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Hange always acts like her old self after sex.

“-and you remember what I was telling you about the Marleyan flying machines, don’t you Levi?” she asks. She props herself up on her elbow so she can loom over him with an expectant grin. “Their airplanes.”

She's lying next to him on the too-small bed in her quarters, the last rays of afternoon sun filtering through the small window over her cluttered desk. Her threadbare sheets are tousled around them and their trousers lie on the floor in a heap where they were recently kicked off the edge of the bed. 

They both remain clad in their underwear and military-issue button downs - they’ve never felt a particular need to go to the trouble of undressing each other to achieve the mutual benefit their arrangement offers them. Although Levi’s shirt is now missing its top button and far too wrinkled for him to be caught dead in outside Hange’s room. 

But he finds he doesn’t mind a bit of disorder in moments like this. 

“You’re constantly babbling about random shit,” he says, even though doesn't really do it that much anymore. “You can’t expect me to remember all of it.”

“Oh come on, Levi,” she says, poking his shoulder. “I know you were listening because you kept making those snarky little comments of yours.”

He sighs and gives in. “Something about the weight distribution being more important than the weight itself?”

“Exactly, Levi, exactly,” she says. She flops onto her back and looks up at the ceiling, gesturing wildly as she speaks, her whole face alight. “A thought occurred to me the other day while the volunteers were explaining how their flying machines work.”

“And I suppose you’re going to tell me all about it.”

“Correct,” she says. “As you surely know, titans don’t weigh much, and yet they’re able to apply several thousand times more force with their attacks than they should be able to. They weigh little more than you or I and yet they’re unmovable, capable of ripping trees out of the ground, obliterating entire buildings with a single blow.”

“Uh huh,” he says, trying to sound annoyed but coming off as distinctly affectionate.

“I hadn’t considered the possibility before I saw an airship for the first time,” she continues. “It didn’t even cross my mind to imagine something that large in the sky. But then I realized size isn’t what matters, it’s all force and weight distribution. All that is to say, with the right gear to make use of air currents it could conceivably be possible for a titan to fly.”

She turns back to him, a manic grin on her face as she waits for his response. There’s a familiar light behind her remaining eye that Levi hasn’t seen much of in the last few years since she became commander. It’s likely she hasn’t even had the time to notice it was missing. But he always sees the small ways that being commander has taken its toll on Hange, even if no one else notices. Including and especially Hange herself.

“A flying titan,” Levi repeats. “You’re probably the only person alive who could sound excited about an idea that horrifying.”

“Oh you’re hopeless,” she sighs, flopping back onto her pillows. “Someday I’ll find a kindred spirit with an open mind. Someone else who sees just how fascinating the titans are.”

He scoffs. “Another lunatic, you mean. There’s another scary thought.”

“Well, most geniuses go unappreciated in their time,” she says, and then without so much as a pause, “Hey, you didn’t come, did you?”

Levi recoils as if she’s struck him. “What?” he hisses, certain he’s misheard her. Praying he’s misheard her.

“You didn’t come,” she says again. Her tone is light and casual, as if this were a perfectly normal transition in their conversation about titan physiology. “You know, ejaculation. Orgasm. Some would say it’s the whole point of having sex, the moment that all that pent up energy finally bursts forth and semen comes out of your-”

“I know what it means,” he growls, cutting her off before she can say something even more mortifying. It’s suddenly impossible to make eye contact with her. “Just- just don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

“It most certainly is not!” she cries. “It wasn't just today either- I don’t think you’ve come in weeks. Did you think I didn’t notice?”

He grinds his teeth. “I didn’t think you’d be boorish enough to say anything about it,” he says, rolling away from her onto his side.

“Boorish?” she exclaims, sitting straight up so she can loom over him. “But what could be more boorish than getting off without making sure you have too?”

“Talking about it,” he says to the wall. “As I said.”

“But if we don’t talk about it it’ll just keep happening. Come on, Levi!” She shakes him by the shoulder a bit too roughly. “Surely a bit of awkwardness now is worth it for better sex in perpetuity!” 

