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Chloe sat in the kitchen at the Overlook. She’d finished cleaning and putting everything away so it would be sparkly for Beca in the morning. She got up and walked to the back window, but it was just too hot and humid to think about a fire on the deck tonight.

Chloe sighed. She still had hours before Beca would be home. She was in a mood, and really wanted Beca there to help her play. Chloe started to pace around the kitchen when she suddenly remembered. She’d bought a present for her girl who liked watching. Clapping her hands in glee, Chloe suddenly had a plan for the entire evening.

She was stretched out on the sofa when the clock finally hit midnight. It was close enough to the end of Beca’s show that it should be safe to start sending texts. She knew Beca wouldn’t check her phone while she was talking to the crowd, and she wanted to catch her before she left.

Chloe thumbed through the stack of pictures she’d taken all evening. The first one she chose was her foot sneaking out of the bubbles of her bath. She hit send without adding any comment.

Beca was waiting for the elevator, talking to Dylan when she got the first text. “I swear, Stringbean, it was so weird. No offense, but I just don’t think of you that way.”

“No worries, Shortstack. We both got off that train years ago.” Dylan shifted her case to her other hand. “I guess it’s flattering. But you did set her straight, right?”

“Yeah.” Beca fumbled to get her phone out of her pocket. “I think it’s all….” Her voice trailed off.

A few minutes later Chloe sent the second image, a sponge in her hand on her thigh, peeking out from the bubbles.

Dylan saw the look on Beca’s face and leaned over to see what she was staring at. She laughed out loud when the second text arrived. “I’d say all was well. Talk to ya Tuesday?” Dylan pushed Beca into the open elevator, “I think I’ll stay for one more drink.” She winked as the door closed.

Beca looked up a moment too late to say anything, but saw the smirking wink and laughed as she looked down at the phone. She just remembered to press the button to head to the garage.

Chloe sent the next image. This one showed her hand on the side of her neck, her head tilted slightly away from the camera. Slightly damp red curls fringed the hairline where she’d pulled it up into a bun for the bath. Her fingernails were bright red against her pale skin.

Beca swallowed. She managed to type,

Beca: have I mentioned you should be illegal?

Chloe chuckled in the back of her throat.

Chloe: I have one more if you aren’t driving yet. Wanna see?

Beca took a video of herself showing she was still in the elevator and nodding vigorously while she smiled.

Chloe grinned and hit the send button. This image was a black garter strap hanging loose against the inside of her thigh, the top of a pair of stockings just visible at the bottom of the frame.

“Damn.” Beca muttered to herself as the elevator door opened.

Beca: ok, getting in the car. No distractions please. I’d like to get there to see for myself.

Chloe: see you soon, doll

Beca: sooner if I can get there without a ticket.

She started the car and tried to stay careful until she hit the street. Then she took every short cut she could think of to cut time off the travel. It was just 21 minutes later that she pulled up in front of the Overlook.

Chloe hopped up when she saw Beca’s car lights flash across the living room ceiling. She rushed to connect her phone to the aux cord in the dining room that controlled all the speakers Beca had wired through the house. She stood waiting until the door opened, then hit play. As the dirty sax played the opening riffs, Chloe slowly walked to the living room doorway from the kitchen.

Beca opened the front door, stepped inside and closed the door behind her without looking at it. Her eyes were full of Chloe and she didn’t want to miss a moment of it. She leaned back on the door and smiled.

Chloe leaned with her back against the door frame as she started to sing.

I don’t want you to be no slave. I don’t want you to work all day.
But I want you to be true, and I just want to make love to you.

She bent her knees and slid down the wall on the last line, her arms moving up her black satin bodice with black lace on the sides. She slid back up again as the saxophone filled more bars. Her eyes never left Beca.

Beca swallowed. Hard. But she remembered the rules and had to let Chloe play longer. She undid her tie very slowly and let it dangle from around her neck, still watching. Still smiling.

Chloe stepped slowly across toward the sofa with the next verse, her hand trailing along the back as she got to her favorite line again. This time she dipped into a crouch and then slowly rose back up again, her arms over her head.

