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Remember, You're Mine

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If someone told Stiles a year ago that he'd enjoy dancing in a club with a bunch of strangers, he'd have thought them crazy. The fox also never once planned on being in a pack with Theo Raeken as his Alpha and not Scott or even Derek. So there's that too. 

However, knowing what he knows and the things Stiles went through his senior year, it’s not all that surprising anymore. Scott was a poor excuse for an Alpha and a werewolf in general. Fuck being an Alpha, what kind of best friend- brother would kick someone out of their pack and life all because of a well told lie? Scott didn’t even ask for his side of the story either, just took Theo’s word as fact. 

Not that Stiles really blames the chimera for it. Scott didn’t have to believe Theo, that was his choice. It’s not the only time the True Alpha chose to believe someone he shouldn’t have. The wolf went to the desert to save Kira from the skinwalkers. Scott came back without her. All it took was them telling the wolf that she was out of control and couldn’t be trusted not to explode. That was the first thing Stiles and Theo did when he joined the chimera’s pack. Brought Kira back and helped her learn control. 

It wasn’t that fucking hard when you listen to her, Scott.

Which is partially why they’re out tonight. It’s been a year since the fox and his Alpha saved Kira and six months since she’s been in control of her fox. It was Tracy and Lydia’s idea to go to Sinema to celebrate and let the kitsune cut loose. They’ve been focusing so much on helping her become one with her fox and stabilizing the pack, it’s been a little while since they’ve been able to have fun. And bless the poor girl’s heart, Kira hasn’t really felt healed enough to go out on any dates. Not that Stiles can really blame her though, it was a pretty rough break up. 

He can certainly relate with all the shit that went down with him and Malia. It was messy when they were together. Of course the split wouldn’t have been the cleanest ending. It got to the point where Stiles quit trying to stop Theo when he would threaten to kill the born coyote whenever she showed up unannounced. 

Being on the dancefloor with thumping music in his ears is just what the doctor ordered. It’s nice to see a genuine smile on Kira’s face again. She shouldn’t have to feel weighed down by Scott any longer, it just gives him a power over her that he doesn’t deserve. Seeing the kitsune chest to chest with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome over there is even better. Which brings the fox back to being surrounded by strangers. Stiles has had the occasional hook up here and there and would very much like a certain kind of distraction tonight. 

A distraction from a certain Alpha sitting at a table with Mason across the room watching him while he dances, hips swaying to the beat. If Stiles had the balls to voice his feelings for the chimera, he’d risk telling Theo to get his ass over here rather than stare. But, because there’s also no way in hell the chimera could want him like that, Stiles writes it off that he’s being a protective Alpha. A small hand runs up the fox’s arm, turning his head to find Tracy dancing her way to him.

“He’s watching you,” the kanima tells him with a smirk on her red painted lips. Tracy gets in his space, loosely wrapping her arms around his shoulder as his find her waist. Stiles’ eyes flick back to their Alpha, the tense line of his shoulders in his leather jacket soften only just. But his elbows are still on the wooden table as Theo’s clasped hands support his head. Covering his mouth, making the chimera’s expression nearly unreadable. Though his eyebrows are a dangerously sharp line and his eyes have darkened.

With an eye roll and a grin, Stiles shakes his head, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “I’m not the only one being watched,” he spins the kanima to where Josh is making his way towards the dancefloor, dark brown eyes locked on Tracy. “Have fun, beautiful,” the fox chuckles, gently pushing her in the direction of the raiju. 

It’s about time something good happened for Tracy too. 

The song changes, but it’s not that hard for Stiles to find the rhythm. Closing his eyes, the fox lets it carry him away with fluid limbs and rolling hips. His wish however, is actually granted when strong hands wrap around his waist, an unfamiliar voice in his ear, “mind if I join?”

Turning to look at the guy, Stiles is met with raven hair a bit longer than his own, hooded green eyes, and tan skin. Placing his hands on the stranger’s chest, the fox nods with a grin, “not at all.” On instinct, his eyes find the Alpha again, all tension back in his shoulders. Theo’s fists have fallen to the table, clenched knuckle white, an angry curl to his lips. The Beta isn’t one to trust everyone, rarely anyone actually, but there’s a point where Theo needs to stop being so protective. 