Levi groans in resignation. He can tell Hange is not going to let this go. If she doesn’t get an answer she deems acceptable today then he won’t hear the end of it until she does. And the utterly horrifying thought of her bringing this up in the mess hall or after a meeting when other scouts or officers are still milling about is something he can’t quite put past her.

“Sometimes,” he says through gritted teeth, “I find it difficult to relax.”

Hange laughs. “Tell me something I don’t know!” She slaps his shoulder lightly. “Well, that’s the first part of my hypothesis proven. Now we’ll just have to see about the rest…”

Something has changed in her tone. Something that sparks fear in the pit of Levi’s stomach. Fear and… something else he can’t quite place.

He glances back at her over his shoulder despite himself. “You have a hypothesis?”

She nods once. “About something you might like. You see, I was thinking earlier today, how can I help Levi get that massive stick out of his ass?” She ignores his death glare and continues. “And, well, that gave me an idea. An idea that I simply had to pursue. You know how I am when I get an idea.”

He props himself up and glares at her. “Will you just tell me what it is already?” he snaps.

“I’d rather show you,” she says, sliding off the bed and grabbing an inconspicuous paper bag off her messy desk. “As soon as I had my brilliant idea I wasted no time in visiting the most reputable supplier of a very particular type of item. Close your eyes, will you?”



“Tch. Fine.” He throws a hand over his eyes.

“I only intended to conduct some research,” she says over the crinkling of the paper bag. “But they happened to have exactly what I was looking for in just my size. The last one in stock too.”

“Okay…” he says. There’s a small clink of metal, the zip of a strap being tightened. Levi feels incredibly stupid sitting there with his eyes covered.

“It was like a sign from above telling me it was time,” she continues. “I couldn’t risk someone else getting their hands on something so clearly meant for me. Or rather, for you.” 

There’s a click like a spare blade slotting into its pommel.

“So I took it home with me, and now I’m so glad I did. You can open your eyes now.”

He opens his eyes. His jaw drops. 

For one wild moment he thinks Hange has put on her ODM gear. The reality is far stranger.

“Let me know if my theory is incorrect,” she says, adjusting the massive glass cock fastened between her legs, “but, well, to put it bluntly Levi, I think you need to get fucked.”

Levi doesn’t respond. His mouth has gone quite dry.

“I felt like such a jerk when I realized,” she says. “Here I’ve been for months now, lying on my back, letting you do all the work and never returning the favor. I know I’ve been distracted with my duties as commander, but that’s no excuse to take advantage of you.”

“I… I didn’t see it like that…” he stammers. He can’t look away from her cock. The cock that she wants to put inside him.

“Well, perhaps I’m being a bit over dramatic,” she says ruefully. “But still, I should have recognized what you needed earlier. I’m the same way, after all. I’m sorry for that.”

“You don’t have to apologize…” Levi says weakly, still trying to wrap his head around what’s happening. With monumental effort he tears his gaze away from the enormous thing between her legs and meets her eyes.

Hange smiles at him, warm and genuine, her eyes shining. The moment is made no less touching by what she's wearing. 

“Thank you, Levi,” she says. “I really appreciate the time we’ve spent together over the last few months. You’re not much of a romantic, but you’ve been there for me. You got me out of my head, and I needed that. Let me return the favor.”

She holds her hand out to him. 

He looks at it, still trying to make sense of the completely nonsensical situation he’s found himself in. There is no good reason, none at all, that he should agree to do this. And there are several good reasons why he shouldn’t. His pride, for one. The size of the dildo she’s wearing for another. And… and… he can’t think of a third reason, but he’s certain that there are many.

But on the other hand… it’s been a long time since he really, truly let go. He’s been coiled tight like a spring since they took back Wall Maria and the tension has only been building without an outlet. He’d once… but no. He pushes that thought out of his mind before it can even fully form.

It would feel good, says an unhelpful voice in the back of his mind. As much as he resents Hange in this moment, there’s no denying that resentment is borne out of her uncanny ability to see him in a way that no one else does, to see the things he works very hard to keep hidden. No amount of torture could compel him to admit this out loud but her hypothesis about what would make him feel good was spot-on.

The size of it will be a challenge but, well, he’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

“I…” he says, pauses, rolls his eyes and does his best to contort his face into something he hopes resembles resignation more than anything else. “I know better than to get in the way of one of your hare-brained ideas.”

