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Noctis & Ardyn: The King of Light & King of Night

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Verbs: Obey and promise 

Nouns: Ambition and Marriage (cuz why not!)


“Ahh, my King of the Light,” Ardyn murmured from the Lucian throne. “And what brings you here, all alone ?” Indeed it was odd, ten years of absolute darkness in Eos. But now, what stood in front of the Usurper was the fabled King of Light. It would almost be a picture-perfect scene, as Ardyn’s gaze went to the boy, but they both knew what had to come next. In order to fulfill the prophecy and end this nightmare, they both had to die. Such contempt the False King held for the Astrals in their twisted schemes, but for the time being, his revenge was soon at hand. 


Noctis stared at Ardyn as he said that. For as long as he had been entombed in the crystal’s power, he thought of what to do about the world that the others were supposed to inherit at his demise. He would die, for them the live, and the guys… what could he possibly say to them? It was why he had chosen to come here instead, knowing that Ardyn would be here, waiting to have the prophecy set in motion, but he had other plans. “You’ve been here a while huh?”


Ardyn narrowed his gaze. In truth he had lost all track of time, there was no point in keeping up with it when one was an immortal after all. “And if I have?” 


There was a silence that filled the throne room as Noctis thought hard about what he was going to  say. He had ten years to think about what to do, and in those ten years, one thing was becoming painfully obvious to him: he didn’t want to be a mere pawn to the gods. It was more than just the desire to keep himself alive, but an acknowledgment of the wrong that had been committed by Somnus in the process. “You don’t have to be alone anymore, Ardyn.” 


The statement made the Usurper’s mouth press into a thin line. Out of all of the things the boy could say, that wasn’t what came to mind. “You have no idea what loneliness is, boy.” The Usurper growled. “I have seen your discomfort about being separated from your companions, I’ve known the despair you felt when looking for that Verstael clone, maybe even being trapped in your sacred crystal to gain the power of Providence. But it is but a small moment in time, something that is beyond the comprehension of your mortal capacity.” 


Noctis moved forward, sweeping across the winding staircase where the throne sat. In another moment of time, he thought that he would despise Ardyn for daring to even touch his throne, but now, it was an odd feeling. Someone that was supposed to be there, and yet was denied his birthright. “Maybe not,” the King pointed out, “But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to understand you.” There were only a few feet separating them now as their eyes met. “You’re hurting, are you not?” 


The Usurper’s eyes narrowed at that. Truly Noctis had grown balls to be saying such things to him. Unconsciously he was already rising from the throne and warped closer to the King of Light. “Watch your tongue, boy.”


And the threat only had Noctis smile sadly. “Or you’ll kill me?” Hands wrapped around his throat as Ardyn slammed him into the wall. He gasped at the sudden act of violence, though he tried to relax, not daring to give Bahamut what he wanted from the pair. 


Ardyn saw the change too, and he hesitated for a moment before his eyes steeled. “You are five seconds from having your neck snapped.” And he laughed bitterly, “So much for the Astral’s champion, eh?” 


“But you won’t,” Noctis replied after regaining his composure. “Because you want to die do you not?” 


Ardyn just stared hard at him, but didn’t bother to confirm or deny Noctis’s observation. Instead, he just squeezed on the Chosen’s King's throat making it harder to breathe. “You are testing my patience.” For what exactly? It was hard to say. 


Noctis’s hand went out to try to push against his captor’s hand to avoid being choked. “I don’t want to die Ardyn! I don’t want to kill you!” He struggled to say between gasps of air. 


For the first time, in a very long time, Ardyn’s eyes widened clearly taken aback by that admission. What in the world could Noctis be thinking? His hands trembled and his grip loosened, letting the boy slide to the floor as he just stared at him. “So… the Chosen King chooses to be a coward.”


Noctis coughed, struggling to breathe again. “No… it’s not a cowardly act… to want to live Ardyn.” 


And for that admission, the Usurper frowned. “That isn’t your call to make.”


“It’s my life! It’s my choice… not yours, not Bahamut’s, not anyone’s!”


Again a silence persisted between the pair. Ardyn simply snorted softly, glancing away. “Truly, you are a strange one.” The Usurper admitted after some time. “Then by that logic… you wish me to live too?” 


“Yes,” Noctis replied. “I do. But I have a few demands.” 


Ardyn laughed softly. “Demands do you? Well then… let’s hear them, boy.” 


“Spare the world from your butchery and madness… our issue lies with the gods and no one else.” 


“The suffering wrought onto the world was a systematic decay. Unless you intend to pardon my transgressions, that is impossible for me to be able to stop doing,” the Usurper scoffed.


Using the wall, the King of Light rose as he thought about what Ardyn had said. It was true, the fact that the sun no longer existed was an issue, but then that was brought on by the growing darkness. If Noctis stopped that, then perhaps the star would come back yet again. “I won’t hold what has already happened against you. But you have to stop what you are doing now.” 


“Suppose I do,” Ardyn added. “The damage done to the world is something that has taken years to accomplish. What do you plan to do about that?” 


“I’ll destroy every daemon, in the name of my father, and every person that has ever died by their hands.” 


Ardyn’s expression became unreadable then. It was true, his purpose was to spread darkness throughout the world. But not do  that anymore… what would he become? Another half-assed Astral bound in human flesh. Immortal and likely forever shunned by the world that he nearly destroyed. He’d not have that loneliness that the boy spoke of again, and if he did agree to this deal, he would have something in exchange for his troubles. “Under a condition of my own.” He paused seeing that Noctis nodded and continued. “I wish… to have a constant companion with me.” He said quietly. One that wouldn’t run from him, or fear him, one that he could be with to make his days living worth it in the end. “Another immortal like myself.” 


Noctis looked down. He knew what Ardyn was referring to. Having gathered the energy of the stone, he was no doubt an immortal save when he would deal the finishing blow to Ardyn. But as that was not going to happen then… “You want me?”


“As I was meant to have you,” Ardyn replied. 


Noctis blushed by that admission. Of course, they were bound to be with each other, although it was purely for the sake of killing themselves. But now… even if Ardyn couldn’t rule the world, he could at least have something, an apology for all the pain he had to endure. In the same breath, he’d be bound to do what Noctis asked. It was a deal that he didn’t think would occur, but perhaps it was the best outcome for them all. 


“Promise me,” Ardyn started off softly. “Promise me, you will be mine.” If Noctis could do this, then he would have another chance at life once more. A life robbed of him of the distant past.


“If you obey my command Ardyn,” and Noctis’s hand went out offering the Usurper a handshake to cement their union. “Be my King of the Night.” He murmured. 


The Usurper wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he had made his own demand. But even looking at the Chosen King’s eyes, he could sense no ill-intent in them. Truly the words spoken to him would be taken in good faith. Was this his redemption? Instead of taking the other’s hand, he batted it out the way gently taking hold of Noctis’s chin tilting it up. “And what of your companions and the people you govern?” 


Noctis’s heart beat in his chest. “I was supposed to die and leave the world to rebuild.” He murmured softly. “There is no point in continuing to rule and repeat this never-ending cycle.” He held up the ring of the Lucii. “The last king of Lucis will be me, you will get your wish to destroy our bloodline.” 


Pleased by that admission, there was a rare grin that passed the Usurper’s lips. “As you wish… Your Majesty. You have my promise.” And his lips covered Noctis’s as he passionately kissed his companion now, and always.