugged carefully. “They don’t all deserve to pay for the mistake of one. Especially just for capturing me.”

 Alex stared into Morgan’s eyes, and for the first time Morgan felt like he could see into their soul. “Morgan. If they had harmed you, I would have killed them. And if they had killed you, I would have burned the world down around them and made them watch as I killed everyone they have ever known or loved. And then I would have left them in the ashes, living with the consequences of their mistakes.”

Morgan stared at them in silence. He could see and hear that Alex wasn’t lying and they weren’t joking. If he got injured, they would do anything to deliver those consequences.

“Did you not know?” Alex asked him.

“I-I guess I knew, but I didn’t know.” Morgan finally whispered.

Alex chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss to Morgan’s temple. “You’re the only reason I have to keep living in this world. Without you, I would have nothing stopping me.”

“That’s what Frisbee Boy said.” Morgan told them.

“What’d he say?”

“That you were the gun and I was the safety. And all that idiot hero did was unleash you.”

Alex chuckled. “It’s a good metaphor. Maybe I should get one.”

“One what?”

“A leash.” Alex answered simply, chuckling as Morgan turned bright red. They loved watching their lover blush, the contrast to their dark skin was always so beautiful.

Morgan stuttered for a while before just whining and burying his face into Alex’s shoulder. “You’re awful.”

“I know.” Alex smiled proudly. “You’ve mentioned that before. But that wasn’t a no either.”

Morgan sighed. “I’d be down to try.”

Alex grinned. “I’ll go shopping once you’re healed. Then we’ll really have some fun.”