He takes her hand.

Hange grins. Her fingers tighten around his. “You just relax, okay?” she says. “I’ll take it from here.”

Levi feels about as far from relaxed as he ever has, but he lets Hange pull him to his feet. Standing, Levi becomes strangely conscious of the height difference between them. Being shorter than Hange isn’t something that usually bothers him, least of all in bed when the lights are out and they’re both laying down. But now for some reason the fact that he has to tilt his head back to see her properly brings an unfamiliar heat to his cheeks.

She starts unbuttoning his shirt, taking her time to carefully undo each one. “This isn’t necessary,” Levi says, suppressing a shudder as she slips it off his shoulders. It falls in a heap at his feet.

“Shhh,” Hange hushes him, running her fingers down his bare sides and feeling the goosebumps form under them. “What’s your hurry?”

“I’m not in a hurry,” he hisses. “I just- we don’t do this.”

“That’s why I’m doing it,” she says. “Don’t be embarrassed. Just let me make you feel good, okay?”

Levi grumbles something unintelligible, his cheeks on fire. But he doesn’t stop her when she slides her hands under the waistband of his underwear, or when she pushes them down over the curve of his ass. They fall to the floor.

“There,” she says softly. “Isn’t that better?”

Despite sleeping together semi-regularly for the last year, this is the first time he’s been naked in front of Hange. He can’t stop the blush on his cheeks from deepening as her eyes rake over him. It shouldn’t be embarrassing, given all they’ve been through, all they’ve done together, and yet it takes a herculean effort not to bolt into her bathroom or dive under the covers to hide.

The most horrifying thing about the situation, however, is the fact that part of him, a part he’s always been so careful not to indulge, likes it. There’s something about the intense vulnerability of letting her expose his body, the unfamiliar feeling of being entirely at someone else’s mercy that makes his breathing slow and ragged. His cock quickly grows heavy between his legs.

“Now, I’ve never done this before,” Hange says, “but I think we should start with fingers, to get you warmed up. Sound good?”

“Uh,” he says, his voice less steady than it's been in a long time, “yeah. Okay.”

“Excellent.” She sits down on the edge of the bed, pulling him by his hands to stand before her. “Lay down across my lap and make yourself comfortable, okay?”

The thought of doing this makes his face burn. “Do we have to do it like that?”

“Nah, I just thought it would be easiest for you,” she says. “Not having to look me in the eyes and all.”

This is a good point. “Fine,” he says, “whatever.”

Painfully conscious of the flush creeping all the way down his chest he crawls across Hange’s lap and promptly buries his face in a pillow to hide the redness. Hange surely notices but doesn’t comment. Instead she traces a hand lightly between his shoulder blades and down the ridges of his spine, slowly running her cold fingers over each bump and divot. 

He shivers. “What are you trying to do?” 

“You have such soft skin,” she says. Were it anyone else he’d assume it a clumsy attempt at flattery, but Hange just can’t help remarking on the world around her. This barely makes it tolerable. 

Her fingers slide lower and lower until suddenly the cool pressure is gone. He hears a cork popping and her fingers return to his ass, wet and slippery. Then, gently she slips a finger into his crease and pries him apart. He sucks in a sharp breath.

“Easy,” Hange murmurs. She slowly traces her finger around the soft, sensitive edge of his hole. He struggles to stay still as she rubs circles around his entrance, but he can’t help the choked, utterly undignified moan that escapes from his lips. 

She laughs quietly and runs her free hand through his hair. “What’s that, Levi?” she asks. “Are you ready for me to go inside you?”

“Mph-” he mumbles, “yes, just- ah- get on with it.”

“All you had to do was ask,” she says, and gently pushes her finger into his hole. Levi lets out another strangled sound and buries his face back in the pillow. Her finger sinks deeper, gently coaxing him open around her, moving so slowly that he can feel every new fraction of an inch she gives him. The feeling is agonizing, though not due to pain so much as his growing desperation for more.

“Wow, you’re tight, Levi,” she says. “I guess I should have expected that. But don’t worry, you’ll be all soft and pliant by the time I’m through with you. How does that sound?”