Not everyone wants to kill him. 

His dance partner turns Stiles until his back is flush with his front, forcing him to stare directly at the chimera. Caught between that intense, murderous stare and wanting to enjoy himself, Stiles closes his eyes. The fox grinds against the stranger and without thinking, tilts his head back, exposing his throat. The hands on his waist tighten and the stranger’s lips brush his neck. In the second it takes Stiles to shiver from the action, the fox’s wrist is grabbed by his Alpha and he’s being pulled off the dancefloor and out of the club. 

“What the fuck, Theo?” Stiles squawks when the cold night air stings his cheeks. It took being outside to realize just how hot the inside of the club is with all of the bodies. But the fresh breeze isn’t doing anything to make the fox’s brain function enough to process what Theo’s problem is.

The chimera drags him to the alleyway and pins him to the brick wall, eyes blazing red. Stiles gulps, trying to ignore the way their bodies press together perfectly. The fox bares his throat in submission and apology for whatever he did to piss his Alpha off. The animal curling up inside of him pushes a whine past his lips. Theo’s hand wraps around the mole dotted flesh, thumb brushing the erratic pulse. “ Never again, do you understand?” 

He is very fucking confused, but nods anyway. No sooner does Stiles agree is his wrist being grabbed again and Theo walking him towards his truck. 

“Will you tell me what pissed you off so badly?” Stiles asks when they walk into Theo’s house. The chimera leans against the back of the couch, crossing his arms. The Beta stands near the door, picking at his nails, cursing Lydia for not letting him wear a flannel tonight so he’d have something to play with instead of this tight, black v-neck. “You didn’t say a word on the way here and I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Blue eyes narrow at him slightly before the Alpha shifts his stance a bit, “you shouldn’t let just anyone touch you like that.”

He shouldn’t...what? Touch me? The fuck is he on about? All he was doing was dancing with the girls and then- oh . “You’re seriously mad that I was dancing with someone? Since when do you care what I do?” Stiles asks. There’s no reason for it. Literally at all. Yeah, the fox likes his Alpha, but that doesn’t give him the right to tell him what to do. Not in that sense at least. 

Theo’s eyes darken and his lips curl in disgust, “I’m sure he had a lot more than dancing on his mind.” The sour stench of jealousy and anger fills the room. You’ve got to be kidding. 

“Which brings me back to why do you care?” The Beta asks, crossing his arms and fighting a grin. Because seriously, there’s only one reason that scent would come from that sentence. He could ask Theo outright, but where’s the fun in that? For once, the pieces fell together on their own, now he wants to hear the chimera say it. 

The Alpha gives him a pointed look, “you know why.” 

Come on, Theo, you can do better than that. Stiles can’t be surrounded by this many emotionally stunted were-creatures. He simply can’t. “No, actually,” the fox shakes his head, feigning confusion, “I don’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked,” his words are said through a shit eating grin Stiles can no longer hide. Theo fucking wants him! But he needs actual words. 

Pushing off the backrest, the Alpha gets in Stiles’ space, not stopping until the fox is forced back against the door. Theo’s body pinning him in place, grip firm on his hips, the chimera’s thumb slipping under his shirt. Stiles gasps when the chimera’s thigh digs in, spreading his legs. Their mouths inches apart, breathing becomes hard for both of them, the Alpha stares at his parted lips. 

“Because I’m the only one you should let touch you like this.” 

Whatever control either had over their ability to wait any longer is gone, their mouths crashing together. Stiles can’t even deny the pleased noise in the back of his throat. Or ignore the soft growl from Theo’s. The fox has wanted this for longer than he cares to admit. Is he willing to take only one night though? Surely the chimera doesn’t mean that he wants him period...right?

The Alpha’s warm tongue brushes along his bottom lip and any chance of breathing properly leaves when he grants Theo access. Stiles unabashedly moans into the kiss, getting lightheaded when the chimera pulls back. Struggling to open his and grinning like an asshole, the fox asks, “and who says I’ll let you?” Because he’s a sarcastic little shit straight to his core and just loves to push his Alpha’s buttons. We’ve established that Stiles likes Theo, but that doesn’t mean the fox is going to make this easy on him. 

