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Don't stop darling.

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“Grail” Severus sighed, lightly brushing his cock through his trousers, shivering at the barely there contact.

He was reluctant to remove his clothes, still unsure if it would be okay to masturbate on the other man’s bed, without him there.

Severus was new to this whole relationship thing and they had never actually talked about this.

We’ve had sex though, would he really mind? Severus was reluctant to continue. He knew Grail found him desirable, if the sex and his words were anything to go by, but still, wanking off in his bed?

Grail was still at work for two more hours, so he could still do it, right? He could go fast, clean up and have dinner started before the man came back.

Severus nodded to himself, that sounded like a good plan. Quickly disrobing, he made himself comfortable on the bed.

Spreading his legs, he poured some lube on his hand and gripped his dick, sighing at the contact. That feels so good, wish Grail was here. His eyes fluttered close.

His thoughts were on his boyfriend. Grail was one of those men who didn’t look it but he was incredibly strong, Severus shivered, thoughts of Grail’s strong grip on him while the man fucked him senseless.

Severus was a meticulous man, his words provocative but Grail could render him speechless and resembling a neanderthal when he sunk that thick thing into him.

“Oh God” Severus moaned, pinching the head of his dick, slipping a finger into his arse, “Dear Lord”

“Yes dear?”

Time seemed to stand still, Severus’s heavy breathing the only sound filling the room as he slowly opened his eyes, hoping his mind was screwing with him. He was mortified to see his boyfriend standing at the door. Grinning cheekily at him.

“Although, I must be honest. As nice as Lord sounds; I’d rather you just call me Grail.” The red-haired winked at his boyfriend, taking in the beautiful scene he had walked in on.

He had finished his tasks at work early and decided to leave, get home to Severus faster that way.

His boyfriend had agreed to spend the first full week of the summer with him, and Grail was looking forward to seven days of fucking and loving. Grail was giddy, for a full week he would get to wake up to Severus.

They would have breakfast and hopefully dinner everyday together. Lounge at the beach, make love and get to learn more about each other. If this went well, and it would, then he could start pushing the idea of Severus moving in permanently.

Grail had walked into the quiet house, the first floor was empty. He made his way upstairs as the beach was empty, and had a greeting on the tip of his tongue, when he walked in on the best thing he had ever seen.

Severus was on his back, completely naked, legs spread, hand gripping that beautiful dick of his.

Thank you. The red-haired silently prayed to the gods, happy that his boyfriend’s eyes were closed because, even with the multiple times they had had sex, he knew Severus was still shy about his nudity.

Screw everyone who made his angel so self-conscious of his body.

Grail stayed quiet, watching his boyfriend go at it. He had to bite his lower lip to stop himself from moaning when Severus slipped his finger into his arse. He knew how tight Severus was, like heaven to sink into him. His trousers were now very uncomfortable, too tight.

And in all his years, Grail had never been so jealous of a finger. He decided to make himself known with a corny joke, chuckling to himself when Severus stilled.

Quick to reassure his obviously embarrassed boyfriend. “you look really good angel, can I join you or at least just watch?”

Severus stared owlishly at Grail, he wants to join me? Blushing, he spread his legs even further, slipping his finger out of himself and letting go of his cock, he beckoned for Grail to come over.

“Calm down dear, don’t die before you get here.” Severus chuckled, as Grail almost fell with the speed he used to get to the bed, at the same time pulling off his clothes. He made himself comfortable on his boyfriend, kissing him hungrily, desperate for contact.

Severus kissed him back, just as hungry and desperate, happy to have Grail’s warm body pressed against his, but there was something he wanted to try and managed to pull away from the kiss, with a groan of protest from his boyfriend.

“I want to try something.”

“Anything baby, anything for you.”

Severus shuffled beneath his boyfriend, grip on his shoulders tight and red cheeks. “I want to 69.”

Grail grinned, his cock jumped at the suggestion, his mind and body clearly aboard.

“Alright, do you want us side by side or one on top the other?”

“One on top. Can you alternate, between sucking me off and eating me out?”

Grail eagerly nodded, happy to try. “but just to be real darling, there is a possibility it may not work? But let’s still try.”

Severus chuckled, “yeah, from what I’ve read, the outcome isn’t always good.”

Grail laughed, of course” he read about it.

Severus cast a cleaning spell on the both of them, before the two men readjusted, silently agreeing for Severus to be on top. Grail propped a pillow under his head, making it easier to carry out his task.

Severus moaned when Grail licked a strip from his balls to his anus, shivering when his boyfriend’s talented tongue worked its way into him. Shaking his head, he focused on what was before him.

Grail’s gorgeous cock. Severus was addicted, loved the feeling of it filling up his mouth, the heady scent of his boyfriend.

Grail groaned as his cock was swallowed by Severus’s talented mouth.

Anything for him.

Grail moaned, lapping at his boyfriend’s arse, before sucking on his heavy balls.

If Grail was being honest, he had thought Severus would be incredibly close minded about sex. That he, Grail, would have to be the one to bring up new things for them to try. He was pleasantly surprised when that was proven wrong.

Severus had been the one to bring up oral and getting smacked, while Grail had brought up his penchant for shower sex, now they had moved on to this.

A position that had never worked for him with his past lovers but seemed to be working perfectly fine with Severus.

Said man now had his cock down his throat and when he groaned, Grail saw stars. The tightness of his throat, the vibration caused by the groan. Dear Merlin; that mouth will be the death of me.

Severus on his part, had to force himself to actually focus on what he was meant to be doing.

Grail had now pushed a finger into him, alternating between sucking on his balls and deepthroating his dick, before pulling finger out and eating him out.

This man. Was all Severus could think. This was going better than he expected. I’m going to cum, dear Merlin; I’m going to cum.

He shouldn’t have been surprised, he had been playing with himself before Grail came in and he had been horny long before that, so this was not surprising. But still, he had hoped this would last longer, it felt so good.

Grail could feel Severus’s movement become unsteady, and knowing he was the cause of this plus the intoxicating mouth performing wonders on his cock, he could feel himself about to cum.

Both men were racing towards soul bending orgasms, the room filled with their groans and moans, unsaid pleas for the other not to stop.

The intense pressure to get off growing, both men desperate to get to the finish line.

Grail came first, moaning around the thick cock in his mouth, Severus sucking him through it; unable to stop, as his balls tightened and he came with a groan, barely stopping himself from chocking.

He pulled from Grail, the man’s dick dropping out of his mouth as he coughed.

He was vaguely aware of Grail readjusting them and holding him, before casting a lung calming spell on him. Gasping for breath, he coughed once more and snuggled up to Grail. Refusing to look at Grail, cheeks red.

That’s not how this was meant to end.

“You alright darling?” Grail brushed his cheeks, kissing the now embarrassed man. “My poor baby.”

Severus scowled, he did!, At Grail. Sticking his tongue out at his annoying boyfriend. “That’s not how I wanted that to end.” He admitted quietly, hiding his face in Grail’s neck.

“Yeah, I figured as much.” Grail chuckled, “but it’s alright, we’ll do it better next time.”

“Next time?” Severus raised a brow, looking at his boyfriend, he had cum smeared on his jaw. His cum on Grail’s jaw, his dick stirred. “I can’t wait.”