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“Kaku-chan, what is this place?”


“It’s my hideout. Nobody will find us here.”


Hanagaki Takemichi giggles, sweet and oblivious. “Like the old time! Remember that hideout we made at the playground?”


Izana listens to the shuttle rolling up and down. Footsteps of Kakucho and Takemichi accompany the sound of their voices. It seems that Kakucho has lured his childhood sweetheart into their den without telling him what he’s here for. Who knew he had it in him?


He hears a sharp gasp. “Kaku-chan?”


“We used to do this all the time. I always thought I’ll find you later and make you see me as a  man.”


That’s so fucking corny. What the fuck, Kakucho.


He’s no longer paying attention to the magazine, listening in to the noises of wet kisses coming from the other room. He has to give it to Kakucho. He does not waste time. It sounds like the beginning of a movie sex scene out there. Obscene. He gets up from the bed and pushes the curtain open.


Takemichi abruptly pushes Kakucho away from him, his lips shiny with spit and cheeks the shade of a ripe tomato as he stares at Izana wide-eyed. “Kurokawa Izana!” he stutters. Cute.


He ignores Takemichi. “Took you long enough,” he says to Kakucho instead. His friend throws him an annoyed glance.


Takemichi looks between him and Kakucho. “What’s going on?”


Izana gives him a predatory grin. “You’re a virgin, Hanagaki?”


The sweet boy sputters.


He’ll take that as a yes. “Good. Kakucho here is a virgin too. Why don’t you two fuck while I watch?”


This prompts a darker blush on Takemichi's face. “What are you talking about?!”


Izana rolls his eyes and sits down on the couch. “You’re all Kakucho has talked about since our childhood. Pretty sure he’s had a boner for you since you were kids. You get the picture. Put him put out of his misery and let him fuck you.”


“Izana, shut up,” Kakucho says, a blush rising on his own cheeks.


Takemichi glances at his childhood friend. “Kaku-chan?”


Ugh. They’re so slow. Izana stands up and grabs Takemichi, kissing him and feeling his ass. The boy squeaks adorably into their kiss. He pulls away to give Kakucho a smarmy grin. “I’ll be glad to take his virginity if you won’t, Kakucho.”


He knows that’s the right bait. Kakucho pulls Takemichi away by the hand and snarls at Izana. “I’ll take it from here,” he says.




“Wait! I haven’t agreed to this!”


They turn their attention to Takemichi, who’s looking flustered as hell. Despite the blush, he’s glaring at both of them.


Izana is confused. “Why not?”


Takemichi looks at him like he’s stupid. 


Izana gestures at Kakucho. “Are you telling me you don’t wanna fuck all that?”


Takemichi does, in fact, wanna fuck all that.


“Are you a pervert?” Takemichi asks him seriously.


“Maybe so,” Izana answers just as seriously.


They have moved from the makeshift living room to the makeshift bedroom. There isn’t much difference except it’s less disgusting and there’s an actual bed, so that’s a win. Izana had picked up the stack of half torn magazines from the forgotten couch and took his seat in a cloud of dust. Appalling. 


At least he has a premiere seat to a live porn show.


“Why do we have to do this while he’s in the room too?” Takemichi whines as Kakucho peppers kisses on his neck.


“Ignore him,” Kakucho says. “He’s a freak. He told me he wants to watch us fuck”


“And you said yes?!”


Kakucho shrugs. “I don’t see why not.”


Izana figures this is the part where he should clarify. “For Kakucho’s first time, he only deserves the best for him. That is you.” He meets Takemichi’s eyes, smirking. “He never said out loud, of course, that he wants you to be his first time, but we’ve lived together in an orphanage for years. I think you know how limited the spaces are and that means every time Kakucho jacks off, I hear everything.”


If he hears another Takemichi in the dead of the night, he will finish what Kisaki Tetta couldn’t. This is the best for everyone, really. Kakucho gets to fuck his childhood hero, get it out of his system, Izana gets to be the benevolent one for allowing him to do this, and Takemichi can lose his virginity. Four birds with one stone.


