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The one about New Year’s Eve

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"Andrea?" Miranda asked quietly.

Andy understood she wanted to know the man's name who was approaching her. "That's Thomas Rath, a German designer and one of the hosts of Germany's Next Top Model." She whispered in the editor's ear, so close she almost touched it with her lips. She loved being so close to her boss and smell her delicious scent.

"Is he...?" Miranda stopped since she didn't know how to politely put it.

"Yup, he's gay. Just look at that clutch." Andy whispered.

For a second, Miranda had to keep herself together and not laugh. She settled her face into its usual countenance and offered a small social smile. "Good evening, Thomas, so nice you made it from Germany to our little Runway New Year's gathering," Miranda stated as she offered him the usual air kisses.

He was delighted. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I'm so thrilled to be here. I mean look at all the glitter and lights. It's fabulous, darling. Thank you for the invite." Thomas gushed.

As they continued to hold a little small talk, Andy thought he looked like a mix between Elton John and Nigel. He seemed very kind and sweet.

"Excuse me, Mr Rath but before you leave I'd like you to meet our Creative Director," Andy said before he was able to move away.

"Oh of course and please, call me Thomas." He replied.

Andy pulled on Nigel's arm who was talking to Emily. "Nigel, I'd like you to meet Thomas Rath, a German designer. Thomas this is Nigel, Runway's Creative Director"

"Such a pleasure to meet you," Thomas said as he looked Nigel up and down.

"The pleasure is mine, can I show you the bar?" Nigel said and at his nod led him to the bar

"Nice fixup," Miranda declared and smirked at Andy.

"Thank you, I hope they hit it off. They'd be cute together." Andy said and they both smiled.

After two years of working together, Miranda and Andy had grown pretty comfortable around each other and shared jokes here and there. Andy understood when it was appropriate to joke and when it was time to be professional. Miranda admired that.

Miranda checked her watch. "You're free to go now or to enjoy the bar," Miranda said when she saw it was already 11 pm.

"I'll stay and enjoy the bar, I don't have anywhere else to be tonight and might as well celebrate New Year with you," Andy said and smirked at Miranda. "I'll go get myself a drink would you like one too?"

"I believe I'll join you," Miranda stated, taking Andy's arm so she could lead her to the bar.

"I'll take a Vodka stinger," Andy said to the waiter.

"...make that two, please," Miranda added.

"So, are the girls celebrating New Year with their dad?" Andy asked Miranda, knowing a little small talk was acceptable since they were both off the clock.

"Mh, yes they are. He took them to Jamaica so they are spending their days on the beach, enjoying the hot sun as we freeze in this city." Miranda explained with a slight smirk.

"Oh, that sounds so lush. I'd love to go to the Caribbean one day. I've heard it's paradise." Andy replied.

"It is. I have been once or twice over the years and it's rather beautiful." Miranda said as she sipped on her drink and looked into the crowd.

"I bet they're having so much fun. I'm jealous of my little imps." Andy said dreamily.

"So am I. They going to be all tanned and will be bragging about how blue the water was, and the food they've eaten. They have the best seafood." Miranda responded, also dreaming.

"We should just book the next flight there. I mean, seriously. We could work from there for a couple of days." Andy half-joked.

"I wouldn't spend one-minute working if I was there," Miranda said as noticed she was being approached by some influential people. "Oh Lord, Save me after five." She whispered.

Andy knew what she had to do. Turning away, she let them talk and noticed Nigel and Thomas stood close by. "Hey, there you two." She said approaching them.

"Cheers my friends," Andy said raising her glass towards them with a smile.

"Cheers Andy, thank you for introducing us. We are having such a great time." Thomas grinned.

"We certainly are," Nigel said as he clinked glasses with Thomas and winked at him.

Andy just smiled and wished them a good evening and turned to look for Miranda. "Great, I think my work here is done." She muttered and giggled at the bright idea about fixing the two men up. Glancing around, she realised Miranda was still talking to the group of people and made a beeline to save her as promised.

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, Miranda, but you have a call that can't wait," Andy explained, placing her hand lightly on Miranda's arm. She led her to the back of the room and escorted her out into the garden.

"Thank you, Andrea." They were quiet for a while and enjoyed the beautiful lights and decorations. Eventually, Miranda sighed. "Andrea? Earlier you mentioned you'd like to go to the Caribbean with me...were you serious? Could you imagine spending that much time with me?"

"Uhm wow, well speaking hypothetically, since I know it's never gonna happen, yes, I would. Why would you want your assistant there though?" She giggled nervously.

"And if you weren't speaking hypothetically but in all seriousness?" Miranda asked

"Uhm, yes. Seriously, it would be a dream come true to spend time with you there but..." Andy trailed off. "...but also hard."

"Hmm, I see. Why hard?" Miranda asked.