Not when the chimera hasn’t been straightforward with him. Stiles is a trickster at heart after all. And what better way to find out what this is to the Alpha than to be a bit of a brat about it. 

Pushing his thigh, Theo spreads the Beta’s legs more. His lips brush against the lobe of Stiles’ ear and he can feel his grin. “You already are, little fox.” Digging his fingers in the fox’s waist, Theo’s chuckle is painted on the Beta’s pulse, “and if you behave, I won’t have to tie you to our bed to ensure you’re kept for myself.” Our? He just said our

Stiles gulps, trying to recover with, “we were just dancing, Theo,” and rolling his eyes in slight exasperation. As if the idea of the chimera tying him up isn’t music to his ears. “It’s not like we were fucking.” Putting up a fight like his words don’t come out just shy of a scratched whisper. 

“Close enough,” the Alpha snarls. “I could smell it on him. He wanted you- wanted what’s mine .” 

A fire sparks in Stiles’ gut for multiple reasons. The realization that this isn’t going to be just a one night thing for Theo. The intense shiver down his spine that it pushed the Alpha so much that someone else wanted him. And the need to keep pushing rising to the surface. Wanting to see just how far this possessive streak goes. “What makes you think I’m yours?” Stiles would be, in a heartbeat, but it’s really fun to toy with the Alpha a bit. 

This kind of possessiveness doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. Theo’s had to have felt this way for a long time now and he just lost whatever control he had over not showing it. So Stiles is going to make him work for it. Use his big boy words and all that.

That earns him another deep growl and vibrant red eyes snap to him, but a smirk is as present as ever. “You haven’t told me no or tried to push me away.” Like he could ever . “So, if you know what’s good for you, little fox, you’ll stop being such a brat.” The chimera should know better than that, now all Stiles wants to do is jam every single button the Alpha has. All he has to do is say the words. 

“Or what?” Stiles tilts his head, raising a brow with a grin, seeping faux innocence again. 

“I already told you.” 

The fox chuckles, “Last I checked, there’s no rope in this house, pretty sure you don’t own a tie,” Stiles’ mouth goes dry at the very thought of the chimera all dressed up like that. Blinking rapidly and attempting to dispel the mental image, he continues, “belts are a bad idea, and our shirts won’t work properly. So what the fuck are you going to tie me up with, Theo?” 

Apparently having come to the same realization himself, the Alpha looks around the living room. The fox has no fucking clue what the hell he’s going to find in here either. Theo found something though, with a smirk he nods his head to the side, “those.”

Stiles’ eyes follow the direction he pointed, finding the undecorated christmas tree. Corey and Josh all but begged Theo to put one up for the pack and with an extra push from the fox, the Alpha caved. They all agreed to decorate it together tomorrow. The Beta’s gaze falls to the boxes of Christmas lights near the red and gold decorations. The chimera is certainly resourceful, he’ll give Theo that. 

Yet Stiles snorts and says, “bullshit.” No way that’s actually happening. He’s definitely calling that bluff.

That was definitely the wrong response. Or Theo has just reached his limit of Stiles talking back. More than likely the latter because blue eyes burn to rubies that darken and his smirk turns predatory. Before Stiles can process what’s happening, he’s suddenly over the Alpha’s shoulder. Theo doesn’t even fully stop when he grabs a box of lights, carrying the fox upstairs to his room. “You’re mine, Stiles,” the chimera says, unceremoniously dropping the Beta on his bed. “I’ll just have to make sure you don’t misunderstand this time around.”

“This time around?” The fox manages to get confused again.

The Alpha peels his leather jacket off and tosses it somewhere Stiles doesn’t care to notice because his eyes have zeroed in on Theo’s torso and arms. It really shouldn’t be even inhumanly possible to look that good in something as simple as a maroon fucking t-shirt. But there the chimera is in the nearly restricting fabric and the Beta honestly forgot what he was even saying or the fact that Theo was answering him.

