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English Casanova

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"Dunno why you're wearing that leather jacket dicko? It doesn't made ya a ride if anything it makes you look ugly."

Michelle leaned against the doorway to James's bedroom looking at the dark black material of James jacket. It was the Christmas present that his mother bought him and with a pair of blue jeans and black boots it made him look like a greaser. James didn't bother to look at his cousin instead placing a hand on his chin and gently caressing the top of his neck making sure that the shave he had this morning had done its work.

"Well Michelle I'm sorry you don't appreciate fashion but clearly the girl I'm going to see does in fact she appreciates me a lot more than you do."

"So who is the fella anyway I bet its Trampy Tara? NO! its that wee girl with the bad acne and the wart on his face. Christ she is desperate to buck a English fella I feel sorry for her."

James scorned at the reflection of his cousin in the mirror and quickly zipped up his jacket leaving a small tap to reveal the top of a white t-shirt underneath. Turning around towards Michelle he slowly walked towards the doorway.

"No actually its Charlene."

"CHARLENE FUCKIN KAVANAGH!! How much did ya pay her to go out with you?! 30 Pounds?!"

"No Michelle I didn't pay her anything in fact she told me she liked me at that party we went to two nights ago. The one that we all went to around Jenny's."

Before James could pass through the doorway threshold Michelle held her arm out preventing James from getting past. He eyed the hand that was blocking his way the rough coat of red nail varnish on her nails was something Michelle needed to sort out.

"Woah wait Erin kissed ya at that party. Sure Erin fancies ya and your leading her on!"

"I am not leading her on Michelle. She kissed me I didn't kiss her."

"Well ya lips were on hers so you kissed her."

"She was drunk!"
"ya kissed her dicko! your just like ya ma leading people on!"

James rolled his eyes at this baseless accusation he didn't want to kiss Erin but she had far to much to drink and her slurred admission to him as he was sitting on a sofa ended with a phrase which somewhat mentioned how "ya a big fecking ride James I luv ya!"

"Ok Michelle if she kissed me but I didn't want to kiss her how is that my fault."

"Oh so ya saying your too good for my friend now!? Fucking savage ya are James."

Michelle pushed him back into the room her hands becoming fists as she walked closer towards him.


"So you fucking say."

"What's going on here? you making a fecking rackett sure I'm missing Corrie for this."

The two of them looked towards the doorway where Deidre stood in her dressing gown and clutching a cup of tea she had not long come home from her shift and was wanting to destress after a long day.

"James is like his ma mammy leading people on sure he is leading Erin on."

"No Auntie what happened was...."

"I'm disappointed in ya son I'd not lie."


*ding dong*

"who's that at the door?"

Deidre turned around to face down the hall towards the direction of the sound.

"Its Charlene look I have to go we will discuss this later."

James brushed his way past the two of them as he slipped through the doorway and down the stairs towards the front door leaving the two women staring towards the hallway.

"My sister has been a bad influence on the boy sure he thinks he is a Casanova."

"What next mammy? he kissed Orla too?"

Deidre gently patted Michelle on the shoulder

"I hope not love I hope not."