"Well, if I saw you in nothing but a bathing suit all day and wasn't able to…I mean…I'm gonna shut up now." Andy blushed, wanting a hole to appear and swallow her up. Needing to escape, she stepped away to head back inside when the route was blocked as everyone came outside to watch the fireworks. She turned back to Miranda with tears in her eyes. "I guess you know now. I know it's inappropriate but I promise not to let my feelings get in the way of my job. I can be professional. I've proved that since I started having feelings for you which have been developing for a long time." Andy rambled.

Miranda chuckled amused. "Don't worry, I won't fire you over this. I was just curious." She said, hearing the people counting down to welcome the new year.


Miranda looked over to Andy and their eyes met.


Andy smiled at her as the tears she held escaped.

...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone yelled and cheered.

"Happy New Year, Andrea." Miranda mouthed.

"Happy New Year, Miranda," Andy replied, wiping her tears away and leaning in to kiss her bosses cheek. Andy would have kissed her on the lips but knew she couldn't do that in front of all the people so she decided to keep it innocent.

Miranda had other plans. and as soft lips brushed her cheek, she turned her head sharply causing Andy to pull back. "I want a proper New Years kiss, Andrea." She put her hands around Andy's neck.

"Are you sure cause...well, there's a lot of people," Andy whispered as she wrapped her arms around her waist carefully.

"They will know eventually so..." Miranda smirked, "...are you going to kiss me or not?" She asked.

Looking into crystal blue eyes, Andy couldn't hold back. She leaned in and kissed Miranda slowly as if they'd had all the time in the world.

"Oh, Andrea..." Miranda mumbled as Andy kept going and pecked her lips lightly.

The people around them didn't even realise since everyone was kissing or hugging someone.

When they pulled back Andy had rosy cheeks. "I'm freezing, but so hot at the same time." She whispered.

"Let's sneak inside then and get you warm," Miranda said and they quickly went inside before people could approach her to wish her a happy new year.

Once inside, Miranda got a call from her twins and answered quickly. "Oh, thank you, Bobbsey's. I wish you a happy New Year as well. I love you, babies." She cooed. "Listen darlings, I have to go now but we will see each other soon. Yes. Bye, my loves." Miranda said and turned back into Andy's arms. "I think we should go home. You know the children are away for another week…we'll have the whole house to ourselves." Miranda said.

Andy blushed as she texted Roy. "To do what exactly?" She asked innocently even as she smirked.

"You," Miranda whispered.

Andy gasped. "I'll...I'll get the coats." She stuttered, suddenly flustered.

"I'll join you, darling," Miranda said as she laced their fingers and left the room.

Andy turned to see Nigel and Thomas hand in hand. He winked at her and she just smiled and blushed.

Once in the car, Andy chuckled. "I never thought...You and me. What will the twins say?" she asked nervously.

"They are aware. Before they left, I told them how I felt. They are eager for us to date and asked about it when they called. So there are no worries there." Miranda explained.

Andy unbuckled her seatbelt and straddled Miranda in one quick move.

"Ohhh...kay..." Miranda breathed, suddenly turned on by the move. She quickly pushed the button to raise the privacy screen.

"You still deserve your proper New Years kiss," Andy said, leaning in to kiss her neck as she felt Miranda's hands on her hips sliding towards her ass which made her moan.

"Is that so?" Miranda asked, tilting her head and making room for Andy to keep kissing her neck and up to her mouth, claiming it in a heated kiss which they both moaned into.

Miranda deepened it right away and Andy opened her mouth without hesitation to play with Miranda's tongue.

That made Andy roll her hips.

"Stop darling, we're here." Miranda exhaled, as she broke the kiss after realising the car had come to a stop outside the townhouse. They left the car and wished Roy a happy new year before Miranda fumbled with the keys.

"Too horny to open it?" Andy teased. "Here let me." She couldn't believe she said that to Miranda.

The woman let out a throaty chuckle in response "Just wait until I can have my way with you." She whispered as Andy clicked the lock open and promptly dropped the keys.

"Oh, shit..." Andy bent to pick them up and they went inside, Miranda kicking the door closed behind them.

"Come along," Miranda said as she pulled her up into her bedroom. Once there they made quick work of their clothes.

"I want you now..." Andy muttered, pushing Miranda down onto her bed and making love to her as nobody had before. While she was fingering Miranda's pussy relentlessly she rode her thigh like there was no tomorrow until both women were on the edge ready to dive into the sweet release of an earth-shattering orgasm.

"Darling...I' close." Miranda panted and with that, both women came and moaned.

"Oh god! That was phenomenal. I never would have imagined..." Andy's eyes closed and she let out a small hum.

"Oh, so you've imagined this?" Miranda teased.

Andy cuddled into her new lover. "You don't know half of it." She said and giggled. "I have so many fantasies."

"Well then, I'm glad that we have this new year and all the years to come to explore them," Miranda stated, kissing the top of Andys head.

"We sure do." Andy nuzzled in further. "Happy New Year, Miranda." She said as she looked up into her eyes and smiled softly.

"It already is, my darling," Miranda replied as she embraced her even tighter.