“-the first pack meeting when they were setting up, I told you that you were mine now.” Theo picks up the box of lights and motions towards the fox’s shirt. Stiles snaps back to the present and yanks it over his head, not having a care in the world how eager that makes him seem. He fucking wants . “Clearly the scenting and touching during the actual meeting didn’t give you enough of a clue either.”

Stiles’ face mirrors that of a cartoon character with how wide his eyes go. Because the chimera is telling the truth. A few more inches to the left and he’d have practically been sitting on the Alpha’s lap that night. And Theo hugged him when he’d left for the night, rubbing his cheek along the fox’s neck while he did it too. Scenting him much more than the rest of the pack.

Holy shit.

How did he not notice that?

An exaggerated, open mouthed frown paints his face when the chimera’s knee dips the bed beside him. “You mean to tell me I could’ve had you this entire time?” That’s too much time. That’s just not fucking fair is what that is. 

Theo lifts his wrist to wrap the lights around- when the fuck did he get the box open? Stiles doesn’t have an answer. The Alpha chuckles softly and looks up at him, “you’ve always had me, baby.” The fox really should be paying better attention to what’s happening. But just the simple fact that this is actually happening and Theo means every fucking word he’s saying, it’s only normal that his brain has left the building. Possibly the planet. 

Because when he remembers that blinking is in fact a thing, the Christmas lights are secured around his wrists with enough tether on both sides. 

Which Theo certainly uses, wrapping enough around his hand to tug Stiles towards him, “But that’s okay, I’ll just have to make sure you learn.” Another shiver works through his spine and the fox’s eyes get fuzzy, his erection digging into his jeans reminding him just how worked up he is. The chimera’s free hand curls around his throat, “who do you belong to, little fox?”

Stiles shouldn’t like that. He knows he shouldn’t. Someone that possessive should be a red flag. But the fox loves it, his body is screaming for the Alpha before him. The fact that Theo’s being this possessive is just all the more appealing to him. Swallowing thickly, he whispers, “you,” in a gravelly voice. All the chimera has done so far is kiss him and touch him a little and Stiles is this fucking gone. 

Theo’s going to destroy him.

Maybe that was the goal all along.

Maybe Stiles is okay with it.

More than okay with it when Theo grins and tells him, “good boy,” with a flicker of red in his irises. A shiver forces its way down the fox’s spine.

The chimera’s hands drop to the waistband of Stiles’ jeans and he kind of pouts, making a pitiful noise in the back of his throat. Theo looks at him with a cocked brow. “Aren’t you going to plug them in?” The Beta asks. 

Theo grins, leaning in to peck his lips. “I can do that,” the chimera reaches down the longer wire and plugs it into the wall. Multicolor lights decorate Stiles’ arms and he smiles happily. Very pleased with the look and that the chimera did it for him simply because he’d asked. 

The Alpha makes quick work of getting both of them undressed after that and he definitely notices Theo’s growl when they’re naked, drinking in the image of the fox on his bed. Stiles can’t help but stare at the chimera’s, well, everything. Nothing he hasn’t seen before, but fucking christ, it never fails to take him out at the knees. His very hard cock between his legs however is a pleasant new addition and Stiles needs . Caught ogling once more, the fox has no idea when the lube made it out of Theo’s open nightstand, but the Alpha is spreading his legs. Fuck, he isn’t even embarrassed to be naked in front of Theo. Despite being tied up and this being their first time, Stiles has never felt more comfortable with another person; ever. 

It’s kind of unfair how attractive the Alpha is because Stiles can’t seem to peel his eyes away from flickering scarlett pools. The only way he knows that the chimera is lubing his fingers is that he faintly registered the pop of the cap. A soft growl from Theo captures his attention, seeing the chimera staring at his very painful erection and his spread legs. At least he has a similar effect on that Alpha as well. 

Rubbing his fingers together to warm the lube, Theo massages the rim of his hole, a nice warning. Just not one that Stiles cares for right now. Something that the Alpha seems to catch onto, pushing in knuckle deep. “Theo,” the fox gasps, more to have said anything at all and to ground him with the fact that Theo is who he’s here with. His Alpha is the one making him feel like this.