Levi refuses to respond to this but he’s sure she felt his cock throb against her leg, all the answer she needs. She withdraws her first finger halfway, and Levi, uncontrollably and to the sheer horror of the shrinking part of him that still has control of his senses, whines quietly at the sudden loss. But then she’s sliding back inside, with two fingers this time instead of one.

Her free hand plays idly with his hair as she begins scissoring her fingers inside him, opening him up even wider. He moans into the pillow, trying in vain to delude himself into believing she can’t hear the reaction she’s getting out of him. Her fingers probe deeper and deeper, as if they’re searching for something.

“What- what are you doing?” he gasps.

“I’ve read that there’s a way of doing this that will make you feel really good,” she says. “There’s a spot I want to find, if you don’t mind…”

It already feels amazing, not that Levi would ever say it out loud. But then Hange bends one of her fingers in just the right way and finds what she’s looking for. He arches into her and gasps as shockwaves of pleasure course through his body.

“Aha! I found it, didn’t I?” she asks, sounding the same as she does when she’s made a new breakthrough in her titan research. “How did it feel? Good?” 

“Ah- what the hell do you think?” he hisses at her. “Stop asking stupid questions, just- just keep doing it.”

Hange tuts. “That’s no way to talk to me if you want to come today, Levi,” she says, and suddenly she's using her commander voice. “Maybe I should give you something else to do with your mouth…”

With that she slides her free hand around to hold him by the chin and puts two fingers in his mouth. Reflexively he starts sucking on them.

“Good boy,” she says, and Levi can’t help the shiver that goes through him. He's never seen this side of Hange when they're alone in her chambers, and now he's vaguely worried about getting a hard-on every time she passes down an order to the rest of the regiment. 

But he's not nearly worried enough to stop. “This isn’t so bad, now is it?” she asks.

Levi doesn’t answer. Instead he focuses on the feeling of her fingers moving inside him, in and out, and the pressure on his tongue. There must be something hypnotic about the way she’s touching him, or the rhythm she’s using, that makes it so easy to clear his mind of all else.

“You’re opening up faster than I thought you would,” she says. “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?”

“Nn- no,” he says around her fingers.

“Of course it’s not,” she says. “And yet you’re still so sensitive. I’ve never seen you like this before. I bet I could make you come with only these two fingers.”


“Do you think so too?” she asks. “Or maybe you know for certain. Have you done it before, Levi?”

Levi tries to tell her to shut up but the moment he opens his mouth she curls her finger in just the right way to make him writhe. All that he can get out is a breathy moan.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she says. “Was it your fingers, or someone else’s?”

She pulls her fingers out of his mouth just enough to let him speak. “Both,” he gasps. “It’s happened- ah- more than once.”

“Wow,” she breathes, and without warning she slides a third finger inside him. Levi cries out and his cock throbs hard against her thigh. “So is this what you’re doing every time you storm off and shut yourself in your quarters for hours? Lying on your back in bed and playing with your hole?”

“Mm,” Levi moans, pushing his hips up to help her get deeper. “Only- ah- only some of the time.”

Hange throws her head back and laughs. “You’re incredible, Levi,” she says. “But I don’t want you to come just yet, even though I know you can do it. Is that okay?”

Instead of responding Levi grinds into her lap, desperate for more friction on his aching cock. 

Hange tuts and stills her fingers. “That’s not an answer, Levi,” she says. “A simple yes or no will do, and then we can keep going. Are you going to listen to me? Are you going to let me make the decisions so you don’t have to worry?”

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Fine, okay, yes, I’ll listen. Just move, please, Hange-”

“Excellent,” she says and resumes fucking him with her fingers. Levi relaxes against her again and lets her stretch him open much further than he ever does when he’s alone. Quickly, too quickly, it all becomes overwhelming. The weight of her fingers on his tongue, the ache of his cock against her leg, and most of all the feeling of her deep inside him, especially when she keeps hitting that spot that makes him see stars. 

“H-Hange,” he chokes out at the very last second. “I can’t- ah- I’m so close-”

Her fingers are out of him instantly.“You did the right thing by telling me!” she exclaims, petting his hair. “That’s all you have to do Levi, talk to me and I’ll take good care of you.”

