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Playful Conflicts

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Burnish people first appeared 50 years ago.


People's first reaction to this strange fire magic was strong to say the least. People who had this fire were seen as 'gross' and 'sinful'. They were quickly de humanised and punished to harsh treatments by officials and the public, elderly, children, teenagers, it didn't were always penalised. If someone found out you had this 'corrupt' and 'wicked' magic, you would most likely be killed on the spot.

The people with this magic slowly stood up and dubbed themselves 'Burnish'. Through the 50 years, Burnish people started building up their own kingdom, this kingdom did not punish nor judge you for being a Burnish, this kingdom was dubbed 'Promare' and quickly built up a large army of Burnish people looking for justice.

A couple decades later and here we are.

The king of Promare, King Prometh Deus and the king of the humans, King Kray Foresight signing papers for their sons to wed, a peace treaty of sort. A lot of, and I mean a lot of people and Burnish were against the idea, both kingdoms have been fighting for decades at this point and now there is suddenly going to be a marriage between both kingdoms?! That's insane!!

There were a lot of questions for both kings on how and when they had exactly agreed to this. People assumed it was for the trading, money, less to no wars, etc. But it had been decided, the two princes were set to meet in a couple of weeks.




Galo was pacing around his chamber, one hand crossing his stomach, the other rubbing his chin.
"Galo, calm down! everything is going to be fine!" a soft but rash voice was heard from the other side of the room. Aina was sitting crossed legged on the edge Galo's bed. Galo stopped and looked towards her "I'm getting MARRIED!!" He through his hands dramatically in the air "For starters, I'm only 26! What if he's like...60!? PLUS, I've never met or even seen the damn guy!" Aina took a deep breath and crossed her arms. "Galo, I promise, he is definitely not some old guy, if he is then you have a valid point to get out of the marriage at least...but, you're doing this for the kingdom and your people!" Galo puffed and continued. "I know! that is basically the main reason I agreed to this! I know one day I'm going to have the responsibility of becoming king and I want to do anything for my people while I can!" Aina stood up from the bed and walked over to a dramatic Galo "There! that's the spirit, and don't worry! the Burnish prince is probably just as worried and nervous as you! probably even more.

"Galo's features became more relaxed "Heh, thanks Aina, you really are a great friend." Aina's smile blight-end and her cheeks bloomed a light pink "Yeah, yeah I know! No come on you big dummy, you need'a go get your measurements taken for you baby suit." Aina walked towards the chamber's door and Galo quickly followed behind her, groaning and complaining.




"Hey boss, are ya reallyy going to get married to that dumb prince...? I've heard he's really annoying, loud, self absorbed and kind of an idiot..." Gueira questioned Lio, who was sitting silently, reading a book on his balcony's chair, his hair slightly swaying to the beats of the soft wind.
"Yes. It's beneficial for both kingdoms." Gueira groaned slightly, scratching the back of his head. He walked over to where Lio was sitting, Mei's following behind. "Listen, we know you're doing it for Promare but...what about you? You ain't really the lovey-dovey type n' stuff..." Lio only hummed and continued reading. Mei's then took a deep breath and looked down at Lio "Boss, we're just worried about you...we've barely seen you make any decisions for's only ever for the kingdom, the burnish, etc...try thinking about yourself for bit." Lio closed his book a little aggressively and looked up at both of general's with an icy cold glare, sending small shivers down both men's spine. "And what's the problem if it's for the kingdom? I was given a responsibility at birth, and that responsibility is looking after my kingdom and its people. I will forever put their health and wellbeing in front of mine." Lio then stood up and walked towards his bedroom's door, slightly opening it "You'd do the same if you were in my position." Lio turning back then closing the door behind him with a slam.

"Sheesh, he sure has a angry temper...he fits more rage into that short body than every Burnish combined..." Gueira groaned, stretching his arms. "Well.." Mei's began "You can't blame him, he feels the need to do everything and anything for Promare, even if that means marrying some random guy he's never's sad." Gueira hummed silently "Hey, how about we follow him? don't want him burning down a whole ass room again." Gueira hummed mischievously and walked towards the door, hands resting behind his head, Meis chuckled and follow him out of the room.




Galo's soon to be husband is tiny.

Galo's breath hitched when he saw Lio step out of his carriage. Even though there was a crowd of people surrounding them, Lio stood out entirely.

there was no denying that Galo's soon to be husband was gorgeous.
His soft skin, pale blonde hair, long eyelashes and glowing purple eyes...he looked like his whole entire body was carved by angels!! 'No person had the right to be so beautiful!' Galo thought to himself. Lio himself wore a white blouse, with white poet sleeves and a white cravat to complete the look. A black short sleeved waist coat hugged with body with a white flowing train that followed behind him. He had high waisted black pants that matched with his black black boots. His crown looked almost like reindeer horns...they were breathtaking.

Galo took a deep breath when Lio stopped in front of him and their eyes met for the first time, Galo couldn't help himself but put on a large, idiotic smile on his face. "Heya, I'm Prince Galo but, just call me Galo!" Galo then extended his arm to shake Lio's. Lio smiled softly "It's pleasant to meet you, Pri- Galo." Lio's hand then met Galo's. Galo's smile only grew wider.


Maybe this wasn't so bad.