The chimera adds another finger. Stiles isn’t sure if he groaned or moaned or fucking what. His entire concentration is in the sensations from the Alpha, he doesn't care what he sounds like. “Not so bratty anymore, huh?” Theo asks, the two fingers inside him spreading and twisting. He’s so keyed up that the burn of a third finger doesn’t even register to Stiles, he’s already pushing down as best as he can on the digits. “You’re so greedy, baby.”

“I’m sorry for being a brat,” Stiles squirms, trying to move his hands but the lights won’t let that happen. He wants to touch the chimera so fucking badly. Why did he think being bound would be a good idea?  “I-I’m done now,” he pants. 

“So what?” Theo asks lightly.

The fox growls, “you know what.”

“Come on, baby,” the Alpha continues to thrust his fingers leisurely, with barely a steady rhythm, just grazing that bundle of nerves inside of him. Just enough that the fire burns in the Beta’s gut with no hope for relief. “I want to hear you say it.” 

“I need you to fuck me, Theo,” Stiles rushes out.

Suddenly, the Alpha removes his fingers and Stiles has to be careful not to fucking drool as Theo lubes up his cock. God, he follows the movement, licking his lips, wishing he had the chance to have tasted the chimera first. A thought that quickly leaves his head as Theo’s hovering over him and his cock slides inside of him. The fox’s hole clenching once their groins touch, a lengthy moan breaking his lips. 

Fucking hell, he’s full. 

And Theo isn’t fucking moving. Stiles tries to grind his hips down. But with his legs wrapped around the chimera’s waist and his hands tied, the Beta has no leverage. Making his efforts for naught. The fox’s cock throbs painfully between them, he just wants to fucking cum, that’s all. That isn’t such an unreasonable thing to ask for now is it?

Talking out loud and not realizing that you’re doing it isn’t entirely unreasonable either, but Stiles must have been. Because with a smirk and a hard grip on his hips, the chimera flips them over. The new position pushes the Alpha right against his prostate and every nerve in the fox’s body is set to vibrate. “If you’re that desperate to cum, little fox, ride me.”

Holding his hands to his chest, the fox tries to lift himself up and down and it doesn’t really work. Yeah, it still feels good, but it isn’t what he wants. So Stiles resorts to grinding his hips, a slightly easier feat, but it’s not enough to get him there. Just bring him to the precipice that even his toes tingle but not nearly as hard as he needs to fly over the edge.

 He can’t fucking move right like this. And that Alpha knows it too, the bastard. Stiles whines, it’s amazing being this full of Theo, but fuck he needs more. The fox needs to fucking cum. And these small swivels of his hips just aren’t cutting it. He needs Theo’s help or these fucking lights off. Theoretically, Stiles could snap them, but something tells him that the Alpha wouldn’t appreciate that. 

“Aww,” the Alpha coos. “Can you not fuck yourself hard enough?”

Another whimper pushes past his lips, “please- ah, Theo, I need-” fuck ! He can’t even get the fucking words out. This is so stupid. How does the chimera manage to turn him into this absolute mess? Teetering on the edge of orgasm while his insides are burning in the strangest, delicious torture he’s ever experienced. 

“Hmm? What do you need, baby?” Theo smirks with his arms behind his head. The Alpha more than enjoying watching Stiles struggle, but making no effort to assist. Just like the fox had done to him for talking about his feelings. Karma’s a bitch. 

“Help,” Stiles whines again, digging his hips as hard as he can; which isn’t much. “Please, help me.”

“Help you how?” The Alpha moves his arms, brushing his fingers along Stiles’ ribs up to his nipples. The chimera pinches them a little and a white hot spark of heat shoots straight to the fox’s dick making it twitch. The Beta damn near sobs from the stimulation, he’s never been teased this much and it really goes to show how much he’s actually enjoying it with the amount of precum pooling on Theo’s stomach. And the chimera is more than aware. 

The Beta growls, shoving his arms in Theo’s face, “take them off.” 