“And you have to be here for this?”


“Of course,” Izana replies, blinking. “Can’t leave two virgins all alone to figure it out, can I? What if you tear something?”


Takemichi’s face contorts into something concerned. It’s funny. Kakucho doesn’t think so.


“Leave him alone, Izana.”


He sighs and leans back against the couch, puffing another cloud of dust. Fuck, it’s disgusting in here. “Get to the fucking already. I’m getting dry here.”


Kakucho pulls Takemichi into a kiss, swallowing any more words of protest. The boy resists at first, but Izana has taught Kakucho all he needs for this part. Takemichi probably never kissed anyone because he’s immediately overpowered.


Kakucho doesn’t let him go as they tumble down the bed, Takemichi underneath him. They kiss for what feels like the longest time, swapping spit and tongues. Kakucho’s hands wander all over Takemichi’s body, under his shirt and playing with his nipples. Izana grins upon hearing the whimper that escapes his lips.


The shirts come off soon after. Now it’s Takemichi’s turn to be fascinated by Kakucho’s body. His eyes are wide in amazement as he maps the well-built body above him with reverent hands. Kakucho watches him with heated eyes, lets him touch all his scars and the bumps of his muscles. 


“Kaku-chan,” he murmurs, licking his lips. 


The lustful look Takemichi is giving him is a great boost to Kakucho’s confidence. He takes off his pants next, leaving him in his underwear only that hides little of how turned on he already is. It’s a big bulge, the front already wet. Takemichi can’t take his eyes off of it. 


Kakucho kisses him. “Takemichi, can I take off your pants?”


The boy nods wordlessly. His cock springs up cutely once Kakucho takes off his pants and underwear in one go. 


“Blow him,” Izana tells Kakucho.


“What - ” Takemichi’s words are cut short when Kakucho obeys without a word, swallowing his hardness in one go. It’s fascinating to watch how sensitive Takemichi is, his inexperience showing as he curls into himself and caging Kakucho’s head between his skinny thighs. His jaw falls slack with every moan and sighs dragged out of him.


It shouldn’t be as hot as it is. Izana feels hot under his collar. Saliva pooling inside his mouth before he swallows it. Takemichi’s eyes open a fraction to look at him, glazed and gone with pleasure. It’s a pretty look on him. 


Kakucho opens him up slowly, carefully. Izana reminds him to add lube every once in a while. Takemichi is trembling and sweating by the time Kakucho deems him stretched enough. He slides in with a little difficulty, ripping a pained whimper from the boy beneath him before he pushes in and buries himself to the hilt.


“Fuck,” he curses, shaking with his effort trying not to pound away into the heat around his cock. “Takemichi, so tight.”


The penetration has left Takemichi panting and his limbs trembling to hold himself up. Kakucho drapes himself on his back and turns his head to lock their lips in a slow kiss. “Okay?” he asks.


Takemichi is looking at Izana when he replies. “Okay.”


They start slow and steady. Kakucho is a gentle partner, pushing in and pulling out with care. Takemichi is still quite shy, Izana realizes. He bites his lip to keep himself from moaning. But his next words are anything but shy. “Kaku-chan, harder. I’m not going to break.”


The demand makes Kakucho falter. “I’m not sure I should do that.”


What a pushover. Takemichi shares this sentiment judging by the frustrated look on his face. In an exciting turn of events, he switches their position so that he’s the one at the top. Kakucho swallows as the boy on top of him searches for his cock beneath him and places it right on his hole. Takemichi bites his lip and slowly, too slowly, slides down.


Kakucho looks up at Takemichi, panting and star-struck like he can’t believe his eyes. Izana can’t believe his own eyes too. Takemichi has the face of a man who’s found his place, looking down at Kakucho as he slowly starts moving. He grinds back and forth, one hand on Kakucho’s chest to keep him down while his other hand is placed behind him to support himself.


Izana whistles. 