“Mm, yeah, okay,” he murmurs against the pillow.

“Good boy,” she says again, and Levi can only let out a soft whimper in response. “Okay, when you’re ready roll over onto your back.”

He takes a moment to catch his breath and make sure that he isn’t going to come. Then he does as he’s told. With shaking arms he crawls off Hange’s lap, vaguely aware that he’s drooled all over her pillows. He lays down on his back and spreads his legs apart so Hange can kneel between them. 

Lying there, naked, half delirious and fully at Hange’s mercy, the small part of Levi that’s retained the capacity for coherent thought realizes that she’s broken something down inside him. It’s been ages since he felt like this. It’s not just the intense pleasure, though that’s certainly a part of it. But it’s more than that, it’s the feeling of wholeness, and a vulnerability that should be utterly terrifying. Except it isn’t.

He hadn’t thought he would ever feel this way again. He’d known what he was letting go of when he made the choice...

Not the time, he reminds himself. Not the time to think of the dead. Not the time to think at all.

And it’s not hard when Hange hitches his knees up and presses his legs back until he’s folded practically in half. She runs a finger up his inner thigh to gather some of the oil that’s dripping out of him and gently pushes it back inside, and suddenly it's impossible to think of anything else. He squirms, overly sensitive even though her finger sinks into him with little resistance.

“Are you ready?” she asks quietly.

“Yes- fuck- please, Hange-”

“Good,” she says, gently stroking the back of his thigh with her thumb. “Relax for me, okay? And remember, don’t come yet.”

She lines up at his entrance. The head of her cock feels strange and cold on his tender hole, but not in an unpleasant way. Slowly, so slowly, the pressure there builds and builds until Hange pushes in. Levi can’t hold back his gasp at the sensation. She’s barely even inside him and yet the feeling is overwhelming. The glass cock is harder and colder than anything that’s been in him before. It’s intrusive and utterly relentless, it refuses to give, forcing him open, molding his body around it.

He throws his head back onto the pillows. It’s the best he’s felt in ages. He desperately needs more.

“Very good,” Hange breathes as she slides deeper inside him. “You’re taking my cock so, so well, Levi.”

“Yeah,” he gasps, “yeah I can take it, give it to me, please-”

“God, you really needed this, didn’t you?” she says, reaching up to pinch his pert nipple. Her other hand on his thigh, she starts rolling her hips, pulling out slowly and pushing back in, a bit deeper with each thrust. “Poor thing. If only I’d known how badly you needed to get fucked.”

“I need it,” he agrees, delirious with the feeling of her cock opening him more and more. “I need it, Hange-”

“Oh, Levi, I wish you could see how you look right now,” she says, and pushes even deeper. “Under that aloof facade of yours- it turns out you’re just a needy little whore.”

Levi doesn’t even remember to file this away to get angry about later. He just moans and pulls his legs back further to give her greater access, his cock flushed and leaking onto his stomach.

“A needy whore who is so good at taking cock,” she says, and with one final push she fills him up so completely that he nearly blacks out. “I’m all the way inside,” she breathes.

“Good,” Levi moans, “feels so good…”

“Good,” she echoes back to him. She reaches a hand up to stroke his face. “You’ve been so good, Levi.”

Her thumb brushes over his cheekbone, presses gently on his lips. Instinctively he opens them to let her in and she slides her thumb inside his mouth, splaying her other fingers on his cheek to gently hold his face as he hollows his cheeks and sucks.

“Good boy,” she murmurs, and his cock twitches visibly against his stomach. “Such a good boy, Levi.”

She keeps fucking him, relentless despite the desperate sounds he makes underneath her. Far too quickly it becomes too much and he feels himself begin to tip over the edge. He throws his head back, her thumb leaving a trail of saliva down his chin as it pops out of his mouth. “Close-” he gasps.

It’s all he needs to say. Hange doesn’t slow down her movements, but she removes her hand from his face and grips his cock tightly around the base. “There,” she says as Levi gasps. “Not so easy to disobey your commander’s orders now, is it?”