“That wasn’t very nice, sweetheart,” the chimera thrusts up once. Nearly knocking Stiles’ balance when he moans. “Come on, Stiles.” The Alpha’s voice is honey sweet and just as thick, “I can help you out,” he grabs the fox’s hips, grinding Stiles against him. “All you have to say is please,” Theo’s eyes flicker red at his own request. He really wants to hear it.


“Please,” the Beta holds his arms out again, “take them off, Theo. “Please,” he repeats for good measure. 

The dig in his hips and the chimera’s rumble in his chest was totally worth saying it a second time. “Good boy,” Theo says, flicking out his claws, unplugging the wire and then slicing through them so the strands fall over his chest.

Stiles hastily tosses them aside, leaning down to grab the Alpha’s face in a bruising kiss before he moves . Grinding hard against Theo while their tongues slide together. He’s so fucking close it’s not even funny. And when the chimera starts to help him grind even faster, Stiles is fucking gone. Coming with a cry, the fox sprays pearly ropes along their torsos. His brain is beautifully fuzzy and he feels fantastic.

He’s half tempted to say thank you.

Before Stiles can comprehend anything, he’s on his back without the Alpha having ever pulled out.

“I hope you enjoyed it,” Theo growls in his ear, biting his neck, the chimera starts to thrust into him hard. “Because you’re going to do it again, understand?” The chimera kisses him hard, “you look so pretty when you cum, baby,” he paints the words on Stiles’ mouth. Theo kisses down to the crook of the fox’s neck, nipping lightly at the flesh. The Alpha continues to move his hips faster until he’s just pounding into the sweet spot inside of the fox. Stiles hasn’t even fully come down from his first orgasm to even contemplate a second one. His dick, however, has other plans though, stiffening between them as the Alpha rails into him. 

It takes another growl, more like a snarl from Theo for the fox to notice that the Alpha’s claws have stabbed into the sheets. Stiles grins through his moan, pulling the chimera’s hair until he’s met with blown, red eyes. Now that - Theo’s messed up hair, glassy eyes, and swollen lips- that is quite the sight. Not to mention the ego trip that he’s the one that makes Theo feel like this. 

“Who do you belong to, Stiles?” The chimera growls, fangs grazing his shoulder making Stiles shudder. So much for not being sure about coming again. 

Theo’s absolutely ruining him for anyone else. As if there was ever a thought of anyone else after this. Never after this. “You,” Stiles moans, not entirely sure when his fangs came out either, but he bites just this side of breaking skin. Dazed eyes watch it heal almost instantly. Fucking Alphas. 

“That’s right,” Theo rumbles in his chest, “you’re mine .” The Alpha fucks into him impossibly faster, no doubt tapping into every ounce of supernatural strength he has. Stiles’ orgasm hits him out of nowhere, the beautiful assault on his prostate making him see stars bursting behind his lids. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll claim you next time.” 

Stiles can’t begin to comprehend that. By that he means he knows exactly what the Alpha is suggesting and he’s more than on board with the concept. But understands that the chimera is still giving him the choice rather than just do it now. He just didn’t want to unpack all of that while Theo is balls deep and has made him cum twice now. “Please,” Stiles tells him in agreement, breathing heavily and his voice is absolutely wrecked

 “Anything for you,” Theo says, leaning down to kiss the rest of the fox’s brain cells away. His thrusts turn aborted and the chimera groans into his mouth. Biting Stiles’ lower lip when he finally cums, painting the Beta’s insides. “God, you’re fucking perfect,” Theo pants, kissing him one last time before deflating and tucking his nose into the Beta’s neck.

Stiles groans, “sticky,” as he wiggles under the chimera. The haze starting to clear from his brain and they’ve made quite the mess. Well, Stiles made a mess, the Alpha is still trapping his inside by not pulling out yet.

“We can get up and shower in a minute,” Theo tells him, nuzzling into his neck further and holding him tighter. “Just give me a second to enjoy this, okay?” 

Well how the hell is he supposed to complain about that? Easy, he isn’t. Instead, Stiles wraps his arms around the chimera and keeps him close. “I’m totally cool with that,” the fox sighs into his Alpha, purring in content.

Maybe he should’ve danced with a stranger a long time ago.