And immediately regrets it because it breaks Takemichi out of his trance. He seems to have forgotten they have a third person in the room, giving Izana a bashful look.


“Don’t be shy,” Izana croons. “Pretend I’m not here. Give our Kakucho a good time.”


“I can’t just pretend you’re not watching us,” Takemichi whines. “This is already too embarrassing!”


He clicks his tongue. “Look at Kakucho. He’s not shy, is he?”


Kakucho looks like he’s gone to heaven and hasn’t come back. 


Takemichi eventually gets over his reluctance and begins riding Kakucho. Slowly, at first, testing and finding the right rhythm and spots. Kakucho places his big hands on that tiny waist to help him move. It’s an amazingly tiny waist. Izana can’t believe he’s been hiding that all this time. 


Their inexperience show when they lose control and begin fucking like animals, no elegance and order at all. It’s a mess of limbs and noises. Kakucho is gripping onto Takemichi for dear life as he moves the boy on top of him like a fleshlight for his cock. 


It would have been over too soon if Takemichi didn’t find the strength to hold Kakucho down and lock them in place. Their hips stop moving and the noises boil down to the sounds of their panting only. Kakucho looks up at Takemichi, confused and a little hurt.


Takemichi kisses his jaw. “Don’t come so soon,” he whispers. “I don’t feel like coming yet.”


Oh. Oh. That’s something. That’s a lot of something. Izana shifts in his seat. His pants are becoming uncomfortable. His movement grabs Takemichi’s attention. One glance at the obvious bulge inside Izana’s pants put a glint in Takemichi’s blue eyes. 




Takemichi pushes himself up again. This time, he makes sure to hold Izana’s gaze before he starts moving, and he doesn’t look away. Izana wonders how can Takemichi torture two people at the same time without even touching the other one. Kakucho is visibly struggling with the slow pace, but he doesn’t move to throw Takemichi down and fuck him like he wants to. Izana feels arrested by the gaze on him, sees how it feeds Takemichi’s ego to see him undone like this.


The slow fucking is torturous. He’s never felt this edged his whole life. At least with porn, he can touch himself. To do that here feels like a confession of something. 


At least he’s not Kakucho, he comforts himself. The poor boy is denied his orgasm over and over, screaming louder each time. Takemichi is having a power trip right now. He deliberately fucks himself slow and teasing, watches the boy beneath him losing it gradually.


“Takemichi,” Kakucho pants. “Please.” 


Only a dead person can resist such desperate begging. Takemichi grins. “Fuck me hard.”


Kakucho surges up to push Takemichi down. Without wasting any time, he rams into that tight hole like a beast unleashed. Izana doesn’t blame him. Who knew Takemichi was such a tease? Such a good fuck? He’d thought with two virgins, he would be watching two ignorant fools fumbling. He got something extraordinary instead.


Takemichi wraps his legs around Kakucho’s waist to hold himself up. His mouth falls open to finally release those sweet moans with every thrust into his ass. They fuck with little finesse. Too desperate and high off their pleasure to think. 


“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” Kakucho chants. “Gonna cum gonna cum gonna fucking cum!”


Takemichi groans with his eyes closed in response.


“You feel so fucking great I’m gonna cum inside you gonna cum in you please let me please Takemichi wanna in you - “


“Come!” Takemichi moans. “Kaku-chan, come inside me!”


For two virgins, they have such great chemistry in bed. Kakucho comes with a deep groan, burying himself deep and emptying himself inside Takemichi. It’s a good thing Izana reminded him to wear a condom. He can’t imagine the cleanup, otherwise.


Kakucho takes Takemichi inside his mouth once again and brings him to the edge with a scream. He swallows everything unabashedly. 


Izana unfolds himself to approach the bed. Takemichi is knocked out, sweaty, flushed, and his hole still wet. Kakucho watches his approach with trepidation.


Izana gives him a smile, wipes the remnant of Takemichi’s release from the corner of his mouth.


“Good job.”