Levi wants to scream from the sheer intensity of pleasure coursing through his body without an outlet. He’s never felt so overstimulated before, every thrust feels like it should be the one to push him over the edge and yet she won’t let him finish. He can feel it in every inch of his body, all the way down to the tips of his fingers. His vision blurs, the only thing that’s real is the feeling of Hange deep inside him and her hand tight around his throbbing cock.

“Hange- Hange please,” he moans. There are tears streaming down his cheeks. “Please- just let me come- Hange-”

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Hange says, mercifully letting go of his aching cock. “You can come for me now, Levi. Let me see you come untouched.”

He obeys in a matter of seconds, arching against the bed and coming harder than he can ever remember. His whole body shakes as he releases, cum shooting onto his chest and reaching all the way up to his chin. Hange fucks him through it, her cock penetrating him deep and coaxing more and more out of him despite not laying a finger on his cock.

When his orgasm is over and he can once again see straight there’s not much he can do but lay on his back and stare up at the ceiling in a haze. Hange gently slides out of him, looking thoroughly pleased with herself. She disappears into the bathroom for a moment and emerges carrying a bowl of soapy water and a rag. She’s taken off the glass cock.

She sits down next to him and starts cleaning up the mess he’s made on himself. As he starts to come back to himself a part of Levi instinctively wants to swat her away. But he still feels too loose and boneless to move, and it’s so unlike her to willingly clean anything that he can’t bring himself to put a stop to it.

When she’s wiped the last splotch of cum off his chin she sets the bowl aside and lays down on her back next to him. “Maybe it’s an Ackerman thing,” she says.

He glances over at her. “What?”

“You take cock like someone who does it professionally,” she says, rolling onto her side and propping herself up on one elbow, “even though this was the first time we’ve done anything like that. So that got me thinking - maybe it’s not just battle experience that all Ackermans can access through that special bond you all share. Maybe you transmit sexual experience to each other as well! One of your relatives must have really known what they were doing in terms of riding dick. Do you think Kenny-”

“UGH,” he exclaims, unable to hold back his revulsion. The warm haze around him has dissipated in a matter of seconds. “Why the hell would you make me think about that right now? What is wrong with you?”

She frowns. “It was just a hypothesis-”

“It was Erwin,” he says bluntly.

She blinks at him for a few seconds, and then her eye goes wide. “You were having sex with Erwin?”

He rolls his eyes and tries to act like telling her isn’t nearly as big a deal as it feels to him. “Honestly it’s amazing that you didn’t know,” he says. “What’s the point in having four eyes if you still can’t see what’s right in front of your face?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re not the easiest guy to read,” Hange says. “And neither was he for that matter.”

Levi snorts a little. “Yeah. He really wasn’t.”

There’s silence between them for a moment. The sun has completely disappeared beyond the horizon, and the only light in the room comes from the lantern balanced precariously among a dozen half-empty cups of tea on Hange’s bedside table. Hange lays back down next to him and looks up at the ceiling. Their arms just barely touch.

“So is it about the power dynamic?” she asks suddenly. “Sleeping with commanders, that is. Wait, did you try to get with Shadis too? And does this mean you’re going to fuck the commander after me? I wonder if-”

Something hot and painful builds in Levi’s chest, rising quickly to the surface. “For fuck's sake, just shut up, will you?” he says, far more harshly than he means to.

Hange turns and glares at him. “Sheesh!” she says. “Well excuse me for being curious. You really should have asked Erwin to teach you a thing or two about appropriate pillow talk.”

When Levi doesn’t respond she rolls her eyes and gets out of bed. He hears her moving around the room, shuffling things on her desk and pulling on a shirt that she probably picked up off the floor. Somewhat shockingly she disappears into the bathroom and he hears water sloshing around as she cleans herself. When she returns she silently blows out the lantern and climbs back into bed, careful not to touch Levi despite the bed barely fitting the both of them.

Levi exhales through his teeth. “I don’t want,” he says, slowly, softly, “to think about there being a commander after you.”

For the first time all night Hange is quiet. They lie in silence for a long moment. Levi stares fixedly at the blank wooden wall, willing the thing that’s become caught in his throat to go away.

Then a warm hand slides around his waist, a pair of soft lips find the back of his neck. He exhales, and they fall asleep.