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Love is a bliss

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It’s pure bliss when the two wife’s stumble through their front door.

The walls seem brighter, despite the only light coming from the old little lamp Carina bought at a thrift store three months prior. The blue sings in a song that screams happy in so many languages, they couldn’t count even if they wanted to.

Wooden floor tiles aren’t as hard as Maya remembers them. No, they are soft, footprints drawn on them by two artists that are hopelessly in love. Their smiles on the framed wedding picture next to the door seem wider, lighter.

Almost comparable to now.

Long arms sneak around Carinas waist and hug her close. She feels light, between arms that hold so much pain they feel heavy. She feels light, the softest of touches on a baby bump that isn’t really a bump yet, but more a little bloating from the amazing curly fries she had. Sharp fingers, cut off nails, despite being the hands of a firefighter, the blonde feels like a kiss from the fluffiest feather against her skin and she beams in delight.

A kiss to her neck, silent promises on her cheek.

Her face hurts from smiling but she can’t stop. Maya makes her too happy, too giddy. She tries to blame it on the hormones but who is she to blame. Her wife can see right through her.

They swing together, dance with humble feet and quiet laughter, reminding themselves of a sleeping Andy not so far from them. Soon they reach the carpet, the malleable fabric are like clouds beneath their feet and never once before has Maya loved the clouds more than now.

The blonde twirls the doctor, then, and it’s only a little awkward due to their height difference. Carina is taller, long legs, beautiful frame. Every trait she wishes her future baby will have as well. A baby, her baby.

Their baby.

Carina stops midway during the twirl. Before Maya can ask, react in any way even, delicate lips press against her own. The brunette still tastes like the salty potatoes she ate and Maya finds she does too. It’s even more bliss, to know they share even this. All of them, their life and a future that holds more.

They only break apart when the apartment erupts in bright light and find Andy leaned against the wall behind them. She looks sleepy, probably awoken by two lovebirds singing until their throats hurt. Messy bun, a cardigan hugging her. She looks like a mum that caught her children coming home two hours too late, the crossing of her arm’s underlining whatever she’ll say next. It makes the women laugh, undoubtedly.

“You’re late.” Andy states, sleep lacing her angelic voice. She doesn’t sound mad for being awoken, nor mad at them for scarring the shit out of her. No, she sounds enlightened and definitely in a teasing manner.

“We’re adults.” Maya’s reply is filled with laughter as she hugs Carina to her left, never once stopping their connection.

“I know, but we live together. A heads up would’ve been nice.”

She presses her tongue against her cheek as she speaks, mesmerized by the couple in front of her. Andy envy’s them for their glee and love, it spreads around their home constantly, like a little cloud that follows them everywhere. But, she’s happy that they are happy.

“Sorry, Andy. But Maya kept playing around with our food so it took a little longer.” Carina slurs her words a little, the serotonin in her body leaving her all fidgety and full on energy. The brunette in front of her squints her eyes at that, her thoughts too occupied to notice the shine on Carina or the way Maya has not lifted her hand of her belly.

“Are you two drunk?”

“Ha, no! Carina can’t drink because of the baby, so I’m not drinking-” Her words are cut off by Carina pinching her side and throwing her a look. Not mad or annoyed, just a look that makes Maya realize her mistake soon enough.

They hadn’t officially shared their news with anyone but themselves. Carina took the positive pregnancy test only eight weeks prior, they wanted to keep their bubble, their glee.

Their little secret until it could be shared with the world.

That’s also why, after caressing the skin Carina pinched before, she notices her best friends wife eyes staring back at her.

“Baby? Are you-?” Carina nods without needing the full sentence and she has to bite her lip to stifle her smile.

It takes about two seconds for them to be thrown into Andy’s arms. She hugs them tide, whispers quiet congratulations in both Spanish and English and sheds a tear that’s followed by the wedded couple not soon after.


As the poets say, love is nothing but a pure bliss.