I just want to make love to you,” she sang.

Beca’s eyes watched every move Chloe made. She was unsure what else to do or say. So she fidgeted with the tie to keep her hands busy.

As she sang the bridge, Chloe took one step closer to Beca with the end of each line.

And I can tell by the way you walk that walk
And I can tell by the way you talk that talk
And I can know by the way you treat your girl
That I could give you all the loving in the whole wide world

Chloe got close enough to run Beca’s tie through her fingers, then leaned so their lips almost touched. The sax picked up again and she turned toward the hallway. When she started to sing she looked over her shoulder at Beca.

Beca was barely breathing. She realized Chloe was moving away from her. She forced her legs to follow. Part of her knew she was giving in too easy. Part of her didn’t care.

Chloe grinned and stopped against the bedroom door. She could feel the loose garter straps tickling her legs as she walked, and she was having to work to catch her breath so she could finish the song. The look on Beca’s face had her heart racing. She wanted to finish the show, though. She was determined to let Beca watch every last second of the performance. She sang the last line as she slid the door open behind her and crooked her finger at Beca.

I just want to make love to you, love to you…

Beca moved closer, close enough she could almost touch Chloe. Her hand twitched, but she willed it to stay by her side. She had to play the game.

Chloe leaned against the bottom of the bed frame, watching Beca. She heard the music play out and lead directly into a softer, but still steamy, new torch song. Chloe tilted her head and lifted her left foot, toe pointed. “Care to help a girl out?” She said in a low voice.

Beca managed a nod and a smile. She dropped onto one knee and reached up to where the stockings should have been attached to the garters. Her fingers barely brushing Chloe’s skin, she ever so gently rolled the material down, taking her time to revel in the scent Chloe wore, the softness of the material, and the heat that emanated from Chloe’s skin. Finally, she rolled the stocking over Chloe’s ankle and off of her foot. She looked up into Chloe’s eyes as she leaned forward and kissed just above Chloe’s knee.

Chloe shuddered as she felt goosebumps form where Beca’s hands had almost touched. She was propped on her arms, and she leaned her head back with a small groan at Beca’s kiss. She sat up straight again, gathering her composure. “Wait, somethings wrong here.” Chloe put her finger under Beca’s chin and gently lifted as she stood them both up. “Beca Mitchell shouldn’t kneel for anything. How about I finish this and you just watch?” Her eyes were dancing.

Beca smiled, “You always leave my knees weak.” But she followed Chloe’s lead again and nodded, waiting to be told where to go or what to do.

Chloe smiled sweetly and leaned forward until Beca’s knees were against the edge of the bed, “Maybe you’ll enjoy this more if you sit, gorgeous.”

Beca laughed as she landed on the bed with a thud. “Just call me Grace.”

Chloe giggled and pulled the armchair from against the wall. She put her right foot on the seat and began to slowly roll the remaining stocking down. She could feel Beca watching her and it was intoxicating. She was at war with her desire to keep feeling those eyes and the desire to start kissing those lips. She tossed the stocking over her shoulder and turned to sit in the chair, her knees crossed demurely. “What do you want to see next, Becs?”

“All of you. Any of you.” Beca whispered, her eyes devouring Chloe, looking her up and down.

“These laces might take a sec,” Chloe’s fingers toyed with the strings of her bodice. “If there’s satin between your hands and my skin does it count as touching?” She gave the little string a gentle tug to untie it. She loosened the bodice with her fingers, then stood and walked so she was in between Beca’s legs. “Can I help you with your tie? You are far too dressed.”

Beca nodded. She tightened her legs so she was holding Chloe close and leaned forward to pull on the satin ties with her teeth.

Chloe whipped Becas tie from her neck and tossed it to the floor behind her. She moaned in the back of her throat again when she saw Beca’s talented teeth at work. “Buttons?” She asked, unable to speak above a whisper.

Beca released the ties and pulled back so Chloe had access to the dark blue blouse she wore. Her eyes captured Chloe’s again as she tried to be patient. She lifted her left foot to rub the back of Chloe’s calf.

Chloe smiled, trying to be slow, but her fingers picked up speed when she saw the swell of Beca’s breasts above her bra. Chloe couldn’t resist leaning down and placing a quick kiss where skin and bra met.

Beca moaned softly. Her hands twitched again as she closed her eyes. Smelling Chloe’s hair, she kissed the top of Chloe’s head.

Chloe hummed and pushed Beca’s shirt over her shoulders. Her lips were drawn to the soft white skin of Beca’s right shoulder. “I’m losing the game,” she breathed.

“I’ve already lost,” Beca laughed quietly. She lifted her legs to wrap them around Chloe and slipped her arms around Chloe’s waist. She reached again for the ties that remained on Chloe’s bodice, once again tugging with her teeth until they came free.

“God that is awesome,” Chloe watched Beca again. “You are so talented.” She buried both hands in Beca’s hair. “Do you like your surprise? I bought it last week, just for you.”

Beca nodded, her eyes coming up to devour Chloe’s again. “Best. Present. Ever.”

Chloe moved her hands so the held Beca’s face. She leaned down and kissed Beca hungrily. “I never thought about how long it would take to get the damn thing off, though,” she groaned before she took Becas lower lip lightly between her teeth.

Beca returned the kiss willingly and turned so they were laying side by side. “I still feel over dressed.” She nearly growled.

Chloe nodded and reached to fumble with the button on Beca’s pants. “I can help with that,” she remembered herself just a little and fell to her knees at the foot of the bed so she could carefully slip Beca’s pants from her legs. She laughed when she realized Beca still had shoes on. “One second,” she popped her head back over the side of the bed before leaning down to pull off shoes and then pants. She was still on her knees when she sat up again and looked at Beca. “Better?”

Beca sat up and reached out a hand. “Chloe Beale should never kneel.” Her eyes twinkled as that small smile made its way across her lips.

Chloe smirked, “Only for you.” She crawled back onto the bed, sliding one hand behind Beca to unhook the bra, which she tossed in the general direction of the rest of Beca’s clothes. Her eyes traveled appreciatively down Beca’s frame. “No undies?” She grinned back up at Beca. “Now who is overdressed?”

Beca smiled and leaned forward, her lips close to the top of the bodice. “May I?”

“Please,” Chloe replied a little more fervently than she’d intended.

Beca’s smile turned to a smirk; she nuzzled at the material, finally taking one side gently between her teeth as she tugged it down the length of Chloe’s body. Her left hand guided the other side, to keep the material moving smoothly. She crawled slowly backwards, hesitating near Chloe’s hips, dropping the satin long enough to place a soft kiss before looking up expectantly for Chloe to lift up and allow the cloth to pass.

Chloe was breathing quickly as she watched Beca take her lingerie off with her teeth. It took her a moment to realize why Beca had stopped. She laughed and threw her head back as she lifted her hips. “You make me crazy,” she was still laughing when she lowered them again and waited to see what Beca would do next.

With the garment finally free of Chloe’s body, Beca dropped it off the edge of the bed. She crawled back up toward Chloe’s head, stopping every so often to place a kiss on her knee, her thigh, her hip, her side, her upper arm. Finally she looked down at Chloe. “What’s next, milady?” Her voice was almost rough, she spoke so softly.

“Everything,” Chloe replied, her eyes on Beca’s. “I want you to do all the things you’ve been thinking about doing since the first text tonight. I am thoroughly yours.” She lowered her head, looking up at Beca, waiting as patiently as she could.

Beca smiled and tilted her head to one side. “I thought you wanted to make love to me,” she teased even as she let her hand trail up Chloe’s side.

Chloe shuddered, “oh honey, I do. Believe me.” She traced her finger along the curve of Beca’s breast. “I’ve just been teasing you for a long time, I want you to be fully satisfied.” She glanced away from her finger and up at Beca again. “You choose.”

“I will always choose you.” Beca leaned forward to kiss Chloe again, her hand slipping across Chloe’s stomach and resting under her breast.

Chloe opened her lips to taste Beca’s kiss, her hands in Beca’s hair again. “I love the way you play this game,” she muttered between kisses.

(Source music: etta james